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  1. Gheo-rescue

    Hope that some on-line translator does not make the text even less understandible. :D the vehicle is/was (?) very light, because it has only one XL motor, suspension based on longitudinal torsion of the chassis, and the author has huge experience in building great trial trucks. Unfortunatelly, probably the use of Servo motor caused enormous energy consumption (the same as in most of vehicles). If this did not happen, I think that my vehicle would not be the only one that crossed the finish line. I hope that the author of this MOC will say more also here. :)
  2. [TC12] Avalunch 2002 - finished

    Yes, she comes from Scala line. (At least, I hope) The tracks move much better on more adhesive surface, combination of plastic and paper does not work well.
  3. 22: 10 9: 6 15: 4 10: 3 7: 2 11: 1
  4. [TC12] The Toaster

    Great entry, I like it a lot, but the seats are hilarious and best of all. :D
  5. [TC12] The Mean Machine

    @Charbel No, I am glad that you entered the contest (it would be shame if not). Contests are for fun, and one of the ways to achieve it, is growing number of awesome entries. :)
  6. [TC12] The Mean Machine

    It looks awesome, it captures the shapes of the original very well, it is built in nearly perfect way, using many interesting techniques, your videos are always joy to watch, but there is one little flaw IMO - it is re-creation of yet existing shape, another (perfect) scale-model. It seems to me, in comparison with other entries, that have mostly never-seen-before shapes. Please, do not misunderstand, I really like the model, but You just executed wackiness just in slightly different way than others contestants
  7. [TC12] Arachne

    The steering is amazing (and also inspiring). Really good work. When I saw the movement of it, while the central frame stays in initial position without any deflections, compass came to my mind... however, I really like the name Arachne, because it really looks like spider. PS: The colour scheme reminds me the Competition Technic line; there were similar structures to your entry. And that is good, IMO.
  8. [TC12] The Stretch Slicer

    Oh, that seems so maneuverable... :D It would take hours to overtake another racer. :D (but I really like this idea! ) Would it be possible to show, how you got this result? I think, but I am not sure, that the power of multiple engines and acceleration are not related this way. This amount of power would a least result in extremely heavy-duty drivetrain (not thinking about rotation limits e.g., in bearings), that would be too heavy. Even in Wacky universe.
  9. They come from Bionicle or other buildable figures/creatures series.
  10. Do the springs compress due to centrifugal force when your turret rotates? I like this detail :) (the rest of the vehicle is great too, off course)
  11. [TC12] Carniveil (finished)

    Interesting tactics. Kids are very inventive and unpredictible. :D I really like how many functions (and also new, fresh, uncommon) have you packed inside. Good work!
  12. 8. Avalunch 2002 (also known as Speedysnow, Avalaunch, and Missing-ski) AVALUNCH AVALUNCH 2002 Functions: Casual: -steering -fake V8 engine -easily accesible snack box Wacky: -"Avalanche" ... dropping snow behind to make road slippery (in best conditions also making snowdrifts -"Snowcannon" throwing snowballs to opponents - it's effectiveness is not very high, but they're annoying and causes concentration loss when they're, for example, under your racing suit. Simple functions for easier operation (by our dumb driver) and less technical issues during the race. Legends say, that this vehicle use liquid nitrogen as fuel. They're false, unleaded Octan(TM) petrol is used. (in case of any doubts, please ask our team's Mechanic)
  13. [TC12] Avalunch 2002 - finished

    Hi, here are the final photos. AVALUNCH 2002 AVALUNCH 2002 AVALUNCH 2002 AVALUNCH 2002 Your snack is waiting... AVALUNCH 2002 - snack installed AVALUNCH 2002
  14. [TC12] Arachne

    Do you plan to show the power of the catapult in short video? (please) :D It looks great!
  15. [TC12] Avalunch 2002 - finished

    Thanks :) I wanted to make slightly updated design of the missile. VIDEO is online.