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  1. Hi All. I want introduce You our project. It's Lego Led kit prepared to 42043 Mercedes Actros, just watch what the result is and what I will introduce: As You can see it's controlled by LEGO Power Functions IR Remote Control (item no. 8885). It's supplied by Lego PF Battery Box. There are used two channels, 1ch is used for driving, lights will turn on automatic. 4ch is used to turn on and off programmed Led lights. First I will explain what is happen when you modify your model to be driving by lego PF. 1CHANNEL: When You first time move Your model the parking lights turn on automatic. 1. If You want to turn on right side You have just tu move control button right up to blinked for right. After You turn it blink 3 times and turn off automatic. For the left is, right channel down. 2. For moving forward You move left control button up, when leave it stop lights will turn on for few seconds (imitation car brake) 3. For moving backwards You move left control button down, reversing lights turn on, when leave it stop lights will turn on for few seconds (imitation car brake) 4 CHANNEL: 1. First time left control button up: Parking lights on; Second time left up: Xenon headlights on; Third time left up: Xenon headlights off; Next time: Xenon headlights on (program is running in loop until reset all 4th function) 2. First time left control button down: Beacon lights 1 program; Second time left down: Beacon lights 2 program; Third time left down: Beacon lights 3 program; Fourth time left up: Beacon lights 4 program; Fifth time left down: Beacon lights off; Next time left down: Beacon lights 1 program (program is running in loop until reset all 4th function) 3. First time right control button up: Hazard lights on: Second time right up: Hazard lights off; Next time: Hazard lights on (program is running in loop until reset all 4th function) 4. One time right down: ALL RESET. This is just my idea about what channel, which control button is responsible for some functions. It could be programmed differently, it depends on our mind :D It's not finished, We have to put it in small box, finish the connectors and produce some parts like PF connector. Remember it is IR so the range is not long. Sorry if I made some English Mistakes.
  2. B model
  3. Perhaps someone has already posted about this I unfortunately did not notice. What could it be?
  4. Amazing power. Beautifully presented and worki good. Nice photo :)
  5. If it's not a problem me too :)
  6. You're right, but I had to build it, and if it takes me four hours more taking pictures during the build is not quite such a waste of time. It's nice how you can see how the model is built himself :). Some people do not have this model and they can see how the build looks. I tried to make it look like a model was created himself. Below the first short test on 8043 before building 42009: Thank you for your kind words.
  7. I picked up a recently purchased 42009 : D This time the model built in the foreground. I set the camera on a tripod behind my back. Quite inconvenient because you have to take your head. This time the pictures done manually, manually clicking on the laptop (no time at 5 seconds as before). All setup manually. It definitely brightened the picture . I resigned from the show build individual sections because, I would have to do a lot more pictures and use a SLR camera . There is still some mistakes, but I try to overcome them .The first thing I do is supply a constant voltage, and not from the battery ( the battery discharges quickly ). This time I did 830 pictures. It took two nights, about six hours each, and of image processing in the movie . Feel free to write what bothers you, and that is ok, then I'll know what to do next time when I did the movie. Enjoy : I'm sorry if I make English mistakes.
  8. As I wrote EOS Utility makes it possible. Unfortunately not be less than 5 sec. With EOS Utility only set the camera on a tripod and we do the rest of your computer.
  9. Recently I had the idea that I can use the camera while building. I decided to make a video with pictures taken during the build. I used the Canon EOS 550D and EOS Utility. First I built 42011. I made about 450 photos. This is the result of this operation: Another set was 42006 Excavator. In this case, I made a 1450 photos. The mistake I made ​​was half the battery. In the film, if you can not see when I take out the battery and Stand the tripod. Photos were taken at night with a fluorescent lamp. A little strange being built with the knowledge that the picture is taken every 5 sec and you have to take your hands :). Significantly increases the time to build if you shoot images. Here is the result: I think to build all the sets in this way. For sure I have to build 42000 and 9396. Here a link to my YouTube channel: Sorry for spelling errors
  10. Hi everyone. This is my first post. I am a collector from Poland. I collect Lego about eight years. Only a few of my models is in the cabinet. I am up to date with the Technic models. Below are some photos: Due to lack of space, many models are decomposed and stored in string bags. I keep them in such cases: More photos of the collection: http://www.brickshel...i?m=sives1&n=48 My youtube channel: Here a list of all my lego: Thank you for your attention and happy building!
  11. Here you have the answer: