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    <p> Star wars. Hoth Medical Chamber. </p>
  1. I guess it's horses for courses. For my part, my family and friends and I really liked TLJ as a grown up, fantasy (yes, including people flying in space) drama. But I wouldn't find myself wanting to re-watch it regularly for escapism. It's not a feel good Return of The Jedi, or ET type film. And in my opinion the new films do not make for interesting lego sets. The ships and costumes and so on are not splashy, and very much just in the service of the story. So, Hoth medical is the only recent set I've picked up, and I would like to get my hands on the Sandcrawler. Maybe for Christmas...
  2. In relation to the Porg, my thoughts are as follows. Porgs themselves are great. Then again I also like Ewoks and Gungans, just as I like Neimoidians and Bith. It's a big universe. As for the Lego set, I feel as I do about a lot of the recent sets. It would be great to get it you had got little to no Star Wars Lego as an adult. But if you already have a large collection, what would you do with it and where would you put it? And my kids would rather have soft toy Porgs. So not sure who the intended market is.
  3. For the sake of bringing balance to the force (and the discussion) I'd like to say that; 1. The Hoth set is really cool (!) Nice affordable version of an iconic scene. Always wanted 21B and Hoth Leia. 2. My family and friends and I enjoyed The Last Jedi. Just saying.
  4. Retro

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I know I shouldn't, but I love it when passive aggressive arguments erupt over what UCS is allowed to mean. Hope they continue so long as they are erudite, sarcastic and grammatically correct. And yes, dearly hope the rumour about HP lego is true.
  5. Retro

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    The face on that imperial officer fellow is Admiral Motti, no? The sideburns and the sneer? Sorry not an expert on insignia and uniform colours etc...
  6. Retro

    Irish rail 121 class moc

    These are super. Also, Penneys FTW!
  7. Retro

    The 75102 vs 75149 topic

    I know it's not the question but, although I enjoyed TFA, I much prefer 9493 to either of these. Sorry...
  8. Retro

    Lego Star Wars Magazine Acklay

    I picked this up yesterday. Have been looking forward to it! Not built yet. Trying to decide whether to give it to my son or buy two...
  9. The Tydirium lego set is just a beautiful thing, full stop. It's great fun to build, and once displayed on the shelf with the wings open, it's so impressive. And crystalline white.
  10. Retro

    Most Colorful Star Wars Sets

    I agree with you! For this very reason I have recently re-assembled my 7930 Bounty Hunter Gunship. I have no interest in the Clone Wars cartoon, but this is a nice green ship (that was inexpensive at the time...)
  11. Retro

    [MOC] GARC Star Cruiser

    Lovely, super. This is what lego is all about.
  12. Retro

    Most hated LEGO sets?

    7961 Sith Infiltrator is horrendously awfully dreadful. It's uglier than any set I've ever had as an adult or a child. But it is a great source of parts that I have re-used over and over again...
  13. Retro

    Favorite sets you own?

    I don't collect UCS. That would be the annual budget gone in one go. My favourite set is/are Jabba's Palace + Rancor Pit + the figs from the Skiff and Sail Barge. The design of the Palace is very good. It has a nice sense of claustrophobia to it, which is often missing from MOCs/MODs which are too open and spacious. Beautiful attention to detail as well. And the Bib Fortuna, Boushh, Skiff Lando etc...all stone cold classics!
  14. Retro

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I really like the turret thingy. Sorry if that's off message!! I have an AT-AT and snowspeeder but no rebel troops. Looks cool (pardon the pun)...
  15. Retro

    REVIEW: 7141 Naboo Starfighter

    Lovely review, very sweet. I don't toe the party line on the prequel opprobium. Of course there are many things wrong with them but they are also stuffed with interesting design and star wars fun. Hayden Christensen is the only thing that really really doesn't work. But I've spent many happy hours rewatching them with my son.