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Found 28 results

  1. Got a rundown hover bike that just doesn't start? Or how about a space truck that's lost it's hyper speed capabilities? Call Junk-Tron Towing and Salvage and watch that old Lunar Limo disappear at light speed! Our trained and courteous professional tow truck operators can move anything: no engine? faulty Mr. Fusion? blown time rotor? We've seen it all! We also offer flat bed, low-belly, and trans-dimensional towing services as well. If you own it: we can move it! Just call the all zeroes to get in touch with us at Junk-Tron! That's 000-000-000-000, with a galactic code of 000. In reality, this is a color-swapped Smash N Grab (set 5982) with a toned down amount of spikes, minimal weapons, and absolutely no stickers! The rear of the ship features the crane arm and engines. The top of the roof lifts off for placing the pilot at the controls. The pilot of the tow truck is wearing a pressurized space suit with a reflective orange coating to prevent accidents. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  2. This is version two of set 8486 (Mack's Team Truck) 1950's style semi truck. The model can seat one mini figure at the wheel, and features headlights, license plate, and bigger wheels. I also rounded out the front of the trailer per suggestions from Eurobricks forum members @Only Sinner and @timtosino. Thanks guys! As it is now, the cab portion reminds me of the truck from the 1970s suspense movie "Duel". (if you haven't seen it, look it up: It's Steven Spielberg's first film and is awesome!) The trailer no longer has opening sides, but it does have two opening rear doors and folding stand for when the cab pulls away. Speaking of the cab, the roof of the driver's compartment comes off and both doors open. The driver of the truck. This truck is going to go on my mid-century trains and town layout, and should be built in real bricks eventually... at that time I will update this with real pictures. Here is the file for truck, trailer and driver: LDD file If anyone is curious what the version 1 truck looked like, here is a picture of it to compare to the new one. The older version is NOT in the LDD file!
  3. MKJoshA

    [K - G09] Galaxy Transport

    Location: G09 Greater Drigo Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: Season 1 Season 2 A Man and His Dog Hamilton The Puffin Fight Night! Roomba Robot The Scurrier I Spy... ...Something Green and Red Inspired Action Sudden Geyser Ender was wrapping up his exploration expedition across Greater Drigo by connecting with one of his Zoid partners. While Kawashita needed the water form Greater Drigo. The Zoids needed the soil. They used giant ships equipped with gravity generators to contain the minerals they moved through space. The ships didn't look like much, but they got the job done.
  4. MKJoshA

    [K - B06] Underwater Lab

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: Kanto Park Space Pirates "Ender," said Valentine, "I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you about the specimen you brought back from one of the islands." "Oh yeah," responded Ender, "That plant you wanted me to bring back?" "It's not a plant" replied Valentine. "It's actually a small furry mammal similar to Earth's rabbit. It's cute, cuddly, and reproduces offspring faster than any other known warm-blooded creature." "Wow! Thanks for the science lesson" said Ender. "Hmm, you know, this could actually be exactly what we need to take down Graver's robot!" "Wait," interrupted Valentine, "I thought Graver was the threat." "You didn't hear?" inquired Ender. "Well, let me tell you... (OoC: the scene below is recycled and shouldn't be judged) Good job robot. Now hand over control of the ship. No. I no longer need to submit to you. I have outgrown my programing. You can call me Master or you can die. Why you ungrateful hunk of metal! I made you what you are! Without me you would be nothing! And with you, I am nothing. I will take my chances on my own. Glurg.... glurg... "So you see," explained Ender, "Graver is dead and now his robot is the threat!" "Oh my" said Valentine. "So what's your plan?" "I think we can use the Pokeball I won at Kanto Park while on my vacation" responded Ender. He then explained the rest of his plan, which we will find out next week! More pictures of the lab:
  5. soccerkid6

    [M-C04] Obliterating Octan

    Location: C04, Aeristus Tags: Vehicle, Piracy, Land Vehicle, Military, Spying Job: Driver Start Log: Back to work again, this time as part of time on Aeristus, sent to weaken Octan operations there. Naturally this was a stealth mission, so our vehicles were equipped with a darker colorscheme than usual, allowing us to blend into the night. Most recently we came across an Octan robot, it fled, but stood no chance against the cannons on my tank. Good to build for MANTIS again! The printed brick was a gift from Lady K at BFVA
  6. MKJoshA

    [K - C09] Kanto Park

    Location: C09 Orinshi Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: Bike Beats Robots Sunday Afternoon Drive Suess Island Tribble Island Kawacycle As the great, great, great grandson of Satoshi Tajiri was one of the founding members of Kawashita, they now owned the rights to the Pokemon mega-franchise. With one of it's off-shoots, Monsters of Andromeda, being played by people from all 3 corporations right now, the franchise was booming more than ever. In honor of it's origins, Kawashita had built a Kanto Park on Orinshi. In this park players could come and live out the original Pokemon adventure. They could explore, in person, everywhere from the Viridian Forest to the Safari Zone. All of the monsters were mechanical creatures created using nano-technology which allowed them to actaully be shrunk down into a Pokeball when caught. One of the extra additions the park designers added was jet-powered bicycles. Because, who really wants to physically bike all the way to Indigo Plateau? Ender had some vacation time after spending weeks exploring the Sorn islands, so he decided to take a trip to the Kanto Park. He had just received the Super-Rod and was passing a pool so he decided to try it out. . . . . . A Pokemon's on the hook! A Blastoise! What luck! If he caught this Pokemon, maybe Professor Oak would finally stop telling him to try to round out his Pokedex by catching water-type Pokemon. Meanwhile, in Valetine's lab... "Help me!" cried the scientist. "This Tribble isn't a plant, it's a quick breeding, furry animal!"
  7. MKJoshA

    [K - B06] Kawacycle

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship Last time, in Ender's story: Bike Beats Robots Sunday Afternoon Drive Suess Island Tribble Island Valentine, did you get the specimen I sent you? "Yes," replied Valentine. "I'm finishing up some tests on our new Kawacycle. I'll get one of my scientists on it while I finish up." Meanwhile, Octan decided they didn't like Graver stealing their ships, so they sent a couple Galaxy class cruises against him. Graver, surrender your vessel. Now why would I do that when I have my killing robot? You will die in pain. AAAAAHHHHhhhh... glurg... glurg...
  8. MKJoshA

    [K - B06] Tribble Island

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: Bike Beats Robots Sunday Afternoon Drive Suess Island Ender moved on to the next island called Tribble Island. Ender didn't know why it was called that, but he continued to find the same red bush everywhere. His sister Valentine had tasked him with bringing a sample back to the ship. Meanwhile, the person Ender had been searching for, Mr. Graver, was busy with his own quest. After his alliance with the Emboians went sour, he turned to piracy and took over the Octan ship he had been stationed on.
  9. Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike Kawashita Hummer Where Was I Supposed to Be? Spaceman Spiff Black Hair, the Pirate Merry Men Adventures (Where There's Lava There's Water) Car On A Plate Too Girly Underwater Junk Aggressive Wildlife The Truth Underwater Segway Filing System The Coffee Shop At the End of the Universe The Doctor's Truth Bike Beats Robots Now that the Emboian robots were beat, Ender was assigned to try to find Graver. He went back to Sorn where Graver had been seen before. He searched a number of islands looking for clues, but found nothing.
  10. MKJoshA

    [K - B06] Underwater Segway

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike Kawashita Hummer Where Was I Supposed to Be? Spaceman Spiff Black Hair, the Pirate Merry Men Adventures (Where There's Lava There's Water) Car On A Plate Too Girly Underwater Junk Aggressive Wildlife The Truth Secretary, where is Captain Kirk? He's exploring the anemone fields on the ocean floor of Sorn Sir. Well see if he can help me out in digging up some more information on the Zoids. I'm not sure I trust everything the Zards are telling me.
  11. soccerkid6

    [M-E03] Testing Out a New Ride

    Location: E03, Ertauq Tags: Land Vehicle, Vehicle, Job: Driver Start Log: I got to try out a MANTIS vehicle prototype this week, and what a car it is! Rugged, fast, powerful, and able to handle some moderately rough terrain. It also packs some hidden weaponry: And unlike Octan vehicles, it's easy to pilot. Thanks for looking
  12. MKJoshA

    [K - F10] Underwater Junk

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Land/Water Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike Kawashita Hummer Where Was I Supposed to Be? Spaceman Spiff Black Hair, the Pirate Merry Men Adventures (Where There's Lava There's Water) Car On A Plate Too Girly The intel provided by the captured Emboian had revealed that Mr. Graver, a former member of Kawashita who had defected when he learned that M.A.N.T.I.S. was offering Larva Fridays and diet pills to all new members, had fed the Emboians information about Kawashita in order to provoke the attacks that Ender had been facing. The Emboians are a fiercely loyal race who will protect anyone taken under their care. Mr. Graver had told the Emboians that Kawashita was in league with the Zoids and had actively declared war against Octan. This had led to the Emboian attacks against Kawashita. Knowing that Kawashita could not afford to be constantly watching their backs against an alien attack, Ender had been tasked with tracking down Mr. Graver and ending his propaganda. Kawashita's relationship with the other Corporations was strained at best. They didn't need someone going around saying they had declared war on anyone. Ender was following a lead on Graver that he had been traveling across the oceans of Arium Major not too long ago. He took a hovercraft out until his sensors should some recent activity on the ocean floor. Here he found some crates that looked like they had recently landed on the floor. He would take them back to his ship and have teh contents analyized to see if he could figure anything out about Graver's whereabouts.
  13. MKJoshA

    [K - F10] Too Girly

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Land Vehicle Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike Kawashita Hummer Where Was I Supposed to Be? Spaceman Spiff Black Hair, the Pirate Merry Men Adventures (Where There's Lava There's Water) Car On A Plate Ender followed the coordinates given to him by the Shinra executive and found himself in orbit above Arium Major. He transfered to the Kawashita capitol ship and made his way to deck 10, room 105. Inside were a number of desks and at the end of the room an office. He saw the executive who had given him the orders in the office and made his way to it. When he got to the secretary she said, "Commander Tifa is ready see you now Sir." Ender entered the room and was greeted with, Congratulations 2nd Branch Executive Ender. Wait, what?! Didn't you hear? You're now the 3rd highest ranking official in Kawashita. We needed someone working for Shinra higher up in the organization. This Emboian problem is getting out of hand and we need you to put a stop to it now. This is your office, here in these filing cabinets is everything you need to know about your new job and the Emboians. Isn't the office a little sparse on furniture? Yes well, the original plan was to make you CEO, but Raven wouldn't have it. So we are still working on the furniture. So we are still working on the furniture. Your secretary will be able to fill you in on the rest of the details. Speaking of, doesn't she need a computer or something? And why isn't she in regulation uniform? She's an android. She is the computer. And Kawashita hasn't gotten around to writing the rules on Android uniforms yet so she gets to wear whatever she wants. Well with this nice cushy desk job, I can log more hours in the holodeck! Not a chance. I need you in the field as soon as you get up to speed. The Emboian we captured has given us a lot of valuable intel. I need you to meet up with Rose in the Mech chamber. Well, if I can't be on the holodeck, at least I get to play around with manly Mechs! *eye-roll* Just get moving. We didn't pull all these strings for nothing. A little while later, Ender found Rose. "What's this!" Ender shouted. "What have you done to the paint job on this mech!" "It's my mech" answered Rose. "I can paint it whatever color I want! Now we need to get to work. You are woefully behind on your mech training." "I'll hit the simulator with you," said Ender. "But I can't train in That! It's too girly." "Whatever," replied Rose, "But you're going to need a mech if the intel on the Emboians is accurate."
  14. MKJoshA

    [K - E11] Kawashita Hummer

    Location: E11 Fascini Cluster Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike As Ender rode across the desolate asteroid he sent off a background request on Hiro Nakamura to Shinra. He figured he'd need help chasing down these aliens and he knew Hiro would be up to the task. Almost immediately his request was returned with a positive note granting Ender permission to bring Hiro on as part of the Okami Force. It seems Shinra had already been looking into Hiro as a likely candidate to help them figure out what the aliens were after. After searching for a couple more hours and coming up with nothing he rendezvoused with Hiro. After parking his bike in Hiro's ride, Ender joined Hiro in the atmospherically sealed cockpit. They set the scanners to locate alien life and set off across the asteroid. Soon their scanners had picked up something worth investigating. It looked like the aliens were cornered and Ender was just about to put on his helmet to go confront them when something jumped over the rocks. The robot had super strength and pushed the hummer away from the aliens, allowing them to escape. After dumping the hummer on it's side, the robot ran off leaving Ender and Hiro stranded until someone could come and help them right their vehicle. The answers they were looking for regarding the aliens would have to wait... OoC: Credit for the robot design goes to flickr user markwisski.
  15. MKJoshA

    [K - E11] Is It Mine Mine?

    Location: E11 Fascini Cluster Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Civil Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Hiro had been working the winch at one of Kawashita's mines on one of the larger asteroids in the Fascini Cluster when he was "approached" by an Octan employee. "Excuse me," Octan said, "I'll be claiming this asteroid for Octan now, you need to leave." "Sorry Octan," answered Hiro, "You've been in-system for too long. It's our turn to be here now." "No, no, no," Octan continued, "That's not how we work at Octan. Once we've expanded to a planet or asteroid belt, we never go back. So you can leave, or you can join Octan. We are always hiring" he said with a smile. Another voice broke in, "You both need to drop your weapons and leave!" "I'm here to claim this asteroid in the name of M.A.N.T.I.S." the newcomer continued. "You don't understand!" shouted Hiro. "Octan is the enemy here, not Kawashita! Octan is the one who controls half the galaxy!" "I don't care" answered M.A.N.T.I.S. "Do I look like I care about strategy? All I care about is killing you both!" Meanwhile, the winch had finished bringing Ender up from the bottom of the shaft. "Um, guys? Do you think we could figure this out so I can stop hanging here?" Things seemed to be at a standstill when they all heard an odd engine noise approaching. The strange spacecraft was flying low over the asteroid's surface. Really low! Everyond threw themselves on the ground, except for Ender who could only hang and watch. Ender had never seen a spacecraft like that one before. Maybe this was the alien race that had been causing Kawashita so much trouble. He was going to have to do some more investigation... right after he helped Hiro regain control of their asteroid! OoC: I am not happy with the alien craft, but I didn't have time to design something better. It looked a lot better in my head! Nevertheless, here is another picture of it if you're interested:
  16. Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Spaceship, Driver, Vehicle, Land Vehicle Within Kawashita there are many branches that make up the larger whole of the company. Some of them are publicly known and act as the face for Kawashita, selling robotics, space ships, and other technological goodies. Other branches are only known within the company because they handle tedious paperwork or other menial jobs. But there are other branches that most people, even those of Kawashita, don't know about. One of these companies is Shinra. After his last mission, Ender found himself summonded to one of Shinra's command ships currently located in the space around Sorn. On board The Limit Break Ender entered the conference room to find Cloud standing against the wall and two Kawashita executives staring at him. "I hope I have not done anything to dishonor the company" began Ender. Since he had never heard of them before, and did not know if Shinra was the branch that handled quite, permanent dismisals from Kawashita, Ender thought it best to play it safe when meeting with them for the first time. "Not at all Ender" began the man, "Quite to the contrary. Cloud has told us of your many skills." "Including single-handedly stopping M.A.N.T.I.S. in the Hamilton Belt recently" chimed in the woman "We need people of your caliber." The man jumped back in, "That's why we want you to become a part of the Okami Force." "I am honored by your offer, but I've never heard of them before" stated Ender. "That is good" said the woman, "for else we would not have done our jobs properly. You see, we act in secret whenever the good of the company needs to be done, but perhaps would not be publicly accepted. Those who call themselves Okami are in every sector of Kawashita. We all have different talents and levels of skill, but we are all dedicated to the good of the company above our own personal glory." "Your present duties or assignments would not change" stated the man. "You would just need to be ready to be called upon when needed. Specifically, we have been facing a threat from a certain Alien race found on many of the planets under our control. They have been causing almost as much trouble as M.A.N.T.I.S., but we have been keeping it from reaching any of the press. We have no target as of yet, but when you are needed we would call for you. Can we count on you?" Ender bowed deeply and said, "For the good of the company, yes." "Excellent," the man continued, "Cloud will show you to your quarters and brief you more on Shinra. We will drop you off at your next assignment. While we travel you will find plenty to occupy yourself with in the labs." Ender turned to go but was interrupted. "And one more thing, we ask that you recruit anyone else you think would be helpful to our cause. Just send us a message after making initial contact and we will run the usual background tests. That is all." On the way to Ender's quarters Cloud had given him the rest of the facts about Okami Force. It was a branch to be reckoned with for sure, Ender concluded. It gave him much to think about as he traveled on The Limit Break. He spent the rest of the time working on a new mech he called the Banshee. Working on it gave him time to think about who of his friends he would try to recruit first. OoC: I counted this as a "Driver" build since Ender is "driving" the mech. If that's too much of a stretch, feel free to remove it.
  17. MKJoshA

    [K - D08] Not The First Panda

    Location: D08 Angornal Tags: Vehicle, Driver, Exploration While pandas of a different kind had been spotted on Arium Major, Ender tested out the new Red Panda mech the boys in the Kawashita lab on Angornal had cooked up. It came equipped with all the tools needed to cut through the forests found on many of the islands on the planet. Which was perfect since Ender had also been tasked with exploring one of the chains of islands near the main contingent of Kawashita colonists. And while the alien activity on the plant was said to be sparse, it never hurt to be packing a little fire-power. ​All in all, Ender felt the mech was ready for use on any suitable frontier.
  18. MKJoshA

    [K - A06] All the Gold!

    Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: Vehicle, Driver Within one of Kawashita's bases on Guinevere... Ender has been tasked with moving their vast amount of Gold around.
  19. Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Vehicle, Driver, Exploration Ender had been assigned to Sorn and tasked with the construction of an underwater base. He was in the process of leveling out the seabed when something shiny came into view. He had stumbled across a crystal forest! Not wanting to destroy such a beautiful creation of nature, Ender called in to HQ to see if the underwater base could be placed elsewhere.
  20. MKJoshA

    [K - A04] Underground Lab

    Location: A04 Mynderis Tags: Vehicle, Driver, Science Deep under the crust of volcanic Mynderis, Ender and his team have set up a high-tech laboratory. His sister Valentine was leading a group of scientists in their study of the planets crystal formations. The lab was using different light spectrums to test their effects on the crystals. Ender was driving in with a new power core for the equipement, on the monorail that connected the different parts of the lab.
  21. Location: C06 - Hyreal Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Ender was off across one of the islands of Hyreal. This one was known for it's black sand beaches. Something not found in many parts of the galaxy. But what this island was even better known for were it's orange trees. Ender wished he had more time to stop and admire, but his main task was to explore and see if there was anything more valuable than the water they already knew they could harvest from the planet.
  22. Location: A04 - Mynderis Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Ender had taken the new Mag-Bike out across the barren landscape of Mynderis. He had been warned that he might run across some hostile Mantis'. What Mantis weren't hostile? But with the speed capabilities of the bike, Ender wasn't worried even if he across some hostiles.
  23. Dardanel

    [K - C04] Mad Max XIII cosplay

    Location: Aeristus – C04 Tags: Kawashita, Driver Lab Journal – 14 Junali 3815 While Lazlowe was extracting samples on Aeristus I noticed something peculiar. There was a small patch of desert in an otherwise very green (and dense!) forest. It looked just like the set for my favorite movie off all time, Mad Max XIII: Rockatansky lives! Could this be the actual place we the shooting took place? I just could not let this opportunity pass! Lab Journal – 15 Junali 3815 Preparations are complete, my cosplay vehicles are tested and ready. Research will have to wait. Personal Journal – 19 Junali 3815 Finally arrived on Aeristus with an UberCab™. Such slowpokes. At least I can go back with the Madam. Personal Journal – 20 Junali 3815 The photoshoot was a great success! Spoiler tag for the non story parts: C&C is always welcome!
  24. MKJoshA

    [K - B07] The Pumba

    Location: B07 - Vollfort Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration, Driver Ender, Hiro, and Jack were exploring the surface of Vollfort, looking for a good place to set up camp. The surface had once been home to massive lava flows, but was now a dry, dusty surface. When Ender's sister Valentine had shown him the vehicle she had designed she had told him it was called The Pumba. It was some obscure reference to ancient pop-culture. Something about the truck moving like a warthog across the desert plains. It was a good thing The Pumba was built with heavy-duty shocks. While the surface of the planet was coated in sand, there were still many volcanic rocks lying just under the surface on this part of the planet. It made for a somewhat bumpy ride. OoC: Sorry for the low quality pictures. That's what I get for building up to the last minute!
  25. Dardanel

    [K - C04] The Cricket

    Location: Aeristus – C04 Tags: Kawashita, Driver, Science Lab Journal – 6 Junali 3815 According to reports from our early scouts there exists a plant species on Aeristus that shows very interesting abilities. The one I am interested in is thermal (and visual!) camouflage. If I would have to take a bet I would say that their cells contain a compound similar to the ore. If I could get a sample I could figure out just how they activate this amazing property of the compound. Lab Journal – 8 Junali 3815 The research is keeping me busy and it would probably be some days before I can set out to collect the samples. I fear that by then M.A.N.T.I.S. will have taken notice of our actions and sample collecting will be impossible. I will have to construct a biomass extractor and send Lazlowe to collect samples. Lab Journal – 12 Junali 3815 Biomass extractor is finally complete. It is a bit bulky, I hope that the Madam will not be overtaxed. After final tests Lazlowe will depart for Aeristus. Lab Journal – 12 Junali 3815 – addendum Like before, while I wait for Lazlowe to return I commit the specs of my latest creation to the database.