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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have finished my Willys Jeep alternate of the Land Rover set, so I'd like to summarize the final model here. Features: - Live axle suspension with imitated leaf springs on both axles. It uses one shock absorber per wheel, also positioned realistically. I also tried to construct the core frame as is in the real life car. - Manual 4-speed gearbox in a classic H-shape. Additionally, there is a Hi / Lo gear switch and an RWD / 4WD switch, just like in the real car, and the positioning of those switches is as realistic as I could get with the limited space. The whole gearbox is in the middle of the chassis. - Working inline 4-piston engine as in reality, I tried to add engine details modelled after the real engine. - Functional steering wheel and also HOG steering in the back (which had to pass through the gearbox). - Foldable windshield and opening hood with stander included. I managed to get the windshield folding joint similar to reality. - The interior is clean and I tried to get the shape of the seats as close to reality as I could, although the square and flat front seats were hard to reproduce with the available parts in that color. - Detachable roof, again, I tried to reproduce the shape of the tubing. - Extras: Jerry-can on the back, and of course the spare wheel. More details about the design process are given on Rebrickable. Here's a video showcasing the functions: And some renders and photos: Building instructions are available on Rebrickable. Feedback is welcome! Cheers!
  2. Hello, instead of spamming a single previous thread I've decided to make my 4x4 WIP chassis its own thread, this chassis has a 4 link front suspension setup and a leaf spring with pneumatic shock absorbers for the rear suspension, the gearbox is a simple 2 speed with 2WD-4WD selector here are a few links to the images
  3. Hello! In January 2013 I built this ~ 1:16 Peterbilt 379. The truck is 540 mm long, weights 2185 g (with trailer: 3413 g). The trailer is 690 mm long. Functions: remote controlled driving, steering, gear change(1 - 4), turn signals. The truck has a classic ladder chassis, rigid enough to pick it up by holding in the middle with one hand. It was very important to me to be realistic, every axle has leaf springs - a single axle is used as spring: In the rear axles, the suspension is rigid and strong enough to hold and drive with a 2 kg weight. Besides the leaf springs, the rear axles have links, they can equalize in light terrain. There is two XL motor at the front of the drivetrain, with separate IR receiver for more power(I don't have V2 yet). On Xl motor is under the hood, another one in is in the sleeping cabin. Then we can see the four speed gearbox: . With this you can change gear fully comfortable. After the gearbox there is a spline shaft: . Inside there isn't a lot of space, and it's full with PF components. One AA battery box, 2 XL motor, 5M motor, 4 IR receiver, 3 PF switch, 3 PF led, an some converter cable are built in. I put a black sticker near to the windscreen to cover them(the Peterbilt logo is my own "painting"): The turn signals also work, with two leds on each side(in the rear bumper and on the cabin door). In the video below you can see it. The working method is simple: one M motor turns a white 24z gear, which enables the led to light with the PF switch. You can adjust very precisely the limit state with the 3L bley axle: It took me for a while to find out, because I need a small turning light operator which fits in the sleeping cabin, where was a very limited space after the gearbox and other parts. The front lights are also working. Everything can be opened(video: from 2:58). Ok, the mudguards aren't together with the bonnet, but I can't do it other. I built in some engine imitation(I know, the real one has different - L6 -, but this can be ~ a V8): It's a trailer truck with this trailer: This one also has an Ir receiver, so the coupling can be full remotely. The support legs can lower/rise the trailer: The suspnesion is adjustable on both axles. The video shows it well from 4:20. You can put even 5 kg of load over the axles. The truck's rear axles also can hol 2 kg, so the total load can be maximum 7 kg. With this, the camion's total wight is more than 10 kg. With this load, it can go in every gear, but it's in 4th of course very weak. In second gear it performs quite well, 0,27 km/h(with 7kg load). Of course, with the full load it can go only on relatively flat surface. The adjustment of suspension can be done with these racks: Without load and trailer, maximum speed is 1,1 km/h, with trailer and 2 kg load is 0,5 km/h in fourth gear. The video: Hope you like it.