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  1. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] Cyberpunkish concept style bike

    Looks great! Looking forward to see more of it.
  2. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] Kickboxer Diesel

    Good luck with the rebuild, and please keep the front swingarm. 😉
  3. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 2

    @steph77 - I know. I can build blue, black, LBG and DG (with few DBG and black parts) versions, theoretically red, or white (but I do not want to buy 16 extra #3 connectors just for one MOC...). I will show them later (hope to make photos during weekend) with a few more fuel tank colour variants. But personally, altough I know it blends into the engine assembly, I like and probably will stay with the black version.It fits my vision the best. Let's wait for the photos. @Dazzzy and @steph77 - thank you for confirming the fuel tank height issue, I decieded to lower it slightly by one stud, and the bike looks much better now. @Jurss and @steph77 - Be sure I will keep the offroad tires, the personality of the MOC is one of main priorities for me. I added one stud on the front fork, so the exhausts are not so low now, and it looks a bit less like sportbike. (I also moved steerig axis one stud forward, so the bike has bigger (and more realistic) trail on front wheel. @Lipko Heh, thanks. @nerdsforprez Yes, I am also amazed by the variety of entries, the voting will be really difficult. Be sure I will build just that what I like. ;)
  4. @Jim, @Milan I have one question. Is a 3d printed part, an exact copy of an official part, just in slightly different colour, considered a 3rd or 2nd party part? I am not takling about noncanonical gears, shorter panels, wheels, liftarms with even number of holes, or other useful parts, but exact (functional and aesthetical) copies (exported as .stl from LDraw, for example) of existing and not easily available parts like existing panels, accesories like brake discs, etc. I think that rule about this kind of parts is missing, because it might be just another Pandora's box and reason for many arguments, if it became more popular.
  5. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 2

    @Thirdwigg Well, next time I'll try to change the tires to see whether you changed my mind (and my love for custom nonesensual scramblers) :D The sand green is a colour I would like to keep, because there probably will not be many MOCs in this contest using it, and I really like how it goes with the orange and gold colour. @Jurss Thanks for pointing this out. I also wondered, whether it does not blend with the engine, but I really like the colour combo (black-orange-white-sandgreen-red decals). I might try LBG variant of the frame to see whether it still looks cool. (Honestly, originally I wanted it to be red, but then I counted type #3 connectors I used on the frame and decieded to stay with black. Using blue is another option, but that does not go well with current colourscheme... I'll try some more colour variants in the near future. @Jundis Thanks! I like the frame too. The e-bike is just a WIP and test rig so far, so I do not have to build the e-drive inside the moc itself.
  6. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 2

    @Dazzzy Thank you! @johnnym Thanks! I am glad you like it.
  7. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 2

    Update time! Well, I did better photos of current assembly, with few added details and some minor changes. More to come, hope to find a way to add a working leg activated rear brake or at least simplify the drivetrain swap process. Also hope to add some fake wires or cables to simulate bowdens or tubes. All photos and some more on my Bricksafe: https://bricksafe.com/pages/horcikdesigns/tc19-hd-one Note to myself: Change the front brake discs for original LEGO before final entry shooting (and change them back for these 3D printed ones with that lovely colour right after) Detail of the engine: F-ICE = fake internal combustion engine Technically, it would be possible to add there a separately operated clutch (hopefully from the handlebars), or 3rd gear (hope the BL order arrives in time). And one more with lightened front fork: And finally: my favourite detail - handlebars. I do not know whether I saw this solution somewhere before (then sorry for not crediting anyone), but I totally love that they are adjustable and almost click-on like real ones. And here is the E-drive on test rig: Battery not assembled yet, waiting for a bunch of 1x1 round bricks. Both he real and fake frame are nicely visible on next photo, and also alternative swingarm that allows wider rear tire. I know, the chain is too loose. I kinda like the front of the prototype rig bike.
  8. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] GENESIS Renegade

    The turbine looks awesome, and I wonder whether I will be able to say how good it is, when you add all tubes and attachments... Keep up good work!
  9. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] Katana supersport

    Show us, show us! I am very curious to see your solution.
  10. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 2

    Well, this one is too small for my taste, but I might give it a try.
  11. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 2

    Thanks! Which dish do you have on mind? I do not remember any part like this...
  12. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] Future Delivery Bike

    Could the misalignment be caused by torsional flex in the long axle?
  13. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 2

    @MajklSpajklBetter photos will definitely arrive, these were taken just by phone originally for IG only purposes. However, why should I make anything easier for the spies? well, I'll try to change the tires, and we'll see what happens. @2GodBDGlory Thanks, I like it's look too. Maybe the e-version will get set of slicks. Honestly, I do not remember any other entry with these tires, but I am sure an hope there are more, yet not shared. Sorry if I forgot someone.
  14. HorcikDesigns

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 2

    Thanks! I have one set from 42107, but I would have to redesign the swingarm, because the rear tire is too wide. However, it is not unreal to maintain the width (+- one stud) and make the slick version. However, personally, I like the harsh look of these dirt bike tires on it. ;)