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  1. Matteo1130

    Ship Build Off #1; Captain Green Hair needs YOU!

    Love the tuna king. It's simple, complete, all legal-connections.. might be an official lego set. I'll be glad to see instructions too!!!
  2. Matteo1130

    [ESL] Class 5T Prince Fernando

    Simple ad great looking! Love the stern... but I would change slightly the headrails: this is how I tried: They'revery sturdy this way (in line with the rest of your ship). Second: this is the first ship I see with great lines and no tension or semi-placed bricks!! Makes me want to build one (if I only have an LDD working PC...)
  3. Matteo1130

    The Devil Lady - new ship for the redcoats

    Finally, another lego-hull moc! I mean.. I really love other brick built hull creations too, but somehow using official lego hull pieces looks more "fair" to me. It reminds me lego could be used for building detailed models, but they're still a game! Like a lot the bow and the way the red combines with old brown, unfortunately the windows on the stern looks a bithidden in this color scheme. Really appreciate you didn't made the gunport too near each other (2 studs or so) to increase the gun count...
  4. Matteo1130

    Hello, World, I present my Collection LEGO Pirates

    Great!! If this was on Lucca comics and games, now I'm really sorry for loosing that.. Do you plan another display on events?
  5. Matteo1130

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Uhm... I've probably exagerated my reaction. The best way to know if TLG did a good work or not is to try to reinterpretate them. I'm personally on using digital designer and replicate the concept from the kits I like less, and try to make my interpretation using the maximum amount of pieces written on the box.. It will take a while, I'm not that good with LDD ;)
  6. Matteo1130

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Hope to see changes in future, the only thing I really dislike is the huge step backwards in designing. An emprovement in design could change heavily my first impression. Indeed TLG have the priority to sell toys and not to surprise afols, so studs shooter, palm tree etc is ok for their purpose. But the design is too "naif" for a pirates theme.
  7. Matteo1130

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I honestly can't understand those who likes these sets. All of them talked about detailing or using some of the bricks.. I'm wondering in wich way this could be different from bricklinking. UE customers have to face this fact: 9usd, 19usd etc magically became 9euro, 19euro etc.. so the european customer who wants only minifigs doesn't have any interest on buying the complete set, bricklinking dollar-priced minifigs outside UE. The only armybuilder to consider is the cannon battle-like set, which has an acceptable price for its contents.
  8. Matteo1130

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Hmmm is there any chance these are not the real kits? Maybe some fake to see how the public reacts? 'Cause these kits looks like put together in 10 minuts. Low minifig count etc... I don't think I'm buying any...
  9. Matteo1130

    Little spanish Fort on a small island

    I like it sooo much! Don't need thousands pieces to make something really good!
  10. Matteo1130

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Uhm... I can't hope for another IF style ship. Indeed I've promised myself never to buy again another "rised cabin ship" or "flat non-tumblehome-ribbed sides". To me, an UCS is for AFOL as it's priced for them.. Ummester's gilded crow demonstred it's possible to build a plausible look with legal connections genuine construction, so I'll be very critic on price/quality before buying. I think things would be different about an eldorado fortress re-release or similar... or even better for an UCS fortress, wich I'd love too see (on my shelf!!) designed by TLG.
  11. Matteo1130

    [MOC] My Black Pearl

    Wow. Absolutely similar.
  12. Matteo1130

    The scumm bar! (Lego Ideas)

    Don't think it needs presentation ;) It's not a moc of mine, just a find, but I think it worths support: In the updates there are newer pictures..
  13. Matteo1130

    Lego 2009 Pirate sets/Theme

    Never noticed that set... in fact it has all the features of a caribbean pirates concept! Treasure, ship, plank and parrot. The minifig is great! Edit: I can see it well into a Monkey Island™ theme, too bat TLG never did something like that!
  14. Matteo1130

    Lego 2009 Pirate sets/Theme

    Cannon battle and my brother's BBB from 2009. Sabre island and a couple minikits from long time ago... In 2009 I was collecting star wars kits, hope to get some more pirate's set in the next wave, if it worths.
  15. Matteo1130

    MOC: R.S. Neptune

    This is really an improvement! Looks fast and sturdy, hope never to fight against her in the brick-ocean!