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Found 8 results

  1. soccerkid6

    Mitgardian Hunters

    I experimented with some more landscaping techniques: SNOT rocks, overhanging angled plates, and using trans clear as melting snow/ice. Credit for the torso/arm combo goes to Torgar. Two Mitgardian hunters ride their horses through the plains of Valholl: Any C&C appreciated
  2. Yooha

    North Tower

    The North Tower The North Tower defends the Omurtag Gate. From the height of the wall archers can shoot the enemy through crenels. There are even more room for soldiers on the top. The top floor can be accessed via a ladder. End of shift. I built a digital version of the Omurtag Gate to put it next to the North Tower. Due to some limitation in LDD, it has some small difference from the brick-built one.
  3. soccerkid6

    Valholl's Southern Gate

    Much of this build was inspired by Ecclesiastes' builds. There is a full interior in the gatehouse (even murder holes), the portcullis works as do the doors and there is a full interior. The cooper's house also has a full interior. Story: The southern gatehouse of Valholl is also a lighthouse, as most supplies are delived to Valholl via the river. Sir Glorfindel was the first to greet Sir Edwyn as he arrived at Valholl's harbor. "Welcome Sir Edwyn, I've heard much about you. I am Sir Glorfindel, officer of Valholl and I am to accompany you on your mission." "Thank you Glorfindel, but my orders did not specify why I was to come to Valholl." "Oh, well we can remedy that soon enough, Elon Chorian will give us the mission specifics at our meeting. Come, he is waiting at the citadel." Portcullis down: Doors closed: Warehouse: Cooper's: More pictures here: I used a new backdrop for these pictures and I like it a lot. All comments/criticism appreciated
  4. soccerkid6

    Gimcrack the Inventor (7)

    While in Valholl, Glorfindel visits an old friend, Gimcrack the dwarven inventor: Interior: Gimcrack himself: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81863 Next build: All C&C appreciated
  5. soccerkid6

    Tournament in Valholl

    Before Revolword came to power, and even before the search for the crystals, a great tournament was held in Valholl. People came from far and wide to participate or just watch. Here Glorfindel jousts another Mitgardian knight: I tried to include as many sigs as possible, so you might just find yourself I wish I could have included more, but some of you I just don't have the pieces to even make a recognizable version All C&C welcome
  6. soccerkid6

    Meeting with Elon (6)

    Meanwhile Glorfindel had returned to Mitgardia to get Steen Larson and Elon Chorian's opinions on how to fight the hand and save as many Mitgardians as possible. Here Glorfindel meets with Elon in Valholl, and they discuss a guerilla strategy of warfare against the hand: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81862 Next build: All C&C appreciated
  7. soccerkid6

    Lydia the Seamstress (8)

    Inspired by MikeyB's build Next door to Gimcrack's home is Lydia the seamstress's shop: Interior: Combined with Gimcrack's home: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81864 Next build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81866 All C&C appreciated
  8. Ecclesiastes


    Berechja Only the best of the best of archers are allowed to be defenders of the tower of Berechja, named afther one of the previous rulers of Valholl. The precision of these archers is known trough out all off historica, even the High King has some of them in his service. Connected to the other wall parts. (I know my photo's are usely much better, but the wetter is pretty bad these days. So that's why I did the shoot inside)