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  1. I actually really like this new trend of releasing models in a second color. True, that releasing the second color later can make buying decisions harder, but this is a really good way of filling gaps in the color palette, and making newer pieces available in more colors, without them needing to design a new model. I think they should keep it up if that means getting pieces in more colors! And I really like they picked (regular) orange for this one :)
  2. That's interesting.. wonder if it will become available in more generic colors.. And to ask it another way, why is that other themes can get such specialized parts, while technic cannot get some basic connectors that are missing from the system?..
  3. I guess even if it's not necessary here (it is probably in some other set), they want to use it more frequently to amortize the cost of creating a new part. This model also uses new truss pieces from the crane, which are probably not irreplaceable here either, though might make the frame construction simpler / more streamlined, but definitely help with decreasing the cost of that part, which otherwise would rarely be really required. So I welcome this kind of part re-usage. (I actually wonder about the other way around, why don't they make more parts that could be used in many places, even though they are not that often really required, such as a 4L beam.. surely they could easily amortize the cost of such moulds)
  4. What do you mean? Even if it was possible with the current situation, you would not do it that way? That's exactly what I'm trying to understand; what's possible with the current situation (and how), not proposing a new feature. So that the Pybricks team can work on the remaining FW features while the community can work on control programs for official sets :)
  5. Indeed, I can see it hinted for the Xbox controller. Thanks for that older discussion link, interesting, but unfortunately, that does not answer the question, as the latest version of the program in there uses two Lego remotes instead of one Xbox controller (so avoids the problem). But in general, I know that connecting a controller to one of the hubs and forwarding control commands from there to the other hub is a possibility. I guess this is what @Pybricks was referring to when hinting that it could work with 10 hubs as well. Even for that, there are two technical possibilities: using Pybricks on all hubs and sending commands via broadcasting, or using Pybricks on one of the hubs and controlling the rest via the Lego Wireless Protocol of the original lego firmware. I wonder which solution could work better though when an Xbox controller connection is also present. But anyway, I first wanted to know if an Xbox controller connection to two hubs is possible at all, as that could be the most direct/simplest solution. If not, we will have to fall back to one of the above two. I just wrote the same in the meantime you posted :) Well I don't think that would be an issue, each hub would have its own program, which could know which controls (buttons/joysticks) to look for, and the two would use a disjoint set. Might be true for Xbox controller, but I guess in general BT devices can connect to multiple others, just like the phone app can connect to two hubs in the original C+ profiles. Might depend on which one is central / peripheral device, as it may be that one central can connect to multiple peripherals but not the other way round (not sure though). I guess in the case of the phone app, the phone is the central and the hubs are the peripherals. But in case of Pybricks, it may be that the hub is the central and the Xbox controller is the peripheral. Though wonder how the computer connection is solved then, it that also acting as a peripheral?..
  6. @Pybricks is it possible to connect the XboxController to two hubs at the same time? Or how is it possible to write control programs for sets like 42100? In the video of @kbalage above, you show the Leibherr Crane (42146) in action, which has two hubs, so I am guessing it is possible to make it work somehow. But I tried connecting to two hubs by pressing the pairing button while connected to the first one, and although it does connect to the second one, but then it drops the connection to the first one.. Is there some trick for making this work?
  7. Wow, I didn't even know that one existed. It is indeed underwhelming though.. (And it is actually built out of 3 sets..)
  8. I guess that should be possible, why couldn't it?
  9. Not sure how those would help. Where could they get stuck when raising? I think they would not even need to touch the bottom/top either, as the full range of movement seems to be less than half a stud, actually even a bit less than a plate, so there would be tolerance space at both ends against any jamming.
  10. These new piston pieces are nice, they do make life easier in dense builds, though I don't get why that extra spacer (the two collars) is required at the top under the stud. This way it won't fit into a full stud sized space under the hood, as the pistons stick out about 1.5 studs in their up position, while if that half stud would have been spared out, they would only stick out 1 stud, and the whole engine could have fitted into a 4 stud tall space (including the driveshaft). Not sure if that spacer has a function or if that's just for aesthetics (which would be a pity).
  11. That means no new 5L steering links :( Also, it's pretty sad that they have budget for this kind of unique (=not so reusable) A-arm with towball sockets, but they can't make generic technic beams with towball sockets in more sizes.
  12. That's a really nicely made alternate model, good choice for the set and great use of the available parts!
  13. That's how I understood it, even saw the Python code for the controller! I just saw in the GitHub discussion (for the development) that it's kind of prepared for supporting more kinds of controllers, but for now the Xbox ones are done and tested, but they will probably add more in the future. They said they'd mainly target mainstream widely accessible ones though, maybe not all kinds of generic ones (the hard part seems to get it to connect smoothly). I'd expect PS controllers next maybe.
  14. Sure, that does exist, but not in the same speed/power category as L or XL motor. It's a very weak one only useful for switching mechanism and maybe very small models. Even the PU L motor is weak for steering bigger models (depending on the steering mechanism). So I meant the above for a regular drive/steer motor.
  15. Oh my God, so it happened! Best news of the year so far :) I was only hoping this to become reality, but they did it, and it seems they did it with style. Seems really well implemented at the first sight, will need to dive into this asap..