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  1. "For too long the republic has failed to provide safety and prosperity! Remember how you prospered! Remember how you used to feel safe! This I promise you, citizens of proud Byblos! You will prosper again! You will feel safe again! This day is a great day for the citizens of Byblos. On this day we celebrate the first class of graduates from the Byblos City’s reestablished Imperial Officers Academy. On this day we celebrate our Imperial Legacy. On this day we choose to be Imperial!" /// Alright - so I've been a little pressed for time on this one. The idea was that the ugly fighter should crash into the crowd, and leave a trail of gore and blood, but I do not have time to do the edits etc. So here you have the build separately. I recon you get the idea...
  2. Darth Bjorn

    [R4 - Gigor - TT] ...then things got ugly

    @Ross Fisher Sweet - looking forward too it...
  3. Darth Bjorn

    [Q10 - Deysum - TT] Do not anger Vader

    This landscape is so weird in a super interesting way. I think you should have left the original colors, since the orange really pops against the white. It really looks like snow on a sulfuric surface. I am super hyped that you've introduced Karius as a commander in the Triumvirate. Looking forward to see what his story brings... Where is his head from? Keep up the great work!
  4. Darth Bjorn

    [S15 - Scarif - TT] Scarif: Ugly Secrets

    @marvelBoy123 Thanks! I wanted to make the wings look like they could belong to the TIE. Maybe that defeats the purpose of being ugly, but I like the outcome. @Ross Fisher I agree, It should probably be a 64x64 instead of 32x32. That will have to wait a bit. Thanks for the comments.
  5. Darth Bjorn

    [M9 - Carida - TT] The Ugly Duckling

    Nice Y-speeder? Interesting story also - I'm looking forward to see what you uncover on Carida... ;)
  6. Darth Bjorn

    [R4 - Gigor - TT] ...then things got ugly

    This is super cool - A very original take on a TIE. The double-decker wings are a nice touch... Would have been nice with a few more details in the landscape. I'm a sucker for clever props, boxes, antennae arrays, consoles etc. Keep up the good work...
  7. Cdr. Bannon’s Log: Scarif has been a somewhat heated conversation topic among high command as of late. Even though not unanimous, Scarif has been decided as a strategic priority for the Triumvirate expansion. I’ve taken it upon myself to inspect Cdr. Voluth’s mining operation in the former Aurek-14 excavation site. Most of Aurek-14 was buried in a mining accident around 0 BBY. If my theory is correct, Aurek-14 should still hold some of the best kept secrets of the Tarkin Initiative. Personally I’d like to have a look myself. An inspection is the perfect cover, and the perfect opportunity to test my new Eta-2 TIE Interceptor. Cdr. Voluth: Commander Bannon, we are honored by your presence. Cdr. Bannon: You may dispense with the pleasantries Commander. I’m here to inspect the mining operation! Cdr. Voluth: I assure you Cdr. Bannon, my men are working as hard as they can. Cdr. Bannon: Good... And the salvage operation? Cdr. Voluth: We have managed to salvage roughly 200 containers of kyber. Cdr. Bannon: Excellent! Shuttle the containers to my ship immediately. I will inspect a few other sites before I return to my ship. Commander, I want daily reports on the operation. Cdr. Voluth: Of course sir! Sometime later... After inspecting a highly classified area of Aurek-14... Cdr. Bannon’s Log - continued: My suspicions were correct! The secrets buried on Scarif may very well hold the key to restoring the glory of the Empire! This information cannot end up in the wrong hands. I’ll personally make sure to deliver this intel safely... /// A closer look at the Eta-2 TIE Interceptor (ugly). The starfighter is a crossover of the Jedi Starfighter and an original TIE fighter, with a few upgrades. Like additional engines, weaponry etc. I know I have a lot going on in this build, but I didn’t feel like removing anything. The moc is supposed to be a cut-section of the mining canals seen in Scarif concept art from Rogue One. Spend a lot of time on the rockwork and the orange tram that slides on the rail… I hope you enjoy it… :)
  8. Darth Bjorn

    Limited Time Challenge! Updated for February

    @MKJoshA Maybe change the title of this post to 'Updated for February'? ;)
  9. Darth Bjorn

    Limited Time Challenge! Updated for February

    @MKJoshA We're all in this together ;) - and I was mistaken. Terex, the antagonist from the Poe comic flies an AT-AT/Interceptor ugly:
  10. Darth Bjorn

    Ep. IV: Corporations

    @MKJoshA Ah - just needed to update! ;) Perfect...
  11. Darth Bjorn

    Limited Time Challenge! Updated for February

    @MKJoshA @marvelBoy123 Using the Poe Dameron comic as a reference I recon a ATST cockpit could be modified to space... I imagine the empire would use walkers on planets and moons with no atmosphere... I'd say go for it as long as the ugly is true to the rule of being a star fighter...
  12. Darth Bjorn

    Ep. IV: Corporations

    @MKJoshA @goatman461 Will the Planet IP document be updated with planet control (the 50 IP from this episode?)
  13. Darth Bjorn

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Hey @Jody Meyer Yes - the game is still going. Not as many as before, but definitely good stories and role playing going on. There should be no troublæe changing your character as long as you join one of the existing factions. You may want to consider joining The Confederacy of Free systems, CorSec, The Commenor Remnant or the Imperial Triumvirate as they are the most active right now. Yes - since we are 5 years after the Battle of Jakku you should be able to use legends material as long as it does not conflict with the Canon timeline... Sorry to hear that you are dealing with cancer - I wish you and your wife all the best. Cheers Bjorn
  14. Thanks guys... @goatman461 Yes it is based on Jerac’s design, but I have made a lot of tweaks to make it more accurate. I had more tweaks planned but I ran out of time... I will upload detailed photos showing my mods. To sum up most is in and around the cockpit to make it more circular and spherical, also the crossbars, weaponry, engines...
  15. You've really captured that urban feel, with your build. The contrast between buildings are a little stark, maybe use more dimmed down colors (Think of buildings in the Mandalorian ). The TIE droid is really cool - you've managed to get all the characteristic details...