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  1. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 4 - finished

    Thanks, well, I'll try to finish them before the summer.
  2. I would like to join as GBC is another thing I have never built, but I can not promise I would really fu ish it for the contest. Most likely unfortunatelly not.
  3. Thank you all who made this contest possible!
  4. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 4 - finished

    Thank you! Well, one day there might be instructions available, but I can not say nor promise when. But I would like to make them.
  5. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 4 - finished

    @Pato Sentado Thank you! Well, it is at least inspired by it. ;)
  6. This contest was and still is so much fun! Thank you all who participated on it - as organiser, or as contestant.
  7. Well, this was hard. and I can not say I am convinced that I choose really the top 6 for me. Every entry has one or more things that I like a lot, that would make it to the top 6. Good luck to all contestants! 27:10 5:6 1:4 7:3 9:2 2:1
  8. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 4 - finished

    @Rudivdk Thank you for kind words! Good luck in the contest to you too!
  9. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] 'Snake' custom chopper

    Altough I am not usually sold on thematic choppers, I must admit that you did great work here! I like that the snake is clearly visible from the side profile of the chopper.
  10. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] Custom Fat Boi

    Well, I like the muscular stance of the bike, it's wide frame, bold exhaust pipes, it's wide tires, like it' calling "Just try to mess with me and you'll see". It is ironically kinda accurate, because but the steering would be a problem in real life. To be honest, many entries in this contest have wrong steering geometry that would prove unstable and unrideable (or at least extremly dangerous) when built in real life. You can improve it by rebuilding the front section so the steering axis intersects the ground in front of front wheel's point of contact with the ground. However, as long as contests are mainly for fun and joy of building, it hopefully does not really matter.
  11. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] Saphyr S4R 1400cc (video added)

    I like your deltabox frame, overal stance of the bike and the presence of clutch. Keep up good work, HOG engine is original idea that I might adopt one day too. But to be honest, you definitely have space for at least 2 speed transmission. ;) The swingarm is 8studs wide? ANd could you please show us the side view of the bike? (I would like to check the steering geometry, especially the front trail length ;) )
  12. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 4 - finished

    Thanks! I am glad you like it. Well, I really look forward to see with what you will come. 😉
  13. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 4 - finished

    @chlego Thanks!
  14. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] - Hybrid (2WD)

    At first sight it does not look so complex, but after closer visual examination am I amazed how clean and simple-complex solutions you did here. I like the scrambler vibe, the short seat, low posture of the bike, front suspension solution, altough the front end seems to be slightly too long - I know that it is because the FWD mechanism, but still the missing front wheel trail (essential for stability) is slightly disturbing. However, you did a great job on this MOC! :)
  15. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] The Predator - Concept bike

    The tail lights with exhaust and spine-line on the top is really nice touch and pushes the bike on another level. Good job!