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  1. Spring loaded Lego PF switch?

    Some time ago I used this setup in my first cable-powered Trial truck The PF switch is connected from the other side (to the plate via studs) and there is a rubberband between the ball-pins. Reinforcement needed, and testing of the switching force.
  2. Thanks :) Which two cables did you connected with the battery? According to the Philo's site (and attached image), there are four wires (9V, 0V, and two for control signal) on the cable. You connected the 9V to "+" side of the bat. and 0V to the "-"? (if I understand it right) (some time ago I also tried to connect 3rd party BB to my S-brick and it did not ended well, because I probably had to connected wrong cables (S-brick luckily survived, but some PF connectors melted :D)
  3. Superb model, and even better performance! Would it be please possible to share with us mode details about BB and connecting it to the extension wire?
  4. Custom Jet Fighter (Studded)

    Not bad (I am fan of the Space-y colour-scheme, although it miss the trans yellow windscreen), but IMHO, it is not Technic or Model team MOC. Maybe the Space or Town or Other sub-forum would be ideal place with appropriate audience fot it. Then take a look here or there for better home for your MOC ;) https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/forum/23-lego-sci-fi/ https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/ https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/forum/33-themes/
  5. Thanks for the LDD.
  6. Great looking model, even better chassis. And, would it be possible to share more details about the freewheel? ;) Does the U-joints behave well in the front wheelhubs? I also tried to build LEGO drifting chassis (without gyroscope), but this part (U-joint) made a lot of troubble, and CVs does not allow large steering angles.
  7. [MOC] STAG - semi-cinetic sculpture

    Sorry for inconvenience, I did not want to use my Youtube channel for such a small video expalnations, so I used the Flickr instead. Sorry again, I'll replace the link soon. The 3l liftarms were not supposed to be anything, but I like the wobbly movement. :D
  8. Hi, Please, play video before reading and scrolling down the topic. From the first moment I saw the Hoberman sphere made by JK Brickworks, I knew that I have to build it one day. Today is not the day, but I tried to build the mechanism with nearly all of my LBG and LB #3 connectors. This has came to my mind after finishing it. Hope you are not disgusted. :D STAG play video first by Horcik Designs, on Flickr STAG play video first by Horcik Designs, on Flickr STAG internals by Horcik Designs, on Flickr
  9. [MOC] 4x4 Deserty Rally Off-roader

    I really like this car - small, full of nice details, covered with nice set of stickers, fast, and with proportions that are not too far from real thing. However, I am also interested in the meaning of ANSYS sticker - In case you did some simulations (FEM, etc.) for this car, would it be possible to show them too?
  10. Thank you for LDD, this is great model.
  11. Axle Collection Thread

    I would like to apologise, I forgot this part (small U-cage, or bevel gear bracing), it is possible to palce the gears and joint into your axle, although the offset is too big, and the 5×7 frame can not be used, and the structure would not be very rigid.
  12. Axle Collection Thread

    No, it will not fit inside. I know very well, how Ledwinka's solution in Tatra style suspension (swinging half-axles) work. I have also tried to build this type of suspension for my tril trucks many times, so you can trust me, that this assembly can not fit CV- or U-joints and gearing at the same time. Firstly, any LEGO bevel gears on the main driveshaft (that is going through Tatra's "spine") would collide with the frame (5x7 technic beam), and secondly, this axle is too narrow to fit complete assembly of original joint, bearing and smallest bevel gear next o each other. An internal structure, that is shown on previous site, does not allow mounting any gears that would mesh with it's counterpart. Any modiications that would lead to making this axle driven would make entirely new one. Maybe am I wrong, but please prove it with picture of minimally modified previous axle.
  13. Axle Collection Thread

    But there is no room for gears in the frame. and also in the half-axle. (judging only from photo)