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Found 12 results

  1. [MOC] Bilbo's Door

    This is my third Lord of the Rings/Hobbit MOC and it is more of an artistic view on the famous shot of Bilbo's door in the Hobbit. This is not an exact re-creation identical to the movies but I still really like it and the scale is really nice. I wish I could finish the whole house but like most of my MOCS, I just don't have the parts. I hope you enjoy my idea of The door to Hobbiton.
  2. [MOC] Fallout Vault entrance WIP

    Hello all, Never posted to this forum before but I suppose this belongs here (?). I am currently building a small city layout and I thought it would be fun to add a vault somewhere. The beginning of a safer tomorrow! by Tom Gray, on Flickr Here is the very beginning of the door with me playing about with a good mechanism. I will add photos as the build progresses. (I will add the photo properly when I get access to my PC) C&C welcome
  3. Hi I present you my latest solution for opening train doors The mechanism is operated by a gear and the current setup is suited for 8 wide trains. However, this can be applied to 7 wide too and im working on a solution to place the operating gear on top.
  4. It's alive!

    Hello guys, i built this MOC to promote a contest I am running in our LUG. I could't decide which version i liked best and the opinions were mixed. So, I ended up keeping both pics. Take that door slammers!!! Version A Version B, legless (...LEGO Legolas). This meme will stick in my mind forever i guess... Enjoy and thanks for watching.
  5. Arvo Alien

    [/url] The HR Giger Alien figure design is by The Arvo Brothers - built from instructions in their fantastic 'Alien Project' book. Highly recommended for all Alien fans! Arvo Brothers Flickr Page The figure stands 0.5m tall. It's packed with great details and clever building techniques. There's a review of the book here I was so happy with my figure I decided to build a little Nostromo environment for it!
  6. Barak Azril

    One of Dwarf gates of North mines, called Barak Azril. The Dwarf Runepriest in front of it. Its a simple version of dwarf-head-style gates. In future I hope to build more realistic, closer to original and bigger gates.
  7. Inspired by the classic 300SL. I started by developing a custom framework with 2 l-motors for drive and a narrower chassis with a nimble turning radius. All of the classic features were motorized with the Lego power functions. Gull-Wing Doors: Front end with Benz logo: Frame: Video: Once the whole car was built, it turns out the gearing was incorrect and because of the weight, the vehicle wouldn't drive. So I had to tear down the car to the main frame work and rebuild. Now the gearing is reliable and more support was added to the back end.
  8. Door colours

    I'm building a modular house (to replicate my own house) and disappointed by the choice of door colours available for a 'standard' internal 4x6 door (part 60606). Most internal doors in actual buildings are made of wood, and although many are painted many are left as bare wood. So why don't we have any tan, dark tan, brown or red-brown doors? I tried buying some 'flesh' doors but they look garish. Maybe I should just buy trans-clear doors and paint them - anyone tried painting lego parts?
  9. Built-up doors won't close

    I have started to make a modular building that has double doors, each 4x6 bricks, so I am making these up from parts (mainly 2x2 frames and panels) so I don't get frames in the centre when the doors are open. The doors are hinged using these https://alpha.brickl...429c01#T=S&O={} and fit into an opening 8 bricks wide by 6 high. But they don't really fit, because they won't both close (without forcing). Looking at the geometry, I can see why. I notice that the Town Hall modular has very similar doors (although narrower, and with different hinges) but the LDD of this I found http://www.brickshel...4_town_hall.lxf also won't allow both doors to close. Has anyone found a solution to this? If you have a Town Hall, do the doors close?
  10. Lego Volkswagen T1 Transporter

    This is a realistic version of the famous Volkswagen T1. This is a transport for goods, not people, so it doesn't have windows. It has: - 4 openable doors Imagine traveling the world in this thing! Check out the pictures here:
  11. Hi all, It's Brick Studio And this our new MOC "Dwelling with mechanical door "
  12. The Gate of Dunholm

    Hello folks Here comes the newest stuff build by THE BRICK TIME building yard. It is the Gate of Dunholm. As you can see the door is flanked by two massive towers. And the the door-wings are armored with strong wood and metal. I just wanted to mix an ancient roman style with parts of medical town and castles. So the gate fits in the whole scene of Dunholm. Lets have look: Overview - Closed door and some guards on the battlement. Some peasants making some "Wusel" around the gate. And you can see some details here. If you like to learn more about the Gate of Dunholm and the Northland check up THE BRICK TIME or our FlickR gallery. Best regards BoB