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Found 50 results

  1. Hi, Here I'm posting all my custom minifigs the days to come. I started back in early 2017 with building again and between builds I started with the customization of minifigs. If you like what you see give me a follow on Flickr, Instagram, Facebook and/or Pinterest. First attempt The Knights Templar Sergeant By Barthezz Brick 4 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Second attempt The Knights Templar Pikemen By Barthezz Brick 2 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Third attempt Templar Longbowman By Barthezz Brick 6 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr You can find more detailed pictures in the album on Flickr. Greetings Barthezz Brick
  2. PrisonBrick

    [MOC] Knight Rider - K.I.T.T.

    This is my project of K.I.T.T.: 250 pieces, 2 minifigures can sit inside, De Lorean (CUUSO/Ideas) scale. Now I must place the orders of pieces to build it :) UPDATE: This is the real MOC :) Full album:
  3. This is 3rd thing I tried to build for TC13. For my own surprise, this was very fast (started just yesterday afternoon). Volvo Iron Knight (if somebody here doesn't know) My model has two pullback motors working fake 4cyl engine it is almost in scale with tyres Some bad video
  4. ClassicLook

    Monty Python Black Knight

    Hi Everyone, Let me share with you my latest creation. I designed it to my brother for his birthday. He's a big Monty Python fan. It's the the Black Knight from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. The knight is a simple black figure (with black head) with a custom printed torso. I've placed it into an IKEA Ribba picture frame. Hope you like it!
  5. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] The Tumbler V2

    Back in April I created my own version of the Tumbler Batmobile from the Dark Knight trilogy. Some people suggested that I should swap out all the gold pieces for black ones given that the gold was too much given the small scale of the model itself... fast forward about half a year later and I have finally done so and in all honesty I am in love with how it looks. I also took the opportunity to change some elements of my previous design in order to make the Batmobile much more stable. As with my previous version Batman can still fit inside cowl and all. Here are some images of the updated model, enjoy :) That's all she wrote, I hope that you enjoyed this little creation of mine, feedback is always appreciated :)
  6. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] Moon-Copter

    In 2013 Lego released the video game Lego Marvel Super Heroes. In the game many of Marvel's more obscure characters were captured in Lego form, one of these was Moon Knight. I literally didn't know a single thing about this character but instantly fell in love with his look. Apparently I wasn't the only one given that Muddy River Minifigs managed to capture his appearance perfectly using real minifigure parts. Having gotten my hands on a physical figure I went ahead and started researching Moon Knight in greater detail and discovered that he even had his own vehicle called the Moon-Copter (awesome right??), and much to my joy this figure was also featured in the video game. I went ahead and reverse engineered the thing using footage from the game and I must say that I am pretty pleased with the result. Obviously I had to change several things the most notable being that my brick built one is white as opposed to the flat silver color that it has in the game, obviously this is due to the fact that the required pieces simply do not exist in the right color. It features movable engines, a movable helicopter blade and a cockpit that can open up with enough space to fit a minifigure. So there you have it, the entire history of how this built came together, hope you enjoy the final result as much as I do :) The Knight with his Copter. As stated Moon-Knight (or any figure for that matter) fits easily inside the cockpit. Side profile shot; here the crescent shape is clearly visible, aerodynamics I hear you say? Moon-Knight does not care about such trivial stuff. A Look at the rear section of the vehicle. As stated the engines are pose able but they don't hold in place, this can easily be fixed by getting them slightly off the pin. The cockpit, nothing fancy but it does the job. Ready for takeoff. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a nice day :)
  7. GEF


    Here is a fight practice video that we did the other day, enjoy!
  8. My 6th alternate of 70312 features moving head, fully poseable arms and legs, opening chest cockpit that can fit Lance's bot. The Mecha Knight can hold the shield and lance in his hands, has a protective neck shield, shoulder cannon and armpit missiles. The whole figure can be seated and his left leg can kick some butt. Scroll down for tutorial.
  9. teljesnegyzet

    [MOC] History of LEGO Castle

    I already had the concept of "little castles from different subthemes" last year, but I didn't have the time to build it. Not long ago, I realised that the Yellow Castle will be 40 years old in 2018. I've put the two things together, and created a Lego Ideas project to commemorate this anniversary of the Castle theme. The concept of this MOC is similar to the 4002016 set: recreate some of the iconic castles of the Lego Castle history in smaller size. I've chosen a castle set from each decade from the 1970s to the 2010s and created a little tower that resembles that set. It was built in LDD and rendered in Bluerender. It was the first time I tried Bluerender, and I'm quite satisfied with it, but the texturing of the missing minifig and shield decals was pretty time consuming. You can see more pictures here: If you like my MOC, please support it on Lego Ideas:
  10. Hi everybody! :) Here is by some one of the most beautiful LEGO castle sets. I would agree with that statement and add a twist to it, my twist :) So here is my "upgrade" (hopefully not a downgrade) to the classic Black Knight's Castle set (Btw the big boxy tower in the background is an electrical switch cover for the lighting actually and not directly connected with the castle, but built in more or less the same style) Hope you enjoy it and give comments and/or ideas
  11. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] Arkham Asylum Batmobile

    Ever since it made its first appearance in the video game Arkham Asylum I have been a huge fan of the Arkham verse Batmobile (so the 1st one not the tank one that was in Arkham Knight). For a long time I wanted to recreate it in Lego form and I have finally done exactly that. The Arkham-verse Batmobile as it is known was a rather small one much like the Batmobile from 1989 and as such it isn't exactly big in Lego form either. My version is as close to minifigure scale as I could get and I must say that I am rather pleased with it. I have decided to make the canopy red because in the comics the Batmobile is almost Always depicted with red windows, don't know why but I do like the effect that it provides. Anyway here are some pictures: Here is the Batmobile from the front, you can clearly see part of the engine, a custom built, high performance turbo-charged V8 engine (creating 1200bhp). A look at the turbine engine with afterburner in the rear for sudden bursts of speed. I hope you like my version of the Arkham verse Batmobile, have a nice day
  12. I created this topic to share my Nexo Knight Army! Most pieces are Lego, others are custom, or third party. Note: some Nexo Power Shields are custom printed, and not scannable for the game. I really hope you enjoy! The Monster Army
  13. He arrived at last. Memory after memory came to the warrior's mind as he traversed the ruins of what was once his kingdom. Although the marks of disaster reigned about him, not a clue could be found on who the guilty one was. Clenching his fist, The Knight stoutly resolved to seek out the truth... Here's my first MOC entry on Eurobricks! After about three to four different attempts, I finally managed to get this one built. The door arch was originally going to be the floor, but it just wasn't working out. Once I made it an archway, everything went together pretty quick. Getting the lighting to fit the mood was just as fun as building it! Ruins_2 by The Loreman, on Flickr Ruins_3 by The Loreman, on Flickr Ruins_7 by The Loreman, on Flickr Ruins_4 by The Loreman, on Flickr Ruins_6 by The Loreman, on Flickr I can already see a few things I would have done differently, probably tidying up the back to be more presentable, and raising the tile floor a little higher. I'm always looking for ways to improve my skills, so if you all have any advice I would love to hear it! - Loreman
  14. "Volvo Trucks reset its own two year-old record for heavy trucks with shockingly fast speed runs by its latest track-focused creation, the "Iron Knight." This big rig blasted to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds thanks to its unbelievable 2,400 horsepower." iron knight by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Flicker: Video: Dugald has created a custom Iron Knight out of Technic Lego to pull my Ferrari FXX. (Unfortunately this MOC did not blast from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds ) IMG_9090 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This build is massive, 31 stud wide x 72 long x 35 tall. IMG_9127 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The trailer can load and unload the 6 pound Ferrari with a winch and a clever sliding mechanism that slowly lowers the car down. IMG_9096 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The trailer can switch from the winch to the lowering mechanism with a single switch powered by 1 XL motor. IMG_9100 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The side panels flip up to reveal the battery packs. The Inline6 is located just behind the cabin. I've got to say, this truck has curves never seen before in Technic Lego truck. IMG_9092 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This build took a month to create, some of the more difficult aspects to build was the tilt cabin with the working steering wheel and the 2wd - 4wd switch. IMG_9204 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr IMG_9206 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr IMG_9082 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
  15. Just a nice web find I wanted to share.
  16. The brotherhood of the forest bulls roam through the countryside and forests of the cool South. Here on this hills, a throw wide to the nine realms, the elder brother Edmat decided to pose and if them the environment is inclined to build a place to live. A lot of time before the onrushing winter does not remain .... Anyway, the guys around certainly going to enjoy the forest bulls. Whether they dereint also belong to the Brotherhood? -------------------------------------- I built this MOC some time ago and presented it first at and now here for all non german speking FOL!
  17. Hi all! I wanted to share three custom figures I made and posted previously to Flickr. The first is a minifig recreation of an English soldier from the Battle of Azincourt, 1415. I made sure that all his gear was used by both English infantry and archers on the field. He sports a shortsleeved gambeson (red) and a brigandine (white). Gambesons were heavily padded defensive jackets, often quilted, and brigandines were close-fitting vests with series of steel plates riveted to the inside. The hand-and-a-half or "bastard" sword is homemade using various parts of plastic. Next is a German knight from 1272 AD. This knight wears a Templar's Helm, a style of Great Helm or heaume. Under this is a hauberk, a mail tunic which often extended over the head (or onto a metal skullcap worn beneath the great helm) and hands and hung down to the knee. His legs were protected by chausses, mail leggings, and leather thigh padding which was the ancestor of cuisse armor. Over all of this was a surcoat (green) with belt and scabbard. He carries an arming sword, a single-handed versatile sword of Viking origin, and a classic heater shield. To save space on this post, here is a link to a secondary photo where he is not wearing the surcoat!: Last is my proudest. This figure is modeled on a soldier from the fictional country of Aedirn from The Witcher series, but the designers for that game were on-point with their historical accuracy, so all of his gear is very realistic. In fact, the helmet is modeled after a real Burgundian helmet from around the 1470s that is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I modeled the gloves after recreations of brigandine gloves found in the Battle of Visby (1365) excavations. Thanks for reading! Click on any of those pictures to see more complete descriptions on Flickr!
  18. Hardly finished anything on this model, but felt like sharing the progress so far anyway. Building this is the goal: Here's a video which shows various functions of the batmobile in the game: I am planning to add the following functions: -2x XL motor for 4WD (I expect the total weight to be about 3-4kg, so I reckon I could use their power. I am a little afraid of breaking gears/axles, so still have L motors as a backup plan. -2 servo motors which are going to provide 3 ways of steering: Normal drive with airflaps to assist steering (as seen in the video) 360 degree turn on the spot (unfortunately not in the video but it can do this) Battle tank mode with crab steering -2 M motors for the turret and opening the cockpit for Batman to get in (I expect to add that function anyway besides the 2 functions I want for the turret) -9 PF lights, among which 1 set for the afterburner in "normal drive mode" I wanted to built this model since Januari, I even briefly considered it for TC7, but Jim and I both agreed that this vehicle fails the "looks like a normal car in non-battle mode" Meanwhile some other people on Eurobricks had a crack at the model (click en clicker) I liked the first topic alot for the CGI pictures of the batmobile like this, because seeing all the details on a model that's mostly black ingame is kind of hard. The fact that Warner Bros cancelled the version of the game that came with a scale model of the batmobile didn't help either, luckily these pictures also help for getting the scale right in the MOC. The second topic is pretty nice for some of his brickbuild solutions. An area I am not too familiar with since I built mostly Technic and lack knowledge of normal Lego parts. Two things I don't like about the second model: the wheels are too small (or the model too big for the wheels), especially shows around the wheelarches, but the wheelarches on my model are too thick too, but not as much as this one I think. The other thing is that he cut and drilled some parts to fit the model. I like to find solutions within the Lego system, so modding is a big no-no for me. Anywho, time for some pictures. It isn't much (not even in time invested, since I just did a little every moment I had time for it), but at least I can copy-paste to the other side instantly, assuming I don't have to make adjustments (as if lol) The midsection is just for me to get a rough idea of how it will look (leaning on a BB so it won't fall over). So it's lacking details just about everywhere in that section. Wheels and stuff missing some details too, but I want to get a functional model first. Every wheel needed to have 3 things: drive, steering and lights. The real model has electro motors on each wheel, I briefly considered mounting a M or L motor on the side and have it drive the wheel, but getting it locked in place there wouldn't look right with the actual model (wire of the L motor basically going over the inner tire). One thing I haven't looked into though is making my own rims for the tires, I will see how this works out first. The wires for the lights have been in many places and this is just about the only place where they don't interfere with the steering and driving gears. Here you can also see the main reason why my wheelarch is too thick: I needed 2 studs to fit those functions above the wheel. I am afraid the structure holding the wheels proves to be too weak for the full model, so might have to reinforce that later on. XL motor's spot is up for the debate. It will probably end 2 studs lower. Gear ratio at the moment is 1:1 (I think), not sure which way I am going to go with that since the XL is known to break gears and axles Battle tank crab steering mode. My model won't make 360+ turns with the wheels, nor even 180 degrees for 2 reasons - 360+ I am not feeling because of the wires getting tangled up - 180 degrees isn't going to really work with the servo. I want to use the servo for snappy steering like the real thing. The liftarm for the steering is a stud closer to the middle of the car than i'd like, but this was the spot to at least get a 100-120 degree turn. One servo will function as a gearbox between the different driving modes while the other servo just steers. I chose this setup to be able to switch quickly between steering modes, just like in the game. Lights had to be used on this model. I am still looking for a way to get the lights to turn red when he enters battle mode, but I don't know where or how (open for suggestions). The reason the rear doesn't have 3 lights on the wheel (does ingame), is because these are rarely shown (battle mode only, and only with the wheel at an angle). In case you wonder about some angles in this model. Pretty early in the build I lost track of what's 100% clean so I just began testing stuff by fixing a liftarm on 1 side and lining it up with the hole I wanted to use on the other end. If I could spin an axle freely in this hole, I gave it the thumbs up, if not, back to looking for another solution. One funny spot on the model where there is pressure, is at the rear, thanks to the freaking 12L soft axles, which quite frankly aren't acting so soft! If the soft axles aren't locked into to place the triangle above the rear lights aren't pushed into the 5x7 panles on the top, they push them slightly in when they are connected Some panels are only fixed in 1 spot, to give them room to move slightly around another panel/axle/liftarm if needed. I noticed a little late that some photo's are a little blurry, sorry, will check it next time. Next up: the actual chassis.
  19. Hello! This is my first MOC, created a few months ago using LDD. The idea is an adventuring party has set up camp for the night, and while the members make their preparations for the journey ahead, the bard plays by the fire to entertain them. I hope to build this scene "in the brick" one day, and I know there are several things I want to change already. But what I'd love is to hear from some of the expert MOCers here on ideas to improve. Please, feel free to rip it to shreds - you can't hurt my feelings. I'm just looking for ways to improve my skills. Thanks in advance everyone! Lindulan Around the Campfire by Lindulan Halcyon, on Flickr
  20. Hey guys , after waiting two months to get all the parts , everything I need for my Classic Arkham Batmobile has arrived . In my mind I’m still calling this a WIP , as there still remain some changes to be made , but they are really small and subtle , so I decided to post it as it is ( and maybe post a V1.1 later ) . As I’m sure you can imagine , one of these changes is changing the colour of the two “road signs” on the roof of the car to black . Unfortunately , these parts don’t come in black , so I’ll paint them ( I don’t love the idea anymore than you do , but I think the parts fit in perfectly and they look inaccurate being grey and brown ). I am also playing with the idea of adding stickers to give the model that extra bit of accuracy , specifically on the "6005" parts in front of the rear wheels . Finally , what’s a Batmobile without Batman ? I knew , from the moment I started building this that I had to get a custom Arkham series Batman minifig to go along with it . And when I tumbled upon onlinesailin’s Arkham City Batman, I was amazed by the astonishing level of detail, the amazing resemblance to the iconic suit, everything . Thanks “onlinesailin”, for the best minifigure out there , this moc wouldn't be the same without it . Now, I’m sure you came here to see a Batmobile, not read boring details, so here are some pictures . Now let me get that explosive gel ... I really hope you liked my build , please comment your opinion and/or constructive criticism . Thanks for viewing :)
  21. As bidden by the mysterious, magical note, six Heroes head out into the Eubric Plains at their employer's behest. Those Heroes are: The Party: Terry Yelnats (played by Endgame) *Party Leader!* Level 6 Mage Health: 10/10 (5+5) Defense: 1 Ether: 10/10 (5+5) Power: 9 (5 +4) Gold: 23 Equipment: Grumpy's Staff (WP: 10), Leather Cap (SP: 1) Inventory: Ether Lash Wand: (WP 3 Wand, at the cost of 1 ether per WP the Wand becomes dual strike for one attack.), Cattle Prod Staff (WP: 3), 3x Potion, Remedy, Sapphire (Wind), Opal (Ice), 2x Bat Guano (can be thrown at an enemy to cause the Blind Effect), Bedroll Jinnipher Buchaire (JimBee) 76-year-old female Moon Elven Knight Level 6 Power Bonus: 0 Health: 15/15 Defense: 8 Gold: 115 Equipment: Brine Blade (WP:5, deals Poison 5; greatsword), Full Moon Shield (SP:5), Moone Mail (SP:3; bodywear) Inventory: The Beheader (WP:15, defies SP; greatsword), Vorpalis Conquerors (Power +0; goes up by 2 for every enemy defeated, drops back down to 0 if the wearer is knocked out or if the battle ends; footwear), 3x Potion, Grand Potion, Greater Tonic, 3x Remedy, Bedroll, Shovel, Letter of Recommendation Boris Bruhalv (Waterbrick Down) 38 year old male vampire Cleric *Immune to Stunned and Poisoned* Level 8 Power: 11 (8 + 3) Defense: 2 (2) Health: 16/16 (16) Ether: 12/12 (10) Gold: 103 Equipment: Simple Mace (WP: 3, mace), Rusty Chainmail (SP: 2, Immune to Stunned and Poison) Inventory: Defender's Ring (Accessory, Rolls of "Heal Less" become "Heal"), Scroll of Sleep (Enables casting the asleep-effect to the target, forcing them to miss its turn for three rounds or until woken up by an attack. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether.), 2 Potions, 4 Remedies, Phoenix Essence, 4 Tonics, 1x Sleep Bomb, 3x Blind Bomb, Military Grade Fire Bomb (Deals 10 Fire damage to all opponents when used), Military Grade Dirt Bomb (Deals 10 Ground damage to all opponents when used), Military Grade Holy Bomb (Deals 10 Holy damage to all opponents when used), Military Grade Lightning Bomb (Deals 10 Lightning damage to all opponents when used), Floral Bomb, Bone, Grating Stone Ezeran Yavarr (MysticModulus) 42 year old human mage Level 1 Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 5/5 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 0 Equipment: Staff infested with demonic slime (WP 3) Inventory: 3x Potion, Emerald (Wood) Torald Waruelf (Alfadas) 20 year old male Human Barbarian Level 1 Power: 4 Health: 8/8 Gold: 10 Equipment: Old and Rusty Greatsword (WP: 3) Inventory: Potion, Mead, Kheyli (K-Nut) 327 years old female fairy Level 1 Barbarian Power: 4 (1+3) Health: 8/8 Gold: 0 Equipment: Barrager (WP:3 Greatsword) Inventory: 3x Potion, Mead The rays of the morning sun filter through the vegetation of the bordering Eubric Forest, casting dappled shadows across their employer and the man accompanying her. The woman, unmistakable thanks to the hair of the same hue as the ink upon her notice, sits atop an unnatural bush likely of her own conjuring, its chalky-looking fruits the color and consistency of bleached bone. The man next to her waves to the Heroes. "Howdy, there, Heroes!" The purple-garbed woman merely crosses her arms and taps the tips of her two staves together impatiently as she waits for the Heroes in the back to catch up. "You're all here? Well, whatever. I need some Ancient Bones for a project I've cooked up, and you lot are gonna--" "Whoa, there, kiddo, shoudn't you let 'em introduce themselves first?" The woman rolls her eyes. "Whatever." The man chuckles. "The name's Mac. I'm normally a driver for the Shadeaux--actually worked with a few other Heroes a while back--but today I'm out here on personal business." Mac jerks his head toward the purple-haired woman. "This charming little lady is your employer Kiri Murasaki." Kiri eyes the Heroes. "Pleasure," she says acidly. "Can they get to work now?" Mac smiles generously at the young woman. "All in good time, kiddo." Mac looks back to the Heroes. "So, 'fore we get started, mind introducing yourselves? You and I will be traveling together on this job, after all." What will the party say? QM Note: Welcome to the Quest, everyone--and for a few of you, welcome to your first Quest as well! If you need anything explained, don't hesitate to ask. Please check to make sure your stats are correct, and if you make any Marketplace purchases, be sure to do so before you post here (and let me know that you have so I can update your stats!). You have 24 hours to confirm your participation in the Quest.
  22. Hey guys , My first MOC when I came out of my late dark ages one and a half year ago was the Batmobile from the first two Arkham games ( well , technically it also cameos in "Origins" ) . It was ok for a first creation after years of absence I guess , but not that great . Some days ago I stumbled upon the LDD file , and I thought " Why not revisit it , make it great and actually build it with real bricks as well this time ". I'm posting this as a WIP because I've finished 80-85% of it but I'm kind of stuck and I need some opinions and suggestions . Here is what I have so far : The tooth piece is supposed to go between the 1x1 plate and 1x1 tile right behind the "tubes" , LDD won't let me put it there but I think I'll be able to squeeze it in there when I actually build it . The tubes / hoses will be flexed so that they're closer to each other and have the angle like the "real" model . As you can see ,the front part is complete , but the back , specifically behind the driver's seat is only a rough draft . So here comes the part where I need your help . I've created two versions of the back "afterburner" area as well as I need your opinion on which looks more accurate , and as many ideas and suggestions as possible for the part behind the driver's seat . Here is the second version of the back area . And , since 2D screenshots can never truly express the 3 dimensions , I'm attaching the LXF file . The one on the right with Batman next to it is what I've been showing so far , the one in the middle has the second version of the back area and the one on the left is the one on the right without the roof , whatever you see there is "complete" ( but of course can be changed if needed). Note : I know some parts don't exist in the colours I use , but I don't like to be limited by the colours TLG produces their parts in , so I'll probably paint them . Also , you may find some "silly " bits in the LXF file , like three 1x1 plates on top of each other instead of an 1x1 brick etc , obviously this won't be the case for the final model , just didn't pay attention to this kind of things and concentrated only in replicating the vehicle's look . Thanks for viewing and please leave a comment of your opinions/ suggestions , it will help a lot .
  23. markus1984

    An unexpected visit

    Hello, After an long break from castle i want show you my new creation. When I saw the wall technique from Brick Vader and Mr. Moova i was in love and must also build an MOC with this style. But now the pictures. Watch all photos on Flickr. Hope you like it and wish all an nice Sunday evening. cya markus
  24. The Story The Storm Riders once lived in one of the two moons of the Phantasy Realms world. But such a moon was consumed by a lightning storm destroying it. This is how the first drakes came to the world of Phantasy - they fled from their once peaceful home to reach to a land of turmoil and war. They first met the storm riders and shared their lightning knowledge with them and for a while they found a new home - a new place to live. Such knowledge gave the storm riders some leverage fighting the lava wizards whose quest for more land seemed insatiable. And peace settled in... Centuries later, some drakes decide to leave and explore the world, thus giving origin to the great Drake diaspora. In this path, drakes began breathing fire as a result of sometimes eating gold and drinking from lava pits. However, many drakes remained faithful to the riders. As time went by, the Storm Riders Dwarven neighbours, tired of being the only ones in Phantasy that held no special power apart from digging deep and trading expertise, decided to invest in a University to research archane powers to increase their influence. Needess to say they found no help either from the elves nor the mystical wizards - their magical secrets were not to be shared with the Iron Dwarven. So their investigation began exploring nature and if there was power to retrieve from it... and recently, they discovered the power of the spark. This began the Dwarven Industrial era. They built many machines and contraptions to help in their daily needs. But once the Iron Dwarven began applying their newfound technology on weapons and vehicles, the Storm Riders knew war was coming and they should act fast. Only one faction should control the power of the spark. Who will it be? You choose :D The set This set would portray a skirmish in the great battle for the spark. It includes two Storm Riders and a buildable dragon with wings that flap up and down and front to back, moveable tail and neck. It also includes two Dwarven Science Guild members in their steampunk tesla tank with moveable driving crank. 360º rotating cannon tower, two spring missiles and a crystal accessible from the back to power up the engine. And soon to be on ideas per friend's request :D
  25. Hello again, I wanted to write a short suspenseful and action-packed bit with some espionage, and the build to go with it. The MOC is based on a real medieval kitchen at Hever Castle, England (click on the picture for the FLICKR link). This is also a global storyline update for Lands of Roawia. Hope you like it... --------------------------- Something wasn’t right, besides what the Duke of Ainesford was blabbing on about; no that cook…he was taking far too long to clean up the ale he himself had spilled on the stairs. And Captain Tavish was certain he was pausing to listen to what was being said on the Speaker's Floor, strictly against the rules for “the help” here at this Great Congress of Lenfald. The grizzled archer nudged Sir Caelan Munro sitting next to him, but the Baron barely noticed as he listened to Ainesford's speech and replied, “Can you believe what this pompous jester here is advocating? Full compliance with the new king, improper marriage and all! I just lost all respect for the Duke...” Tavish shook his head in mild frustration at Sir Caelan and got up to check on the cook, but he had barely made it halfway there when the cook suddenly collected his rags and left. Now that was entirely too coincidental… The Captain headed down the hallway to find him but was immediately accosted by the two ever-present and intellectually-challenged guards waiting there. Security at the Great Congress was incredibly tight due to the volatile nature of what was being discussed; no one except the castle guards themselves were allowed any weapons whatsoever, and all the delegates and staff were sequestered inside the castle for the duration of this critical assembly. Upon seeing the archer they held out their halberds to stop him, but Tavish was way ahead of them. “Ah, there you are my good lads, I am here to report an illegal weapon, one of the delegates has a knife, I clearly saw it. Here, let me point him out.” Excited that they finally had something real to do, the two looked like dogs waiting to go fetch a thrown stick. The Captain deliberately motioned at the middle of the delegates on the far side of the largest hall in all of Lenfald, and pointed indiscriminately, “there, that one wearing dark green.” The two were halfway across when they realized nearly every delegate there was wearing the official color of Lenfald. The archer entered the Great Kitchen impatiently as he searched for the man, to no avail; he wasn’t there. It was incredibly busy in the hot room, but there was one cook removing the entrails from a goose who he grabbed by the arm after the man objected to his presence. “Did a cook just rush through here?” “Oh no, I haven’t seen a cook all day!" he spit out sarcastically. "Look about you mate, you’re in a kit…” he didn’t get any farther as he was suddenly and violently shaken. “Tall, thin, muscular, with a goatee and a deep tan like he has been in the…” a sinking feeling hit Captain Tavish as he finished his own sentence, “…desert.” “Oh, the new bloke,” the cook muttered resentfully. “Yeah, he’s in the side kitchen over there.” “New bloke? But the staff has been sequestered!” “Aye but we ran short o’ help and contracted from outside…” Now Tavish’s stomach was turning, and not from the sight of the goose’s entrails. He shot down the side hall and found the door to the secondary kitchen locked from the inside. He was not a slight man however and he burst through it after four body slams, only to face an arrow shot at him. Quickly turning to present a smaller target the shot barely missed, and Tavish then plunged into the small kitchen. It had two ovens, one to his left and another to his right with a window facing the outer ward of the castle. A massive pot of some concoction was bubbling away in that fireplace, and two cooks were to his left, down and bleeding in front of the other oven. To his right across a table full of foodstuffs and dishes stood the dubious cook, now smoothly knocking another arrow. As Tavish reached for a large pot to try and deflect the shot, the cook instead leveled the shot at the window and fired the arrow out of it. Instantly Tavish knew he had just lost, for two things came to his eye; the arrow had a note tied to it — the spy had just successfully gotten the word out as to whatever he had heard. And the other thing was personally alarming; the cook had a tattoo of a crow on the inside of his arm--the same kind of decoration that the fearsome Areani have to show their allegiance to Lenfald's enemies the Loreesi— that this was going to be one bloody fight, perhaps the Captain's last. So he didn’t wait, and threw the pot at him as hard as he could, catching the spy in the ribs. That should have doubled him over, but the desert-dweller barely noticed it. He produced a curved Loreesi dagger from inside his shirt and a second knife and attacked with both, while Tavish grabbed a kitchen knife and jar of seeds, and the two went at each other with full force. The jar wound up shattered as it absorbed a crushing blow from the dagger, and Tavish gave him a brutal slash across the shoulder, which again the Areani barely seemed to notice. In the flurry, the archer had sustained four bloody cuts from the spy and knew he wouldn’t last long against this seemingly inhuman opponent. Then the Areani reacted to something over Tavish’s shoulder and a jar came flying out of nowhere and hit the spy in the head, shooting flour everywhere, clouding up the air. Sir Caelan Munro suddenly appeared and dashed by the Captain, attacking the cook with a meat cleaver. The sight would have been hilarious if it weren't for the circumstances of their opponent being a deadly Loreesi agent. Even dazed the Areani fought like a lion until Tavish grabbed a small iron pot and slammed it into the side of his head. Still the spy stood, but wavered. The temporary lull in the action allowed the sound of the bubbling pot to come through, and both Sir Caelan and Tavish simultaneously had the same idea, grabbing the spy by the arms and shoving him toward the fire. They forcefully pushed the Areani's head down into what turned out to be a lovely pea soup, now at full boil. The spy struggled mightily as he burned, but both his opponents held on until he went limp. “We need to question him, I think,” Caelan barely managed and finally Tavish relented, letting the man fall to the floor with horrendous second-degree burns now all over his head and face, also covered in a slimy green. The two friends stood huffing from their exertion until Baron Munro finally blurted, “You left just when the Duke was getting interesting…” "I doubt that very much." Tavish stumbled to the window and cursed. “The blighter must have shot right over the outer wall. Jig’s up now; whatever was on that note is long gone.” Just then the same two guards who had stopped the Captain earlier now slammed into the kitchen. They took in the Areani, the mess, and the two hurt cooks to their left and looked furiously at them. Sir Caelan only waved at the spy on the floor and by way of explanation stated indignantly, “He ruined the soup.” Two days later, a man dressed in fine red clothing stood on a tower of the King’s Castle, and held out his arm expectantly. A bird came down swiftly and alighted on his arm, and he gently caressed the falcon. He then unfastened the message tied to its leg and began reading carefully. His brow furrowed slightly after reading a few lines; then a calmness came over him. He looked towards the vast horizon and paused to consider everything that had taken place in the last few weeks. Then Loreesi Prince Jarius tucked the message into his pocket and, carrying the bird with him, walked purposely towards the stairs of the tower. ------------------------- Hope you like the build and story; comments are welcome!