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Found 13 results

  1. Hi! Today I start my new project: Winter in the Raven's Wharf This will be my biggest MOC to date and there are quite a few topics to cover I plan to build a medieval port somewhere in the far north. I did surveys on YouTube and Instagram, I asked what season to choose... ...Winter won! The project will consist of several parts, the whole thing will be divided into several baseplates. The size of 60x150 studs is planned. On the waterfront, I will want to build a lot of buildings for residents, but also military ones. The main attraction, however, will be the large ship I'm already building There are several inspirations, I will definitely turn on the Witcher 3 game more than once to explore Novigrad and look for interesting ideas. The main ship will have about 1500 parts and I will definitely make a PDF instructions for it. I've already built a small boat for a fisherman, I'll probably build more of these. I'm going to need a lot of parts, especially for building water. Since I'm building winter, I'll want to use the new animals from the City Arctic series - I'll add some seals, but I'm tempted to add a killer whale as well. You can learn more about this project from my video, link below. I will be glad if you write what you think about this project, but also write your ideas what I can build here :) In the next episode I will definitely want to show the finished ship, I will have to make sails and instructions.
  2. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] El Puerto de Cartagena (Anno 1585)

    Ay seamates! I got some new fotos but had problems with the background due to size, hope you will enjoy anyway: Bienvenidos a Cartagena! Lower your anchor, take a bottle of rum and relax from your adventurous voyage through the caribbean sea! Puerto de Cartagena by Captain Störtebricker The harbour should reasamble the harbour of Cartagena de Indias which intense impression has burned into my mindn after a visit there. The city was one of the first foundations made by the spanish and became one of the connection point for the gold and silver routes. The fortifications of the city have been raided several times until they have been build as strong that no one could conquer them again. In 1585 the famous pirate Sir Francis Drake did so and conquered and looted the city. In the same year the main cathedral was finished, too. So I hope you can see what brought me to this idea. The harbour consists of 3 parts (by now...): El castillo: The fort on the hill could welcome you with a big volley so be sure that you are coming in on a frienndly mission. It is situated on a rock with a cave underneath to hide some stuff you dont want to bring into the harbour. For pirates a skeleton shows then how they will be threated. The main tower is already been demolished and now converted to a small barrack. In front of the dorr there is a trap door throwing you into the cave. The fortress should be way bigger but for me it works as representing the first corner of the main fort. The doors lead you into the city... The colonial warehouse: With the warhouse I tried to reassamble the famous colonia architecture. I features a fishing gear shop and a warehouse whti a big balcony. From there you can have a nice view on the main square in front of the cathedral... The cathedral: The main cathedral looks like a fortification but due to the rich inhabitants it has nice stained glass windows. But these inhabitants do not belive very much in god but more in gold so the altar is filled up with all the treasures stolen from the surrounding natives all around the caribbean. So come in and take a closer look! The cathedrals has detachable roofs and can be accessed by minfigs on all levels. Besides the cathedral there is right now the tavern from POTC but it can easily be removed to continue the pier to expand the harbour... (which I hope I can do!) All in all I hope you enjoyed your stay and be ready to set sail for your next adventour! - Captain Störtebricker (More fotos: Flickr Album Puerto de Cartagena )
  3. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Harbour Towers

    Dear all, Here follows the new piece for Rava Town old harbour: the Harbour Towers. The two buildings are mostly reminiscent of Netherlands, with a touch of extreme orient… At the base of the taller tower it’s located an icecream/coffee shop with a balcony under columns to have a nice look at the harbour itself. The initial idea was to create two buildings like Amsterdam, then to make some slight changes to bring the buildings in a more Mediterranean contest (with the usage of brighter colors and some fantasy elements), to include some Japanese elements (to justify the approach for the Destiny Bounty), and to use some new (for me) solutions for the roofs. Actually I wanted to insert South Europe shutters as much as possible. The lower tower is inhabited by an expert astrologist, who manages a little astrology shop at ground floor, and uses the upper floors as his living and refugee to look at the stars in the dark sky of the night. The upper floors of the taller building are owned by the richer merchant of Rava Town. Below the ice cream parlor, under the arches, a small dock makes its way to connect the other side of the harbor to the building on the right (still to be built…) Here’s the back. Last but not least some shots with the entire harbour Here you see where the little green building of the Dock Inn ends…. Comments and advices are welcome! See you next time! p.s. Previous episodes:
  4. My latest C model: harbor crane from 42043. It features 6 functions, 3 powered and 3 pneumatic. Video: Normally I would write a lot here, but now I write a blog post for my MOCs on my new website: I would appreciate if you visit it! And now, some pictures: Thank you for reading and watching. Once again, please check out my website! BbBT
  5. Konajra

    Brickton harbour

    Hello All, For the last 1,5 year I've been building on a habour scene. I called the town Bickton Harbour. In this 1,5 year I have built 5 buikdings and several ships. It started with Harpers baitshop. A small wooden building on a pier. After this model I designed and built Gilbert. A fuel and oil company: But what is a harbour without ships. I had a few ships around but they were all to big in scale and size to fit this scene. So I built a LEGO City style trawler and somewhat later an American style tugboat. Brickton harbor is taking shape by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr Tugger 1 is also on LEGO ideas, so....... when I put this all together it looks like this: And then the following problem: the catched fish needs to be brought to land, so i needed some fishing company. When I had built that I thought that the green trawler was somewhat small. And again I built a ship. This time a Shrimpboat. One ship let to another and now the company Patterson Seafood owns 2 shrimpboats. This piece of my harbour scene was on display at Skearbeak 2017: The last 2 buildings I have added are a shipchandler called O'Donnell Brothers and a small railway Freigt Depot from BR (Brickton Railways) Last week I connected everthing together and this is the result. The train in my harbour is a modified copy of the EMD model 40 from commander wolf. The darkblue fishingboat is a modified copy of a model from Mr.Zumbi.
  6. Severus A

    [MOC] Excursion Boat

    Summer is almost here and a journey on the river could be a beautiful experience :) LEGO Excursion Boat 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Excursion Boat 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Excursion Boat 6 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Excursion Boat 7 by Severus A, on Flickr
  7. Hello everyone I think my layout is now at a stage that I can present it as a whole to the community. As you will see I have still some space to expand it and there are quite a few buildings that I wish to rebuild/redesign to make them better. My layout has a classic 80/90 inspiration and that's why most of the new sets I have are from the creator/expert line. here it is a video showing the whole layout with the trains and the new ferris wheel motorised: As you can notice from the video, since I love trains, a large parte of the table is covered by rails. There are three stations. 1) Legoland C.le (C.le stands for Centrale in italian, the main station) 2) another smaller station, located on the sea-side and near the vulcano called Lego Ville: and another station that serves the airport: The town centre of Legoland features a square with a Market, a Pizzeria, and a Carrousel, the ruins of ancient abbey, always crowded by visitors, the town-hall (the yellow-brown building) and - of course - a police station: There is a residential area, which is mostly restaurant and country-side with a small beach: The main Harbour of the town, with a bridge for the trains, and a restaurant in an ancient mill: Finally there is the city area, with two main tall buildings: well, there are more ideas to develop my city but I want to hear what do you think so far
  8. Hi everyone! This is my second attempt to make an alternative model for a Technic set. It's much more difficult, than making the same for a Creator set, but it was a great fun again! The functions are shown in the short video below! Hope you like it! More pictures on Mocpages about it and about my first alternative model! Thanks for visiting!
  9. super_st

    WiP: MOC Fort and Harbour

    Hi all, wanted to share my work in progress Fort with Harbour. never done anything like this before but started a couple of months ago after getting the lego out of the loft after 20 years of darkness. As a kid i always wanted a fort and harbour to go with my ships and never had one and rather than buy the Elderado Fortress etc i though i would build my own. I started with bricklinking the 6242 soliders fort as i liked the modular design. I used this as a starting point, extended it a little, then moved onto the fort itself. Now i wanted a raised baseplate but something alittle different and found a grey one cheap :D think its used for the police stations set etc. As i say its work in progress, but starting to get the idea of where its going. Hope you like so far. Sorry if images are a little dark as its all in my loft (away from my wife) and needs a better lighting system
  10. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: WIP Harbour Scene

    [pid][/pid] 253A Ahoy, I've been working on a harbour for quite some time. Now I can start to show the pictures: After the modification of Olivander's Gringott's Bank also got transformed (just a bit) to fit into the scene (same story by the way as with Olivander's: Nobody in our family has ever played with Gringott's). On the very right of the scene you will find MOCs I have presented before: .. and we also tried a parade of the Blackcoats: (which are meant to be Prussian). So, please give a drum roll for the harbour scene... ... and share your feedback with me! (@Sebeus I: This is the harbour scene I was hinting at.)
  11. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Harbour Town

    [pid][/pid] 251C Ahoy, I was interested in building a harbour scene using a good old raised baseplate. Unfortunately you cannot see a lot of the harbour but for some bits of water in the middle, but I am quite happy with the way the buildings have turned out: The whole set is modular (which I have forgotten to prove by taking the appropriate pictures ). At the back side I have allowed for a cross-section approach to the buildings to allow for access and playability: Ok - Sebeus I : this was not the harbour scene I am working on. And the next post should be a ship again.
  12. Captain Braunsfeld

    Pirate Shops

    [pid][/pid] 242A Happy New Year! Maybe you remember some of my earlier posts ( or I have been able to further extend on these topics: I can present a few decent pirate shops: And the monkey shop corresponds to my announcement to present more "monkey-driven designs": The young pirate actually looks scared - understanable when facing a gorilla - but I could not really capture this... The parrot shop promises to offer the famous "Norwegian Blue" (beautiful plumage) but they seem to have run out of stock... The harbour fortress is now on the left: And, of course, you can purchase some hats: I hope you like this MOC... .. because I will certainly build some more to extend the overall set.
  13. We all go through dark ages, and another is fast approaching and I have decided to considerably downsize my collection of models. Before listing them all on Ebay I wanted to give Eurobrick Members / LUG'S the opportunity to acquire them as they would make a sizable diorama for someone willing to have the space. In all cases please assume the models are 98% complete, i.e. there may be occasional part changes but these should not effect the appearance of the model. Not all mini-figs are present, and assume no instructions. Where possible I link to photos for your viewing pleasure. Please be aware that shipping from Switzerland is not cheap. There is an online price calculator from Swiss Post. There is an automatic limit of 2cm package thickness which is generally not possible to keep for any model. E.g. a 12V wheel in padded envelope is already larger than 2cm. Consequently most postage to Western Europe will be over 15 CHF. Maxi-Brief parcels have to have a weight under 2kg and Length + Width + Height under 90cm, with no single dimension of more than 60cm. This can be achieved for small models, otherwise it will via Small Packet Post. Some recent examples: 3.5kg parcel to Belgium: 45 CHF: Incuded Tracking and Insurance 4 kg parcel to Holland: 49 CHF: Included Tracking and Insurance 500g parcel to UK: 15.50 CHF: No tracking, no insurance For addresses in Switzerland it costs between 9-15 CHF depending upon weight, or we can arrange a pickup from Zurich-Oberland. For addresses in Germany I can be persuaded to take the train to Konstanz and post the parcel using DHL prices is then about 6-10 Euro (up to 10kg). The prices are based upon average selling from bricklink in the past 6 months, and ebay (tends to be cheaper). I am always open to sensible offers, or multiple set discounts. However we both know the realistic prices so please, nothing silly. This list will appear in subsequent posts so that I can easily edit the items. However as a flavour here are the harbour and cargo sets