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  1. may the kid a be with u

    1. rob-ot5000


      Lol, and also with you, Layne ;)

  2. I really like your mocs especially the guy with Greedo's torso :D It looks great with A-wing helmet
  3. LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I don't know if you have seen it. Just sweep left one time to see Lego Star Wars
  4. Future Star Wars Sets

    They should do a set with Bail Organa. Something called Bail Organa's escape. There should be added small landing point, two or three clones, Bail, Jedi kid and a speeder. I'd be pleased if they also made a set called Emperor Battle with Yoda and Palpatine and senate room. It'd be great if there was some of the "ships" from senate hall. It'd be nice if these two sets to be joined something like Jedi Defense I and II.
  5. Greetings from Poland!

    Siema rodaku! Welcome to Eurobricks! That's great I'm a Star Wars fan as well. Do you build any star wars MOCs?
  6. [MOC] Rancor Bull

    This is beautiful. I really admire that MOC although I don't support modifying legos with other elements.
  7. LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Don't guys think that Grievous figure is poor because of its arms?
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Death Star Troopers: Probably my favourite set of the new wave. I am really keen on imperial guards, but I've never get any due to their uniqueness and their cost. The cannon looks nice. I am not fond of death star troopers but I appreciate their shapes of the helmets. I won't buy the battlepack but I will deffinitely buy an imperial guard. Kashyyyk Troopers: Really good looking set. Although I can't get used to these green outfits I like the vehicle. I think that it's one of a few Lego Star Wars vehicles which has true minifigure scale. Utapau Troopers: The only reason for buying this set are its minifigures. The droid looks really ugly, nothing special. I like the troopers. I think I will buy airborne one. Battle of Saleucemi: One of the sets that looks big (only looks). A few plants and a barricade don't look worth buying.Actually, BARC speeder and SWAP are nothing new. If I bought it I'd do it for Neyo who appears to be an amazing double-printed minifigure. Anakin Starfighter:This set looks exactly like the previous one apart from colour. Wings that often break ... nothing new. Anakin minifigure looks good but I wouldn't buy that set. V-wing Starfighter: Actually third one. It looks nice and stable. Nothing new. General Grievous Wheel Bike: The vehicle appears to be quite nice but I really don't find these clip-parts very durable. After playing with that set they will surely break.I hate the new version of Grievous. For me he looks as if he would have some kind of arm dislocation. I hope that Obi Wan will have his blue lightsaber. Vulture Droid: I'm not a fan of vulture droids but this one looks very playable. The buzz droid doesn't even remind me these kind of robots from star wars. The new figure? Interesting. Droid Gunship: The set looks good. I don't see any huge drawbacks. The wookie and the trooper seem to be very interesting. AT-AP: Good Set. Clone and wookie figures appear to be marvellous. I predict that they will be expensive. The legs of the vehicle look very good! Republic AV-7 Anti Vehicle Cannon: Great set (probably expensive). Playable technic legs. I like Plo-koon but that's a pity that there is no new Jedi I don't like droideka! I prefer the older ones!
  9. The TIE looks better than original. Does it have enough space to place there a minifigure?
  10. Coruscant

    Outstanding. One of the most lively MOCs I've ever seen. Post it on Cuusoo maybe, huh?
  11. Purist Khaleesi

    She's cute even in lego version
  12. Swtor female smugler

    I love the look of sw tor smuggler here: So maybe try this hairpiece: I think that this face would be appriopriate: http://www.firestart...IG/BIG/4481.jpg
  13. Incomparably prettier than the original one. It's measured and smooth, the original one wasn't.