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  1. Thanks! Also thanks for the compliment. I haven't been to work because of the lockdown. But earlier, when I was at work I tried to fit it into position. It looked like this: Hope this answers your question. At our blog, you can read more details about building the Lego Container Spiral Storage. https://siouxnetontrack.wordpress.com/2021/02/09/the-container-spiral-storage/ Enjoy reading.
  2. My latest build can be viewed on Youtube, the Container Spiral Storage. Later, I will write an article about this build and the challenges I faced during the construction. This article will be published at our blog: siouxnetontrack.wordpress.com. Some more pictures: Enjoy, Hans
  3. And this is the final result (it took some time due to holidays and ordering the right missing elements): Please like the video if you like what I have build. And some photos from our Flickr page: Enjoy, Hans
  4. Thanks, Mr Jos. Once finished building, it should look something like this (render made with Stud.io):
  5. Two more videos have been uploaded to our Youtube channel: and the latest version with two doors (final version will have four): Enjoy, Hans
  6. For delivering the candies to the visitors, we use four lockers. The ticket you have received at the beginning, is used to open the locker containing your own candy. The current version uses an iris-like mechanism, you can see it in the picture (click on it to see it on Youtube in action): I am planning to upgrade the lockers to a new door mechanism, the so called torggler doors. It is named after its inventor Klemens Torggler. Below you find a Youtube video containing the first proof of concept. The mechanism will be improved in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! Enjoy, Hans
  7. A new article has been uploaded to our Wordpress blog. We have implemented the daisy chain functionality in our EV3DEV/C++ environment. The good news: it unlocks additional functionality, like more than 4 bricks can be chained, daisy chain using WiFi and accessing the leds and the display on the slave bricks ... The full article can be found here: https://siouxnetontrack.wordpress.com/2020/07/14/our-ev3dev-c-daisy-chain-unlocks-additional-functionality/ And (of course) an example on Youtube: (the USB cable at the master brick is connected to the PC for starting the EV3DEV program with the IP address of the slave)
  8. Did you know that any standard EV3 brick is capable of controlling the LEDS separately? And that the display is capable of displaying 4 shades of gray? No, this extra functionality is not available via the standard programming environment that Lego provides. But if you use low level programming (I used EV3DEV in combination with C++), you have. See the example below. You can read my article at our blog here: https://siouxnetontrack.wordpress.com/2020/04/25/lego-mindstorms-ev3-with-an-image-with-4-different-shades-of-gray/ Or have a look at the Youtube videos. Enjoy. Hans
  9. Thanks! I hope we will be at Lego World 2020. Depends if an event as big as Lego World will be allowed again and if we are selected. Hans
  10. I have drawn the container loader in LDD and then rendered by Studio.io. This is the result: Click on the picture to see it in full resolution (4096 x 2304), more pictures available here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmMhW4fq. Enjoy, Hans
  11. An article has been posted about the replacement of the Delta crane by a complete new Container Loading system. https://siouxnetontrack.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/delta-crane-will-be-replaced-by-container-loading-station/ Or start with the video first:
  12. Read my last post regarding my GBC layout here:
  13. My third module I am working on, is called "Tower Shoot". Balls entering the tower, are catapulted to the top. This is done by hitting the lever with the green beam. A first prototype has been built and you can view the action on Youtube. Enjoy, Hans