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  1. I may also be interested, I mostly want 5x7, and 5x11 frames and some assorted other parts. Assuming a good price I may be wiling to buy some. You can PM if you would like.
  2. Bostons Brick Closet

    Perpendicular gearage

    I used instead of the 2 single bevel gears, 1 double bevel.
  3. Bostons Brick Closet

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Is this only for written reviews or are video reviews part of the program too? I would like to better my video reviews? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the review! Now I know that I don't want that B-Model and well maybe not the A-model either
  5. I have had this book for a while and defiantly recommend it, and I won't hold back, I rate this book 10/10.
  6. Bostons Brick Closet

    Perpendicular gearage

    Sorry, I just built it for you, if you want me to I'll make an LDD file but I think you can just copy it from the video.
  7. Bostons Brick Closet

    Perpendicular gearage

    I this at all what you want? Definitely not the best, but something. You can switch out the 2 black bevel gears for 2, 24 tooth gears if you want slower motion.
  8. In my opinion I would just buy Amazon Basics Batteries or Eneloops, They will be a bit cheaper, not from a no-name brand, and I use them and they work with Ev3 just fine. P.S. These are AAA's not double A's:
  9. Bostons Brick Closet

    [WIP] Fastest Lego Technic Motorless Car

    Not really what I was thinking about, but pretty cool.
  10. I am not an expert, but if I draw too much power from one battery box it shuts off, mine never overheats, Did you try a different box, maybe that ones protection circuit is broken?
  11. Bostons Brick Closet

    [WIP] Fastest Lego Technic Motorless Car

    Sure I'll try that!
  12. I have been thinking about trying to just make a fast car, I am not really quite what you are looking for in this topic, but well I am trying...
  13. Bostons Brick Closet

    Lego Boost Übertopic

    Yes I guess in some applications it could be used but there is not nearly as much flexibility as detached motors.
  14. Bostons Brick Closet

    Paternoster GBC

    Wow... Great Job
  15. Bostons Brick Closet

    Lego Boost Übertopic

    I think that for MOC builders the Included motors in the command brick will make it hard to integrate into their models. Furthermore the programming is probably not very powerful, like the tablet Mindstorms programming app.