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  1. House Stonmer of Lenfald - Noble Houses of Roawia House Stonmer is one of the younger houses of Roawia. The Lords of Stonmer moved their estate from Loreos to Lenfald only a few generations ago. While their loyalty to Lenfald is not in question, they still keep with the traditions of their former home province: their house colours are read and gold their emblem is the Loreesi gilded falcon. Their current seat is at Stonmer Manor, in Northern Lenfald only a few miles from the border to Garheim. The Lords of Stonmer only rule over 4 villages and their small estate, but trade with Garheim made them relatively rich and important nonetheless: the regions is rich in fish and is mostly forested, with wood being their major export products. Additional Images can be found on Flickr: Minifigs + MOC Read more:
  2. mvk

    [MOC] Riverwatch Falls

    In retrospect, I agree that the tree doesn't really fit with the rest. It was the first large tree I have built in years, and I haven't found a style that fits me. To be fair, the main topic of the challenge was water, so it is rather the other way around, the tower got too big for the whole MOC and unintentionally became a focal point. I didn't think it through and i kept getting bigger and bigger.
  3. Riverwatch Falls A watchtower protecting a bridge over a wild river, situated just above a small waterfall. Semaphore tower with signal engineers, signal fire and drawbridge included. Built as part of a Local Challenge for the Lands of Roawia. More images in the flickr album.
  4. Changing The Guard - Stonewald City Watch The Guard Headquarters of the Stonewald City Watch. With courtyard, armory, commander's office and a small park that is open to the public. The Night Guard regiment is receiving their orders for the current shift while the first torches are lit in preparation for the night. -- I didn't have enough time to finish the tree, so please forgive if it looks out of place here :-) Many more pictures in the Flickr Set.
  5. Thanks, as soon as I got the huskies I wanted to incorporate them into some build - any build. They are a little out of their element here, but I rather like it. My collection of enemy soldiers is 4 (I REALLY don't like the new castle line), so I had to use what I had. (didn't find the other ones on short notice). Yeah, I thought nobody would notice... the backside of the statue is not really that photogenic, so I switched it for the shots from behind. Thanks, but as always, I could have done more... originally, the border river on the other side of the gate and a small bridge were also planned to be incorporated, but I had to transport the build to take the photos, and without the baseplate it was already a hassle with this size. Yeah, I tried to add some color to the green, but I would normally use some flowers, I don't really know why I didn't this time... I guess it was a spur of the moment thing Thank you all for your feedbacks.
  6. To the Edge of the Realm This MOC and story is part of the "Lands of Roawia" Project. After a long and painful campaign the forces of Queen Galainir have been vanquished and the realm of Lenfald is safe again. Few survived the slaughter, and those who did either vanished in the woods never to be heard of again or are running for their lives, trying to reach the coast or the grasslands of Loreos. The hunting dogs discovered a small group of soldiers foolishly trying to reach Loreos via the south-road, and Lord Val Karem himself, still not fully recovered from his wounds, decides to pursue them only to the border and let the Loreesi deserts deal with any (un)lucky survivors. One by one he picked them off with his bow, only one reached the border marker before he fell victim to the Lenfel arrows. "We will leave him for the Loreesi to deal with - they need the practice" the Lord said while unstringing his bow and slowly climbing down from his outlook. "We head back north - there is still much to do" -- More images from different angles on Flickr
  7. I think Ameribricks isn't going far enough - I would have gone with Freedom Bricks or something more patridiotic like that. Also, I suggest a mandatory questionnaire before allowing Non-Americans to join the site (at least naming all the legitimate American Presidents and listing all the sates in alphabetic order)
  8. Follow Them! A hunting party chases some retreating Outlaws and magical creatures into the mountains up an old gated mountain pass. While the lesser creatures flee, some brave (but foolish) Black Knights try to stand their ground inside the ruins of the old outpost that once protected the pass. Please excuse the image quality, my camera is being repaired and I had to take them with an iPhone. Flickr Gallery
  9. Thanks, I really don't have enough time to join GoH and LCC, and I like the setting of LCC better (Provinces AND Guilds instead of Guilds, little magic and magical creatures - and soon they will be all gone)
  10. The map is just a print on 135g/m2 coated paper, lying on the map desk, held down by 8 1x1 plates with clips. The map itself was made with Adobe Illustrator for the outlines and text and Adobe Photoshop for the colouring.
  11. Purging the Magic Isles - Fighting in the War Room Leaders and soldiers of all Provinces of Roawia meet in the old War Room in the ruined city of Elavia in the Mountains of Lenfald to discuss the impending attack on Outlaw territory. -- The following accompanying story requires some knowledge of the geography and history of Roawia Map of Roawia War is upon Roawia, the fight against magic reaches another peak with the campaign to purge the Magic Isles. All of Roawia prepares for war, but Outlaw spies are all over the provinces, gathering information on troop strength and plans. To keep the secret plans of attack from falling into the wrong hands, a meeting is set in the recently reclaimed ancient City of Elavia, high in the western mountain range. Representatives of all the provinces gather in this formerly lost and remote location to discuss and coordinate what is to be the strongest strike against the Outlaws since the last Outlaw Campaign. Tempers run high as this new war requires more coordination than ever - although Loreos has the largest cavalry, only Lenfald has ships large enough in size and numbers to bring them in force to the remote island. Garheim obviously felt left out and Jhirian Eindrik himself came to the meeting to assure the assistance of the his light infantry. Much more has to be discussed, as most of Garheim's army and Lenfald's Navy is stationed on the western shores of the continent, and sailing around Cape Murkwood and through the Sea of Treachery in the south exposes the leads the fleet too close to some of the strongest Outlaw ports. The future of Roawia depends on whether consensus can be achieved and differences between the provinces can be overcome in this secret meeting. It is a proud moment of history that the old Lenfel War Room, used to plan wars against Garheim and Loreos in the past, now becomes a meeting place for to fight a common foe. ----- Flickr Gallery
  12. @home Screen resolution: 1920x1200 Internet Connection: 14 MBit Internet Browser 1: Chrome 22.0.1229.94 Internet Browser 2: Firefox 16.0.1 Internet Browser Mobile 1: iOS6 Safari Internet Browser Mobile 2: iOS Chrome @work Screen Resolution: 2560 x 1440 Internet Connection: 20 MBit Internet Browser: Safari 6.0.1