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  1. jamie75

    [MOC] UCS Cloud Car

    Wow! I never thought I'd see you around again. I built your UCS TIE Bomber years ago. As for the Cloud Car. Great work as always. You still have it. LOL! Nice to see you back.
  2. jamie75

    [MOC] Kenner Mini-rigs

    Wow, talk about taking me back. I designed these years ago with the intent of building them in real brick and never got around to it. Thanks for the nod! Glad my design inspired you! Thank again!
  3. Find the model in Stud.io and change the colors to your liking. Black with red highlights is very Imperial. Black with blue? After you get the model you like, buy the pieces and built it. Then post pictures here!
  4. jamie75

    [MOC] ARC-170 starfighter (Instructions)

    I made mine Blue and Gold (Maize). He is part of The Wolverine Squadron. I like the stickers on the wings. I may "borrow" that idea.
  5. jamie75

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Imperial Snow Speeder from Episode 7, The Force Awakens.
  6. jamie75

    [MOC] [Instructions] Cavegod's Upsilon V2

    I saw this post on one of the Facebooks groups. Just my luck, I finished building V1 this yesterday, they release V2 today?! The same thing happened with Brickvault's UCS Ghost, I think?!
  7. jamie75

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Sorry for the late reply, but, Mirko responded to another user. Hope that helps, Jamie
  8. jamie75

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Still working on sending out instructions? I'm going to be working on building the AT-AT while I'm ordering pieces for this. Can't wait! Good times!!
  9. jamie75

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    I have a copy of the instructions for sale if anyone is interested. Just the book, no stickers. I used them. I'm not selling my set, no pieces included. Just the book. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Jamie **SOLD**
  10. I got way luckier than I thought I would yesterday! When I got home from work Saturday night, I got on Lego.com and the Gunship was available. Luckily I was able to order it without the site crashing on me. Surprisingly, they are still available? After running errands on Sunday afternoon, I stopped by Target expecting to leave empty-handed. But, I found all the new sets, except the forge. So, yeah, I spent over $700 today!
  11. jamie75

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    If anyone has the instructions. Or a set, with pieces and instructions, please send me a PM, we can talk about price. I missed the boat on this earlier in the year. Had too many things going on at the time. Thanks!!
  12. jamie75

    Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    Things always seem to happen after I build something! I finish my UCS Ghost and they release V 2.0. Now, Lego releases a piece I could have used, instead of redoing those front sections. I'm waiting to do the UCS Sandcrawler!!
  13. jamie75

    Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    Sorry! I am not sharing my LDD files. If you want to build it, you'll have to pay Brickvault for the instructions. How did you prepare the bricks? Did you buy them all without having the instructions? Enjoy the build, it's massive. Jamie
  14. jamie75

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Glad I held off starting this! I had just finished brickvault's UCS Ghost when they release 2.0. I look forward to the new instructions for this. Thanks, Jamie