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  1. [MOC] Train Station (50s style)

    Ah yes, I forgot about a dormer - a regular feature of traditional British train stations. And somewhere to hang a clock!
  2. [MOC] Train Station (50s style)

    Yup, the back is open to allow play or display of the internal detail, in the tradition of the Winter Village series. Click 3D view at the following link: https://studio.bricklink.com/v2/build/model.page?idModel=32026
  3. [MOC] Lego BR class 08 diesel shunter

    I guess this is going to get a whole lot easier with PF 2.0 and its combined battery and receiver. I've stopped work on my own 08 pending the introduction of the new system. I want - sorry, my boy wants - as compact a unit as possible with a working cab for a minifig. I guess the only way we're going to get an official Lego shunter is if they do a Star Wars one. I wouldn't put it past them.
  4. [MOC] Train Station (50s style)

    Alternate version with basic platform extensions.
  5. [MOC] Train Station (50s style)

    Funny you should say that. MOC'ing it up in LDD right now so it can take my two EN-style cars.
  6. An addition to the cannon. I'll be buying the parts to build this soon. You can see it at my BrickLink Stud.io page (link in signature), and if you download or view in 3D you will see the internal details through the open back for play/display - Winter Village style. Scaled to fit my short-form EN-style carriages (24-stud plate; also available at my Stud.io page, with other content including more train stuff) which are hauled by a modified PF'd Constitution engine. Suggestions for improvements welcome.
  7. 2018 Lego Trains

    The Lego Star Wars virus is so virulent it's now in my trains feed.... :(
  8. [MOC] Space Shuttle orbiter (mini)

    I did post an earlier version but it crashed and burned (if you'll forgive the distasteful pun...). Gave up on that programme ages ago. It's a cross between an echo chamber for the same ideas over and over and over and over again, a depository for terrible excuses for models which somehow attract dozens if not hundreds of votes, and a bragging place for people who build 20,000 piece sets which are never going to be approved. I won't go back until they exercise some form of editorial control over all submissions.
  9. [MOC] Space Shuttle orbiter (mini)

    Now properly rendered.
  10. [MOC] Lotus/Caterham 7 (mini)

    A Lotus/Caterham 7, inspired by MOCs seen elsewhere. I think a minifig can be squeezed into the cockpit but I haven't built it yet. LDD file at my Bricksafe page.
  11. [MOC] Ferrari SF70H vs. Mercedes W08 (2017 F1 cars)

    *throws away his own sorry excuse for a Ferarri F1 model*
  12. Mini Sailing Ships Overview

    I tried doing a Royal Navy Ship of the Line a few years ago. I've learned a few techniques since then, plus there is of course a better parts selection, so I might go back to it and see what improvements I can make. Any suggestions gratefully received. LDD file is at my Bricksafe page (see signature).
  13. 2018 Lego Trains

    If that is indeed the final design, a sticker would likely soften the transition.
  14. [MOC] Space Shuttle orbiter (mini)

    Strange, showing fine on my screen. Trying again. Otherwise... https://bricksafe.com/pages/Zetroc/space-shuttle-orbiter
  15. My new and improved Space Shuttle orbiter MOC with landing gear. LDD file available on my Bricksafe page.