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  1. Wow! A big surprise for me when my 5 seconds Helicopter MOC video on YouTube got more than 5000 views in less than a day! The video shows how the rotor blades can be spinning. it only takes leas than 50 parts. The video - Helicopter MOC
  2. I build a helicopter Less than 50 parts helicopter
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. This MOC has received 5000 views so far.
  4. Thanks for all the feedbacks. This MOC has received 8500 views so far. :-)
  5. Cute and Compact F1 Car - Pull back engine - 179 parts - 16cm X 10cm X 8cm - 174 gram I share it here - https://www.buymeacoffee.com/zumaidi/cute-compact-f1-car Thanks for your support.
  6. A racing off road buggy inspired by Ariel Nomad Tactical. ( I have tried my best to match it :-) ) https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-90673/zumaidi/racing-off-road-buggy/#details
  7. You are welcome. I am glad that the faulty motor can still give some value of knowledge.
  8. Ha ha ha. Sorry I didn't get it in the 1st place. Thanks. The build is very tough and compact. Not sure which part is repairable. I guess may be the chip can be replaces but that requires special tool. In my case, it was not detectable by the hub.
  9. At time -stamp 5:50, I have to cut the PCB in order to inspect the top part. from 12:10 to 12:57, I just re-arranged the parts to take photos. Is the PCB on the other side "empty" ? - you can see the back at time-stamp 5:50 the hall sensor ?
  10. No. I mean people without electronic knowledge. That refers to me. I don't have any such knowledge nor qualification.
  11. This part is already faulty. The hub could not detect it. Lego has replaced with a new one. Thanks. But I am curious. What has happened inside the motor. Can it be repaired by a non electronic man? So, let's open it up. There is no screw or any opening... Then I need to be a little bit tough on this. I used a knife and Philip screw driver. So, that's it. Well, if you think this 13 minute video is boring, please forgive me. Thanks for watching.
  12. Thanks. Unfortunately I have abandoned this MOC. The width is not proportionate to the length. It will be too complicated to make the set wider.
  13. Well, that is something in the pipeline. I already did a simple test -
  14. - Oversized image removed -
  15. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, there is a similarity. I guess big wheels are better looking. Btw, this one is 2 door with big wheels.