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Found 12 results

  1. Dr. Kilroy retreats to his personal library to record his adventures and plan for new expeditions. Two huge bookshelves brimming with knowledge help him research the flora, fauna, customs, and cultures of any country in the known world. Copies of the maps used in his original adventures hang on the walls of the library, and a large globe helps him plan trips to new destinations. Today, Dr. Kilroy is researching the potential origins of an artifact found on a remote island. Dr. Kilroy's library includes a large desk, a lamp, a comfortable armchair, a large globe, bookshelves with a ladder on a curved rail, and of course, plenty of books. EXTRA PHOTO: Thanks for viewing!
  2. 25 Years of Adventure Category A The Oasis Ambush A rebuild of one of my favorite Adventurers sets: 5938: Oasis Ambush. Despite being a small set, 5938 has almost everything a kid could ask for: A good guy, a bad guy, hidden treasure for them to find, danger to overcome, and a working function of some kind! Plus, the original model itself is unique, recognizable, and lends itself well to re-imaginings. Not only does my re-imagining include the tomb, the palm tree, the mummy, the scorpion, OG Sam Sinister / Slyboots, and (of course) Johnny Thunder, but it also includes an oasis and ... Well, an ambush. Actually, two ambushes of sorts. Johnny Thunder, blissfully unaware, bathes in the oasis after wandering the desert for days in search of the tomb. He brought his trusty comb and hand-mirror to help him stay clean, but in the corner of the mirror he catches a glimpse of something ... Slyboots! Or is it Sam Sinister? Anyway, Slyboots has managed to ambush Johnny Thunder. He has swiped the Golden Spear, and clearly has the upper hand. However, grabbing the Spear has awakened ... (EXTRA PHOTO) ... The Mummy, eyes glowing red, out to punish the one who dislodged the Golden Spear! The impetus for making Johnny Thunder get ambushed while bathing stemmed from the fact that his only expression is a smiling one. If he was ambushed by someone, and that someone was in plain view, he probably wouldn't be smiling. A chain was almost connected to the spear and to the lid of the tomb. Although pulling the chain is easy to do with the original set (5938), this would probably take considerable force for a Minifigure to do, so Slyboots probably wouldn't be able to casually pull the chain while aiming a pistol at Johnny. Instead, I settled on a magical explanation for the tomb's opening. A few creatures were scattered throughout the build to give life to the oasis. See if you can find them! Thanks for viewing!
  3. Bricknave

    [MOC] Emerald 4-Wide Train

    I used pieces and inspiration from both 31015-1 Emerald Express and 10194-1 Emerald Night to create a compact narrow-gauge train: Most of the inspiration for this came from 31015-1 Emerald Express after I modified it to fit on the minecart rails provided by 7199-1 Temple of Doom. The passenger car can seat up to 4 Minifigures. Both sides can be accessed thanks to hinges. Making room for the engineer was the most challenging design aspect. Thank you for viewing!
  4. When the adventure gets tough, it's time to break out the rough-and-tumble Dark Green Jungle Machine! As soon as I started building, I knew I wanted to use dark green as the main color. I included a few details here and there to maintain a connection to the Adventurers theme. See if you can spot them; I've used older pieces as well as newer ones (including old shapes in new colors). In addition to a tail gate, the jeep features working suspension: You can view a demonstration of the suspension feature in my Flickr album!
  5. Bricknave

    Which LEGO Piece are you?

    Apparently, I am a rubber tire: It makes sense to me. I've always liked fitting them onto the wheels.
  6. Bricknave

    Steam Workshop

    A large Steampunk creation displayed at BrickFair VA 2014! I used Mindstorms NXT to motorize the doors, the airship, and the winged flying machine. Previous Steampunk creations of mine took inspiration from the orient and the wild west. For the Steam Workshop, I wanted to capture the essence of Victorian England. The above image is linked to a video of the Steam Workshop in motion! A gentleman and his robot await the unveiling of a new airship! He is also having a picnic! Inventors and workers toil away in the workshop, working around the clock! Ladies and gentlemen watch their progress from above. Test pilots are always needed! Next to the steamy industrial workshop is a refreshing garden! A Steamcopter rests on a special landing pad. The Steam Workshop was Nominated for "Best Steampunk"! I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Steam Workshop!
  7. Play here! More content will be built over time!
  8. Have a happy Halloween!
  9. UPDATE 9/4/2013: The Gorilla tribe has been added to the roster!
  10. Celebrating Talk like a Pirate Day is fun, unless you're a ninja hanging out with other ninjas
  11. A Lands of Classic Castle freebuild for the Outlaws faction! After losing their previous hideout to the regime of the Evil Queen, Captain Claw and his crew refurbish an abandoned outpost in the south of Roawia. A regime sympathizer learned too much, and is being held in captivity until the Captain can come up with a plan to dispose of him. You can see more pictures on my Flickr.