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  1. Maybe some of you realized this before, but for me it was a bad surprise; these two are incompatible. TLG just shattered my dreams of building a compact diff-lockable axle.. I wasn't even thinking to test this, I was so sure it would work, but had to realize it wouldn't after building a prototype axle. The inner ridges of the driving ring that go around the connector piece block it from sliding into the diff housing.
  2. I'd prefer this one without the ball joint on the end :) I think it's more useful as it is now for many things, the alternating holes can have more interesting connections (form locking).
  3. That's a nice one, those small panels could be useful! Do you mean in Bright Light Orange?
  4. Oh, I didn't follow that one, thanks. Is there anything else technic available besides the parts in 42099?
  5. I like this a lot! Looks good, works good. Nice tensioning system. There's so much that can be done on a small scale with proper electronics. Also, sometimes I feel that shaping these models can be easier on the small scale because a few parts with the right slope/curvature make the body look simple and clean (big models can often look patchy). Great work!
  6. Indeed, I already realized it in the general parts thread. Hmm, that would be nice if something bigger came later in bright light orange, it’s a nice color but currently not too useful. If this set had that color, only the 7L beam would be new I think.
  7. Yeah, that’s what I predicted too. And based in this, I am not holding my breath for 9L or 13L to appear. At least I hope they realize how useful the shorter ones would be, so a 5 or 4L would come eventually. Or even 3..
  8. Oh, maybe you are indeed right, I forgot that the middle pin need not be part of the part , but it can be inserted if the holes are perpendicular. Yeah, that second part makes more sense, than the first one predicted by @Zerobricks (that was my first guess too). And it should be quite useful! I have been soo waitig for the 7L flip-flops, already buidling with them in Studio :)
  9. We will, see, but I don’t think so, because its corner on the image does not look like that, furthermore if there is a pin in the middle as well then it does not make sense not to have a perpendicular pinhole in the middle I think.
  10. Nothing would hold it, it would literally fall out to the bottom, no? It can only be connected from the top, there's no space below. Yes, right, I see, so then it's like a 3L beam with 3 perpendicular pins. Interesting..
  11. Indeed, I was thinking the same, so that's great news, it looks like a useful new connector! But there's one thing we can't see, which way is the middle pinhole facing? To me it seems more like a 3L liftarm with 2 pins sticking out at the two ends from the above image by @Ngoc Nguyen, because the end behind the wheel is rounded like on a liftarm, not like on the previously existing connector.
  12. Now that's something!!! I see two more in the roof! I like this green color anyway, so it amounts to a nice parts pack! Wonder if the 7L flip-flop beam will appear in black as well in the beginning of the year in other sets. I already have a build plan that cannot be done without them..
  13. Oh, I see, I don't quite remember the details when I did this, whether it took longer for some motors (maybe it did now that you say), but now as you describe it, it does sound like it was doing something else as well. Maybe you could look in other threads about dismantling motors to understand what's inside, whether there's some electronic part that might have updatable firmware.
  14. What makes you think that "updating the motors" and "calibrating the zero point" are two different things? I actually thought updating just means calibrating the zero point. When I bought the set and built the official models, I realized that one of the motors was quite visibly off center (3-4 degrees). I wrote to Lego customer support about it, they asked me to take a video about the faulty motor, and after confirmation they said they'd send a new one, and I don't have to send them back the faulty one. In the meantime, I was informed that there's this update thing in the app, and tried it and it fixed the calibration of the faulty motor. At the same time I received the new one as well, so now I have 5 correctly working ones :)
  15. Great idea and nice implementation, I especially like the interior color! Only thing I wonder is why you didn't use the fenders from the Camaro? It looks like a better fit in shape, and this grey color pops out too much for me.