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  1. Nice. I would buy it. Have an idea of the possible price (according to piece list and similar items)? Asking this because lots of huge ideas purposes are frequently made, some of those are probably too expensive for most of the target. This seems to be the right size!
  2. Matteo1130

    FS E 645

    Amazing!! Do you plan to sell instructions?
  3. Matteo1130

    Totally new to this

    Helps alot. So both PU train base or motors can be inverted by a software, this looks convenient in terms of space, if compared to PF. Edit: multiple motors on one axle with differential is extremely interesting, may i find this on this portal?
  4. Matteo1130

    Totally new to this

    Some more questions: i’ve seen multiple train motor choices (power functions, powered up electrics, 12v, 4,5v) and also some stand alone motors too, moving simple design gearboxes. Do i need a train base, for power and strenght, or a M/L motor with a simple gearbox does better? In both cases, if i apply two motors to a train engine, does the first bothers in any way the second, or just do i have more traction? Thanks for reading!!
  5. Matteo1130

    Totally new to this

    Luckly i’ve landed a portal with some free mocs building instructions.. much more for freights than passenger, but it’s a way to break ice. BTW it would be nice a freight too, if included in a countryside landscape.
  6. Matteo1130

    Totally new to this

    Thanks all for suggestions. Have to say: 8 studs is interesting, but i’m afraid i would leave it half way in a while.. maybe it’s better to start with an easier project. Those books seems to be a great start, also considering italian language and train type!! Firstly had the Santa Fe plans from TLG official page, for reading and hopefully understanding the basics. Edit: my first attempt was to use sone space to build a countryside quarter (houses, minimarket, police station, service station) like in late 80’s sets. In this i’d like to insert a train station, so i reached this sub-forum... and got trapped!!! Back to the original project: an 8 stud train may look bulky in this background
  7. Matteo1130

    Totally new to this

    Since i always played static lego, i’m not confident with power function and powerup. Have to study..
  8. Matteo1130

    Totally new to this

    Really interesting, but very expensive to be just plans... i think i’ll try to figure something my own. Maybe i’ll correct that later.
  9. Matteo1130

    Totally new to this

    Thanks a lot for suggestions. I’ll probably look for emerald night gearpack, if it’s in my range... otherwise the train base will work (i don’t need to make a 100% accurate reproduction). Trains from TLG... well, they look too modern or ancient to me. I woukd really like to make a short-track train like ours “regionale”, with a late ‘900 look. High speed trains looks great, but they’re not for me.
  10. Matteo1130

    Totally new to this

    It really helps. Perhaps i may make some try.. the only thing i need to start is: do i need the official train base? Or may i just use some power function motor? In this case is there any tutorial for the gearpack? Because i think it would be better to make the working part and build all around that..
  11. Matteo1130

    Totally new to this

    Hi all, I’m Matteo from Italy. Honestly this is not the sub-forum that i read most, but after looking at this, well.. interesting! Now i’ve earned myself this under roof space that my wife doesn’t want because “ugh, spiders!!” and i’m planning to build a mini railroad and a small train just to have fun. I’m already reading as much as i can about trains on this portal, but i still need some direct tip: which width, 6, 7 or 8 studs? Do i need a train base or is there any guide to made traction with M or L lego motors for who don’t know about engineering? Where to find inspiration (maybe for italian trains)? Thanks for reading!
  12. Matteo1130

    Ship Build Off #1; Captain Green Hair needs YOU!

    Love the tuna king. It's simple, complete, all legal-connections.. might be an official lego set. I'll be glad to see instructions too!!!
  13. Matteo1130

    [ESL] Class 5T Prince Fernando

    Simple ad great looking! Love the stern... but I would change slightly the headrails: this is how I tried: They'revery sturdy this way (in line with the rest of your ship). Second: this is the first ship I see with great lines and no tension or semi-placed bricks!! Makes me want to build one (if I only have an LDD working PC...)
  14. Matteo1130

    The Devil Lady - new ship for the redcoats

    Finally, another lego-hull moc! I mean.. I really love other brick built hull creations too, but somehow using official lego hull pieces looks more "fair" to me. It reminds me lego could be used for building detailed models, but they're still a game! Like a lot the bow and the way the red combines with old brown, unfortunately the windows on the stern looks a bithidden in this color scheme. Really appreciate you didn't made the gunport too near each other (2 studs or so) to increase the gun count...
  15. Matteo1130

    Hello, World, I present my Collection LEGO Pirates

    Great!! If this was on Lucca comics and games, now I'm really sorry for loosing that.. Do you plan another display on events?