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Found 11 results

  1. Has anyone done a parts list comparison between the old and new UCS Millenium Falcon? I've previously Bricklinked a 10179 and wonder if I can use it as a basis for 75192. The cockpit, gun turret glass and 'chess' table have all appeared on Bricklink. As have the grey mast riggings at an affordable cost. Though I think I'd go with Scottish Dave's engine mod. No need to buy a radar dish because I'll do the square TFA version. Currently got a DBG one. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
  2. Hello Space enthusiasts! Here's a MOD I've been working on for quite a while. It started out as a regular 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon Bricklink project, but turned into something a bit different somewhere along the way. LL10179_001 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_004 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_c02 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_036 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_m04 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_s04 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr For more pictures, and my comments on some of the details on the ship, follow this link to my Flickr page for the model: LL 10179 on Flickr I hope you'll like it. Comments are more than welcome :)
  3. So when I heard that the LEGO Group is coming out with a new falcon, I was thinking that I would spend $600 max... So when i heard it was $800 I was like,NOPE! so I went to my friend who bought a couple 10179 back in the day, and asked him if he would sell me one. He sold it to me very cheap. so when I built it, I didn’t like it that much but it was ok... so I decided to mod it to look like the new one, but be cheaper. so enjoy my poor quality photos I took with a iPhone:) Top view. The new rounded turret. and of course, a interior. room #1. room #2 room #3 with swap able dish Room 4 with engineering room and kitchen. And that’s pretty much it! Hope you enjoyed, and feedback is appreciated.
  4. Prologue: Following the countless hours I productively wasted last year building a 10143 UCS Death Star II (link here), via Bricklink, I’ve been looking for another project. Next on my list was the 10030 UCS Star Destroyer, but after sourcing about 50% of the parts I admitted defeat as I couldn’t obtain several of the rarer ones inside Europe. I briefly debated building an Endor Landing platform, using instructions which I’d purchased from Ebay, but it wasn’t going to big enough for my UCS shuttle so that was the end of that. Back to the drawing board, ho hum. To be honest, since I’d ‘Bricklinked’ the Death Star, normal sets (the ones that come in a box with all of the parts in numbered plastic bags) seem a bit too easy somehow... and I like a challenge!! I considered numerous options, but kept circling back to the idea of a UCS Falcon. I would like to say that I did try to stop myself from starting this for several weeks, but finally gave in. My wife gave me her, classic, disappointed look when I mentioned my plan to her and, to be fair, she did have a point as I already own one! My logic: My current Falcon is the third one I’ve owned (long story) and I paid £750 for it MISB a couple of years ago just before the prices got really silly. I built it once and displayed for a week in a darkened room before my irrational fear of dust & light damage made me disassemble it and return it to the safety of its packing box. Hence, there was some logic to this project after all....if I could build one (relatively) cheaply I could then display it long-term without any fear of i) daylight ii) dust or iii) one day finding our cat asleep on it!! Now I know that this project has been well-documented before by BobBongo and jFox but I thought you might like to see how my project develops, building it my way. Firstly, I’ll admit that I’m rather OCD about Lego; it has to be new! Secondly, I wanted to see how cheaply this could be done, keeping to the original colours wherever it was sensible to do so. Some of the costs I’ve seen for building one seemed ridiculously high and I was determined to do better, at least that was the plan.... My Strategy: Firstly I checked the Lego PAB website to see what parts were readily available to set a ‘benchmark’ cost. Next, using a spreadsheet, I recorded the cost of the parts which were available in four of my favourite stores, not overly scientific but it was a useful starting point. Using a few formulas I estimated that I could do this for about £550, give or take some postage. Before I forget I’d like to pass on my thanks to both gizmocom and KRAM who supplied a total of 1,541 parts, in 50 and 67 lots respectively. Their excellent service deserves a shameless plug; both sellers are 100% Lobot recommended! Bricklink: I’m not an expert in Bricklink, but if you haven’t sourced a lot of parts before, I can offer the following advice: i) Buy within your own country wherever possible; the cost of long-distance postage really adds up after a while. If you’re in the UK also be very wary of any potential Import taxes so try and order from the EU if you need to go further afield; I got stung a couple of years ago and it resulted in a cheap purchase from the US being a very expensive one!! ii) Don’t get too obsessed about saving the odd penny here and there; it’s far more important to minimise the total number of orders. During my searches I set myself a minimum 100 (ish) parts per order; otherwise the postage gets prohibitive. iii) Having said that, I’ve adopted a policy of ‘grabbing’ parts wherever I could. For example the Falcon requires 243 x 3021 ‘Light Bluish Gray Plate 2 x 3’; these are £0.10 from PAB, so that’s £24.30 unsurprisingly. However, if you can buy 20 @ £0.07 from a seller, as part of a larger order, you’ve just saved yourself £0.60. Now that doesn’t sound much but if you manage to source all 243 for that you’ll save £7.29, as long as you don’t incur any additional postage charges. I’ve found that most sellers use weight bands (0-250g, 250-500g etc) so provided you keep a careful eye on the total weight of each order, via the shopping basket, you can make significant savings. For my orders I estimated that the weight of the packaging would be a maximum of 30g, so kept all 250g orders below 220g. iv) PAB can look expensive for some parts, but for some they’re unbeatable (for example the 3069b ‘Light Bluish Gray Tile 1 x 2 with Groove’ & 3068b ‘Light Bluish Gray Tile 2 x 2 with Groove’); also they have a fixed shipping charge which can be very helpful if it’s a large order. You need to bear in mind that lots of plates will be heavy, and even if you can get them slightly cheaper on Bricklink the cost of postage may eliminate any potential saving. v) Don’t automatically disregard sellers with only a small (ish) parts inventory or feedback. By using the Bricklink filters I used several with 50-150 feedbacks; their service was at the same level as those with 1000+ and frequently their price per part was significantly less. Progress to date: I managed to find 414 new parts from my own collection before I started ordering. These were mainly small Technic connecters etc and realistically they were probably worth £15. During the last 6 weeks I’ve made a total of 13 orders for 3,747 parts at a cost of £374.74, excluding my own stock. 6 orders were from the UK, 3 from the Netherlands, 2 from Germany, 1 from Denmark & 1 from Belgium. Including my own stock this adds up to 4,161 parts, or 80.42% of the set which I’m quite pleased with, breakdown as follows: Orders Parts Total Cost (£) Cost per part (£) Source Own 414 £0.00 0 N/A 1 873 £46.99 £0.05 UK 2 668 £36.52 £0.05 UK 3 443 £42.68 £0.10 UK 4 343 £37.40 £0.11 Denmark 5 311 £34.46 £0.11 UK 6 147 £28.35 £0.19 Netherlands 7 103 £20.56 £0.20 Netherlands 8 100 £30.22 £0.30 Germany 9 111 £15.70 £0.14 UK 10 96 £12.30 £0.13 Belgium 11 206 £24.76 £0.12 Netherlands 12 98 £13.82 £0.14 UK 13 248 £30.98 £0.12 Germany To date 12 orders have arrived, totalling 3,913 parts (75.63%). So, what does this look like? Scroll down to find out: A large box: Han in part heaven (insert the music to American Beauty here): And what can I build so far: “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts”...Han paused and then, with a deep sigh, continued...”Ok kid, I’ll admit it’s total rubbish” I’ve just made two orders for another 457 parts, including the technic beams, so I should be able to make some tangible progress soon. I add another update soon. Cheers, Robin
  5. Apologies if this is the wrong place or a repeat topic - With the possible re-issue of rare parts on the upcoming MF I am wondering what impact the community thinks it will have on older sets that feature rare parts. For me as a collector that came in late I have always sorta justified the cost by telling myself that I could make my money back with little risk. Because I am cheap and waited a very long time to get the right seller to come along and did not pay the huge amounts that others did. But I still have a large investment that I would be stupid to not be concerned about. Just wanted to see what the prevailing opinion is on the topic. My opinion is that a re-issue of a set that has different elements and build techniques doesn't change the value of the older set by much. But when they re-issue a set with possibly two of the most rare elements I feel like it deals a huge blow to the older sets value. That being said I would not be the owner of a 10179 had the 75192 not unsettled the market...
  6. Due to some personal reasons, the time has come to part with my beloved 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon.Those who have been on the forum for a few years know that I was among the first in our community to part out the set back in 2010, a time-consuming process that involved multiple orders primarily from Lego directly (with a few new pieces ordered from Bricklink). As a result, the set is 100% complete and includes ALL of the extremely rare pieces like the printed radar dish, LBG boat mast riggings, dark red 6x14 plate, etc. The original sticker sheet is even included BRAND NEW and in perfect condition, as is the silver 30th Anniversary sticker. All five minifigures (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Obi-Wan) are in absolutely pristine, mint condition.I carefully inventoried all parts in the set multiple times, but never had the opportunity to build and display it. What you're getting is essentially a brand-new set, minus the original box and instruction manual. (A PDF copy of the instruction manual can still be downloaded from Lego. I'm also happy to email it)Asking $1200 USD shipped anywhere in the U.S. I'm open to international shipping; just message me if you're interested and we'll work out the details. Help me find this set a good home!
  7. modsquare

    Millennium Falcon

    I have a question about about the Millennium Falcon lego set number 10179. I found a collection of 22 Lego sets at an estate sale. Most of them were unopened and still in their original boxes. I bought the lot for my 10 year old son. He assembled most of the smaller sets and was just about the assemble the Millennium Falcon when a friend of mine pointed out the value of the piece. Unfortunately he had already opened the box but hadn't yet opened all of the individual bags. I was wondering since he has already opened the box would it devalue the piece any more if I was to let him put it together? He has opened half of the bags already.
  8. Hey all! I've been collecting UCS sets for a whie now (I've got the original X-wing, Tie Interceptor etc) but there are some I've missed out on over the years. Of the few I've missed, the one I regret the most has always been the 10179 MF, and every time I look at my collection I kick myself that I didn't buy one (or 10!) when they were on sale. Well I finally decided I was going to make one, and try to do it as reasonably priced as possible, so this last week I set myself the challenge of finding all the bits in the shortest time I could (I have no patience). Obviously the first task was find the parts list (hello Bricklink) and decide on some obvious substitutions, e.g. rigging and radar disk. Then I had to set up some tools to help. Ended up using a combination of these tools Excel spreadsheet - complete tracking of all parts, substitutions, orders, prices Brickstore - used to drag down average prices from Bricklink, create files for Brickfficiency, and create Wanted lists on Bricklink Brickfficiency - tool to find combinations of stores to give good prices Bricklink (BL) - lots of searching, use of wanted lists, finding alternative parts etc I then started with my own collection. Had some rules - no breaking apart any sets I had already built, and no raiding my daughters' big box of parts from all their Lego Friends sets. This didn't give me very much :) I think I found 268 parts this way. Most of my lego from my childhood seemed to be black not grey! Next job was to check for bricks that they sold that would be significantly cheaper than BL prices. This resulted in an initial order of around 420 parts. Then I got reasonably lucky, as a friend on facebook put me in touch with his dad, who has a big collection of random SW lego and agreed to take the parts list and find out what he hard that I needed that he could spare. This got me 1018 parts, including 3 of the minifigs, and a load of spares for quite a reasonable price :) Unfortunately the lot had a bunch of stuff I'd already ordered from Lego - you win some, you lose some :) Then onto the Bricklinking. This was painful....... I spent countless hours with Brickfficiency and by hand trying to figure out which parts to get from which stores (EU only) to minimise price and shipping. Now I know I could have saved even more money by buying sub-lots from sellers, but I tried mostly to buy all of one lot from one seller just to make my life easier. This process resulted in making a lot more substitutions as I worked out what was rare and/or expensive, or where I could make swaps just to reduce the number of stores I'd buy from. This is by no means the whole lot but here goes (some are obvious swaps and some I didn't find others doing when searching): White arches for LBG arches White plates with bottom pin for LBG plates Patterned radar disk for plain one Grey arches for grey arches with slight rise 6.6L patio poles for 6L ones Technic pin connectors (smooth) with slotted ones Grey levers for grey/black levers DBG Technic 1x16 bricks for mix of DBG and black DBG cones without top groove for grooved ones Grey rigging for black rigging Black technic 4 x 6 open center for LBG Yellow technic right angles for black Black long technic pins for blue I might have forgotten some, and it might be that when I've assembled it all I'll swap some around some more, but you get the idea. Over the course of 2 days I made 10 BL orders from about 5 different countries. Quite a bit to get your head around at the start, like the varying store terms that resulting in one order being cancelled, but on the whole I found the sellers very helpful! The orders got smaller and smaller as I got to the end, which upped the postage costs, but didn't find a way round it. This left 1 last order from Lego, where I paid slightly over the odds but felt it was better than having to do even more smaller orders to mop up the last lots. And that's where I am now - 13 orders in total, all but 1 invoiced and some already on the way. Can't way to start building (and modding) :D Justin PS Also wanted to thank this forum for some of the info I got from others' threads. It really helped, so thanks :D
  9. HanShotFirst

    10179 Millennium Falcon Mods

    Hey, I've been bricklinking the UCS Falcon from 2007 and have seen a lot of mods. I usually mod stuff that I bricklink, and was looking for inspiration. If you've modded one and want to share what you've done/know of a modded one, post it here. Here's what I've seen: From this post: Aall of the ones from here: This photo set: At the risk of repeating myself, and the stuff on this page: Post if you know of anything else...
  10. I've never been happy with the plain dish on my bricklinked UCS Millennium Falcon. I've tried a brick-built solution, and home-made stickers, and even water-slide transfers: but it still doesn't look quite right. Then I saw some leaked photos which showed the new Episode VII Falcon radar. As you can see, it looks exactly as if it has a 2x2 Lego plate mounted on the front: (photo from here) How could I resist? Here is a link to the LXF file, which contains the radar: and a mirror in case Brickshelf goes down again... Edit: Parts list, by request Here it is on my Falcon (which isn't much like a stock UCS Falcon these days, but it ought to give you some idea):
  11. Hi all, So another self purchase and build on the cards. I am going to use this thread as a build journal and a question post because i have one right away! I didnt have the money for this when it came out and I only found out today that you could build it yourself! Fantastic idea and I cant wait to get started on it but even sourcing all the parts is great fun and im looking forward to the adventure :) I started purchasing parts today from BrickLink and while I was doing so I came across a peice of software called brickstore. Great peice of software but I am a tad confused about why it has duplicate entrys of the same item called 'Extra'. At the bottom of the software it says 288 lots which is how many my list says in bricklink so I assume its correct but then when I remove the 'Extras' it obviously goes down in total lots. They seem to be exactly the same, same colour, item number and everything so maybe someone here could tell me what it is for and do i need to keep them or can I delete them? Just as an added thing I thought I would post a pic of my 7965 MF that my GF bought me a couple of years ago for christmas (shes a top girl :) ) Anywho, any help would be great as I dont want to overpurchase anything.