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  1. Hi Everyone! This is a video made about modifying a technic battery box to use a 9v supply. Hope you like it. Subscribe to my channel if you like this kind of content.
  2. In this video from a while ago I demonstrate the torque calculation of a Lego Technic MOC crane axle in order to work out the maximum torque before axle failure (i.e. twisting itself to bits). This would apply to any high torque technic mode (axle failure torque). Hope you like this video. Any comments or feedback appreciated. Kind Regards and keep building, Rob
  3. TechnicBrickPower

    Measuring Lego Technic Crane Efficiency

    Thanks Sadap and vectormatic. Glad you both enjoyed this measurment. It's nice to receive some good feedback on my hobby videos. Yes the results are interesting and am looking doing some more tests with other gear combinations like you suggest. The heavier weights do increase the friction dramatically and I need to design the support around the axles better so they don't bend as much. Am away on a 4 week holiday at the moment so won't be until next year!
  4. TechnicBrickPower

    Hello from New Zealand

    Thanks for the welcome. Yeah definitely awesome forums.
  5. TechnicBrickPower

    Technic Power Box Mod to use 9v Power Supply

    Did you end up finding out Thanks for the information in the link - you have a lot of very interesting set of graphs there. Thanks for taking the time to make all those measurements - I think I will be referring to them often in the future :)
  6. Hi All, For those that like measuring and calculating's a video I made on measuring the efficiency of a Lego Technic MOC crane. Would appreciate any comments or feedback - it's a lot of work (but fun work of course) making a video so I do hope some people out there enjoy this kind of thing. Am always trying to improve my videos - am a newbie at it lol. If you have any video ideas around this theme let me know (unless you're making one yourself already). Even better would be if you could subscribe to my channel - that will encourage me to make more videos! It's hard to get content out there. Please share with your friends if you think they might enjoy it too. Take care, and keep building... Rob PS Don't forget to subscribe!
  7. TechnicBrickPower

    Technic Power Box Mod to use 9v Power Supply

    Thanks for that answer! I cranked it up to 10v the other day, lucky I didn't go any higher, lol. It did start behaving funny even at that voltage - the current suddenly dropped to almost 0. What about the motor itself without an IR receiver?
  8. TechnicBrickPower

    Technic Power Box Mod to use 9v Power Supply

    Hey everyone... received a few messages about putting on a here it is: BE CAREFUL - I can't be held responsible if you destroy your battery box. If you are not confident doing this mod then don't do it - that said it is pretty straight Also don't plug it into the mains! 9V DC only. Also there are other solutions to this problem. I don't know how high a voltage you can put on there before you blow stuff up. Maybe someone else can share their experience? Anyway good luck and have fun.
  9. TechnicBrickPower

    Hello from New Zealand

    Thanks for that! Look forward to being part of this community of lego technic fans
  10. TechnicBrickPower

    Technic Power Box Mod to use 9v Power Supply

    Hi Permo, yes that's maybe a better idea! You know sometimes an idea comes to you and you just go with that without thinking about other options. That's what's great about this community - sharing new and other ideas. Thanks for your comment. If anyone is interested in the power supply I used you can get it on aliexpress There are many others to choose from. What I like about this supply is that it shows you the current as well as voltage and also the voltage is variable. Thanks for your feedback much appreciated. The supply I used is
  11. Hi Everyone, This is probably not a new idea but I have modified my Lego Technic power box to connect directly to a 9V power supply to save on batteries and to generate more power by being able to increase the voltage. I have uploaded the video to my YouTube channel I started 4 weeks ago. I like building heavy lifting cranes and needed more consistent power and also with the power supply I have I can measure the current too. Let me know if you found this useful. Rob
  12. TechnicBrickPower

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi there, excited to join this forum and to learn more about what others are building around the world. My favourite lego is Lego Technic and I enjoy making my own MOC creations, especially cranes. Hope to meet many people here soon.