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  1. [MOC]4x4 truck

    It is possible but, with a 11wide chassis, I prefer a smaller ground clearance to portal axles causing extra friction and slipping gears.
  2. This was supposed to be a Unimog 401 but things turned out a little different. some specs: Drive: XL motor geared 1:1 Steering: servo motor Openable doors etc It also has rear pendular suspension: And of course a belly-shot: I will make a video as soon as possible to prove its off-road performance. I hope you like it!
  3. [MOC] 4x4 retro car help

    You can use something like this for your front suspension:

    I like your compact chassis. The XL motor is geared 1:1 to the wheels, right?
  5. Watch that guy's hand on the left side. It looks like he's pulling something...
  6. I can't see why the hub holders would not work. Good luck with your Avtoros!
  7. Lego Technic 8258 DumpTruck

    No, 8258's LA's are the strongest. Two would work if it is not the 24t clutch gears that are slipping.
  8. Mini-Truck

    What a great little truck! I like the way how you managed to get it so narrow. Looking forward to your next mini!
  9. [TC12] The Dragomoto

    Thanks! The problem was that I needed it's pieces for something else...
  10. [TIP] Slackless gear meshing

    I use something quite similar to prevent bevel gears from slipping.
  11. 6. The Dragomoto The functions: - Driving (XL motor) - Steering (M motor) - Functions of the dragon (M motor) * Flapping main wings * Lifting tail up and down * Flapping tail fins All functions are powered via RC. The wings and the tail can be used to hit a car that tries to overtake. And finally the video: Link to discussion topic: I hope you enjoy!
  12. [TC12] The Dragomoto

    It will be easier to make the dragon bigger. The car is already full of all the electronics. I like it as it is, though.
  13. [TC12] The Dragomoto

    The video: