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  1. Darth Bjorn

    [R6 - Ossus - SCS] Tracking Relics

    Thanks - that could be really fun. Ah yes! I must work on my vertical skills to really impress the Master of Vertical.
  2. This really sets a new bar for sigfigs! It looks like SCS members have a thing for trophies - I love it! Great job!
  3. Yes! As a Scandinavian, I like my cold-weather imperials! ;) And thank you.
  4. It's really tricky to keep doing imperial interior, and keep it interesting, but you've managed just that with some nice texture, and subtle greebling! Good job!
  5. Simply impressive buildings! I could wish for a little more detailing and original props, on the buildings and on the ground - it does look a little bare... That said, you've really captured the SW feeling here!
  6. This is really an impressive build @Simulterious - the fauna and color palette is my favorite part - well done!
  7. In order to secure the society’s activities in the Kessel sector, the alliance with the pykes was invaluable. The pykes had worked with the empire before, and they seemed open to this partnership as long as it was profitable. Deep in the workers district of Oba Diah, the slick manager of the Maw Installation is meeting with the head of Benru Logistics… Tol Sivron: I’m certain my master will be pleased. This new deal, doubling the amount of freighters. It should bring us back on schedule. And, as promised I bring you a sample of compound S-zero. I assure you, the compound is more effective than we hoped. Sy Benru: Tell your master, we are pleased with this deal. With this compound our spice will be untraceable. The New Republic will not be able to stop our shipments to the inner rim. DATA ENTRY /// I wish I had more time to expand on this. I really wanted it to be a 32x32 moc, but time-vs-reward made me stick with a limited cut-section build. Let me know what you think - there's a lot of smaller details in here that I hope you notice - will add more photos I think. See below.
  8. Darth Bjorn

    [T10 - The Maw - SCS] Unborn Cargo

    Thanks guys! This is from a friends set - some kind of play ground afaik.
  9. Darth Bjorn

    [R6 - Ossus - SCS] Tracking Relics

    Thanks a lot guys! I've really been struggling to find motivation to do vehicles, but this one was hard to stop working on - I want do do even more with the modular idea! Thanks for all the great feedback. I really appreciate it!
  10. Darth Bjorn

    Securing the artefacts [R6-Rhen Var-SCS]

    Nice little scene - you capture the snowy rocks of Rhen Var pretty well, and I like the small light sticks guiding the troopers. It would be nice to see some snot rockwork, but maybe next time? ;)
  11. Definitely an improvement compared to your first version. As far as I remember, this is your first micro entry - that's a good start!
  12. Darth Bjorn

    [p9 - Kashyyyk - FF] wrath of the Wookiee’s

    Cute little scene, and nice backdrop - looks like you have a good teacher ;)
  13. Really neat scene. It may be simple, but it just captures the interior of an alliance ship so well... I feel like you've spend a lot of time inside the first act of BFII.. Well done!
  14. Nice little moc - the figs though, steal the show! They are awesome!
  15. Nice atmospheric scene! Feels a bit like the grittier side of Naboo.