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  1. Yo @Hinckley why jailkeep me the first night? Random guess?
  2. Holy crap, KotZ, ballsy move with the one scum. @fhomess, you nailed it! That's a ton of pressure. Good work everyone!
  3. JackJonespaw

    Functional Brick Built Piston

    Okay, cool. So in that case most likely the 2x11 pneumatic cylinder?
  4. JackJonespaw

    Functional Brick Built Piston

    Fixed up
  5. Hey folks, Working on a brick-built version of Metal Gear Solid's Metal Gear Rex based off of this 3D model. On the underside of the model, there are two somewhat large pistons, one on either side. They look like this: Now, I originally thought I'd be able to get away with just using a non-moving brick built thing, something like this: but, with the way the jaw hinges, the piston will need to be able to move. I've scoured the internet and not found anything that'll work at that scale - is there anything brick built that you guys know of or have seen that could work? If there were some kind of hollow pipe I could use for the bottom half having 2x2 round bricks be the upper part of the piston - I think that could work, but I haven't seen any pieces like that. This pneumatic cylinder could potentially work, but I worry it'll be too stiff for the smooth movement I need. Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the good time, all! And Hickley was right - holiday brain. These days got me a little rattled up.
  7. JackJonespaw

    Mafia - Day 2 - Twice as High

    Sorry folks, what with the holiday coming up had an in-and-out kind of day. Let me do my best to dissuade y'all from your voting against me. So doing my research, there's a role called a vigilante. Meaning they're part of us in the book club, but they're able to try to take out members of the Knitting Club (obviously with various degrees of success.) Yesterday, Kendall said she had a useless role. Visiting someone, that's pretty much it. Now, early on, she revealed she had this role. A majority of the first day was spent talking about that. By the end of the day, I was suspicious of what Kendall had been saying the whole day. By trying to establish her role early and getting it out of the way so we could figure out who the others were, she'd placed a target on her. Townie or not. Now, for the not-so-great part. Voting is mandantory. Rather than ending up with a two-vote penalty, I went against my better instinct (to never attempt a lynch on Day 1) and voted right at the end of the day (~2 hours before). Obviously a gamble, but voting for anyone other than who I thought was the most suspicious person of the day would have brought about way more problems than it was worth. You know, doing a joke vote or some such. Now, was it a good move? In retrospect, probably not, but who else would I have voted for at that moment? If it's between taking a shot in the dark with a low percent chance of getting a knitter (which wouldn't have happened anyway) or someone who I believed was a detriment to the town, despite being on our side? Well, time's is tough. It's not a move I'm proud of, but at the moment I thought it better than incurring a two-vote penalty. Gosh, sue me. Gee, because it's a theory? Guys, anything I say isn't the end-all-be-all raison d'ĂȘtre, you know? I'm just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. And apparently y'all don't like spaghetti. And to address most of what Autumn said, well, forgetfulness and incompetence shouldn't point to knitting. To being a bad player? Probably, but that's a meta conversation for another time. I still do not see why this is so hard to believe. If I was a knitter (which I'm not, but by this point it seems unlikely anyone will believe me) I would see the playing field as something like this (a third knitter and third-party excluded, but the point still stands): KNITTER KNITTER BOOKER(??) BOOKER(??) BOOKER(??) BOOKER(??) BOOKER(??) BOOKER(COMPULSIVE VISITOR) Even just based on the definition of the compulsive visitor that was given during Day 1, the knitters would know that it's a useless role. And when there's the real power players somewhere in there - a vigilante, a watcher, etc. - why waste a kill on a useless role when you could shoot for the figurative meat and potatoes? Shoot, you got me. Though we do sit in a circle when we discuss the week's reading.
  8. JackJonespaw

    Mafia - Day 2 - Twice as High

    Yes, it makes sense for there to be only 2 knitters in our circle. I mean, three options aren't exactly a definitive explanation. To your point of Option 4: I would be really surprised if there was a serial killer amongst us. We're such a small group. If there does happen to be 3 knitters around, plus one serial killer...well then we've lost tomorrow. I just can't see it being plausible. What do you mean by this, Karen? (See, I'm learning!) I mean, besides Kendall, who kind-of-unless-she-was-lying saved herself by saying she has a useless role, why not Becky? It could have been any of us on Night 1, honestly.
  9. JackJonespaw

    Mafia - Day 2 - Twice as High

    Gosh, late to the party. The way I see it, all of us will have to vote in unison today, otherwise Karen and Autumn are both gone, I assume. I think a lot of this relies on - as little as I trust Kendall - what she saw last night (though taken with the giantest grain of salt in the universe). This is the part I'm having trouble wrapping my head around - since Becky was one of us Book Clubers, wouldn't it be in the Knitting Club's best interest to leave her alive AND under the suspicion that she was (2 votes against yesterday)? Instead, they've left us with not a lot to go on. Karen and Autumn, I'd like to hear from both of you about who you would have voted for yesterday if you'd been able to based on the conversations. I know it's in the past, but maybe you have some contextual insight for us. Miranda, this is an interesting point here, but then why would they choose Becky over Karen and Autumn? The way I see it, there's a few possible options: 1. Chosen at random 2. Karen and/or Autumn are part of the Knitting Club. That could explain why they're both safe despite being in the same situation that Becky was. 3. Roles. I forget how the night order works, but can a person be investigated, then the role told, then killed? If so, we might have just lost a super powerful role in Becky. I'm sure there are other options, but these are the big three I'm looking at.
  10. JackJonespaw

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    Ah geez, the day's almost over, and since voting is required...I Vote: Kendall Kane (Trekkie99). How about this - why specifically did you claim? Oh, yeah - Unfortunately, that's the only thing that it has done. And as useless a role as it is, by claiming you have it you removed a target off of your back and placed it on one of the rest of us - and it could be someone with a really useful role. I don't think it was a good move to come out and say it first thing. Gosh, what a day.
  11. JackJonespaw

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    If I - and I believe now that I have - misunderstood the importance of Kendall's role, then what I said then isn't as important. Basically, I'm never a fan of voting someone out the first day, because it's almost never a baddie, regardless of who it is. Doubly so with a smaller amount of people. However, that doesn't mean I don't have suspicions of my own.
  12. JackJonespaw

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    Gosh, maybe I am confused - is it a useless role? I've been out of town for a while now, and I could be misremembering some of the roles. I'll have to do some research and see if I'm confusing things.
  13. JackJonespaw

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    Ah goodness, I'll admit, with such low numbers as we have in the Book Club right now, voting someone out and on top of that potentially having someone be assaulted by the croissant-wielding bananaman...suddenly we've lost 25% of our number if we play our cards correctly. I will admit, I find Becky's point here strong, but...gosh, I don't know. Definitely feeling like this is voting for voting's sake, which I'm never in love with. Something about Kendall's actions just rub me the wrong way. If Kendall is a member of the knitting club (God forbid!) then coming out and saying she is a compulsive visitor could get her protected during the night, leaving one of our number to get croissainted. And if she's a nice member of the book club, then she's almost certainly singled herself out for a croissant, unless she's protected. At the very least, she's put a target on her back. Can you go into more detail as to why, as opposed to giving it a night and seeing what you can find out? Sorry, I mean incorrectly at the end of my first sentence.
  14. JackJonespaw

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    Well I certainly hope not, Chelsea. Gosh, you've got me blushing at the very thought. I brought my family here for some small town piece and nice golf courses...mainly the golf courses, but this whole rut has got me questioning everyone. Not only who is in the knitting club, but who here is a pervert! Maybe we should start by checking everyone's pockets or purses for knitting needles...my PGA tour men's golf performance flat front pants size 36 definitely wouldn't be able to hide anything like that. You'd be able to see the outline of it through my pants, and believe me, there's no knitting needle there!
  15. JackJonespaw

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    Oh gosh, death by stale croissant, how miserable! Brad and I were golfing buddies, I'll surely miss him...those darn knitters will pay for this! Golly, Kendall, that sounds a might dangerous and may I say borderline suspicious? Just hope you're careful...