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  1. dalle

    Desert oasis

    Great work with the cheese slopes!
  2. dalle

    Prelude: The Winter of Despair

    The snowy landscape are really great! It feels like the snow we have up north.
  3. dalle

    Barrunda Manor

    Nice build! Many fine details. I like all the animals you use. After walking around in the garden it will be nice to take a "barrunda" in the tavern.
  4. Nice castle! Clean look with some nice details. Like the trees and the sand green roof.
  5. Nice! I like the house and the colour of the trees. But I'm not sure about the ground. Would prefer a more earthier colour scheme.
  6. dalle

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    Two excellent contestants, but only one can be a winner! @de Gothia is my king!
  7. Lady Majastina \ Avalonia \ dalle
  8. dalle

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    My vote goes to: @Servertijd @de Gothia
  9. dalle

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    It was a tough decision, but my vote goes to: @The Last of Nergoue
  10. dalle

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    My vote: @de Gothia @Servertijd
  11. Lady Majastina has shortly become one of the most respected in politics and science in Albion and the whole of Avalonia. Here she is in her room at Updale's embassy in Albion. She began her studies at Updale University. Where she showed early that she got unusually talent. Besides being intelligent, she was also spiritual and a good diplomat. Her career continued to the city of Albion, where she quickly got a reputation of being one of the most influential among the scholars. An unexpected but perfect candidate for the Dragon throne.
  12. dalle

    Walls of Crasonne

    Great! I really like the layout. The narrow streets are excellent done. The only thing I have a problem with are the lbg tiles on the dbg wall. Stand out too much. But that's just my opinion.
  13. dalle

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    My entry for category A:
  14. After a long break, the first load of Updale's famous cheese Prostental could go south to its customers in Kaliphin. A merchant, Jonhaz Ludvecho from Barqa, supervises together Dalle d’Updale when the horse cart with the yellow cheeses leaves the dairy. The fact that the trade has started between two so remote realm seen as proof that the trade routes are again open in Historica.