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  1. HorcikDesigns

    [TC17] FrankenBase

    Mad cersion of @mahjqa's Landship was first thing that came to my mind. Massive MOC (wow, I've never thought that 42100 could ever look so small). However, some disproportionalities really bother me - how could people tgat are able to enter tge control roombe able to climb that ladder? And, comparing size of the ship and monstertrzck chassis, wow, that monstrtruck had to be really monstrous. Do not understand me wrong, I rally like the idea of using old ship for mobile base (imagine the fuel consumption, nothing scream more MadMax than this), but IMHO, some proportions should be kept. Aside from that, it is really great MOC.
  2. HorcikDesigns

    [TC17] The Fishing Warrior

    Nice! Looking forward to see it finished!
  3. HorcikDesigns

    [TC17] Apocalypse Scrambler

    Oh, that jerrycan is awesome! By the way, this whole MOC is great! I like it a lot.
  4. HorcikDesigns

    [TC17] Harshharvester - VIDEO is online!

    @MangaNOID Thanks! @aol000xw Yes, that's true. Personally, I'm not into MadMax stuff, but I really enjoyed building this MOC. I slightly worry about this, because all entries will look too similar to each other. @Ctan Thanks! I am glad that you like my entry.
  5. HorcikDesigns

    [TC17] Harshharvester - VIDEO is online!

    Update time. Video is being processed, hope to finish it during the weekend. Now it is time for detail and technical photos. Hi-res are available on my Bricksafe. https://bricksafe.com/pages/horcikdesigns/tc17-hardvester
  6. HorcikDesigns

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    Awww, that background is awesome! I would personally focus on the car only (lower depth of field), but the rust fit the roadwarrior theme perfectly.
  7. HorcikDesigns

    [TC17] Harshharvester - VIDEO is online!

    Thanks! I tried to use LBG version of the part (18940), but the red looks better. It goes with the front rims and adds some life to rest of the faded body.
  8. HorcikDesigns

    [TC17] Harshharvester - VIDEO is online!

    Well, here is the promised update. Next time I'll add more detail photos of all functions and also a video showing this beast in action! All photos: https://bricksafe.com/pages/horcikdesigns/tc17-hardvester I've added some brown details, some rods and bars, machinegun, more spikes, driver seat and steering wheel, more chains, more spikes and chains and even more brown bricks. The vehicle's functions are aimed to maximize playability, so all controlling knobs and one button are placed on sides and roof. The vehicle has working V6 fake engine and 2 rear axle steering with different steering angle (even in maximally mad postapocalyptic world should be some basic rules to build well-behaving vehicles). Steering is controlled with the dkBrown 2×2 round brick on the roof. Then there is front attachment, that is powered by front wheels, but not continuously, there is a switch operated by 2L liftarm on the roof. The attachment is permanently connected with the vehicle. Rising and tilting of the front attachment are independently controlled by obligatory signal lights from the roof, that are connected to three small LAs (2 rising, 1 tilting). On the back there is a wrecking arm, that can extend (crank on left side of the vehicle) and elevate (crank on right side). Next to the crane arm is the Light bullish gray thing, that is in fact the most complicated mechanical device of the truck, a button-operated minelayer. The trigger-button is located right behind the cab and is not clearly visible current photos. By pressing the button you turn the shutter on the end of the minelayer, that releases just 1 "mine" (yellow 2L connector with 1L liftarm). The following mines are stopped from falling by rubber element, that turns in opposite direction and with 1/3 of angle of the shutter. There is also a tiny machinegun on one side, that is attached to side-mounted platform, that can unfold when needed. It can also be used as bridge to allow passengers of my rig to jump to another car that we meet on the road. Do you want to hear a backstory of this truck? It was probably found on an abandoned farm in the wastelands and is used mostly as a freelance recovery vehicle. However, if the recovered crew is not generous (fuel is the best gift, right?), this truck can wreck them again in seconds. Thank you for this contest, it was great excuse to myself to buy some brown bricks I always wanted but never needed. Hope you like my entry, and please let me know in comments what would you change. And I hope that the rear hook does not violate the rule about cutting bricks. The end link of the chain cracked after stepping on it approx 10 years ago.
  9. HorcikDesigns

    [TMC1] 8081 SRT Tremor

    Keep it up, it looks super awesome!
  10. HorcikDesigns

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Powered Up

    Wow, nice 911. Good job!
  11. HorcikDesigns

    [TMC1] 8081 Concept now with PDF instructions

    I've also made instructions guide for this MOC. Visit Rebrickable.com, find MOC-34705 and enjoy! https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-34705/Horcikdesigns/concept-car-8081-hommage/#bi
  12. HorcikDesigns

    [TC17] Mad Nomad - Finished design stage

    I really like look of this vehicle. The wheel supports that are on the outer side of the rim give it very special look, and their backward lean gives the whole vehicle really agressive look. Keep it up! .
  13. HorcikDesigns

    [TCM1] 8081 110 Pickup

    @Thirdwigg That sounds great!
  14. HorcikDesigns

    [TCM1] 8081 110 Pickup

    Thank you for the instructions. I have to say it again, really nice and clean build.