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  1. Batsy

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hi, I'm new to this discussion. I'm fluent in German and there's some more information Stonewars has provided that hasn't been shared here yet. The Astronomy Tower will also include the Greenhouse. Also the figures included are still just speculation, they heard rumours that other figures might be included aswell. Added to these sets that we now have information on, there also might be some more sets we don't know about just yet, similar to last year's later released wave.
  2. Oh finally, where can you to find it?
  3. Thank you! I eventually went with the Falcon, already built it and it's probably my favourite Lego set I own!
  4. Hey folks, it's me again asking for your advice on which Lego Star Wars set to buy! This time it's the 75105 TFA Millennium Falcon for like 110€, the 75190 First Order Star Destroyer for about 120€ or 75156 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle for 100€. Thanks in advance for your advice! (If this is inappropriate, just move it or delete please!) :D
  5. Apparently there is a new X-Wing coming next year! An image has surfaced...
  6. A clear image of the 75201 First Order AT-ST has leaked. It doesn't look like it's got the parts to complete the cockpit. Piece count of 370 is confirmed now aswell. I just hope this won't be more expensive than 50€ here in Germany because of the piece count.
  7. Do you guys have a hint on where to see the AT-ST set? Thanks in advance already!
  8. Jumping the bandwaggon, would any of you be so kind and send me the link aswell? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thank you all so much! I will try to get the U-Wing then, although I may have to order it. The Y-Wing is also on clearance but it's not interesting enough for me now. Maybe when I'm lucky they'll still have it after Christmas. Same goes to the other R1 sets. Thank you again for your advice!! UPDATE: I got the U-Wing! Thank you all very much!!
  10. Oh ok thank you for your advice! So for the Shuttle, I wait until a better one is released. Thank you for your advice too! Also I should have mentioned that both are on clearance. I'd pay 55€ for the TIE and about 60€ for the U-Wing so both are already cheaper. Still the U-Wing? Or is either of those more worth for the lower price?
  11. Hi, I need some advice on what to buy myself because I simply cannot decide. It's either 75179 Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter or 75155 Rebel U-Wing Fighter. What do you think is better? Or is anything else in the price range (up to 75€; for example Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle which is on clearance in my area)? Thank you so much fpr helping me and if this is inappropriate, please delete :)
  12. Batsy

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hmm then I'll have to be lucky to find them :/
  13. Batsy

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Has anyone of you already spotted the Takodana set in stores?
  14. Batsy

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Let's hope so, we already have Resistance Sullustans and a Mon Calamari in form of Admiral Akbar. That could definitely be possible