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Found 220 results

  1. Outtake from Reaper Squad’s Report: Intel reported that Pyerce forces fleeing the Fondor system had scattered and hid in the Outer Rim. Specifically the Wazta, Koradin, and Tunka sector. Our first lead was a Pyerce Gozanti-class cruiser escorted by a few TIEs that had been shot down somewhere over Virgillia 7 weeks earlier. I guess they did not know about the Virgillian Free Alignment. We should make short process of any survivors. Cdr. Bannon had made it clear that any intel they intercepted at Fondor, could pose a potential threat to Triumvirate activities in the Core. The orders were simple! Search and Destroy! The first TIE was demolished in the crash, but the second one had been turned into a makeshift habitat for the surviving pilot. Her plan must have been to hide out for some time - not expecting any visitors. She was unarmed when we confronted her. Last mistake she ever made... *BLAMMM* /// Balancing the TIE was a real challenge... The ropes, pipes, and nets actually serve to keep the makeshift hab in place...
  2. Darth Bjorn

    [K11 - Odik II - TT] Between Blue Ferns

    Somewhere deep within the Botanical Garden of Odik II... Chancellor Vankar: Gentlemen. Even if you do not recognize the imperial remnants, you must acknowledge their existence. Even on prominent New Republic worlds the remnant has more influence than the sitting government. I’m not asking you to openly support the Imperial Triumvirate. I’m telling you to look the other way. Senator Gunch Mau’te: The Neimoidian society agrees to your terms Chancellor. Senator Bjiel: I’m not convinced. Eventually the New Republic will uncover the imperial entanglements buried in bureaucracy and corruption! Chancellor Vankar: Eventually yes. Until then we will make it worth while. /// Wanted to do plants from these bricks for a looooong time, but I couldn't find a jungle planet to do an entry on...
  3. Darth Bjorn

    Faction: The Triumvirate

    The Imperial Triumvirate Faction: The Triumvirate (Union of Imperial Remnants) Faction Leader: Darth Bjorn Faction Moffs: Gubi0222, marvelBoy123, Simulterious Headquarters/Capital: The Imperial Super Star Destroyer Resurrector (temporary) Planets: Daalang, Nanth'ri, Nixor, Molavar, Scarif, Rishi, Hosnian Prime, Byblos, Exodeen, Deysum, Fedalle, Castell, Byss, Fondor, Iphigin, Ghorman, Andara, Zeltros, Affa, Botor, Ota, Uogo'cor, Kalist VI, Devaron, Quarzite, Marat V (Skye) Sectors: The Daalang Sector, The Eclorar Sector, The Abrion Sector Grid: Q12, S15, M12, L13, M13, H19 Description In order to ensure our security and continued stability, the Imperial Remnants of a hundred worlds will unify under the Imperial Triumvirate! For a safe and secure society. Honoring the true imperial legacy, rising from the ashes, Tempered, Stronger, Reborn! - Supreme Moff Barthol The Triumvirate is an alliance of several imperial remnants all united under one banner. Loyal to the legacy of the emperor, and firm believers of restoring the empire to its former glory. Some remnants remain more independent than others, but all acknowledge and support the Triumvirs and regard the three as emissaries of the Emperor’s will. The Triumvirs The Triumvirs are the supreme authority in the Imperial Triumvirate. In some cases a triumvir has direct control of a specific department. The triumvirs each have their own agenda, but work towards the shared goal of an empire reborn. From left to right: The Crimson Duchess: The Crimson Duchess is the ruler of the mysterious Crim Dominion. Her mother also held the Crimson Duchess-title which seems to be handed down from mother to daughter, dating back generations. Rumor has it that the late emperor held the previous Duchess and the Crim Dominion in high regard. This could be the explanation for the deep imperial loyalty and military might of a relatively small system. Supreme Moff Barthol: A battle hardened war veteran who served the old Republic as a naval officer, and later the Galactic Empire as a highly decorated admiral and moff. Moff Barthol was personally appointed by the Emperor, to lead a highly secret mission into the Unknown Regions. Moff Barthol spent more than a decade in the unknown regions, only to return to an empire in disarray. Grand Prince Serion: Prince Serion was a former ISB Admiral and aristocrat hailing from Nacronis. In the final days of the Galactic Empire, Prince Serion played an integral part in Operation Cinder and the downfall of his homeworld Nacronis. Immediately after the destruction of Nacronis, Prince Serion staged a coup against two other unsuspecting admirals, and assumed control of their fleets, as well as the ground forces that had been stationed on Nacronis. The Prince quickly left the Nacronis system to avoid the New Republic, and made the rendezvous with Moff Barthol. Prince Serion ironically named his new army the Nacronis Protectorate. High Command The current High Command consists of nine commanders each responsible for a branch of the Imperial Triumvirate (e.g. politics, commerce, military). The high command only answers to the Triumvirs and together with the triumvirs, they are the ruling council of the Imperial Triumvirate. From left to right: Grand General, Warlord Ral Hathe: Chief of the Army Grand Admiral Bryce: Chief of the Navy Moff Iax Draenar: Regional Governor of Core Territories @Gubi0222 Director Rovv: Director of Security (ISB) Admiral Gull Grand Moff Jarl Baston Kallus Moff Pantoloc: Regional Governor of Outer Rim Territories Grand Moff Huron: Regional Governor of Mid Rim Territories Admiral Gable Karius: Head of Inquisition @marvelBoy123 Retired members of High Command: Admiral Harr Sinier (Imprisoned, awaiting processing) Admiral Vori (Presumed dead) Officers: The Imperial Triumvirate is a large union of many different branches, departments, and agencies. Natural leaders, disciplined officers, and ambitious commanders are needed, in order to steer the union towards the shared goal of returning the empire to its former glory. You could find yourself among the senior commanders of the Imperial Triumvirate, leading the expansion to new parts of the galaxy, reclaiming former imperial worlds, or planning future covert military or diplomatic operations. Special Forces Units: The Imperial Triumvirate utilizes a wide variety of special forces and commando units. Although most of these units are continuations of existing branches of imperial forces (such as Storm Commandos, Special Forces, and Death Troopers), more specialized and unique special forces have been established since the union of Imperial remnants under the Imperial Triumvirate banner. You could find yourself among one of these new specialized squads, or you could be an Imperial Super Commando, Inquisitor, Imperial Hunter, or a Special Agent working as a lone wolf on highly classified missions. Stormtroopers: Although against New Republic sanctions on imperial military, the Triumvirate is secretly training new troops for the Stormtrooper Corps. You might be a veteran stormtrooper re-deployed to a young squad or one of the many specialist troopers like scout troopers or patrol troopers. The Army: The basic infantry of the imperial Triumvirate. You may find yourself among these grunts, recruited from young conscripts and volunteers, eager to serve the new regime that has united their worlds and brought stability in a time of uncertainty. These soldiers travel across the galaxy on expeditionary missions, spearheading the expansion of the Triumvirate. The Navy: In the fleet of the Triumvirate, you could find yourself among the naval troops, fighter or shuttle pilots, or even commandeering a star destroyer. The fleet is an integral part of of the Triumvirate dominion, and Star Destroyers often serve as base of operation. Ancillary Branches: The imperial Triumvirate is a well-oiled regime, you may find yourself among the supporting personnel that keeps the wheels turning. The Triumvirate ancillary branch includes engineers, researchers, and logistics personnel. Recruits of the Imperial Triumvirate HOW DO I JOIN? Send a PM to the faction leader Darth Bjorn, explaining why you wish to join the Imperial Triumvirate! Sign up now! The empire needs you! WHAT SHOULD MY BUILDS LOOK LIKE? As a faction rising from the remnants of the Galactic Empire and building on the same values, you should aim for a style that resembles imperial architecture, starships, crafts and equipment - like imperial garrison bases, imperial star destroyers or even AT-ATs and AT-STs. These could be heavily modified and improved since they might be salvaged or repurposed. Member of the Imperial Triumvirate should proudly display their allegiance to the faction. This can be done by adding small details as Triumvirate banners soaring above your moc, or your troopers wearing the custom pauldrons with the Imperial Triumvirate signet. In the grey bar below below you'll finde an overview of all the creative assets ready for printing to use in your mocs. WHERE CAN I BUILD? The Imperial Triumvirate is constantly expanding its territory. Below you will find a map of sectors, systems and hyperlandes accessible to the faction. You are allowed to build anywhere in the Star Wars galaxy, but only by building in accessible systems can you earn IPs for your faction. In order to further the faction's territory, all members of the Imperial Triumvirate is encouraged to earn IPs for the faction. Members of the Imperial Triumvirate can build in any system, where the faction has control or a presence (green and yellow systems). Members can also build on any system along the green hyperlanes and green sectors. Power, Strength, Loyalty! Enlist today! You can sign up for the Triumvirate in this thread! [Updates and additional photos coming soon...]
  4. 6 ABY ||Entry Log|| Unit: Imperial Artillery Corps Planet of Recording: Kuat *incoming soon
  5. Darth Bjorn

    [H19 - Skye - TT] Clipped Wings

    *Your entry has earned 13 XP* Some time later onboard the ISD Pandemonium... Lt. Traum [over the comms]: *Sir! We’ve detected shield signatures around the old capital, and ships are fleeing the system. Reaper Squad reports several natives fleeing into the highlands and to the former capital. Reaper Squad is bringing the Queen to you now. What are your orders?* Grand Prince Serion: The old capital is of no concern - leave it! Round up all capable survivors in the ruined region. If there’s any natives among them, clip their wings, and process them. No need to destroy a valuable workforce. Wipe out any agitators… Grand Prince Serion: Ah… The famous descendant of Kharys is here... A little less majestic I see… Queen Edi’kharys: *snnnifflles quitely* damn you… Grand Prince Serion: No reason to extend your peril… You will die knowing that your kind will be robbed of all freedom…Throw her out the nearest airlock! General Hathe, prepare your troops for a surface attack! /// I'm pretty happy with how building out in all directions turned out... This entry may be a tad bit grim, but then again... We are the bad guys...
  6. Darth Bjorn

    [H19 - Skye - TT] Population Processing

    *Your entry has earned 11 XP* Some time has passed since the tactical surface attack of strategically important space ports on Marat V. Offworld travel has been totally locked down, and the native S’kytri has fled into their ancestral cities away from space ports. The survivors and remaining population are now being processed by Triumvirate Imperial ground forces... Dr. Lesu: General! We're running low on bacta for treating survivors and the native's wings. I refuse to carry out wing clipping, if we cannot guarantee decent wound treatment. Cpt. Forsbak: Mmh a bail jumper! Sergeant! Escort this one to the prison shuttle! /// Another entry for the taking of Marat V aka. Skye... Let me know what you think...
  7. Darth Bjorn

    [H19 - Skye - TT] Pandemonium Unleashed

    *Your entry has earned 11 XP* Personal message from Grand Prince Serion to select commanders of the Imperial Triumvirate: “The time has come! Commanders, We summon you to witness the maiden voyage and first weapons test of our magnificent vessel, the ISD Pandemonium! We would like you to be our guests at a ceremony that will make this vessel operational. Our target is a remote planet in the Marat system. The indiginous winged pests of Marat V, known as the S’kytri, have violated our treaty. They could expose our plans and must be dealt with. These are your orders: Assemble in orbit above Marat V, witness the majesty of Pandemonium, and await your orders!” Some time after above Marat V Lt. Traum: Sir! We’re orbiting the planet Marat V, and have successfully disrupted all communication offworld. We have an incoming transmission from the capital. Most life forms are concentrated around the capital region. Targeting the capital region now. All commanders have arrived in orbit, and are standing by. Grand Prince Serion: Excellent! Continue with the operation. You may fire when ready. /// Enough with the niceties... Classic Imperial Star Destroyer inspired by Dark Empire: See more detailed shots below:
  8. *Your entry has earned 8 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* The secrets uncovered in the Emperor’s Observatory on Byss has led to a wide range of experiments and top secret projects. From these, an unlikely alliance has risen between dark side acolytes and a subdivision of the Imperial Triumvirate. For a considerable amount of kyber crystals, the Sith cultists agreed to imbue kyber crystals with dark side energy for experimental weapons application. Unsanctioned and unofficial of course. Bleeding kyber crystals is an ancient Sith ritual... These rituals harnessed the fear and terror of innocent victims... And when fear and terror was at it's highest, the cultists started inflicting pain and suffering... Until the kyber crystal started fracturing holding immense amounts of fear, horror, pain, suffering, and the dark side... /// This was a little disturbing to make!
  9. *Your entry has earned 11 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* The secrets uncovered in the Emperor’s Observatory on Byss has led to a wide range of experiments and top secret projects. One of these projects has been hidden in subterranean caves, beneath the abandoned Imperial prison base on Kalist VI. Protected by New Republic bureaucrats and corrupt politicians, the Imperial Triumvirate is experimenting with the creation of a new super soldier for the Empire. The Horror Trooper… Mwuahahahah… By drenching the clones in liquified Artusian force crystals, these troopers should have enhanced senses, and some even force powers... The experiment was a failure, and the escaped clones are unaccounted for... This intel is highly classified! /// Another horrible entry for the Halloween LTC... 🎃👻
  10. Ignatius666

    Imperial Arquitens Class Cruiser

    Hello there! I finally completed my re-modeling of the Arquitens Class Cruiser, I found on rebrickable (made by Shockjoke). Arquitens Class Light Cruiser Imperial 1 by Adrian Millhoff, auf Flickr I also want to make instructions for this, but this take a lot of time. Let me know, what you think, I appreciate feedback!
  11. Gotta get back, back to the past... Samurai Jack! Armed with a magic sword, a heroic samurai warrior sets out to defeat the evil demon sorcerer Aku. However, Aku transports him into the distant future, where the residents name him "Jack". Now Samurai Jack must find a way to return home to the past and obliterate Aku once and for all! Don't forget your hat, Jack! "Who dares to summon I, Aku?!" Using all the pieces to make his main form, Aku can "shape-shift" by being rebuilt into a scorpion... …or even a winged creature! Summary of Aku's rebuildable forms. What do you think of my product idea? If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding what you'd like me to improve or add to my project (bonus forms for Aku, supporting characters, enemies, etc.), I'm more than happy to take them into consideration! Link to my Product Idea
  12. Hello everyone! After receiving so many enquiries seeking instructions for my Zeta-class cargo shuttle, I am pleased to announce the release of a professional 768 page instruction manual for purchase. The final piece count is 4418, just surpassing 75159 Death Star. The completed model measures 70 x 56 x 38cm (wings upright). I have put together a package that includes the 768 page pdf instruction manual, parts list and LDD file. All of it is available for 25 British pounds (£25). If you would like to purchase the plans, please either PM me or contact me at I will have a public parts list uploaded to rebrickable very soon (for simplicity, red coloured pieces can be anything you like, they are not visible from the exterior). I’m sure everyone appreciates the long hours that went into designing both the physical model and step-by-step build. I had a lot of fun putting this one together and hope others will too! The Rebrickable parts list is now live here. Here is the original thread from February 2017 and the Flickr album. I have revised the attachment between the wings and main body, but not been brave enough to motorise it - I'll leave that to someone else to try! Below are a few excerpts from the manual: Please feel free to use this thread to discuss anything about the model design, building steps, part substitutions, etc.
  13. *Your entry has earned 17 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Cdr. Bannon: Greetings your excellence! With all due respect, you have been wronged by the Jedi once too many. I regret that the Empire deprived you of any chance of retribution, but I am here to make amends. I have in my possession a Holocron that holds clues to the whereabouts of several Jedi. Unfortunately I need to find someone able to unlock this device. Can you help me? The Pirate King, Morku’Rath: Young soldier... Tell me… Why should we not cut your limbs off, and burn you alive… Then your little shining trinket would be ours, to do with as we please… Cdr. Bannon: If I don’t leave this planet alive, my Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit will turn this wretched maggot lair to rubble. Morku’Rath: BWAHAHAHA! You strike a hard bargain… Are you sure you’re not a pirate yourself? Mmh… We will help you… Let us see… Sometime earlier onboard Cdr. Bannons flagship, the ISD Manticore... Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: I followed Lord Kadus' suggestion and returned to my ship. Just as I arrived a holo transition came through, and from none other than the Crimson Duchess. I had met her only once before, so this had to be special! Holo transmission from the Crimson Duchess: *Commander, your Empire needs you. As you may suspect, the Triumvirate is not a dying remnant, struggling to survive. We are a part of a grander design! With your next mission you will step through the veil, and there will be no going back. We are counting on your loyalty Commander!* Cdr. Bannon’s log - continued: My mission sent me to the barren rock Botor. Not a system I was familiar with, but intel says that it is run by an old pirate cult called the Flesh Mongers. These pirates have something I need! /// This challenge was a great fit with Cdr. Bannon's continued storyline.
  14. Darth Bjorn

    [K12 - Kalist VI - TT] Raiders United

    *Your entry has earned 9 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Excerpt from Cpt. Markland’s log: With our increasing influence corewards, the Imperial Triumvirate have had to make unlikely alliances in order to avoid New Republic attention. With the bulk of our fleet hidden in the Outer Rim, I’ve been tasked with negotiating an alliance, uniting raiders and pirates, to serve as the Triumvirate’s extended foreign legion. So far I’ve been successful in negotiating an agreement with six pirate leaders. Here’s my assessment of these individuals. Crimson Jack, Pirate Master and ex-employee of Jabba the Hutt. He was presumed dead, but reemerged with a pirate gang raiding worlds off of the Corellian Trade Spine. Jack has agreed to work with the Triumvirate in return for Imperial Equipment. Silver Fyre, leader of the Aquaris Freeholders and former ally of the Rebel Alliance. I have my doubts about her, and will be watching her closely! Captain Gideon, Devaronian scoundrel and natural leader. Provided the resources I think he will prove to be an asset. Amaiza Foxtrain, jack of all trades. What you see is what you get. However, she seems resourceful given the right mission. Ront Byrnloo, another ex-employee of Jabba the Hutt. After the death of his employer Ront assembled a sizable crew, and has agreed to join our raiders. Anja Gallandro, daughter of the famous gunslinger Gallandro. After her father’s death she pursued a career as privateer captain in the Outer Rim. /// Inspired by @Ross Fisher figbarf entries I felt like doing some more pirates. All of these are based on real characters in the SW universe... See the details below...
  15. *Your entry has earned 15 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Much can be said about senate halls and corporate offices, but the most decisive deals have been struck at racing circuits across the galaxy. The circuit at Affa 5000 is no exception in this time of uncertainty. R4C3: Hello and welcome to this glorious day at the Affa 5000. My name is R4C3, and I will be your host for this evening! I see the contestants are making their way out onto the starting grid… Some time later… R4C3: The swoops are going into the last stretch of the final lap! Jath Wabit and Slim Verco are side by side! Slim’s trying to catch up on the inside! He’s not seeing the service ramp! Wham!!! Tough luck Slimo! Guess it’s another win for tonight's favorite Bith! /// This was a crazy build... Super fragile and way too many colors for my taste!!! Aaaaanyway... Below are a few more shots:
  16. Darth Bjorn

    [M13 - Quarzite - TT] Swoop Prospector

    *Your entry has earned 16 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: Our next mission has brought us to Quarzite. For some reason one of our research departments has been involved in a high priority project, and they are in need of crystals for some kind of weapon. Our mission was to find a viable location for a base of operation, where our scientists could validate the purple Quarzite crystal. Cdr. Bannon: Lord Kadus. Come in. Transmitting my current coordinates. This area has a high density of crystals, and is accessible enough for the crew. Lord Kadus: Roger that Commander! We will proceed to the location immediately. Cdr. Bannon: What do you think Lord Kadus? Lord Kadus: Commander. This site will be perfect for a mining operation. Let’s hope these crystals are receptive for our synthesis process. Cdr. Voluth! How’s the test coming along? Cdr. Voluth: Just a few moments Lord. My men are working on it. Lt. Scientist Ralvand: Commander Volut, Sir. These crystals are crude, but the test puts them well within the viability spectrum! These crystals will work! Lord Kadus: Excellent!!! Begin setting up the mining site immediately! Commander Bannon, good work. You should return to High Command. They’ve requested you personally. Cdr. Bannon: Yes Lord. /// Here's a closer look at the two speeders:
  17. *Your entry has earned 28 XP* The sight that met us above Fondor was best described as chaos. Moments after coming out of hyperspace above Fondor, Pyerce’s forces were all over the freighter. No surprise, but also no challenge for the heavily modified Corellian freighter. The YT-1140 freighter holds an incredible amount of power, that has been redistributed to support advanced weapons and defense systems. No wonder this model has been banned the last decade, and so few have made it through production. Without deviating from our approach to Fondor’s surface, Pyerce's TIEs were dealt with. A few moments later we sat down on the rendezvous, a few clicks west of the research facility. /// This has probably been the most time-consuming build I've ever made. I always wanted to make a Corellian-type freighter, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I have to admit I had my doubts at several points... However, I'm pretty satisfied with the result - room for improvement, but for my first 'SHIP' I think its ok. Additional shots below: I'll see if I can get a few more shots up of the interior and details... Update - A few raw shots of details in the ship:
  18. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Emergency Transmission from the Imperial Cargo Cruiser Adalior: ICC Adalior, Cpt Artel broadcasting on all Imperial frequencies. *grrrrttzzzz* Our cargo has been compromised. *kkkrrrrrtttzzz* We’re going down in the Bozelvort desert *loud screams* south of Harazod. *more loud screams* Requesting rescue! Excerpt from Cpt. Artel’s log - sometime earlier: Our mission was to restore an old imperial facility on Gerrard V, and relocate several deadly specimens for research purposes. We are now en-route to the planet. This could be considered a Blue Milk run, except I cannot count the number of teeth we are hauling to Gerrard V. /// A fun little build I threw together during the summer...
  19. Darth Bjorn

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Stopping the Leak

    *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: After the union of the Imperial Triumvirate, one of our highest priorities has been to avoid the gaze of the New Republic. Our presence in the core and the colonies must be hidden. We’ve tracked a New Republic spy that intercepted transmissions from Fondor, to the Devaron system. Recent reports suggest that Joral Avan of Reaper Squad, shot down the agent above the jungles of Devaron, before the spy could reach his destination. I’ve instructed Agent Avan to make sure the spy is taken care of, and that the transmission doesn’t get further. /// Another small moc I've had on the table for some time...
  20. *Your entry has earned 22 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s Log: My squad and I were dropped near one of the facility’s northern platforms. To our luck this entrance was lightly guarded, and we made short work of the Pyerce's stormtroopers there. While Pyerce’s forces focused on another part of the complex, the schematics from Scarif lead us directly to the research mainframe. Brac stayed behind to guard our exit. With a successful extraction of the data Joral and I headed back towards the surface. That was when things turned south... Pyerce reinforcements had taken back control of the platform, and were waiting for us! We were pinned down... Pinned down, but not out of luck... A squad of Death Troopers among Pyerce's forces suddenly turned on the stormtroopers... To my surprise it was one of our own... I guess that's the mess you get from imperials fighting each other... Were it not for Deputy Director Shan Talli’e and her squad, we’d never make it off Fondor. /// I had a lot of fun with this build. There's just something extremely satisfying about Imperial architecture! ;)
  21. JorstadDesigns

    [MOC] LEGO Eldorado Fortress, redesigned

    “Governor Broadside spent years at his post in Eldorado Fortress, waiting for the expected assault of his nemesis, Captain Redbeard. In his days as Commodore, Broadside was one of the famous few to have turned back Redbeard’s feared naval bombardments, but the notorious Redbeard has been missing for years without a trace. Promoted to Governor but growing old at his post, Broadside has ensured that his fortress is well prepared for any assault – the larder is stocked, the men are rested, and the cannons are loaded. But lately, passing ships have whispered strange new rumors of Redbeard. Tales of a remote island, a stranded ship, a Captain and crew thirsty for revenge setting sail once again… The Governor may be unaware of the secret treasure hidden beneath Eldorado, but he is certain Redbeard will come for Mary Brickless, prisoner of Eldorado for the past five years. Is Eldorado Fortress prepared for whatever threats may come next? Can Broadside return to his role as Commodore and rid the seas of Redbeard, once and for all? Only you can decide!” Eldorado Fortress Introducing Eldorado Fortress, built from 100% authentic LEGO® bricks and the perfect companion to LEGO’s® new Pirates of Barracuda Bay set! Although LEGO® has released some smaller imperial fortresses in the past, none were truly on the scale of LEGO’s® larger castle playsets. The new Pirates of Barracuda Bay set re-inspired us to create a fortress modelled on Caribbean architecture. As you can see, the fortress is named to play on LEGO’s® original Eldorado Fortress (set #6276). The Governor is named after the “Governor Broadside” that shows up in some older LEGO® literature/manuals. The main model uses 2,581 bricks, and the minifigures and accessories add ~150 parts to that. The model features a watchtower, armory, prison, a secret cave with the hidden treasure of Eldorado, a larder, crew’s quarters, Governor’s room, and a harbor area with defensive cannon emplacements. Our personal favorite feature is the curved wall with three cannons overlooking the water! Everything is modular, allowing easy access to all play features. The prison features an ‘exploding’ wall, the cave is connected via a secret passage with retractable wall to the larder, and a trapdoor connects the larder to the crew’s quarters. More importantly, the set includes five spring-loaded cannons that can be positioned anywhere along the fort walls, allowing for quick defense against raiding pirates! Instructions are available as a digital download from my website at LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr
  22. Back to the Brick

    [MOC] Big Small Imperial Bastion

    Hi all Pirates and LEGO fans! I share with you my latest MOC called the Big Small Imperial Bastion. I just wanted to create a playable bastion to use with the very nice Pirates of Barracuda Bay set. Hope you'll like it. Any comments are welcome. View form behind. Mmh... It seems the monkey stole something from the Captain's office. Door is open on purpose for this picture. No pirate escaped from this small cell since its construction. Various treasures and Captain's teddy bear (shh!). Three cannons are always better than one. Captain and his favorite chair. Captain's office. Another view from Captain's office.
  23. Darth Bjorn

    [K11 - Byss - TT] Dark Legacy

    *Your entry has earned 21 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: The intel I uncovered on Scarif keeps unearthing secrets. With the assistance of a so-called Dark Side Adept, we decrypted fragments of something she called a Sith Star Chart. The map revealed the coordinates to one of the late Emperor’s observatories in the deep beneath the surface of Byss. I have few words for what we found. Even though I acknowledge there is more to the stars than meets the eye, I’ve always avoided the force. Here I was standing amidst the Emperor's deepest secrets, and once again face-to-face with the Emperor's sorcerer Lord Vader. Although by the looks of it, only his suit. This dark figure still gives me the chills. Red crystals, scrolls, and other ancient junk. Cdr. Bannon’s log - continued: The writing on the screens is gibberish to me, but maybe I can find a translator... Cdr. Bannon’s log - continued: Junk or not. Some of these relics intrigue me. I may just bring a few for further study... Cdr. Bannon’s log - continued: Our guide has served her purpose - no loose ends… *Bffwwbbzzz - sound of a red figure powering up* Sentinel Droid: Commander *grrzz-tttzzz*. Operation: Resurrection is to begin at once. *grrzz-tttzzz-tchk-tchk*. Lure the gaze of the galaxy away from *tttzzz-tchk*. Disrupt any attempts at establishing *tttzzz-tchk*. You are but one of many tools by which the new order *tttzzz* shall rise. Heed my messenger. He shall *grrzz-tttzzz-tchk-tzzzzzziiiiiiuuuu - sound of the figure powering down*. Cdr. Raath: The freck was that?! Cdr. Bannon: I’ve heard rumors about these messengers. They were a part of the Emperor's last command, sent to high ranking officers, after our loss at Endor. Seems there were more than one last order… Cdr. Bannon: Make sure we get the intel in the messenger, and the systems. Maybe we can download it into one of those protocol droids. I have a feeling there’s more to uncover... /// I've had this one in the backlog for awhile... I really want to explore more of the Emperor's secrets. After TROS i imagine his excellence had a lot more up his sleeve than just Operation Cinder and an escape to the Unknown Regions... Let me know what you think, and let's see if you can decipher the hidden messages and easter eggs... ;)
  24. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Excerpt from TK-7447 mission log: Usually these urban infiltration missions means going deep on some heavily secured Separatist world. This time however, the seps have come to us. Intelligence says that the seps are going for an encrypted data vault on Byblos. Fortunately the seps are underestimating us as always. If I didn’t know any better I’d say the seps are letting us win the war... Srg. Hawkes: Cobalt Squad come in. This is Hawkes reporting. We're in position on the rooftop. Two clankers on guard. Begin the ascend. Standing by. B1-321: All good, nothing to report. B1-7777: Roger, roger! CT-3631: Copy that! The sever entrance is clear. Domes and Tick is making their way up there. CT-7005: Domes reporting. I'm tailing Tick through the depot. All clear. Yrizzt-Tzal: Whatzz takin' zo kriffing long?!? We needzz da filezz! Ima-Frey: Shut it sleemo. I'm working as fast as I can. CT-7104: *whispering* Tick here. I'm in the vent just above the mainframe. Ready to move in. Standing by. /// This was a good challenge to do some vertical building! Hope you enjoy the cliffhanger! ;)
  25. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: I’m puzzled by the narrow minds of high ranking ex-imperials who lay claims to imperial property and feel the need to establish their petty kingdoms and sanctuaries. This should be a time to stand together. Since they will not unite and cannot be reasoned with we will bring them to justice. Intelligence reports that a previously forgotten imperial outpost on Hoth is being raided by ex-imperial scavengers. Since Reaper Squad is unavailable, this is the perfect task to test the mettle of our newly reborn Imperial Super Commando unit. The task is direct: Search and Destroy! Show no mercy... Send a message... Loud and clear... Stealing Imperial property will not be tolerated... And of course... Leave a witness alive... /// Oh my... I think I lost it a bit with this challenge. It's just - blood and gore works really well in the white snow... Anyways... A really fun way to work with some mandos kicking megablocks! Let me know what you like and dislike...