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  1. Entry A - 1 point (for the global fit: simple and well executed, a real architecture set) Entry B - 1 point (for the challenge and for the love of modern architecture) Entry E - 1 point (for the originality)
  2. Hi, I made a C-Model for the 42048 Kart :) It features a Formula 1 with working direction (controlled by HOG) and a fake engine with two gears (which can be switched from the back). The hood can be opened. There are also two exhausts and a position light in the back. It is quite fun to play with and the steering radius is much better than the one of A-model :) Here are a few pictures: The HOG is in place of the steering wheel (small yellow part). Steering mechanism is similar to B-Model, but more flat (it is only 1 stud high). The gear box is taken from A-Model and features the same ratios. The switch is on the back however (could not really put it in the cockpit :p ). Any comment welcome ! Will post instructions on rebrickable as soon as possible.
  3. Hi there, Just discovered the C-Model index, and realized that I have a few creations I could add to the list... 'cause I love C models :) Here is one I did some time ago with the 42035 set. Instructions are available on rebrickable. This is a small quad, featuring a fake engine driven by the rear wheels. The rear axle is also pendular, and the steering works. Here are a few more pictures: Any comment welcome :)
  4. Dear all, Many thanks for the positive comments! As for the suspensions, I did try to build rod suspensions with horizontal shock absorbers, but I have to admit I could not have it work. It seems to me that it's rather hard to achieve a good result without dedicated parts for that :s As a compromise, I tried to keep the shock absorbers as horizontal as possible (where 8880-B had them much more vertical, like in a regular car...) I will certainly make a LDD model and generate instructions that I will deposit on rebrickable. But it will probably take me a bit of time... Note: I originally got 8070 for the B model :) I think model A did not get that much attention because it did not fit what people usually expect of a technic supercar: real gear box, and mechanics as close as possible that of a real car. A gearbox opening doors and hoods was certainly fancy but not that realistic... NB: while I was finishing this MOC, Serge S also deposited instructions for a formula 1 8070 alternate on rebrickable, you might want to check it out!
  5. Dear all, I would like to present a one-set MOC I realised based on the 8070 supercar. It was done after COP 21: an environmentally friendly alternate that does not use the PFS elements of the original set :D While deprived of PFS, this Formula 1 features quite a few interesting functions: 4 independent suspensions Direction by HOG and steering wheel A V8 fake engine A 2 speed gear box (accessible from the cockpit) A moveable spoiler (gear under the right side) An openable engine cover So basically, that is more than what the 42000 set offers ;) (yet with no optional motorisation) Here are a few pictures: A view from the cockpit: Opening the engine cover: The spoiler and V8 engine: From above: From below, showing the mechanics for opening the engine cover and moving the spoiler: Here are the left-over parts: Hope you like it :) Any comment most welcome.
  6. Sets that haunt you

    I was lucky enough (I think) to enter my dark age in the mid 90s, and got out of it in 2008. Therefore, I missed rather little, because I really do not like the technic sets from the 2000s One set though, which I'm still chasing is the "super street sensation" The other one that I missed (because I was not born) is the 856... (just missed (again) an auction on that one, grrr) Outside technic, that would be the Robie House. I did not buy it when available because of the price. Then I got really into the architecture series and got more familiar with the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Now that I have accumulated books on the topic, the Robie House is haunting me...
  7. Hi, thanks for the nice comments :) @Tomik: I have not made any CAD model yet, but I estimate the part use to 2/3 of the original set. There are a few beams and the 2 panels left, so that one can build a small ramp to play with the motorcycle...
  8. Dear all, Here are a few pictures of a C-Model I did from the 42035 truck. When I bought the set, I thought there should be all enough to build a small motorcycle: Together with his little bro 8045-B: The motorcycle has exhaust pipe, a cap for the gas tank, some foot pegs. Pin holes of connectors mimic speedometers, 4-axle with stops suggests front lights. The model features 3 functions: Direction (!) One-cylinder engine driven by back wheel (16t + chain, 12t-20t) Sidecar's top opens via the spare wheel (16t-16t) For that last function, I could not use knobs as they are too bulky and prevent the top from opening wide enough. The sidecar can easily be separated from the motorcycle, as it holds by only two pins with friction. The sidecar has a small foldable sidestand. The one-cylinder engine is not centered (it is 2 studs wide, while the motorcycle is 5 studs large). The 20t is directly connected to the crank shaft, which allows the full thing to remain compact, a necessity at this scale. Here are a few more pictures: Any comment welcome!
  9. Hi, Some time ago I got my hands on the small 60018 lego city cement mixer, with the idea to make a technic version of it. After a few attempts, here is what I got: This midi-scale MOC has three functions: - Direction by HOG - Functional drum, either by transmission from the central wheel, or manually using the 12T on the left side of the cabin. A switch allows to enable/disable the transmission from wheels. The "driving" mode is rather visually enjoying, but the "manual" mode is required to operate the drum in the opposite direction and get the "cement" out - The slide can be steered from the 12T under the drum I'm quite happy with this final version, my only disappointment is this couple of 16T on the right side that I could not fit inside :( Here is a picture summarizing the mechanics: And a small video: Any feedback welcome!
  10. [TC5] Hovercraft

    Wow :) I did not buy the 9394 set in its time because I found the official B-model so disappointing (that propeller notably ). If this MOC would have been the official alternate, I would have bought the set! Maybe I can still find one somewhere... Congratulations for that very nice build
  11. Several helicopters have no tires, starting with the pioneering 852/954 which was particularly ingenious in my opinion. But it is true that the most recent ones all have wheels... [EDIT] Actually even 852 features wheels, they are only used for the B-model though! [/EDIT]
  12. Dear all, Many thanks again for the positive comments :) I have added a PDF with building instructions. I realized that the previous part count was incorrect (most likely forgot to include the submodels :s). The C-model actually use 213 parts out of 252, which is not that bad... J.
  13. Many thanks for all nice comments and welcome messages! That is a very interesting suggestion (and a cute model)! Actually, I wanted something a bit aggressive, probably because I had in mind a Pistenbully groomer and the lego set 8263. I might try to oppose the curved parts, but I will probably face the issue of a too large cabin top, and the lack of shorter beams to make it smaller :s
  14. 15. Snow Groomer Snow groomer made with the 8047 "Compact Excavator" from 2009: There are three functions: Lift of blade (left exhaust pipe, worm gear, 24t crown, lift arms) Lift of tiller (right exhaust pipe, worm gear, 8t, lift arm) Working tiller, driven by the caterpillars (12t-12t, 2 times). In addition, the blade is manually steerable (pin with friction). Some more views to see the mechanisms: For a bit more details, see the discussion topic!
  15. Hi there, This is my first post on Eurobricks, and my modest participation to TC5. I worked with the 8047 "Compact Excavator" from 2009: This set was my first lego technic after my dark age (I could not resist when I saw it in the supermarket). It is rather small (252 parts), but nicely packed with functions for its size. The original B-model (a compact log-loader) is rather cool as well, and uses 229 parts. Building a C-model for this set was therefore my personal dedication to this wonderful set. Here it goes, a snow groomer: Design: I tried to provide as much detail as I could. The blade is full thanks to the (only) two panels from the original set. We also have a front light and a beacon on top. There is a bit of blue inside the cabin to evoke some seats, but no more there, as the space is occupied by the lifting mechanism of the blade. The two exhaust pipes are (maybe) oversized, but this was a necessity for a good playability. Functions: There are three: Lift of blade (left exhaust pipe, worm gear, 24t crown, lift arms) Lift of tiller (right exhaust pipe, worm gear, 8t, lift arm) Working tiller, driven by the caterpillars (12t-12t, 2 times). In addition, the blade is manually steerable (pin with friction). Some view to see the mechanisms: And here is how the thing works: In blue is the lifting of the front blade, in green the lifting of the tiller, and in red the rotation of the tiller. Recycling of parts: The model uses 213 parts, that is a bit less than the original B-model. But well, this is a C-model :) We have three real functions, which is actually better than the A-model! Gears are all reused apart from the turntable (which was not used as a gear in the A-model anyway), and the 20t with peghole. Four 16t are here not used as gears (the ones on the tiller), but the two 12t double-bevel, which were used as knobs for moving the arm on the A-model, are here functional and part of the transmission of the tiller. That's it... any comment welcome. I can post more pictures if needed (although there is not much more to show I'm afraid :D). Instructions are available at rebrickable (Alter-Lego is my pseudo on rebrickable, login was already taken on Eurobricks).