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Found 2 results

  1. The name Mpya Stedor means "New city" ("Mpya" is swahili for "new" and "Stedor" comes from "Stede" which is old Dutch for "City") The new settlement became already quickly a famous place in Historica and after 3 years it was finally recognised as a mayor Port City! So a few hours before the Great Disturbance, Stedor was a busy tradeplace full of activity! There was even a very nice wedding going on!!! (check the movie: ) ---------------------------------------- Now: (a few weeks after the Great Disturbance) Lord Damaximus called in the Council of Stedor Lord Damaximus: => Sir Fre Poah, how is our financial status? Sir Fre Poah: => Badly Lord, it's like there is a gap in the floor and all our gold is vanishing through it... Damaximus: => Lord Tomvaximus (of Maestro): what are our revenues? Tomvaximus: => Our only revenues are the food we can sell at neighbouring cities with foodshortage... We hear the people complaining it is only fish fish and fish we can offer nowadays... All our other products are on hold... Damaximus: => How is the reconstruction of our gold mine? Tomvaximus: => I guess it will be 3 more weeks before we can start mining again and a few more weeks before the revenues will stream in... Damaximus: => Sir Gah Rydog, how is the rebuilding of our Southern Towers? Gah Rydog: => Will be a matter of days.. Normally by Thursday our fortifications are back like they should be. Damaximus: => Finally some good news... General Whisximus, Where are my troops? Whisximus: => Most of the Alleenridders and Ximian forces are still sieging Eastgate. The 1001 Tigres are on holiday at Al'Esterbroke so we don't have to pay them. The Atlarkian fleet is back in Atlarka as it is summer there and they wanted to see their wife and kids. The dragons of Drakrydar are also back home for the breeding season... => In Stedor we are using the minimum soldiers we need. The other soldiers are rebuilding the damaged parts of our city and the neighbours. Damaximus: => Tomvaximus, prepare some ships so we can send messengers to other Guilds. Tell them they can hire the 1001 Tigres as mercenaries. Make them leave our city tomorrow morning. Talking about our fleet, Admiral Bostoximus, how is our fleet? Bostoximus: => We still have 10 ships. 10 more ships are currently being repaired. The 30 other ships we once had, are lost. I am sorry my lord. Damaximus: => Council dismissed, I gonna cry some... -------------------------------------------- Lord Damaximus: => Lord Max Samu, what's up with the Ulanda thing in front of our bay, anymore news? Lord Max Samu, => our agents are doing everything they can to gain as much info as possible. It is a good thing we don't say much about it to our citizens. The first reports I get in are talking about more than 5000 soldiers, very well organised. Damaximus: => Okay, let's send an emissary to there. Hopefully they are not up to war... Max Samu: => They already sent emissaries themselves to weaker cities here in Kaliphlin. It is frightening that not one major city in Kaliphlin saw an emissary of Ulanda. The only emissary we saw was that idiot who claimed the Desert King is back. Damaximus: => I know it is frightening. That's why my messengers are not going to offer my 1001 Tigres but they are going to ask for help to our alliances in other Guilds. Max Samu: => It is indeed wise to let our citizens be unknown of the current situation. Are you going to tell your allies Stedor is bankrupt? Damaximus: => Nope. When they ask to show some money, we are going to show the money of Everlast. Thanks god that place hasn't been hit by the Great Disturbance...
  2. Intro Mpya Stedor is founded when Lord Damaximus arrived at the lands of Historica. And has flourished ever since. Famous for this city is the trade network it has with other cities in Historica and other Guilds from other continents. The closest city is the legendary city of Berigora. Also the new town of Auner is very close to Mpya Stedor. Location Organisations MAESTRO: Mpya Stedor All-Encompassing Science Trade & Resources Organisation IAMS: Intelligence Agency of Mpya Stedor The Alleenridders: International Order of Knights The 1001 Tigers: Group of mercenaries Order of Eden (by Robuko) Trade Relations Claw Breaker Area (Nocturnus) The Banned Drow cities of Queen Yvonnel (Nocturnus) Shadowmere (Nocturnus) Stoneroda (Mitgardia) Thorshaven (Mitgardia) Arfelan (Avalonia) Kaliphlin Cities The guilds of Ximus, Amenor, Atlarka, Drakrydar & Mi Amazonia Sections The city is divided in different sections. West Mpya Stedor East Mpya Stedor North Mpya Stedor South Mpya Stedor Greater Mpya Stedor 1. West Mpya Stedor picture: Main Gate with Conference Room Great Wall West Gate Statue of Liberty Statue of the Warrior Statue of the Ancient Hero Market (will be rebuild in August) Stock Houses M.A.E.S.T.R.O. Shop => Will be presented at Brick Mania Antwerpen 2014!! (14 & 15th of November) 2. East Mpya Stedor picture: I.A.M.S. Headquarter Gate of Amenor East Gate Statue of the Assassin Library University Therms & Hospital => more pictures => Will be presented at Brick Mania Antwerpen 2014!! (14 & 15th of November) 3. North Mpya Stedor Coming in 2015 & 2016 Palace Palace Walls Resident Housing Student home Mines MAESTRO Golden Window Company The Barville Inn 4. South Mpya Stedor Coming in 2016 & 2017 Embassy Square (Mitgardia | Nocturnus) Alleenridders Fortress Quai 5. Great Mpya Stedor Maybe coming somewhere in the far future Workers housing Events The Easter Archery Tournament The Battle of Mpya Stedor The Wedding Fleet The Amazon The Slave The Golden Swan The Atlarkan Fleet Armies check out this topic: Armies of Lord Damaximus notes: All buildings are still complete, it is my goal to connect one day the 4 sections of the Inner City :) There is an old topic of Mpya Stedor, but it looked wiser to make a new one