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  1. My father used to tell me “boy, ain’t nothing like an X-Wing.” At the time, I’m pretty sure he was talking about his perscription Dexedrine. He used to name all his medicines after Star Wars ships. Simvastatin was a TIE Fighter. Omeprazole, that was a Y-Wing. And Hydrochlorothiazide he called the Star Destroyer. Miss you, Dad. Monday’s Pill: 75301 Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter Tuesday’s Pill: 474 Pieces Wednesday’s Pill: 4 - Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Princess Leia, General Dodonna Thursday’s Pill: $49.99 | £44.99 | 49.99€ Friday’s Pill: Star Wars So, the X-Wing. The most iconic ship in all of Star Wars. And one of my least favorite ships, design-wise. After a certain point you realize the rebellion skipped C through W when it came to naming their ships.Where’s my K-Wing, Rebels? Isn’t that just an X-Wing with two of its wings folded? I digress. This is Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter, which is awfully possessive, as I always felt the Rebellion just lent him a spare ship for the Death Star assault. Hence why there’s no Red 6. But hey, what Luke wants, Luke gets. His X-Wing is doing one of two things it always does in LEGO sets: flying down the trench or being lifted out of a swamp. Imagine that being your ship’s legacy instead of, like, one of its wings becoming a door. This ship can do all sorts of things. Lift R2-D2 out! Open the cockpit! Move them wings! Fire some missiles! And the back of the box sure depicts that with up to 90% accuracy. There’s 4 bags in this set. One for each wing, if we were being symmetrical with it. But we’re not, so the Wings are relegated to bags 3 and 4. Our first minifig is Luke, surprise surprise. Did we stop doing the molded visor and go back to printing them on the heads? Did I miss that? Luke has his typical confident smile on both faces and - wait, confidence? Did LEGO watch the same movies as I did? When was this guy ever confident? Annoyingly aloof in Episode VI, maybe, but hardly confident. We also get R2. I feel like sometimes LEGO just looks at an R2 figure and has to figure out how to change it in some way. Silver head? Darker blue colors? We gotta get these kids their money’s worth here with this here exclusive R2 fig! Step 1, or 17, or something like that. I will say, it’s pretty cool to see some unorthodox building in these sets. To LEGO’s credit, they’ve gotten a lot more liberal with funky piece connections than they were in the early 2000s. That’s Bag 1. The nose of this strange looking ship which...wait, couldn’t you call it a T-Wing? If you look at it from above? Naming it after an X really discounts a whole half of this ugly ship. In Bag 2, a Princess for you! Or me, or whoever. LEGO really seems to remember these characters being more confident and smirky than they actually were. Like, never once did Leia make this face in all of the trilogy. Is there some EU reason I’m unfamiliar with? Like, I don’t even know who this dude is, but, aside from looking like my dad, which is a plus, he’s also not smirking. That expression on the left mirrors me when water boil overs in a pot and it hisses on the burner and I’m worried it might set off the smoke alarm. Major worry. Hey, maybe that’s his name. Bag 2 mainly consists of building this Technic thing, which has maybe more pins and holes than I’ve ever used in my whole life thus far. Better leave this kind of stuff to VBBN or mostlytechnic. I mean, they’re mostly technic! You’d figure they know what’s going on better than I do. Anyway it opens like this. For the wings. I figured that one out, but I legitimately have no clue how it actually functions. I would’ve just used hinges and called it a day. That’s Bag 2. Building out the booty of the ship. Now might be a good time to let you know this ship will be looking very bare. I have a strict no stickers rule. I have horrible memories of digging through old LEGO pieces and seeing a half-peeled sticker covered in hair and grime. No thank you, I will not desecrate this white ship with such sordid ideas. Bags 3 and 4 are identical - just do the wings. It’s nothing special, and awfully boring, but I suppose we had to do it sometime. So you can push in the top like this, and the wings expand. It’s extremely difficult to actually photograph that, however, so you’re probably going to have to take my word for it. Luke goes here - R2 goes here - And the back looks like this! Huh, what a weird flow. I swear that was going to lead into a joke, but I didn’t actually have one. Because it has to, this X-Wing has missiles! If you haven’t clicked with my missile-based comedy by now, then I think you might have missed that train. I mean...it’s an X-Wing. I honestly try and critique every set I do, but I’m having trouble really buckling down a thesis on this. It’s just...fine. I don’t like the stickers, and I don’t really see the necessity of them when we’ve had so many great X-Wings before without stickers. The minifigs are definitely nice, and I remember the days where a Princess Leia figure was coveted. Still, it’s just...a fine set. Perfectly inoffensive. Same as the TIE Fighter, it’s only been two years since our last X-Wing, so I still fail to see the necessity of this when there are so many other ships to remake. Cheaper is always better, and I don’t think the set is bad because of the quality. I just don’t feel one way or the other about it. Perfectly average gets you a perfectly average score of 3/5. So what do you think? A good X-Wing, or a bad one? Or an average one? I’m trying to feel outrage or joy about this thing, but then I see it and I just...don’t really see anything at all. Thanks to LEGO for providing me a review copy of this set. And thanks to Eurobricks, and you, for sticking with my very strange reviews all these years. I couldn’t do Eurobricks reviews without Eurobricks, so...thanks! Hope you’re proud of me, Dad.
  2. If you get it, you get it. Admittedly, not my best play on words, I’ll try again later in the review. In the meantime, let’s talk about - - uh, yeah. No need to interrupt. Set Name: Imperial TYE Fighter Set Number: 75300 Wait I think I misspelled TAI: 432 pieces Minifigs: THAI Pilot, NI-L8, Stormtrooper Or is it TY?: $39.99 | £34.99 | 39.99€ Another year, another TIE Fighter. You know it’s bad when you type in “TIE Fighter” into Brickset and the site says “yeah, but which one, though?” What makes this TIE Fighter better than, say, the 2018 TIE? Well, it’s smaller. But not as small and bad as the 2019 TIE. So, you know, there’s a give and take. The TIE Fighter is as iconic as the X-Wing (which I'm also doing a review on. Huh. Weird how that works.) Personally, I always thought it should be called an H-Wing, if we’re naming ships after the alphabet. And why do we have to make ships after the Latin alphabet? I want some Chinese or Arabic representation in here. Where’s my ق-wing? Symmetry be damned. So this one comes in a box, believe it or not. I’m starting to think it’s a common trend. I figure this is as good a time as any to mention I really like the Lego backdrop on the white. Instead of dramatic Captain Rex or Yoda and his favorite color green. It’s, you know, Legos. And Lego Darth Vader. How’d they come up with this one? Now seems as good a time as any to bring up my Change.org petition. I’m sick of these gray TIE Fighters. They’re boring to look at, and not even movie accurate. We should go back to the good old days of the blue TIE Fighters. Give me some color in these sets! Please go to my Change.org petition and support me so we can tell LEGO we won’t stand for these gray TIE Fighters any longer! Play features are few and far between. In fact, all we have are these two missiles. You can tell how sparse a set is on play features by the number of images on the back. Here, we get a whopping 2. Although, apparently you can play as the TIE in The Skywalker Saga, so that might count. I’ll have to go look in the books for a precedent there and get back to you. Here’s some bags. Three of them. And an instruction manual. Again, most Lego sets tend to have these. Does anyone actually enjoy looking at this picture? Let’s instead talk about this TIE Pilot. This bad boy’s pretty much untouched since 2010. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Seriously, stop fixing it. His belt is fine. LEGO keeps changing it. It’s cool, trust me. No one cares. Also, the back of his neck is exposed. That certainly can’t be comfortable. Plus, someone could walk up behind you and flick your neck. And that’s no fun; that’s gonna ruin your whole day. How about this one? Eh, this one seems a little on the nose. I’ll keep trying, we’ll get there. Anyway, here’s Bag 1. A cockpit. It feels pretty good to hold. Good weight. Good for throwin’ at pigeons if you’ve run out of stones. Speaking from experience. Much like a pigeon’s head, the cockpit opens up. You can put a minifig in here. Probably the pilot, but don’t let me hold you back from your dreams. Perhaps one day you can sit in the cockpit! Now I see LEGO decided to not go with the hexagonal design on the back of the TIE Fighter. Instead, we have something with a few more sides than 6 (infinity more, in fact! Or 0. Depends who you ask. Either way, not 6). This is a robot. LEGO calls it NI-L8, which is not a thing that exists. Are they starting to put in OCs into their Star Wars sets? I bet he’s the key to an ARG. Keep an eye out on the LEGO Star Wars set canon for more clues. Here’s a wing. This is a thing that exists. This is a fine wing, though the middle portion takes up a bit too much space for the scale. It makes the spokes look pretty small. Compared to the larger TIE sets, this issues is easily resolved with a bigger wing. I am curious about the ball socket being in dark blay compared to the rest of the wing. I wonder how difficult it is to have a new color of a piece made. Apparently not worth as much as I’m presupposing. Anyway, the back showcases a problem no TIE Fighter except the UCS has solved - adding the spokes on the back. I guess it’s not a huge deal, and probably not a problem worth solving. I’d imagine it would make the wings even bulkier, which is not what you want. You attach the wing, and boom. One half done. Quick tangent, though, before moving on: why does it matter for the TIE to have two wings? Or even wings at all? Wings are made to counter air resistance, which is not something that spaceships have to worry about. And as the engine likes in the middle, cockpit piece, well, that could be the whole ship. You’re just making yourself a bigger target for no reason at this point. We also get an average run of the mill Stormtrooper. I do like his mildly concerned expression, as if wondering “are we the baddies?” Bag 3 holds the last wing, meaning we have ourselves one (1) complete TIE Fighter. It’s not an astounding build, but TIE Fighters, especially the more recent ones, have always been really solid builds - both literally and figuratively. Seriously, I threw this sucker at my wall and nothing fell off. That’s good craftsmanship. How do we feel about this one? I feel like I should’ve just stuck with the first one. Now I’m just putting up pictures of other things named “tie”. Here’s our one play feature - the missile. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. 185 times, actually. Wow, that’s less than I would have bet. So let’s talk about this thing. The TIE Fighter is hard to mess up, and I don’t think LEGO’s done that. It’s at a cheaper price point than previous models, and size is the only thing that really suffers from it. It seems to be hovering in between a midi-scale and full sized set. But it’ll still look good on a shelf. The minifigs are nothing special, unless you are just dying to have LEGO’s OC character NI-L8. This really is a case of the set being far better than the minifigs. If LEGO’s going to continue to release TIE’s every year or so, then they’ve pretty much perfected the formula with the 2018 TIE and this year’s. I don’t think TIE fatigue has necessarily set in yet, but I could see another set or two exactly like this within the next 6 years really sealing that feeling in. However, for this model, I find it inoffensive enough and a pretty classy looking ship. A solid 3/5 if I ever saw one. A perfectly fine ship. Something tells me my opinion doesn’t align with some of you. So let me know your feelings here. Do you think this smaller scale set does it better than older models? Are you sick of these TIE Fighters? Which TIE variant are you a fan of? Remember, please support my Change.org petition. Blue TIE Fighters start with you. A thank you to LEGO for providing me with a copy of this set, and Eurobricks for being cooler than a cucumber. I’ll leave you with a joke: What does the Rebel X-Wing say to the Empire’s ship while they’re fighting? I’ve been JackJonespaw.
  3. JackJonespaw

    [REVIEW] 75299 Trouble on Tatooine

    Yeehaw, folks. We’re out here in the desert. It’s hot, and it’s sandy. You could probably guess those two, but did you know I’m also dehydrated? I’m running out of time here, but I decided to use these last minutes to type up this review. Don’t say I never do anything for you. I put LEGO before my own life. So the Mandalorian! I’ll be honest, my memory of the show’s a bit fuzzy, like most memories out in this desert heat. Even so, it’s not like I could pay $9.99 / month to Disney Plus, the exclusive home for your favorite movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Start streaming today at disneyplus.com. Help: Trouble on Tatooine I’m: 75299 Stuck: 276 pieces In: $29.99 | 29.99€ The: 3, The Mandalorian, The Child, and The Tusken Raider Desert: Star Wars This box stars my friends: Mr. Mandalorian, Mr. Child, and Mr. Raider. Mr. Raider also has his little hut, and what I thought was a desert dragonfly before seeing that it’s actually a ballista. Huh, who knew? Probably could’ve used one of those for Anakin 30 or so years earlier. Mr. Mandalorian has managed to sit Mr. Raider down, and is now about to execute him in front of a child. How cute, I love Star Wars! Here’s what’s inside. I was really hoping for water. These plastic bags could hold water, perhaps, but there’s not much I can do with that information other than type it out. Here he is, the guy. Mr. Dark Brown and Silver. He’s got enough printing to put a Kinkos out of business. He also has two guns, one for shooting, and the other one probably just to look cool with. Again, I do not remember what happens in the show. I don’t even remember the name of the desert I’m trapped in. “Awwwww!” Everyone said, until they learned his name was Gorgu. Then they all said “ehhhhhhhhh!” Still, he’s a cutie, but man, he is small. Like, I’m afraid my dog might eat him. That’s not a joke; that’s a serious concern. I don’t have a dog, though. And here’s the Raider. I really do not like these molded heads. I know this might be beating a dead horse (it probably died of dehydration, too), but I miss the old printed heads. These new ones are too...action figure-y. So, build completed, and tongue drier than the wine my wife made me drink on Thanksgiving, we have a speeder. It’s a pretty nice speeder, and definitely something I wish I had right now in the desert. The colors are not great, though. Like, not only is it not accurate to the speeder in the show, it just looks ugly. Occasionally Star Wars’ beaten-up, ugly ship aesthetic just doesn’t translate into LEGO well. But you can put Gorgu in the speeder, which is pretty cute. He fits really snugly, and can be a complete pain to get out. My strategy is kinda flicking the bottom of his legs out of the satchel, because pulling from the arms will do absolutely nothing. Does this count as a play feature? The speeder also fits the two guns of the Mandalorian. Sure, I guess that’s as good a place as any to put them. Usually your legs would go right in front of the barrel, which is maybe not the safest position for a gun, but minifigs don’t have to worry about that problem. See? He can comfortably sit without worrying about shooting his calf. Must be nice. Although if you flip it the other way, it’s pointing at a baby. So, kinda lose-lose for us folks with legs. Now this? This I’m jealous. I’ve not seen so much as a dent in a hill for me to shade. Well that’s not strictly true - I saw one, dived down in it to get out of this hot sun, and you know what happened? A rattlesnake was in there. So if I go into the shadows, I’ll get poisoned. Although, that might be better dehydration... Anyway, this little hut has all the fixings a Tusken Raider could need. A fire, a pot with one (1) bone, and some shaded seats. It’s not fancy, but out here in the desert, I’m realizing it doesn’t have to be. It can also do this if you’ve got company over. Set up a project screen where the campfire is, and you can watch some of the great Disney Plus films! It also folds up for...easy storage? I have no clue what or why this is. If anything, it just puts the the fire closer to flammable objects. I’m no firefighter (a firefighter wouldn’t get stuck out in a desert), but that seems like a bad move. To reiterate: I am very jealous. The dragonfly gun, however, isn’t all that bad. It’s a weird looking thing, but hey, who am I to judge? Maybe I look worse, no one really knows, thanks to the anonymity of the Internet and the sun scarring on my face. I guess it kinda looks like a big, buggy crossbow from this angle. I can definitely see how people could say it’s a ballista, and also how I could say it’s a dragonfly. And that’s it. A set like this, unlike a lot of these Star Wars ships, is very much a case of “you see what you get”. A hut, a speeder, and a ballista. Nothing here is mind-blowing, nor do I think it’s a particularly good build to be shown off. The best fate I can see for this set, for a lot of children, is being disassembled into their larger collection, while saving the minifigs. Generally I like to categorize LEGO Star Wars sets into one of two categories: either a vehicle or a playset. And while Trouble on Tatooine undoubtedly falls into that latter category, calling it a playset is like calling a great spotted kiwi a bird. It is that thing, but it falls quite short. This set has one play feature - a dart on top of the ballista, and three completely separate builds. I’m having trouble seeing the appeal of the set itself. Of course, we all know the real pull here are the minifigs. A $30 set with a really nice, new Mandalorian fig and Baby Grogu? It’s a pretty good deal. It’s one of those sets that fits the obligation of a $30 price tag while having to throw an appropriate amount of pieces in there to make it different from a battle pack. And the Tusken Raider, strange as it might seem, has an important purpose. If there were a more exclusive figure, or more prominent villain from the series, I doubt the price tag would have stayed at $30. Unless it was another generic figure. You could probably switch out the Tatooine aesthetic with some other random planet with a random enemy. An Oba Diah set with a Pyke, a Srilurr set with a Weequay, an Alzoc III set with a Talz - take your pick. Maybe Tatooine was chosen because of recognizability? Who can say. All in all, it’s a set that’s exactly what you’d expect. A simple build with the minifigs being the main draw. Pretty much the only reason for a $30 set to exist. So I’ll give this set a score of 3/5. Let me know what you think! Is this set more than the minifigs it includes? Why would you pick up this set? Do you think the ballista looks more like a dragonfly? Let me know below, and make sure you vote on the poll! Thanks to LEGO for giving me the set for review, and thanks to Eurobricks for being the fine community that it is. And thank you to this desert for killing me slowly and with a great deal of heat. I hate you.
  4. There’s a steppe in Southern Russia that boasts a particularly rare falcon. Through some sort of genetic mutation of the red-footed falcon, once every 1,000 years, a gray-footed falcon is born. But it can’t reproduce, so this one of a kind falcon will die out at the end of the bird’s lifespan of ~14 years. However, one of the cool things about this once a millenary bird is its nest. Let’s get a closer look. See, unlike it’s red-footed brethren, this falcon’s nest is...hang on, what’s that? Huh, well that’s actually more interesting than the bird. Let’s talk about that instead. Name: Millennium Falcon Microfighter Set Number: 75295 Pieces: 101 Price: $9.99 | £8.99 | 9.99€ Minifigs: 1 Theme: Cynical Scrutiny. Oh, of the set? Star Wars. Having extracted this from the falcon’s nest, let’s check out a ship from this 8th Series of Microfighters. Trivia Question: can anyone name every ship in a single series of these microfighters? You cannot, because I cannot. Anyway, since I’m writing four of these reviews (check back in the next three days), I’ll not mention anything more about the box design on this one, other than to say there’s a TIE fighter below the Falcon that Han seems unaware of. Watch out Han! It’s literally shooting at you! I guess he survived. Or this is before he’s blown up. The thing to note about this is the two sets at the bottom. One of them is cool and kinda original. The other one is this set. More on that later. Here’s what you get in the box. And to answer your question, Terry, no, these bags still aren’t edible. I know, bud, I know. And it’s Han. Default Han, as I’ll call him. He’s appeared in the second LEGO Death Star (no, not Death Star II), and the bad, small Mos Eisley Cantina, and the good, large Mos Eisley Cantina. And now this. I’m not sure anyone’s collection is really hurting for a Han Solo these days. Sometimes I sneeze and a Han Solo comes out. Here is an important step - the first one! No going back now. Not when you use glue as I do. Makes a good sealer and a mid-build snack. And now the rest of the owl. Falcon. Whatever bird you want. It’s, I mean, it’s a small Millennium Falcon. LEGO didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel here. The sides are actually pretty snazzy, if you’re into sides. I’m more of a vertices guy myself. Still, one has to appreciate the detailing here, even if a good 80% of it is imagination. Atop the bird, there’s two of these little disc launchers. At least they’re not flick-fires, am I right? Are we still making fun of flick-fires? Pros and cons of these launchers - easy to shoot, but also easy to loose the disc. Also, if, for instance, you shoot it across your room where you left a half-eaten pepperoni pizza, make sure you retrieve it. Otherwise you might be in the doctor’s office trying to explain that you were writing a review for a LEGO Millennium Falcon microfighter, and that’s 4 whole words you’re going to now have to explain to her. They said the disc would pass naturally, and that’s good for my health insurance coverage. Or lack of it. Heyo, single-payer health care! Anyway, under this ship, you’ve got these smooth roundboys. Have you ever put these on an Air Hockey table? It’s like a challenge mode. Also - Air Hockey tables are much better at swallowing LEGO than I am. I’m actually a fan of these hinged blue parts. Did you know this was actually a function of the Falcon in the movies? It’s for aerodynamics when in planets’ atmospheres. It was only shown off once, in the 1980 comic Star Wars 28: Cavern of the Crawling Death, when Han and Chewbacca are forced to land on Orleon. See, I’m educational, too! Now, let’s get into the meat and potatoes, which, coincidentally, are very easy to cut thanks to Urban Farmer Wüsthof Knives! 7-piece set now available from Williams Sonoma! I don’t really...get the point of microfighters. That’s maybe a bit of a broad statement, because LEGO sets don’t necessarily have a point so much as they’re a toy or a hobby. But at least there’s usually a selling point. These days, it’s boiled down to either minifigs or a cool set. LEGO Piano? Fun build. LEGO Harry Potter sets? All about those Hogwarts kids. So for a Microfighter Millennium Falcon, not only a set that’s come out twice before, but a set that includes one of the more generic Star Wars minifigs, it feels like they had to some sort of queue. “There must be two Microfighters in each line, so I guess we’ll go with the Falcon again.” Not to mention it’s basically the same build. There’s a few other Star Wars sets that have forced me to ask this question, like the Landspeeder situation or Snowspeeder recolor - what’s the point? It’s even more exacerbated with a $10 set like a Microfighter. You can generally make a case for other Microfighters, mainly for the minifig, but for a common Han Solo? Eh. I’m not saying being a LEGO designer is simple. But from a consumer standpoint, it seems lazy to rehash a set once every three years, especially a set that can be essentially described as a stocking stuffer. But maybe that’s why it can be so lazy, because it’s something my grandma grabs for me because she knows I like LEGO and Star Wars, and she doesn’t want to spend $30 on a real set. So I’m giving this set a 1/5. It brings nothing new to the table, and I can’t see anyone being particularly jazzed about getting their hands on this set. That’s strikes me as a failure. But what do you guys think? Are you a fan of this Millennium Falcon microfighter? Or an inexpensive Han Solo figure? How do you feel about releasing what is basically the same set every three years? Let me know below, and make sure you vote on the poll! And big thanks to LEGO for providing me with a copy of this set, and Eurobricks for being such a great community. JackJonespaw out, RAAAAAAAAAAA!
  5. Yo @Hinckley why jailkeep me the first night? Random guess?
  6. Holy crap, KotZ, ballsy move with the one scum. @fhomess, you nailed it! That's a ton of pressure. Good work everyone!
  7. JackJonespaw

    Functional Brick Built Piston

    Okay, cool. So in that case most likely the 2x11 pneumatic cylinder?
  8. JackJonespaw

    Functional Brick Built Piston

    Fixed up
  9. Hey folks, Working on a brick-built version of Metal Gear Solid's Metal Gear Rex based off of this 3D model. On the underside of the model, there are two somewhat large pistons, one on either side. They look like this: Now, I originally thought I'd be able to get away with just using a non-moving brick built thing, something like this: but, with the way the jaw hinges, the piston will need to be able to move. I've scoured the internet and not found anything that'll work at that scale - is there anything brick built that you guys know of or have seen that could work? If there were some kind of hollow pipe I could use for the bottom half having 2x2 round bricks be the upper part of the piston - I think that could work, but I haven't seen any pieces like that. This pneumatic cylinder could potentially work, but I worry it'll be too stiff for the smooth movement I need. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks for the good time, all! And Hickley was right - holiday brain. These days got me a little rattled up.
  11. JackJonespaw

    Mafia - Day 2 - Twice as High

    Sorry folks, what with the holiday coming up had an in-and-out kind of day. Let me do my best to dissuade y'all from your voting against me. So doing my research, there's a role called a vigilante. Meaning they're part of us in the book club, but they're able to try to take out members of the Knitting Club (obviously with various degrees of success.) Yesterday, Kendall said she had a useless role. Visiting someone, that's pretty much it. Now, early on, she revealed she had this role. A majority of the first day was spent talking about that. By the end of the day, I was suspicious of what Kendall had been saying the whole day. By trying to establish her role early and getting it out of the way so we could figure out who the others were, she'd placed a target on her. Townie or not. Now, for the not-so-great part. Voting is mandantory. Rather than ending up with a two-vote penalty, I went against my better instinct (to never attempt a lynch on Day 1) and voted right at the end of the day (~2 hours before). Obviously a gamble, but voting for anyone other than who I thought was the most suspicious person of the day would have brought about way more problems than it was worth. You know, doing a joke vote or some such. Now, was it a good move? In retrospect, probably not, but who else would I have voted for at that moment? If it's between taking a shot in the dark with a low percent chance of getting a knitter (which wouldn't have happened anyway) or someone who I believed was a detriment to the town, despite being on our side? Well, time's is tough. It's not a move I'm proud of, but at the moment I thought it better than incurring a two-vote penalty. Gosh, sue me. Gee, because it's a theory? Guys, anything I say isn't the end-all-be-all raison d'être, you know? I'm just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. And apparently y'all don't like spaghetti. And to address most of what Autumn said, well, forgetfulness and incompetence shouldn't point to knitting. To being a bad player? Probably, but that's a meta conversation for another time. I still do not see why this is so hard to believe. If I was a knitter (which I'm not, but by this point it seems unlikely anyone will believe me) I would see the playing field as something like this (a third knitter and third-party excluded, but the point still stands): KNITTER KNITTER BOOKER(??) BOOKER(??) BOOKER(??) BOOKER(??) BOOKER(??) BOOKER(COMPULSIVE VISITOR) Even just based on the definition of the compulsive visitor that was given during Day 1, the knitters would know that it's a useless role. And when there's the real power players somewhere in there - a vigilante, a watcher, etc. - why waste a kill on a useless role when you could shoot for the figurative meat and potatoes? Shoot, you got me. Though we do sit in a circle when we discuss the week's reading.
  12. JackJonespaw

    Mafia - Day 2 - Twice as High

    Yes, it makes sense for there to be only 2 knitters in our circle. I mean, three options aren't exactly a definitive explanation. To your point of Option 4: I would be really surprised if there was a serial killer amongst us. We're such a small group. If there does happen to be 3 knitters around, plus one serial killer...well then we've lost tomorrow. I just can't see it being plausible. What do you mean by this, Karen? (See, I'm learning!) I mean, besides Kendall, who kind-of-unless-she-was-lying saved herself by saying she has a useless role, why not Becky? It could have been any of us on Night 1, honestly.
  13. JackJonespaw

    Mafia - Day 2 - Twice as High

    Gosh, late to the party. The way I see it, all of us will have to vote in unison today, otherwise Karen and Autumn are both gone, I assume. I think a lot of this relies on - as little as I trust Kendall - what she saw last night (though taken with the giantest grain of salt in the universe). This is the part I'm having trouble wrapping my head around - since Becky was one of us Book Clubers, wouldn't it be in the Knitting Club's best interest to leave her alive AND under the suspicion that she was (2 votes against yesterday)? Instead, they've left us with not a lot to go on. Karen and Autumn, I'd like to hear from both of you about who you would have voted for yesterday if you'd been able to based on the conversations. I know it's in the past, but maybe you have some contextual insight for us. Miranda, this is an interesting point here, but then why would they choose Becky over Karen and Autumn? The way I see it, there's a few possible options: 1. Chosen at random 2. Karen and/or Autumn are part of the Knitting Club. That could explain why they're both safe despite being in the same situation that Becky was. 3. Roles. I forget how the night order works, but can a person be investigated, then the role told, then killed? If so, we might have just lost a super powerful role in Becky. I'm sure there are other options, but these are the big three I'm looking at.
  14. JackJonespaw

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    Ah geez, the day's almost over, and since voting is required...I Vote: Kendall Kane (Trekkie99). How about this - why specifically did you claim? Oh, yeah - Unfortunately, that's the only thing that it has done. And as useless a role as it is, by claiming you have it you removed a target off of your back and placed it on one of the rest of us - and it could be someone with a really useful role. I don't think it was a good move to come out and say it first thing. Gosh, what a day.
  15. JackJonespaw

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    If I - and I believe now that I have - misunderstood the importance of Kendall's role, then what I said then isn't as important. Basically, I'm never a fan of voting someone out the first day, because it's almost never a baddie, regardless of who it is. Doubly so with a smaller amount of people. However, that doesn't mean I don't have suspicions of my own.