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  1. HorcikDesigns

    [MOC] TOYOTA Land Cruiser 76

    The chassis is really well built, I especially like the triangulation and axles - need to try something similar. Good job, and thanks for sharing!
  2. HorcikDesigns

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    What if TLG marketing planned this from the very beginning of development of this set, just to make them look better in public view? (look, we developed new set, but you do not like it? Oh, sorry, we will not sell it if you guys do not like it.) Also, what will enviromentally oriented activists say to adress of TLG eco-friendly policy, when they find out what will happen with tons of plastic and paper waste? Right now is their loud voice needed! Nonsense, conspiracy, shower-thoughty BS, I know, but I still can not believe that the connection with military theme was not seen before and it was I will miss you so hard, new DBG panels.
  3. HorcikDesigns

    Lego Mini Tatra 815-7 8x8 1/18

    Wow, really nice truck! Really, really nice.
  4. HorcikDesigns


    Do you want to build this MOC? Now you can! Just check out the Rebrickable.com and search for MOC-47007. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-47007/Horcikdesigns/expsuv-really-fast-offroader/?inventory=1#comments
  5. HorcikDesigns


    Thanks! With LR wheels it looks interesting, but slightly too narrow
  6. HorcikDesigns


    I had some fun outside with this offroader again, now with Fischertechnik tires and custom 3D printed rims. Later, I also had "fun" with stud.io. Hope you like it. 😉
  7. HorcikDesigns

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    So, acording to the picture, it seems like no planetary HUBs are used in this set... Well, my piggybank will probably survive another wave.
  8. HorcikDesigns


    Thanks! Wheels spinninning is sign of wrong tire tread for the current terrain and torque excess. Sometimes also non-ideal weight distribution.
  9. HorcikDesigns


    @suffocation Thanks! They are my most favourite original LEGO tires in this scale (76-85mm) by look. Performance in terrain is mostly poor, but for rough concrete or dirt it is sufficient. However, the third party tires used on latest (not last) iteration.
  10. HorcikDesigns


    @lmdesigner42 Thank you. :) The headlights on last iteration of the MOC (from video) are covered with Train Light Prism 1 x 3 (4171), that are put by their round end to the half-liftarm. It is really nice and useful part. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=4171#T=C&C=12 On the oldest iteration are they built with TrClear plates, second iteration got 1×2 TrClear bricks or plates.
  11. INSTRUCTIONS: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-47007/Horcikdesigns/expsuv-really-fast-offroader/#bi Expeditional? Exponential? Exceptional? No, EXP stands for Experimental. This MOC has origins deep in 2019 when I found that @Madoca 1977 built Dacoma Redux with really neat front axle where (after some modifications) the new planetary HUB could be mounted while maintaining reasonalble ground cleaeance vetween the wheels. Then I mounted Buggy motor (5292) to the chassis, and first prototype was done. Then I realized, that this chassis behaves really well, and started thinking about it as about my new Overland Expedition (or Kostky Trophy) truck. (later I got reminded, that buggy motor is quite hungry, so it can not be used in this kind of event. But, with bigger battery... Have to try.) So, next step was the body. You can see that I experimented with new tire-rim combo. Too heavy, but not bad. And then I finally bought Buwizz. Laziness and worries about custom RC recievers and batteries won. (hope that not for all times :D) I also installed LEDs to the truck. And bought new tires. And finally, last week I took it outside. Hope you like it. :) More upgrades are slowly on the way. ;)
  12. HorcikDesigns

    [TC18] Tatra T87 (Streamline) - Finished

    Well, here it is. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-43900/Horcikdesigns/tatra-t87/#comments
  13. HorcikDesigns

    [TC18] Tatra T87 (Streamline) - Finished

    Well, Is someone interested in .io file of this MOC? ;)
  14. Thank you all, who participated and organized this great contest, I really enjoyed it - from finally started my favourite xar as a MOC, to seeing and inspecting other entries for not only new and interesting building techniques.
  15. 59: 10 29: 6 47: 4 30: 3 20: 2 41: 1