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  1. Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I have finally uploaded photos of this MOC with it's bigger brother (borrowed from friend). Someone might find these photos nice. More photos: https://bricksafe.com/pages/horcikdesigns/tc25-honey-i-shrunk-the-8454-/finished---comparison-with-original
  2. @Thierry-GearsManiac Thanks, will note this for future designs, it might be the reason for some issues of this design. Nonetheless, probably due to the increased part clearances and tolerances the reduction kind of works when accidentally assembled correctly. @gyenesvi Yes, this design use original 6 hole pulley wheel. However, there might be some slight backlash or something that compensates the 7.5° gap so the parts fit together without any stress. too complex thinking right now :D
  3. HorcikDesigns

    [MOC] Pirate Airship (steampunk)

    @Yperio_Bricks - Thank you guys! Heh, I had the exact same feeling about the monkey! :D I definitely would like to make better photos of the MOC, but now I have no space to take it out of it's box. @Feuer Zug - Thank you. :) The lights were probably the hardest part of the build for me. I have uploaded short video showing the lighting in action. https://www.instagram.com/p/C0tWkPfL41V/
  4. HorcikDesigns

    [MOC] Pirate Airship (steampunk)

    Hi, new to this section of the forum, hope this MOC will fit within the theme pirates. :) Besides Technic I sometimes build something else, Space, or lately Steampunk. I always wanted to build some Pirate Airship (or spaceship), but have never enough courage to do so. Until January 2023. Then I finally begun this project. Originally it had to be decent mid-scale MOC with calssic blimp above stylized wooden ship body with massive boiler and side propellers. However, it have not never worked as I wished. So in september, with SHIPtember in mind I scratched almost everything I had built before and started building from it. I have changed the concept of the ship, I went with rigid body airship. It is my biggest MOC by dimensions so far. I know, it would never fly, it has interior where it should have hydrogen or helium, but I built it as some kind of doll-house and exhibition piece to iniciate conversation with visitors to make them encourage to watch closely all details (I have hidden there some pop-culture characters and animals - both kids and parents enjoyed finding all of them on the exhibition. It has motorized and remotely controlled (cables) propellers (swinging front and back and propeller rotation with simulated steam engine pistons,, winch with anchor in the back, and arduino powered light system. Full gallery: https://bricksafe.com/pages/horcikdesigns/steampunk-airship-pirates/final01 WIP photos and full presentation (czech) on my LUG forum sites: https://www.kostky.org/forum/index.php?topic=54014.new#new
  5. Hi, love this thread! so much inspiration (and also depression that these parts do not exist yet). I have also designed some parts that were "necessary" in some of my MOCs (and to justify owning a 3D printer) from past years. Some of the parts are available for free from Printables.com (link below). I will be grateful for downloads and likes, in case you find them useful too. https://www.printables.com/@HorcikDesigns_298061/models I attach some photos/screenshots of my most favourite ones that I released. My take on 3 functions through one axis: A connector for slim live axle with planetary or Audi HUBS (or any other fitting use) Inner 24t gear ring for compact planetary reduction and finally, (probably oldest custom part) Ball Bearing Housing for buggymotors - stress relief for direct drive applications
  6. @Maaboo the Witch Exactly my first impression from this set. Glad that the new one has 4 wheels, it wull be better for MOCs . :D Btw, I like the gray tires more and more
  7. HorcikDesigns

    Zero's workshop

    Oh the progress, where does it stop! :D Good luck with the new tool!
  8. @Count Sepulchure Heh, thank you. I have some memories of playing with this set when I got it as a kid, so I wanted to build smaller version of it. :D Well, it does not steer as good as the original set, but the arm on roof is still fun to manipulate, even in this smaller scale.
  9. Hello, here am I with another reports from our little events. RACE 2 ... was held on the same place as rece one, but with two more competitors. more photos: https://bricksafe.com/pages/horcikdesigns/ltrl/race-2 RACE 3 ... was first with offroad features. We had to change place. more photos: https://bricksafe.com/pages/horcikdesigns/ltrl/race-3---praha-ledarny-branik
  10. Wow. I have recently built rx7-like car too, but your attempt is despite some similar solutions way ahead, and superior in model accuracy. Good job!
  11. Well, maybe it was discussed here before - tool/household appliance/gear - simply everyday objects (no weapons!) contest might be something fresh and out of comfort zone for many of us. It also might be nice to include smaller parts of bigger machines (like side mirrors from car You want to build model of favourite engine? go ahead, without wheels attached but with detailed camshaft. Hope that someone builds you some oil pump. Adjustable side mirror or car seat with all fancy knobs you know from high-end cars? yes, of course. Washing machine? What are you waiting for? Hand mixer or kitchen robot? Hope you will be allowed to disassemble it after presenting it in kitchen. Chainsaw? Hope you do not shoot presentation video in Texas, that might interfere with the no-weapon rule Hand held drilling machine? great, will there be BI for this MOC? Working Camera with lens? Well, if you use only original LEGO parts, then you're already a winner. :D Sewing machine with working mechanism? Well, dark magic is not prohibited... mower? it is not a vehicle even when it has wheels, but do not make it garden tractor. And so on. What do you think about it?
  12. I am happy that I could join this awesome contest.
  13. Thank you very much! :)
  14. I did it! (fastest video edit in my personal history) Trobules with sound removal were almost longer than video shooting. @JimHi jim, once again today - I can not modify the post in entry topic, so at least it is here. Thanks again, and sorry for complications. :)