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  1. CorporalDwayneBricks

    Back to the Future Delorean MOC

    Those BTTF3 variant wheels with red color and white rim, how did you do those btw?
  2. CorporalDwayneBricks

    Back to the Future Delorean MOC

    good stuff! Could you also take a pic of the wheel setup underside? I am guessing you have to add a TechnicPoleReverserHandle for the BTTF2 flying version?
  3. CorporalDwayneBricks

    Back to the Future Delorean MOC

    Do the hinge doors still open with the blade pieces so close to the side mirror 1 x 1 slope? Also there might be potential to improve the angles on the back with a 1x 2 hinge brick and a 4 x 2 wedge plate left/right in black and then some red 1 x 1 tiles on top as the original time machine had like 3 capacitors in that rear window. The exhausts as well, maybe try this: with some slope grills EDIT: Do the minifigs still fit in there? Seems you have shrunk the ceiling between windscreen and back to 3 studs long (some other MOCs have 4 there and that long slope that holds the door penetrates quite a bit into where the seats would be.
  4. Thanks for the replys guys! Main application would be pretty much static in a display case. (My son has the Lego highspeed train and we MIGHT want to put some lights in that in the future, but in the here and now, it is all static models.) That is why I am thinking USB hub-power, but still would only want 1x USB connection per model, not per light.
  5. Interested in lighting up MOCs and sets with tiny LEDs, but not really interested in spending time soldering.. So I would be looking for pre-made starter kits/set kits and ideally with nice expand-ability. I investigated a bit and found vendors called "Brickstuff" and "light my bricks", but those are both US or Australian based. Are there any sellers for Germany/Europe? Is there some sort of a standard/market leader emerging? Also what are folks using for power? The USB connector method per LED and then a hidden USB powered hub/power supply or battery based? Seems battery based would be quite a waste if we are talking lighting up 5+ different MOCs/sets but then 1x USB connector per light is also nuts it seems. Thanks for any hints!
  6. CorporalDwayneBricks

    Self-made/printed stickers? best practices?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Didn't even know there was something like that Avery transparent label stock!
  7. Hey everyone, this is my first thread on here! The LEGO bug recently bit me to the point I did a forum search for topics about self printed stickers but could not find one. So are there any good resources/tips on that? Are there Photoshop sheets to print for common brick/plate sizes? I saw a Youtube video of .svg files for brick borders and that gets picked up by a professional cutting machine? Are most "normal" folks using common paper and then wrapping that with Tesa tape top and doublesided tape bottom or are there other techniques? If sticker paper is used, are there most often used brands? what about transparent ones? (I own a Samsung color laser printer, pretty cheap model but it does its job) Also are there sites that offer sticker clipart from already existing sets? Thanks for any pointers!
  8. I second what supertruper 1988 mentioned. As a new user I quickly switched from LDD to once I discovered it. So much nicer with multiple models in tabs and being able to copy and paste. it clearly shows you also if you have "illegal" colors in your model or "undefined types" still lingering somewhere. the bricklink marketplace integration is just icing on the cake, even though I find the prices to not be fully realistic at times. At least it indicates expensive pieces and where to watch out while building.
  9. I am pretty new to building digitally, first installed LDD and then but I already like better. The povray renderer is a super easy way to get some renders done, vs. having to search for a solution for LDD. But mostly it is having multiple files open in tabs at the same time, being able to copy and paste across is nice. The manual transformation gizmo is really well done as well. I think it needs a bit more work on UI side on the "steps" outliner type window where you can create new steps but then have to scroll down the parts you chose for the new step to include it there, and the locking of sub models is a bit confusing at first, but overall it is so much nicer to work with. Fingers crossed it evolves to be the perfect middleground solution. not too complicated for beginners to pick up, but lots of advanced stuff under the hood. Any ideas if it will stay free after BETA?
  10. CorporalDwayneBricks

    MOC - Blade Runner Police Spinner 44

    hey Pedro, any chance you could send me a link to the LDD file with your Spinner and the updated doors? I love your design and would like to build it! EDIT: Trying to reverse engineer it, but those roof tiles behind the main windscreen are making me question my sanity. What are they, they are not a full 2 studs long it seems, with a blue thin line from the back of the cockpit completing a full 2 stud length?
  11. CorporalDwayneBricks

    Lego Aliens APC

    Hey Missing Brick & KillKen, is there a chance for an updated .LXF for your tweaked model? I am a huge Aliens fan and would love to build this, but I am quite new to building custom sets and not that knowledgeable in advanced building techniques to deduce all the needed tweaks and changes myself.
  12. CorporalDwayneBricks

    [MOC] Aliens APC

    Is there a chance to revive the .lxf file and the pics? I would love to build my own Aliens APC!