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  1. IT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son "You'll laugh, you'll cry! You'll cheer, you'll die! Introducing Pennywise the Dancing Clown!" Have been quite some time from my last post! Finally able to show my take on the famous killer clown! Captivated by the character after watching the first movie, I started drafting and testing the possibility of building a realistic face for Pennywise at such small scale immediate back then in Christmas 2017(Especially after seeing the amazing headsculpt by Tim Lydy!), and then slowly worked through the rest of the body in summer 2018. However, I never really feel like I got his chin quite right until I finally cracked the puzzle on the last day of my summer break this year, right in time for Chapter 2 to hit the theatre! Hope you guys enjoy it!? IT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son IT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son IT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son A little note here, the mouth was hands down the most challenging part of the entire build, but it's also the most important bit, as nothing would have worked without that iconic creepy smile of Pennywise! The sausage piece was almost, I would say, the go-to solution at this scale, but it took me many trials with different pieces or even the official red rubber band at some point. And even when I eventually found this 1x2 plate with handle, the connection behind it also made it very difficult for me to finish off the chin. IT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son IT(2019) - Teaser by city son IT(2019) - Mini Pennywise by city son Upon finishing the gigantic Pennywise statue, I actually used the table scrap to build a mini Pennywise...nothing fancy but kind of cute to stand it right next to its big brother! The logo was actually built before everything else, originally as the base for Pennywise, but in the end I found it looks better on its own, so there's that. IT(2019) - Logo by city son Hope you guys like IT, and looking forward to comments~
  2. Here's my "last-minute-ish" entry for the ongoing Harry Potter Microscale Contest at TBB. I tried to challenge the concept of microbuilds, where most people would go for small intriguing details brought to life by creative part usage, I wanted to up the scale so that not only can I end up with something massive, but it also allows me to have a little bit of everything in the build: big movements like the crooked facade, small details like the desks for the goblins, and also an animal build - my favourite Ukrainian Ironbelly.Hope you enjoy it! Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son
  3. As some of you may know, LEGO IDEAS is currently running a space building contest and I've come up with this cute vignette for this contest, telling the tale of a brave little mouse’ search for cheese (slopes) on the moon, inspired by my childhood memory, Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out (1989). When designing this model, most of my effort went into constructing the perfect circular shape of the rocket in the limited scale, especially for the top. If you enjoy it, you can support me with your vote here and possibly share it with your friends before Feb 19 so that I can get to the next stage~ Adventure on Cheese Planet (2018) by city son, 於 Flickr Adventure on Cheese Planet (2018) - Retro Rocket by city son, 於 Flickr Adventure on Cheese Planet (2018) - Loading the Cheese! by city son, 於 Flickr Adventure on Cheese Planet (2018) - Mouse Front by city son, 於 Flickr Adventure on Cheese Planet (2018) - Mouse Back by city son, 於 Flickr
  4. Millennium Falcon Painting Hi guys, I am Lee from Hong Kong, and I have joined Eurobricks for a few years by now, but I have never posted in the Star Wars forum before, so I guess a little intro won't harm! I browse for cool LEGO MOCs around the world on a daily basis, and while I often enjoy seeing what others build, not many of the pieces would really impress me so much that I would remember for years, but the Spider-Mosaic by Thorsten Bonsch is definitely one of them (! Ever since then I have always wanted to try to make something similar, so as soon as I saw the TBB LEGO Millennium Falcon Contest said that we can present the MF in any style, I already knew what I have to do. The artwork is based on one done by MediaGraffitiStudio (, with some personal touches for the colours based on what I had in mind. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. citizen

    [MOC] The Most of Hong Kong

    Thanks everyone! About the composition, it might be a bit disappointing to know where does the idea come from. It was a sweet accident due to my lack of bricks. I realized that I will never have enough bricks to build the entire Buddha statue right after I finished the head, so I was thinking, can I cover part of it up with something else? And that's where the idea was generated. Sure I did plan to build several things already in the very first place, but the idea of merging them together is developed under that circumstances!
  6. Hi everyone, I am Lee from Hong Kong. I am no newcomer to this forum, but it has been quite some time since I last post, and I think I have never really made any post in the special forum before, so I little bit of intro wouldn't harm. I have been playing with LEGO since I was 5 and it has been 14 years since then, I could never imagine how far I have come since then, Anyway, here in Hong Kong, we have an annual contest held during the HKACG (The Ani-Con), where all the great builders come together and show their best interpretation of the topic set by LEGO HK. This is my second year in a row to participate in this contest and I was lucky enough to become the finalists in both year. This year's topic is "The Most of Hong Kong", and I literally took the topic word by word for my entry, as I have translated a collection of objects that hold a record in HK into brick form: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (The Largest convention and exhibition centre in HK), The Big Buddha (The tallest seated outdoor bronze buddha in HK), Ngong Ping 360 (Largest aerial bi-cable cable car system in Asia) and The Peak Tram (Earliest motorized public transport in HK). It has been great fun working out the details, and I will go through some of the stories behind them below if you are interested. Hope you enjoy it! HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong by city son, 於 Flickr HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong by city son, 於 Flickr HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong by city son, 於 Flickr HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong by city son, 於 Flickr Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre by city son, 於 Flickr The HKCEC has been my favourite building in HK for many years, but I have never got to the point that I am comfortable to try to make a replica in LEGO. Before starting the actual build, I went online to look for previous takes on the building as usual, only to find out that several versions have been made before and they actually look pretty good. One of my few quirks as a builder is that every single time I start a project, I need to find a challenge in it for myself. In the end of the day, I realized that most people have been doing the roof, which is also the most iconic part of the building, by layering plates, and such technique would only works on a large scale model. So instead of doing that, I aimed at minimizing the scale of this HKCEC model and used a series of wedges, small ball joints and clips to create the complex curves. The roof alone, has taken me 3 days to build. HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Roof by city son, 於 Flickr While the rest of the building may seem far more simple to build than the rood, this simply isn't the case. Many of the details were unexpectedly difficult to get them right. The first challenge I encountered, was the glass facade. What colour should it be? If you look at a real picture of HKCEC, it's kind of bluish yet rather dark. So trans-light blue alone would be too bright, while black would be too dull.In the end of the day, I came up with the idea of mixing colour, and backed the trans-light blue with black plates. HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Glass Facade by city son, 於 Flickr The second problem I encountered, was the series of white pillars along the entrance under the glass facade, as LEGO never released such small and short pillars. My solution to that is to line up a bunch of tiles vertically, and use the shadows to create a visual illusion that they are pillars. Another problem I had was how to connect the HKCEC logo on a curved wall. I spent hours to fill all the gaps I created by opening a hole for the connection, while preserving the curve of the wall.. HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - Golden Bauhinia Square by city son, 於 Flickr The Big Buddha HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong -The Big Buddha by city son, 於 Flickr The Big Buddha is definitely one of the most eye-catching object in this piece, but the truth is, I wasn't 100% happy with how it worked out. For the head, I couldn't be happier with it. Building faces is always a huge challenge with great fun for me, as it has many things on the checklist that you have to get them right. First human face is a very complex geometry, to do that in LEGO is tough. Second, you have to make sure the face doesn't look too robotic, but as organic as possible. And finally, the expression must be on point. Particularly for this Buddha statue, it only has one single expression, so there is no alternatives for me except for precisely capturing the peaceful look of the actual statue. I spent many hours trying out different ways to do the eyes and lips until I was finally satisfied with it. HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong -The Big Buddha Face by city son, 於 Flickr The reason why I wasn't completely happy with this piece,is the rest of the statue. Another quirks of me as a builder is that I refuse to buy or borrow parts for a specific project. To me it's always more fun to challenge myself to work my way out with my limited resources, unless it's a must. Like the 1x1 round plates I used for the Buddha's head, I have actually borrowed quite some of them from my friends. But most of the body was done with what's left after building the head sculpture, which explains the less detail body and arm. HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong -The Big Buddha by city son, 於 Flickr Ngong Ping 360 HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - Ngong Ping 360 by city son, 於 Flickr This tiny cable car is in fact one of my favourite thing in the entire piece. It was way more challenging to build than it may seem to be. The 4 curves set on the corners diagonally took me quite some time to figure out. But the more challenging thing is the limitation of size. With all the windows left empty, I have basically no space to hide all the structure. HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - Ngong Ping 360 by city son, 於 Flickr Another detail that I am proud of is the door. I spent hours to make sure that I have got all every last bit of the frame right, and leave a "straight line" right in the middle of the two doors, in order to make them look like an openable door. HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - Ngong Ping 360 by city son, 於 Flickr The Peak Tram HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - The Peak Tram by city son, 於 Flickr The peak tram would be my least favourite piece out of the 4, as it is also the easiest to build. Many other builders here in HK have built some really good peak trams. The challenge I set for myself was once again, minimizing the scale, where I ended up with a 7-stud wide tram, while preserving all the decoration. A detail that I am particularly proud of is, once again, the doors, as it took me quite some time to make the tiles face outwards, while sitting on the same level with the rest of the door. HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - The Peak Tram by city son, 於 Flickr HKACG 2017 The Most of Hong Kong - The Peak Tram by city son, 於 Flickr Woohoo! If you have read through all that and reach this point, I would like to give a BIG THANKS to you! As a builder, I can't be happier to know that someone would hear me out! It would also be awesome if you guys can give me some comments on this, I really miss the old days when I get actual feedback from people rather than just likes and hearts on Facebook groups!
  7. citizen

    [MOC] Mid-size Wall-E

    Guys I am back! Probably no one remember me after my long gone from my last, which is also my first post around It's me who built the Stark Tower last year: http://www.eurobrick...opic=112042&hl= First off I would like to thank everyone who enjoyed my last post and all the nice words, I should have given more response on that post, but I don't wanna feel like "pushing my own post up" after a year... Anyway, I finally got time now, so I would probably be more active in posting MOCs, both new ones and those I have not shared before. This time, I have chosen one that is relatively new, built from last year, during the release of the amazing 21303 official set. I love the official set VERY VERY MUCH, but after all the budget taken by the two Super Heroes lines, there wasn't any left for me to get this adorable pal. Of course, one of the best thing about LEGO, is that you can build whatever you want, so like all the other AFOL would say: Let's build one ourselves! This is probably one of my favourite MOCs of all times, I am not sure what do you guys think yet, but personally i LOVE the result. My favourite part of the official set, was those realistic eyes of Wall-E, that really give the model a spirit, so that's also where I started. Then I thought, it wouldn't be as fun if it's just a small rendition of Wall-E that does nothing, after all, this character has been popular among the AFOLs for the past few years and there were already a lot marvelous takes on the characters, in all sort of sizes. Therefore, I decided that the belly must be able to be opened like the big one. And if it can open the belly, why not also do the sliding and ball-joint arms, with movable fingers? Of course, I would left the back of it without any detail as well, I mean, how can I? With a single night of hard work, I made this satisfying MOC, the only thing I wished I could have improved, is to include the treads, but I simply don't have the pieces. What do you guys think about it? Comments & Criticism are welcome as usual!
  8. Hi, I am citizen, a teenage LEGO fan from Hong Kong. I have been following this forum for years, especially the Licensed one, but this is my very first post here, as I have just finally decided that I should register an account here a few weeks ago. As an introduction piece, I really want to have something that can impress you, and I think I just had one recently.(Hopefully, it can impress you :P ) So, here...we....go.....wait, wrong franchise! :o Stark Tower - Front by city son This is a creation I built specifically for a contest of another forum, Toys N Bricks. The topic of the contest was to build a scene right off the screen of either the first Avengers movie from 2012, or from the epic sequel, Age of Ultron, this year. As I haven't got the new sets, and I couldn't really take closer looks at Age of Ultron scenes until its DVD release(Can't wait for it!!!!!!). So I started out planning on scenes from The Avengers, but which one? It's a tough choice as I loved so many different scenes, Cap and Iron Man Rotor scene, Hulk punches the Leviathan, the forest fight.... SO MANY OF THEM!!! However the contest set a size limit without HEIGHT LIMIT, which immediately took me to the idea of building something tall, and when that came into my mind, it didn't take long for me to get to the iconic Stark Tower. Besides, the final battle in New York is like the climax part of the first film, so it makes sense for me to choose it if I wanted to build something impressive. :) Stark Tower - Side 1 by city son Stark Tower - Back by city son Stark Tower - Side 2 by city son Well, I didn't shirk, even though the contest only asked for a scene, I still pushed myself to use up all my brick resources to finish off every last side of the tower. One of the toughest part for me in this process is the lack of source materials, as in the movie, there wasn't much close up scenes of the "back" of the tower, so I just added a bit of my own imagination to fix that part. Sad thing was right after a few days I have finished this beast, LEGO Avengers Video Game new gameplay video on YouTube showed clearly how the back of the tower looks like, yet, I think my version can...well pass myself. Could be better though, could be. :( Cap, Thor and Hawkeye 1 by city son Cap, Thor and Hawkeye 2 by city son Cap, Thor and Hawkeye 3 by city son I tried to fill the whole screen up as much as I could, without making it a big mess, so I put something from the bottom to the top literally. Let's start from the bottom. I picked the scene from the very end of the final battle, where Cap and Thor are fighting side by side with the Chitauri Soldiers. Yeah, I put Hawkeye there as well, which has probably reduced a bit of accuracy here, but I thought it will be weird not to include the full team, while Hawkeye was supposed to be somewhere in/on another building far away and out of the scene. Trying to be original, I built those spear-like weapon in a really simple manner for one of the Chitauri Soldiers, not a big deal, but I am quite happy with that little touch. Chitauri Chariot in action 1 by city son Chitauri Chariot in action 3 by city son For the middle part of the tower, I have built two different Chitauri Chariots, one 2-seat and one 1-seat, which are one of my favourite parts of this MOC. I built them in the very last stage of the project, but they turned out quite pleasing. To be honest, I can't stop playing and flying these little vehicles around my flat! Two-seat Chitauri Chariot by city son Two-seat Chitauri Chariot - Front by city son One-seat Chitauri Chariot by city son One-seat Chitauri Chariot - Back by city son Again, for the sake of originality, I built my very own version of these alien chariots. I browsed through the web searching for tons of source materials, and based on those 2D stickers from the official set, I managed to connect all these gold pieces in every last ways I could think of. And it worked perfectly! Believe me or not, I have tried my best to build these blurry flying vehicles that appeared on the big screen shot by shot out of bricks! XD Stark Tower - Rooftop by city son Puny God face off 1 by city son Close the portal by city son One way trip by city son The last part is the top of Stark Tower, which is the main focus of the whole build, and most of the actions happen right here. I have selected 3 iconic scenes from the final battle to be included here. The first one is the PRE-puny-god scene. Well, I did plan on having the Hulk smashes puny god scene in the beginning, but due to the limited scale, turned out it's impossible to fit the man with anger management issue in such a small room. Then, I chose the scene where Black Widow is ready to close the portal, while Dr. Erik is panicking at the back. (Sorry for not having a grey hair piece for Erik.) And finally, the part where Tony decided to sacrifice himself and take the nuclear with him all the way up, even though he knew it's a one-way trip. S.T.A.R.K. by city son Another "S" by city son Apart from the scene, there were a few challenges I have faced through the build, or stuffs that I really wish you can see my effort. First, it's the STARK logo. I have browsed through the web to look for previous Stark Tower done by other LEGO fans around the world, and first of all, all of them are incredible, but somehow I felt like no one was paying the attention that the logo deserved. It's like the most iconic part of the tower, and it's the greatest fun to work with font. I am very very happy with the outcome myself, no sure what do you guys think. The other major difficulty I faced, was the large outer platform with the "S" in the middle. Took me days to find a way to make a perfect circle(almost ;) ), build an "S", and build smaller yellow circle around the "S" at the same time. Another great challenge is the weird curve "windows" on one side of the building. I didn't go with the way most people do, with trans bricks, coz I don't have those...BUT the real deal is all the angles and Maths. Try to build one yourself and you will find it really tough because bricks are not like paper, you can't really curve them up while placing them at an angle but still want them to have a smooth clear cut "straight" horizontal edge at both ends. I'd say it would have been better if I have enough 2x4 tiles to fill the whole lower half of that pile of windows. I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this long boring introduction of my biggest MOC ever, and I really wish experts and master builders here can give me some constructive comments to improve myself, as there is always room for improvement, especially for a youngster like me :P. Really enjoy all the cool posts and awesome MOCs on this forum, and last but not least, the voting is still on right now, so if you really like my creation and you are coincidentally a member of Toys N Bricks, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY you think mine is better than other really cool builds from other contestants then I humbly welcome one or more votes from you! Thank you once again for taking your time reading my long long post! =D