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  1. Bricknave

    25 Years of Adventure Contest Winners

    Congratulations to the winners! This contest has brought out some really amazing Adventurers MOCs, some of which are LEGO Ideas worthy (hint hint).
  2. Bricknave

    25 Years of Adventure! Cat. C Voting

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  3. Bricknave

    25 Years of Adventure! Cat. A Voting

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  4. I think this is one of the best remakes of the Temple of Mount Everest I have seen so far. I love the effect with the explosion and the rope bridge being destroyed; "action" effects are really hard to do. I also really like your landscaping with the mountain, and the temple itself, especially how you have the temple leaning. The biplane is also a solid design, good enough to have been an entry in Category C if it was the only thing you built. I have to tell you, though: You should have posted more pictures in this thread, not just the scale picture. Your "main" picture should have been the first. The scale picture does not give people a good impression of your amazing MOC. Always put your best foot forward.
  5. Bricknave

    25 Years of Adventure! Cat. B Voting

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  6. Love the columns, the floor, and the sausage barrier! This is a great example of a museum-type MOC where the mundane things are just as interesting to look at as the things on display.
  7. Oh snap, this is an awesome take on the Temple of Anubis! You've incorporated a lot of elements from the original set, but also introduced a bit of realism with details such as the canopic jars. Great work!
  8. Bricknave

    Legrang Gompa

    Beautiful. I really like the mountain, the windows, the balcony, even the roof! I also like the addition of the yeti with the shrine. Is there an interior?
  9. I like the composition of this scene, as well as how the jungle overgrowth was built.
  10. This is absolutely amazing. I especially like how you've photographed the MOC. The light shining through the window makes it seem as though it is a real room, and the viewer is in it. Also, I think that is the best brick-built Adventurers character I have seen so far, especially with the boomerang for the mustache part of the beard. I also really like the recreation of the Scorpion Palace map.
  11. Bricknave

    25 Years of Adventure Cat. A Entries

    My take on 5938: Oasis Ambush: More photos are in the dedicated thread:
  12. 25 Years of Adventure Category A The Oasis Ambush A rebuild of one of my favorite Adventurers sets: 5938: Oasis Ambush. Despite being a small set, 5938 has almost everything a kid could ask for: A good guy, a bad guy, hidden treasure for them to find, danger to overcome, and a working function of some kind! Plus, the original model itself is unique, recognizable, and lends itself well to re-imaginings. Not only does my re-imagining include the tomb, the palm tree, the mummy, the scorpion, OG Sam Sinister / Slyboots, and (of course) Johnny Thunder, but it also includes an oasis and ... Well, an ambush. Actually, two ambushes of sorts. Johnny Thunder, blissfully unaware, bathes in the oasis after wandering the desert for days in search of the tomb. He brought his trusty comb and hand-mirror to help him stay clean, but in the corner of the mirror he catches a glimpse of something ... Slyboots! Or is it Sam Sinister? Anyway, Slyboots has managed to ambush Johnny Thunder. He has swiped the Golden Spear, and clearly has the upper hand. However, grabbing the Spear has awakened ... (EXTRA PHOTO) ... The Mummy, eyes glowing red, out to punish the one who dislodged the Golden Spear! The impetus for making Johnny Thunder get ambushed while bathing stemmed from the fact that his only expression is a smiling one. If he was ambushed by someone, and that someone was in plain view, he probably wouldn't be smiling. A chain was almost connected to the spear and to the lid of the tomb. Although pulling the chain is easy to do with the original set (5938), this would probably take considerable force for a Minifigure to do, so Slyboots probably wouldn't be able to casually pull the chain while aiming a pistol at Johnny. Instead, I settled on a magical explanation for the tomb's opening. A few creatures were scattered throughout the build to give life to the oasis. See if you can find them! Thanks for viewing!
  13. Bricknave

    25 Years of Adventure Cat. B Entries

    Dr. Kilroy's Library, where old adventures are recorded and new adventures begin: More photos are in this thread:
  14. Dr. Kilroy retreats to his personal library to record his adventures and plan for new expeditions. Two huge bookshelves brimming with knowledge help him research the flora, fauna, customs, and cultures of any country in the known world. Copies of the maps used in his original adventures hang on the walls of the library, and a large globe helps him plan trips to new destinations. Today, Dr. Kilroy is researching the potential origins of an artifact found on a remote island. Dr. Kilroy's library includes a large desk, a lamp, a comfortable armchair, a large globe, bookshelves with a ladder on a curved rail, and of course, plenty of books. EXTRA PHOTO: Thanks for viewing!