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  1. gyenesvi

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Wow, what a pleasant surprise, that's looking pretty good so far. I didn't want to buy the buggy just for the tires, but this one looks like a perfect excuse :) The color scheme is cool as well, lots of parts in the same color. Curious about the functions and the actual suspension!
  2. gyenesvi

    (MOC) Bigfoot

    Great one, I like the chassis with that neat suspension linkage, and the bodywork is also really nice!
  3. I was actually entertaining some similar conclusions. It may be that they are looking for a candidate who can design new stuff in ways they can't, it doesn't even matter if the candidate is not a great builder - they could teach him/her build more easily than teach him/her to design innovative stuff. Not suggesting anything like this happens actually, but it would make sense to me as a hiring objective. @1974 and @Toastie thanks for the insights on Danish living, that's a really interesting part of this discussion for me.
  4. gyenesvi

    [WIP] 42128 Reverse Engineered

    6 mini LAs + 3 pneumatic cylinders in a set sounds too good to be true :) From the images, I was guessing that the rear standers are operated by a lever mechanism with a worm-gear. Do you actually see the LAs there?
  5. gyenesvi

    Nico71's Creations

    Oh, right, since you are using only one U-joint on the incoming axle (not two corresponding to the two ends of the link), it's also restricting the movement, and I guess the other key to make it sufficient is that the ball joint is exactly below the axle that drives the wheel, so the whole rear axle does not want to fall too much in either direction in the first place, it is kind of balanced by itself, nice trick. Though I guess this construction would be a bit weak for hard off-roading with larger forces hitting the rear axle.. But really nice for this model!
  6. gyenesvi

    Nico71's Creations

    Really nice choice of model and implementation, I am also planning to use a different version of Ford F150/250 in another project. I like the suspension, especially the rear, really tight one. One thing I don't understand though: are there more links to hold the rear axle in place? I can only see two lower ones, there should one or two more somewhere, right?
  7. gyenesvi

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    Ohh.. I wanted to build the same machine as a B model from this set, but didn't have time to start working on it so far.. Too many ideas for other sets and not enough free time. Curious how it progresses, it already seems different from what I had been thinking about.
  8. Getting curious what that reply was! Would you share it in a few words? I did not read Sariel's post.. I did entertain the thought of applying (mainly for fun, but did not in the end for the reasons @allanp listed, and also did not find Billund too much of an interesting place to live) and did some search on the designer salaries. What I found on Glassdoor was about half of what you asked for (about 60k per year), which I thought was kind of low for a western European country, although not sure how representative their sample is, and if I remember correctly that's an average salary, not a senior one, which was about 80k per year, still not that high for an engineer salary at a large company.
  9. gyenesvi

    [TC20] [WIP] 8862 Backhoe Grader

    I agree with you on this one, but maybe it’s better to discuss it in the contest topic. Back to the backhoe :) It’s making really great progress, eager to see how it looks with the missing parts!
  10. Looking really good so far!
  11. These were the ones at a roughly appropriate scale that I found 6 of (I only have modern sets with large wheels). But I also think they could be good if the interpretation of the model is a moon buggy. I agree though that it's not the best if I want to represent the original faithfully. Thanks for the support, although I am a bit torn about the interpretation of the competition's essence :) On one hand staying as close to the original would encourage mainly replacement of studful beams to studless ones and staying with the original wheels, on the other hand rebuilding it with modern techniques would encourage a larger departure.. But I think a bit larger departure while keeping the overall looks sounds a bit more interesting and challenging. I'll see how it goes.
  12. gyenesvi

    [TC20] [WIP] 8862 Backhoe Grader

    That's looking pretty good to me, nice solutions!
  13. Thanks, good to know, seems like the similar ones I have are one size bigger than these..
  14. gyenesvi

    [MOC] Mini Technic Rat Rod

    It’s pretty cool that such a small build has so many functions! I especially like the steering solution, but the rear suspension is also nice.
  15. That is a very nice choice of model if you have the parts in the right colors, and all those wheels in the right sizes. I have the same dilemma, and leaning the same way as you. Btw, do those small wheels have modern equivalents at all, or in that case, would you use the original ones?