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  1. Choosing Colors Lord Damaximus was kinda enerved. It was already a quarter passed twelve and he was starting to get hungry. His appointment of 12 o'clock was not on time. Those bloody Terrelli designers. Lord Damaximus found them kinda odd. No respect for nobility, always high fashion clothed and speaking in a bizar dialect. Suddenly he heard: "Mi excusi mylord Damaximus. Traffic was very very very bad. Mama Mia." Lord Damaximus quickly replied: "I am glad Trador is still a bustling city, but let us not lose more time. I am starting to get hungry. Show me what you got Giancarlo". "Si, si!". *claps his hands* A few soldiers entered the room, wearing what looked like a small broadside section of a ship. "Mylord. I have designed 3 options to replace the lost Purple Rain. The first option is the Purple Rain II. Same colorscheme. People would not know it was missing if they did not see the 'II' behind the name. The second option is more darker. The reddishbrown is now an extra layer of purple and the dark brown is now black. I call it the "Dark Purple Rain". More purple, more darkness." Lord Damaximus like the second option. A full black vessel with purple touches. Sweet... It was then he saw the third option... "Aaah I see you have noticed my personal favourite. 'The Pink Rain'. The purple of the second option is pink in this configuration. It is to show possible enemies we have cahones enough to sail in a pink decorated vessel! Bellisimo!" Not convinced by Giancarlo, Lord Damaximus shaked his head. "I will go for the 'Dark Purple Rain'. That colorscheme is already daring enough". Slightly disappointed, Giancarlo continued. "Dark Purple Rain it will be. Now let's move on to the replacement of the lost Tuna King. We could go for 'Tuna King II', 'Salmon King' or when thinking out of the box: 'Aquaman'. Lord Damaximus looked to the 3 figureheads Giancarlo proposed. "Why not, go for the 'Aquaman'. And now I will leave you, I am really really hungry. --------------- Preparing voyages. Some time later, many sailors were heading towards the Merchant Quays. Both 'Aquaman' and 'Dark Purple Rain' were ready to sail. Moms, daughters, sons and curious bypassers were wishing the sailors good luck. ----------------- Original vessels: Tuna King Purple Rain
  2. Origins - An Adventure MRCA Story INDEX Summary Prelude (this post) Chapter 1: Tellvok Part 1.a: Escorting Princes - The Request Part 1.b: Mesabi Adventure - The Voyage of the Aurora Part 1.c: Escorting Princes - Leaving Stedor Part 1 d: result @Kolonialbeamter Part 2.a: The Trador Agency for Exploring & Culture in Tellvok Part 2.b: The Stedor Embassy in Tellvok Part 2.c: result (Bregir) Part 3.a: Alleenridders Crytpe in Deliah Part 3.b: Leaving Tellvok Chapter 2: Journey to Destiny Part 1: Making choices - Welcome to Drolic - A Wine, a Dine and a Star to Shine Part 2.a: Firmy Boaty Inspectors Part 2.b: A Lotii Wedding Gift Part 3.a: Royals Part 3.b: "Hello little troublemaker" - - - - - SUMMARY Status: Prelude Participating members Chapter 1: @Maxim I (ESL) Trador (ESL) @Mesabi (COR) Chapter 2: Maxim I (ESL) Trador (ESL) Chapter 3: Maxim I (ESL) Participating vessels Prince of Stedor (Chap 1 - 3) Purple Reign (Chap 1 - 2) Margot (Chap 1 - 2) WTC Aurora (Chap 1) Point of start: Stedor - - - - - Prelude Origins of Stedor On a grey Sunday, Princess Margot found Lord Maximilian Damaximus in the library of Trador, examining a knight holding a shield with the herald of Stedor. “Are you homesick, my sweet prince?” Maximilian looked up, somewhat confused due the sudden interruption. “I am not really homesick, I was recalling stories told in my childhood about the origin of Stedor” “Oh stories! I love stories! Barbara (the maid), could you bring us some apple cider please!” “You see the golden star in the herald of Stedor? The same golden star that can be found on the flags of Elysabethtown, MAESTRO & Trador? That’s the golden star the Alleenridders gave to their headquarters as it was there where they always would return too, their home as they had forsaken their original homes. The Alleenridders were a brotherhood of knights from every corner in the world who roamed the known earth centuries ago. They helped the people who needed aid and their reputation was legendary. As their reputation grew, their army became bigger and their wealth enormous. Their residing city, the city of Ximus was a place of good living with many palaces and little povery. Envious kings allied together to bring them down, fearing the power of the Alleenridders. Those kings elected a new emperor, who would become known as the Dark Emperor. Around 95 AE, they besieged the capital of the Alleenridders, Ximus. The Alleenridders fought hard and brave, but had no other option than to surrender. Every single Alleenridder in the city was slaughtered and murdered. The whole city was sacked and plundered. However, a small group of Alleenridders, under command of Dama Mfalme Edehl of Ximus, was on a mission and when returning, they found everything gone. Ofcourse not all of the wealth of the Alleenridders was being saved in the lost city, so the small band took what they could take, and left. They went north and travelled in the night, hiding for their enemies. Ofcourse they had allies as well, but none of the allies could guarantee their safety against their enemies, as rumours said the dark emperor was destroying everyone helping the outlaws. The refugees travelled further north, but the spies of the Emperor were everywhere. At a sudden night, the remaining Alleenridders had no other choice than to sail into the unknown. In 102 AE, they arrived at the Madrice Empire. They were given a new land in the most southern corner of the Empire. They called their new home “Mpya Stedor”, what translates to “New City of Gold”. Only one year later, the Madrice Empire felt apart and Mardier was now ruling the region. The influence of the Dark Emperor didn’t reach that far North, and as a new Empire, Mardier had better things to do than to investigate who those Alleenridders were. Finally having a home again, the Alleenridders continued doing their duties, helping people wherever their path brought them. Traces of the Alleenridders could be found in Oleon, Varcoast, Corrington, … Some even dared to go as far south as Pan. The number of Alleenridders growed again, recruiting people from all those nations. Lord Dama Mfalme Edehl of Ximus died as an old and notable man, and his son, Gothe Mfalme Edehl of Stedor took over from him. To honour him and to not forget their history, Gothe adapted Damaximus as his last name instead of Mfalme Edehl. Now we are 500 years later and the Damaximus family still controls Stedor and its hinterland. With the invention of gunpowder, the knights became obsolete and the Alleenridders became the military branch of MAESTRO. But still, every child in Stedor dreams of the legends of the Alleenridders, their lost land and the fabulous wealth hidden. In the library of Stedor, there are many books written by Geshi Edeh Nis around 105 AE, and modern scientist of the Stedor University think they found where the hidden treasures can be found. The only problem we got is that no-one knows where exactly Ximus can be found on the modern maps.” Margot was quiet for a moment. She only heard a few of the stories of the Alleenridders as she grew up in Terelli, far away from Stedor. But she loves to read and stumbled across some ot the books of Geshi Edeh Nis in the Great Library of Terelli. - - - - -
  3. The name Mpya Stedor means "New city" ("Mpya" is swahili for "new" and "Stedor" comes from "Stede" which is old Dutch for "City") The new settlement became already quickly a famous place in Historica and after 3 years it was finally recognised as a mayor Port City! So a few hours before the Great Disturbance, Stedor was a busy tradeplace full of activity! There was even a very nice wedding going on!!! (check the movie: ) ---------------------------------------- Now: (a few weeks after the Great Disturbance) Lord Damaximus called in the Council of Stedor Lord Damaximus: => Sir Fre Poah, how is our financial status? Sir Fre Poah: => Badly Lord, it's like there is a gap in the floor and all our gold is vanishing through it... Damaximus: => Lord Tomvaximus (of Maestro): what are our revenues? Tomvaximus: => Our only revenues are the food we can sell at neighbouring cities with foodshortage... We hear the people complaining it is only fish fish and fish we can offer nowadays... All our other products are on hold... Damaximus: => How is the reconstruction of our gold mine? Tomvaximus: => I guess it will be 3 more weeks before we can start mining again and a few more weeks before the revenues will stream in... Damaximus: => Sir Gah Rydog, how is the rebuilding of our Southern Towers? Gah Rydog: => Will be a matter of days.. Normally by Thursday our fortifications are back like they should be. Damaximus: => Finally some good news... General Whisximus, Where are my troops? Whisximus: => Most of the Alleenridders and Ximian forces are still sieging Eastgate. The 1001 Tigres are on holiday at Al'Esterbroke so we don't have to pay them. The Atlarkian fleet is back in Atlarka as it is summer there and they wanted to see their wife and kids. The dragons of Drakrydar are also back home for the breeding season... => In Stedor we are using the minimum soldiers we need. The other soldiers are rebuilding the damaged parts of our city and the neighbours. Damaximus: => Tomvaximus, prepare some ships so we can send messengers to other Guilds. Tell them they can hire the 1001 Tigres as mercenaries. Make them leave our city tomorrow morning. Talking about our fleet, Admiral Bostoximus, how is our fleet? Bostoximus: => We still have 10 ships. 10 more ships are currently being repaired. The 30 other ships we once had, are lost. I am sorry my lord. Damaximus: => Council dismissed, I gonna cry some... -------------------------------------------- Lord Damaximus: => Lord Max Samu, what's up with the Ulanda thing in front of our bay, anymore news? Lord Max Samu, => our agents are doing everything they can to gain as much info as possible. It is a good thing we don't say much about it to our citizens. The first reports I get in are talking about more than 5000 soldiers, very well organised. Damaximus: => Okay, let's send an emissary to there. Hopefully they are not up to war... Max Samu: => They already sent emissaries themselves to weaker cities here in Kaliphlin. It is frightening that not one major city in Kaliphlin saw an emissary of Ulanda. The only emissary we saw was that idiot who claimed the Desert King is back. Damaximus: => I know it is frightening. That's why my messengers are not going to offer my 1001 Tigres but they are going to ask for help to our alliances in other Guilds. Max Samu: => It is indeed wise to let our citizens be unknown of the current situation. Are you going to tell your allies Stedor is bankrupt? Damaximus: => Nope. When they ask to show some money, we are going to show the money of Everlast. Thanks god that place hasn't been hit by the Great Disturbance...
  4. Hi, For a website which will be launched officially in 2 weeks, we made a lego movie :) Enjoy! is a platform in Flanders (Belgium) where organisations, schools, groups, ... can put their opendoors / opendays so visitors can find those events :)
  5. Intro Mpya Stedor is founded when Lord Damaximus arrived at the lands of Historica. And has flourished ever since. Famous for this city is the trade network it has with other cities in Historica and other Guilds from other continents. The closest city is the legendary city of Berigora. Also the new town of Auner is very close to Mpya Stedor. Location Organisations MAESTRO: Mpya Stedor All-Encompassing Science Trade & Resources Organisation IAMS: Intelligence Agency of Mpya Stedor The Alleenridders: International Order of Knights The 1001 Tigers: Group of mercenaries Order of Eden (by Robuko) Trade Relations Claw Breaker Area (Nocturnus) The Banned Drow cities of Queen Yvonnel (Nocturnus) Shadowmere (Nocturnus) Stoneroda (Mitgardia) Thorshaven (Mitgardia) Arfelan (Avalonia) Kaliphlin Cities The guilds of Ximus, Amenor, Atlarka, Drakrydar & Mi Amazonia Sections The city is divided in different sections. West Mpya Stedor East Mpya Stedor North Mpya Stedor South Mpya Stedor Greater Mpya Stedor 1. West Mpya Stedor picture: Main Gate with Conference Room Great Wall West Gate Statue of Liberty Statue of the Warrior Statue of the Ancient Hero Market (will be rebuild in August) Stock Houses M.A.E.S.T.R.O. Shop => Will be presented at Brick Mania Antwerpen 2014!! (14 & 15th of November) 2. East Mpya Stedor picture: I.A.M.S. Headquarter Gate of Amenor East Gate Statue of the Assassin Library University Therms & Hospital => more pictures => Will be presented at Brick Mania Antwerpen 2014!! (14 & 15th of November) 3. North Mpya Stedor Coming in 2015 & 2016 Palace Palace Walls Resident Housing Student home Mines MAESTRO Golden Window Company The Barville Inn 4. South Mpya Stedor Coming in 2016 & 2017 Embassy Square (Mitgardia | Nocturnus) Alleenridders Fortress Quai 5. Great Mpya Stedor Maybe coming somewhere in the far future Workers housing Events The Easter Archery Tournament The Battle of Mpya Stedor The Wedding Fleet The Amazon The Slave The Golden Swan The Atlarkan Fleet Armies check out this topic: Armies of Lord Damaximus notes: All buildings are still complete, it is my goal to connect one day the 4 sections of the Inner City :) There is an old topic of Mpya Stedor, but it looked wiser to make a new one
  6. Lord Damaximus finally started dreaming. This time the dream took him back in time to a place somewhere in Avalonia. Some noblemen were celebrating the fall of Revolword. Beer, meat, fish and mushrooms, they had everything they needed for a good meal. It won't take long before they start hugging the tree... Kicking Avalonians by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Kicking Avalonians by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Goddamn hippies thought Damaximus, and he started kicking them! Kicking Avalonians by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Such a beautifull dream... (note: the peacefull and not-kicking scene was made in November together with Kabel. It is a big wink to my title in Eurobricks as "Hippy Kicker".) edit: for the UoP/DoH, I claim these credits: "Hydrology: waves (claimed)" "General: minifigposing (claimed)" "Antropology: life in Avalonia (claimed)" "Antropology: country life (claimed)"
  7. the Gate of Amenor hides the Headquarters of the I.A.M.S. . It is called the Gate of Amenor as it also serves as the Amenorian Embassy in Kaliphlin. That's also the reason why it has the black & gold combination in it. The library has the typically white/tan combination. Inside the library, there are hundreds of books, varying from cooking books to epic story tellers. Those who want to read and have an amazing view of the bay, can sit on the balcony at the upper floor. There are 3 cameo's (Gideon, Synbiote & my sigfig). Mpya Stedor: Library & Gate of Amenor by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Mpya Stedor: Library & Gate of Amenor by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Mpya Stedor: Library by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Mpya Stedor: Gate of Amenor by Da_Maximus, on Flickr When this MOC is connected with Everlast: Mpya Stedor: Library & Gate of Amenor & IAMS HQ by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Mpya Stedor: Library & Gate of Amenor & IAMS HQ by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Thanks for watching! C&C welcome Edit: for the UoP, DoH, I claim these credits with this MOC: "Architecture: advanced windows (claimed)" "General: Forced perspective (claimed)" "Culture: Art (claimed)" "Architecture: roofing technic (claimed)"