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  1. Hi, I am very happy you enjoyed the instructions! I will look into the errors and fix them. Normally the mpd file should open with stud.io, at least it worked on my machine but will double-check with the uploaded version. I did not use stud.io in the end because I was not happy with the resolution of images in the PDF output and went back to LDpub. By the way, I considered making it into a premium MOC, but given that it took me 2 years to generate those instructions, I don't think it will economically be worth it ;) It also very satisfying and rewarding to know that others thought it was of interest enough to spend time building it. Next is a jeep model made of 42030... first have to remove dust :)
  2. Hi there, just to mention that I finally completed the instructions for this MOC! They can be found on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-20569/alter-lego/8070-alternate-formula-1/#comments Enjoy :)
  3. Hi, Thanks a lot for creating this dedicated forum! Some time ago I made this post which I think could be move here! Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi, thanks for your interest. I'm unfortunately not finished with the instructions (been working on other projets :s), but the plan is still to produce some (model is still built!).
  5. Hi, I know this is strange, but I just come to see your message now, more than a year after :s I was absolutely not aware that the MOC was removed from Rebrickable (dunno what has happened :s). I have re-uploaded it: http://www.alter-lego.org/entries/technic/Formula1-42048/Formula1-42048-instructions.pdf Instructions for my MOCs are also available from my website (www.alter-lego.org). Many thanks to all of you for the nice comments, and my sincere apology for this accidental disappearance.
  6. jyd80

    [EV3] C-HARV3ST3R

    Yes, https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-14888/alter-lego/c-harv3st3r/, and the Ev3 program can be downloaded from there http://www.alter-lego.org/en/entries/mindstorm/C-HARV3ST3R/C-HARV3ST3R-31313.html . Any comment welcome!
  7. Hi Eurobrick folks, I would like to present my first Mindstorm Ev3 creation: a combine harvester, which I named C-HARV3ST3R, following the Ev3 terminology. It is more than a year that the project was completed, and it stood for some time on a shelf before I finally made instructions (soon on Rebrickable). I then take the opportunity to present it here: It is remote controlled with the IR beacon, including steering and raising the unloader using the middle button. The header can be raised using a lever on the right side. There are two positions: when down (harvesting mode), the small wheels drive the reel. When up (driving mode), the reel does not turn anymore, and a lever push the touch sensor. The program can therefore "know" whether we are in driving or harvesting mode, based on the state of the touch sensor. The two modes differer by the following: in harvesting mode, the combine harvester drives more slowly and no reverse driving is allowed. In addition, a counter records how much we have harvested, a gauge (in %) is displayed on the screen at the top of the machine (where the actual tank is on real machines). When the tank is full, no further move is allowed and a "bip" is emitted. One need to either go in driving mode, or to unload the harvest by raising the unloader. In driving mode, the combine harvester moves faster and can move reverse (slow speed, emitting a warning "bip"). But a video is maybe better than words: Finally, just a few more pics: Hope you like it!
  8. 10: 10 12: 6 2: 4 3: 3 8: 2 24: 1
  9. Entry A - 1 point (for the global fit: simple and well executed, a real architecture set) Entry B - 1 point (for the challenge and for the love of modern architecture) Entry E - 1 point (for the originality)
  10. Hi, I made a C-Model for the 42048 Kart :) It features a Formula 1 with working direction (controlled by HOG) and a fake engine with two gears (which can be switched from the back). The hood can be opened. There are also two exhausts and a position light in the back. It is quite fun to play with and the steering radius is much better than the one of A-model :) Here are a few pictures: The HOG is in place of the steering wheel (small yellow part). Steering mechanism is similar to B-Model, but more flat (it is only 1 stud high). The gear box is taken from A-Model and features the same ratios. The switch is on the back however (could not really put it in the cockpit :p ). Any comment welcome ! Will post instructions on rebrickable as soon as possible.
  11. Hi there, Just discovered the C-Model index, and realized that I have a few creations I could add to the list... 'cause I love C models :) Here is one I did some time ago with the 42035 set. Instructions are available on rebrickable. This is a small quad, featuring a fake engine driven by the rear wheels. The rear axle is also pendular, and the steering works. Here are a few more pictures: Any comment welcome :)
  12. Dear all, Many thanks for the positive comments! As for the suspensions, I did try to build rod suspensions with horizontal shock absorbers, but I have to admit I could not have it work. It seems to me that it's rather hard to achieve a good result without dedicated parts for that :s As a compromise, I tried to keep the shock absorbers as horizontal as possible (where 8880-B had them much more vertical, like in a regular car...) I will certainly make a LDD model and generate instructions that I will deposit on rebrickable. But it will probably take me a bit of time... Note: I originally got 8070 for the B model :) I think model A did not get that much attention because it did not fit what people usually expect of a technic supercar: real gear box, and mechanics as close as possible that of a real car. A gearbox opening doors and hoods was certainly fancy but not that realistic... NB: while I was finishing this MOC, Serge S also deposited instructions for a formula 1 8070 alternate on rebrickable, you might want to check it out!
  13. Dear all, I would like to present a one-set MOC I realised based on the 8070 supercar. It was done after COP 21: an environmentally friendly alternate that does not use the PFS elements of the original set :D While deprived of PFS, this Formula 1 features quite a few interesting functions: 4 independent suspensions Direction by HOG and steering wheel A V8 fake engine A 2 speed gear box (accessible from the cockpit) A moveable spoiler (gear under the right side) An openable engine cover So basically, that is more than what the 42000 set offers ;) (yet with no optional motorisation) Here are a few pictures: A view from the cockpit: Opening the engine cover: The spoiler and V8 engine: From above: From below, showing the mechanics for opening the engine cover and moving the spoiler: Here are the left-over parts: Hope you like it :) Any comment most welcome.
  14. jyd80

    Sets that haunt you

    I was lucky enough (I think) to enter my dark age in the mid 90s, and got out of it in 2008. Therefore, I missed rather little, because I really do not like the technic sets from the 2000s One set though, which I'm still chasing is the "super street sensation" The other one that I missed (because I was not born) is the 856... (just missed (again) an auction on that one, grrr) Outside technic, that would be the Robie House. I did not buy it when available because of the price. Then I got really into the architecture series and got more familiar with the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Now that I have accumulated books on the topic, the Robie House is haunting me...