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Found 13 results

  1. the2awesomeguys

    Tron Fight Scene Brickfilm

  2. Kenneth-DK

    Tron Legacy Light Cycle

    First of all, this is not my design. It was designed by Jack Marquez, who was so kind to also provide instructions as how to build it :-) I took the liberty of using his instructions to build the Light Cycle, build a base for it and then added light to it, as it seemed the right thing to do, to really bring Jack’s Light Cycle to life. Adding light to my LEGO creations seems to be my thing ;-) I hope you all like it :-) Edit: Im sorry, Im having alot of trouble adding pictures, and even removing this big one that I only managed to add. Im aware that I should deep link from Flickr, but Im failing to get that to work too Please bear over with me and be kind and visit my Flickr account to see the Light Cycle lit up from the inside by LED lights
  3. I really like the two-seater TRON Legacy light runner MOD that was made by BrickBrosUK and posted on Brickset last week. I just love it's ingenuity and style while only using parts from TRON lightcycle set (number 21314). So, I made my own version and now, it even flies with a hover car modification. (AKA fold down wheels) It may be a far cry from the blue / orange bikes that was in the set, but I think with the new printed trans-red dish from the TIE micro fighter from this year's Star Wars range as tire rims, it could be even better when built in real life. The round 2x2 tiles in red are supposed to have this print. The diamond-like pieces are the car's headlights. The rear of the car while in driving mode. This vehicle has a steering wheel, something the original alternate model lacks due to part constraints. Flight mode, with the wheels turned down. This model would fit in rather nicely with my cyber punk models, although they are not set in the TRON universe. As usual, comments, questions and complaints are always welcome!
  4. Got a rundown hover bike that just doesn't start? Or how about a space truck that's lost it's hyper speed capabilities? Call Junk-Tron Towing and Salvage and watch that old Lunar Limo disappear at light speed! Our trained and courteous professional tow truck operators can move anything: no engine? faulty Mr. Fusion? blown time rotor? We've seen it all! We also offer flat bed, low-belly, and trans-dimensional towing services as well. If you own it: we can move it! Just call the all zeroes to get in touch with us at Junk-Tron! That's 000-000-000-000, with a galactic code of 000. In reality, this is a color-swapped Smash N Grab (set 5982) with a toned down amount of spikes, minimal weapons, and absolutely no stickers! The rear of the ship features the crane arm and engines. The top of the roof lifts off for placing the pilot at the controls. The pilot of the tow truck is wearing a pressurized space suit with a reflective orange coating to prevent accidents. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  5. I have a soft spot for the original TRON movie, seeing as it's exactly as old as I am ;) So it was my goal for a long time to build the iconic Light Cycle, and with the help of some custom lighting I finally have a working model: Photos & some reading:
  6. dr_spock

    MOC: Light Tricycle

    For those who don't know how ride a 2 wheel light cycle. Day 260 of 365: Light Tricycle by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  7. Hello, Eurobricks Sci-Fi! Rinzler here, and I'm here to show you two little projects I've been working on. These were meant to go up nearly a year ago but due to technical difficulties I wasn't able to. So without further ado, here is the link to take you to my Flickr gallery for the two Lightcycles I have built These cycles belong to Sam Flynn and CLU, the protagonist and villain of TRON: Legacy. Here are the two of them with their batons Let me know what you think on either here or Flickr, be sure to fave if you like them! I will be posting more TRON MOCs in the very near future, be sure to keep an eye out Tron Lives! - Rinzler
  8. This idea is spun off from another thread, as there was the seed that got me started on this: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=112920 I think Blacktron 3's color scheme could be something like this: black, trans-black cockpits, bluish grays and lime, with yellow and black bumblebee stripes. Blacktron split off from Classic Space, so why couldn't they take some parts of classic space technology / ideas with them? Anyway, here are my Benny's ssS! version in Blacktron III colors. I figured this would be the easiest color change for Benny's SSS. When built in real life, this part should be where the classic space logo used to go on the nose: http://alpha.brickli...858p01#T=C&C=11 With the crew areas visible. I took the liberty of removing the SpaceKitty seat and both of the repair bots. Rear view, and the ldd file for the cruiser: http://www.mocpages....1438719213m.lxf and here is a fighter, one of millions in the BT3 fleet. This fighter was made from the LEGO Universe Classic Space rocket. it does not separate into sections anymore, and features this print on the nose: rear view. LDD file for the fighter: http://www.mocpages....1438719540m.lxf The figures are as follows: Leader / commander:{"ii":1} Robot helper:{"ii":1} soldier (suit only):{"ii":1} (all figure pictures from Bricklink)
  9. Rinzler

    Lego TRON

    I'm working on a project for CUUSOO Ideas, but I am struggling with minifig designs. I would like to see what you can come up with. Here ar some examples I stumbled upon while treking Google Images
  10. Do minifigures dream of plastic sheep? This is the story of a man without a past because he has no memory. It's the story of a man with a unknowingly daring future because he is on the run. It's the story of a born again hero, the Bounty Hunter. Directed, Written, Animated, FX, and Music Composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Neon Icy Wings as the Bounty Hunter Sean Polite as the Monarch Cody Wait as F-16 Pilot and Eye patched Soldier Bret Newton as Mutton Chopped Civilian This project is my film submission for the Cal-Arts 2015 application. I've been working on it since April. It required every skill I've learned from the films I've made this year. My favorite thing about this was creating the look of the environment for the city. I spent several weeks researching different art styles, drawing inspiration from such films as Blade Runner and Tron. My least favorite thing was the weeks spent rotoscoping, especially for the Helicopter. I had to keep the film under five minutes, which meant trimming the Helicopter and fight sequences. Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!
  11. I decided to take a stab at the Batwing with my favorite Tron color scheme. Here is what I came up with. Overall, fairly pleased with how it turned out. Definitely the most ambitious build for me yet as I was essentially winging it as I was building with no real blueprints other than some images of the Lego Movie Batwing. Not 100% satisfied with the rear. Anyone have any part recommendations for a rear turbine that will hold the flames? The piece I originally wanted to use would not accommodate multiple flames so I opted for the back wheel of Wildstyle's motor cycle. The weight of the wings was the most challenging aspect as I had to design and re-design a few times on a trial and error basis to build a base that supported the wing assembly. Thanks for looking.
  12. Cmay91472

    Custom Batmobile Tron Style

    Here is my custom Batmobile using a black, grey and transparent light blue color scheme. Built it similar to the current LEGO Batmobile seen in the Batman Be-Leaguered special. Had to design a different frame to accommodate the balloon tires. Also added storage for Batarangs and a larger rear missile area. Thanks for looking. Here's an updated photo of version 2.0
  13. I'll start with my teaser trailer idea first The trailer fades in from black to see the finale of TRON: Legacy, namely the showdown at the portal, we gllimpse Kevin Flynn rejoining himself with CLU and then the massive explosion they create stretches to the edge of the Sea Of Simulation. At the shore of it, a black figure stands witnessing the event, he turns away and rides a Lightcycle back to civilization. He pulls back the vehicle and walks towards the camera where he then walks to. The camera zooms into his chest to reveal: Tron. The Main Plot: Tron returns to the Grid to take down the rest of CLU's forces, now spearheaded by Dyson after CLU's demise. He reunites himself with Beck and they strike at the heart of the occupation: Argon City. They later realise that Dyson is only a puppet (similar to Iron Man 3's Mandarin) and the real antagonist reveals himself to be Cyrus, who assisted in the repurposing of Tron. Meanwhile, in the real world: Sam Flynn and Alan Bradley have gained complete control of Encom. And now, with Edward Dillinger Jr still at the head of the board, must now accomplish Sam's father's ideals of a 'digital frontier'. Elsewhere, Quorra has started to enjoy life in the open world, but she cannot live in reality for long as the energy Programs use to feed themselves on the Grid is non-existant in the real world, Quorra is dying. Sam races to get her back to the Grid as Bradley maintains Encom, but Dillinger has other plans for the company. Quorra and Sam eventually meet Tron and Beck and the four of them must race against time to stop Cyrus, maintain Encom and save Quorra's life. So what do you think, let me now in the comments