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Found 4 results

  1. The Gladiator Class Star Destroyer isn’t a well known ship from Star Wars lore (unless you play Armada) but there are tales of it here and there on the web. Here’s the Wookiepedia page for the main reference I used for mine: I started work on this on the 23rd February so it has taken me exactly one month of designing and building. I don’t use or LDD so the whole thing was built practically. It has a full technic skeleton inside with several ‘ribs’ that meet in the middle so the chance of the wings sagging is pretty much non-existent. I really liked the subtle markings on the references I found so decided to pick them out in dbg. I think this sets it apart from many traditional star destroyer Lego designs which tend to favour lots of small raised areas dotted across the hull instead of any type of patterning. I didn’t intend it to have any sort of interior but as I built the mid section, which house the hangar at the front, it just seemed like a missed opportunity not to do something with it so I created 2 rooms, the Tie hangar bay itself and a generator room behind it. The whole thing weighs 7.5 kilos. Here is me for scale. The full album can be found on my Flickr page here: Thanks for looking.
  2. Niku

    Let them fight!

    Hi! this is my first moc presented in a long time, I was trying to integrate shields on a wall as decoration for a build on the lug I form part, and ended building a small scene for the gladiator. Hope you like it.
  3. The Fighting Pit of Mophet The oasis town of Mophet is situated along the oil road and is an important stop for travellers of all sorts between Petraea and Barqa. Its foremost attraction to visitors is the fighting pit, where fights against animals or even between gladiators take place. Betting is big business and after every fight substantial amounts change hands. Today, the fierce old Mitgardian bear Bruno fights a bestiarius who seems to have gotten himself into a tougher fight than he expected and have already added some of his own blood to the already bloody sand. Fights between gladiators also happen, but are a much rarer occasion. Today's highlight is a fight between a retiarius (lightly armored, but armed with a net and a long-reaching trident) and a secutor (heavily armored and with a sturdy shield and a sharp sword). Here, the retiarius has caught the secutor in his net and tries to take advantage of the situation. Whose blood will be next to color the arena sand? Mophet is situated along the oil road about half-way between Barqa and Petraea (not shown on this map): A painting of the pivotal point in the fight between Bruno and the bestiarius, who do you think won this fight? The previous days on the tour: Day 1 - The Withered Woods Day 2 - The Jungles of Gorr Day 3 - The Lone Mountain Day 4 - The Qar-Akhen Marshes Day 5 - The Dune Sea Day 6 - The Great Dragonboat Race Day 7 - Arkbri Falls Day 8 - Okatowan Gardens Day 9 - The Triumphal Arch of Petraea Day 10 - Amrakect Market Day 11 - One Year Party Day 12 - The Lion Dance
  4. Here is a small vig I made a few weeks back, but I finally found time to actually take pictures. Nothing much, just a Roman gladiator fighting a Nubian. Enjoy!