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  1. [TC12] Avalunch

    I can not deny that 42069 is my favourite set from 2017 line. :D (I hope to buy one soon) Here is another WIP of this project - finished roof and windscreen frame. I plan to make more details in the interior too, but later. TC12WIP roof finished by Horcik Designs, on Flickr
  2. [TC12] Avalunch

    Today, I have tried to build more from the body of this little beast. I try to get the look of hot-rod at the cabin, the front will miss classic grille. TC12 WIP2
  3. [TC12] The Toaster

    Attacking side skirt? Can't wait to see it! :D
  4. [TC12] Kolorblind Kraken

    More teeth, more respect. :D I really look forward to see it finished, the wheelbase looks great!
  5. [TC12] Avalunch

    @Thirdwigg Hmmm... I can not confirm that yet. @Seasider The name is not final, but this one sounds wacky enough, in my opinion. :D @Leonardo da Bricki Front suspension is individual, behind the seats is one live axle. Originally the tracks were able to rotate freely in very huge angle, but because of their asymmetry it was annoying, so they were limited for approx. 10 deg of movement around sprocket wheel axis. Rear tracks with help of soft spring, in front with simple pegs. Eating / hiding other vehicles inside sounds really wacky, but slightly unfair, and with current setup of the vehicle, unachievable. My wacky function tries to mimic original "weapons and advantages" from the game.
  6. [TC12] Avalunch

    I'll at least try to build one :D Thank you.
  7. Hi, here is my TC12 topic. Origin, plans, backstory, whatever. When I've seen this contest announcement, I was not really excited, mostly because the original game and TV show missed me. But I liked the idea, and the fact it is a contest ( :D ) , so I decieded to give it a try. Later, I was browsing my old drawings, and stumbled upon really old "monsters in hot-rods" (https://horcikdesigns.deviantart.com/gallery/40040640/Monsters-in-HotRods) series, and recognised, that they're wacky enough (especially the Yeti) to be inspiration for this contest. So, the base stone (or snowball) was laid. The build went really fast from that moment. I plan to make simple 2 axle "wackhicle" capable of travelling through every terrain (mainly snow, of course), something like snow-hot-rod. Steered will be only front axle, and the wacky function will unfortunatelly be very simple, but the name of this hungry Yeti's cart is derived from this. It will also be equipped with front snowball cannon to freeze opponents. Right now I have nearly finished the chassis. I will not show you the colour-scheme, but be sure it has something to do with another LEGO line. TC12 - Avalunch TC12 - Avalunch TC12 - Avalunch Stay tuned for more Snow'n'roll.
  8. [MOC] JEEP Wrangler Expedition

    @Aleh & @I_Igor Thank you very much, I am glad that you like it :)
  9. Is something like 42069 (but more wacky) also possible? iI has treads/tracks, so I hope that yes.
  10. [TC12] [WIP] Crazed Cart

    Looks very interesting and promising so far. I think that I surmise, what the L motor is it supposed to do.
  11. My browser does not want to run it flawlessly.
  12. From certain muzzle velocity not :D It is just my point of view, but bananas and similar unusual ammo are IMO ok. :D It is just point of view. :)
  13. In my opinion, guns (expect cartoony cannons and fireworks) are not really "wacky".
  14. The video is even better than the car, and the car is awesome. :D Good job!
  15. [MOC] JEEP Wrangler Expedition

    @braker23Thank you very much! :) I think that here and there could be some things done for the eye better, but it fills it's purpose enough well, thus it is good :) @AFOLegofan66 Then I really look forward to see it finished. (Please make it in lime colour :D ) It might be super strong and fast. :)