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  1. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Airwolf Supercopter

    Hello Mitul, I'll be happy to help ! You should download the manual from Rebrickable and study 3D model on Bricklink, and if these are not enough don't hesitate to ask for support ! Enjoy your build !
  2. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Mazinger Z

    Hello Kiwikid ! Wow, I'm very honoured to have a fan !!! ;) Right now the project is on Lego Ideas, so I publishing instructions would not be fair if to Lego if ever goes in production. Perhaps I will create instructions if it does not get the green light... (Still more than a year to go, though, so you'll have to be patient !). In the meanwhile, you can support the Mazinger Z Trilogy project and help it get more supporters ! You'll find it there : Thanks in advance !
  3. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Mazinger Z

    Domo arigato !!!
  4. That's a very valid point and an excellent design philosophy. Congrats ! (again ;)
  5. Fantastic build ! Congratulations for rendering both the body and chassis so well - I would gladly buy a "chassis only" version to display near the finished car !!! I would debate the active anti-roll system, though, because it makes the car look weird when steered (I don't think the 1:1 car takes that much roll !!!) but have to admit tech you put into is remarkable ;) Bravissimo !
  6. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Airwolf Supercopter

    Hello Swift, I suggest you visit my Airwolf MOC page on Rebrickable to download the PDF instructions, then click on the Inventory tab ( You will be presented with the list of parts needed to the build, with buttons to create a Wanted list on Bricklink or a Wish list on Brickowl. Then on your favourite of those 2 sites, you will just have to validate your carts to order the necessary parts from sellers everywhere in the world. I suggest you watch some tutorials about how these sites work first, so you can spend the right amount of money for the build (it can become very expensive as parts prices vary with each seller, their condition - used or new - and the location / shipping costs). Welcome to this addicting world and have fun with the build!
  7. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Mazinger Z

    Hi again Operacion Saturno ! Finally I but the bullet and followed your advice... I've updated my Mazinger build which has just been admitted in Lego Ideas as the Mazinger Z Trilogy ! Perhaps it could become a real set one day !!! Thanks for convincing me it was worth it !
  8. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Airwolf Supercopter

    Hi all, For those of you who would like to build their own Airwolf, I've just uploaded a PDF Instruction Manual on Rebrickable ! You can also see the 3D model on Bricklink if you'd like to rotate it in all directions ;) Enjoy!
  9. Terrific job - global shape and technical highlights make for a great model. Headlights and "face" are fantastic ! Thanks for sharing.
  10. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Goldorak - UFO Robo Grendizer

    Thanks for your compliments ! Indeed I first thought they would be impossible to render in Lego but I am pretty proud of the result. Only the heads, and more specifically the eyes, still bug me as they are too "cyclopean". I dream of new head parts from the Lego Group. But, hey - that would be too easy I guess !!!
  11. Yep, magic is the right word to describe your work. Thanks for this moment of poetry !
  12. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Mazinger Z

    Hi all, Mazinger fans might be interested in my new MOC, a rendering of God Mazinger, a "rock" derivative of the famous Super Robot : The Anime series was cheap and not very popular, but an interesting point in the Mazinger saga anyway !
  13. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Raideen

    Hi all, for once I haven't built a Go Nagai design, but chose another classic robot design by Yoshiyuki Tomino, who famously designed Gundam afterwards. This super robot is Raideen : Raideen is one of the earliest transforming robot designs. He can change into "God Bird" : (I'm still not totally happy with God Bird's beak design rendered in Lego, though - any suggestion appreciated !-) More pictures on my Flickr page : Enjoy !
  14. Hi all, still working on my "Lego Nagai" super robots ! I've recreated some of Go Nagai's less popular designs, which are interesting nonetheless : This one is Gakeen, it was a kind of follow-up for Jeeg, also featuring the magnet articulations but in a weirdly proportionned toy. Super long legs and very short torso are very unusual. The colour scheme is a good reminder that war is stull raging on in Ukraine, and that it should stop ! This one is Groizer X, a robot that could transform into a kind of weird plane. It was very popular in Spanish and Portuguese language countries. Las but not least, Govarian is a transforming robot that featured in a cartoon with many similarities with Gundam and Macross/Robotech. The series' sponsor requested that the main robot should have a head similar to Mazinger's ! The robot could be upgraded with an additional armour in the shape of a transforming jet / spacecraft. You'll see more pics on my Flickr pages ! Enjoy !
  15. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Goldorak - UFO Robo Grendizer

    Hi all, for the Go Nagai fans and historians, you might be interested in this super robot : It's Roboizer, the "prototype" of Grendizer. It featured in a movie that Toei created to test the next robot to feature in the Mazinger saga, but the design was not popular and evolved into the Grendizer we know and love. This one is very simple and plain, but does have a certain retro charm !