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  1. Retro

    [MOC] Jango Fett Slave 1

    Well, it's good to have a big window in your spaceship to look out through, isn't it? Plus, we ourselves want to be able to look in and see that nice Mandalorian helmet. Thanks. I think because Slave 1 flies vertically it's kind of important to have an attractive underside!
  2. Retro

    [MOC] MINI Razor Crest (The Mandalorian)

    Really nice. The quality of the photos make it look like a little work of art.
  3. Retro

    [MOC] Jango Fett Slave 1

    Hello All, This is not a new model. I posted some pictures of it before, but I thought I could do a bit better on the photography end of things. Jango Fett's Slave 1 is one of the most beautiful ships in all of science fiction, and it deserved a better service. So here we go.
  4. Well, my favourite is Return of The Jedi. Maybe because it was the first one I saw. But I like that 80s production glow. I like the Jabba story arc where everything's going wrong until the Sarlaac battle. I like the film from the very first scene with Darth Vader arriving and chatting with Moff Jerjerrod. Everything is perfect there, really. From the design of the Shuttle to the cinematography, the lighting, script, acting. Next is Empire. And after that I would be pressed to choose. Favourite scenes include Leia meeting Wicket, Luke meeting Vader in the Freezing Chamber, Darth Maul's double lightasaber reveal, Palpatine's arrest, the Speeder Chase after Zam Wesell. My favourite Sequel scene is Rey shouting at Finn for a spanner. It's a bit Fawlty Towers.
  5. @Vindicare I agree with everything you said here, for what it's worth. @LEGODrongo01 I agree with all your points about Rogue One. I like most Star Wars related things, but if I had to sit down and watch one film now, i'd put Solo and Rogue One 9th and 10th in order of preference (there are 10 in total, right?).
  6. Retro

    [MOC] Laysan Albatross (Bird)

    Albatross! Albatross! Albatross! Beautiful plumage! (I'm mixing my sketches here.) Lovely model.
  7. Retro

    New to LEGO

    That sounds like a good plan! Ultimately the most fun is to be had going off piste and building something that is not an official Lego model.
  8. Brilliant. The colour of the background is perfect. The scene has a nice sense of weight and proportion, with the minifigs positioned just right to portray the drama.
  9. Retro

    M:Tron work mech

    Hi, these are nice. Well done. I don't know much about M:Tron, but it looks like you have achieved the desired look. In terms of improving, I suggest you just browse through the various forums here, like Science Fiction and Star Wars, and if you like something, copy what you see. For me, the best mech is the Lego Ideas Exo Suit. I love the details on that although it maybe doesn't suit the M:Tron aesthetic (although you could try it, to take M:Tron to the next level? If the greebling comes in the right colours?) Don't be put off by the lack of comments. Even the greatest models on Eurobricks might only get a couple of comments unless people have something they really want to say, or you are in a section like Pirates or Sailing Ships that is more like a club.
  10. This made me laugh! You're right. Also, even among the official covers for live albums and oddities there are lots that would be almost impossible to do (for example the original 'Relics'). I did learn a lot of interesting things from the process. From a Lego point of view I found that I needed a huge amount of bricks for some of these. Sometimes I would be crouching down at some odd angle in the garden trying to get the correct perspective, then I would realise my 'sky' wasn't big enough to fill the scene. And anyway it would start to rain! (Also, when I began, all my photos were rectangular, but along the way I decided everything should be square. That was another kettle of fish.) Musically, since I had more or less discovered the band in the 90s, I was always in the 'Later Years' camp. But while doing my building I went and and listened to the entire catalogue of 15. And I found that the early stuff is really good. I would happily listen to the first five albums for pleasure now. On a historic note, it's really very sad to watch documentaries knowing that Rick Wright and Storm Thorgerson died so young by modern standards.
  11. My interests flit between different themes, but when in a City mindset I had already decided that even six wide SC were much too large to look right in a town layout. I still think moving to eight is a good choice aesthetically. I would rather see some eight wide SC displayed on their own in a cabinet rather than in a town. It does make me stop to think though, is there a lack of good scale city cars full stop? Really, I think they should be as small as Emmet's black and white car. I suppose folks can just invent their own.
  12. Fantastic review. Beautiful photographs and a writing style that is clear and entertaining. I hope these written reviews never go out of fashion...