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  1. Darth Bjorn

    (R5 - Korriban - FF) Life of a Lackey

    @RocketBoy Trying out something new with the rounded brackets? () vs. []
  2. I'm still super amazed that you got that much expression into the face of the bird... Again, a brilliant idea, and an awesome execution! Great work Sam!
  3. Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: The first wave of the invasion of Iridonia had spread like a wildfire from our landing sites. Still, a few critical surface locations remained. Interplanetary space around Iridonia was also under tight lockdown. Ships had either been forced to ground, or obliterated. Only a lucky few had evaded the star destroyers, and escaped the system. The next operation objective was to secure a number of individuals with various importance to the Imperial Triumvirate. One of these was Senator Ay’Pelia. Director Hollon had tracked her to the Genesis Station. A safeport operating as a sovereign state, between Iridonia and the New Republic. Yet another bureaucratic loophole sanctioned by the New Republic. In reality, Genesis Station is a high class shadow port. Onboard Genesis Station... "Ever been to the Casino on Genesis Station?! It's like Canto Bight, but with a view!" - The Master Codebreaker Gamblers, high rollers, and lords shady business, loosing, winning, or calling it even... To the tunes of Moon Angel, and the Genesis Duo... Until... Imperials crashing the party... /// My second attempt at a cantina/casino/bar... Wanted to make the micro space station as well, but I ran out of time... So many stories in this space - I've tried to assemble a persona gallery below. I hope you enjoy!
  4. Excerpt from Cpt. Grim’s log: I guess the General felt bad for the Tund fallacy. Anyways, I was offered a permanent captain’s plaque. Being tired of working to find work, I accepted. My first official mission sent me to Kowak. Good soldiers follow orders! Cpt. Grim’s log - continued Turned out it wasn’t the locals, or the Zygerrians that resisted our presence. It was the fauna. Luckily, a dozen D-63 Incinerators kept most wildlife out of our camps. /// This build took a little longer than planned... Creating convincing, original vegetation is a challenge! Happy with the result though! Thanks, and credits to @Gubi0222 for the speeder bike design! Below are a few more shots... I hope you enjoy!
  5. Darth Bjorn

    Custom Stickers

    @20feet I'll include those in the next round of stickers... Yes - I'm working on new sheets that will be released with the next season of the Factions RPG. There will be some rebel alliance/new republic stuff in there as well... Here's a link to the pauldrons (bear in mind that these are customized to specific factions, in the Factions RPG): https://bricksafe.com/files/darthbjorn/darthbjorn-misc/logos/TT_pauldrons.pdf
  6. Darth Bjorn

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Into the Meat Grinder

    Yeah, concept art is really helpful at several stages of building. I think I mainly use them in two: 1) Designing the architecture and layout of my buildings, and then again later 2) Filling the space with props etc. Thanks for noticing! I love sneaking in those small statements and eastereggs! Thanks Sam! Means a lot coming from you... Yeah! I'm really falling in love with those every-day scenes in SW, even more so after the The Mandalorian, chapter 11: The Heiress. The fisherman's wharf on Trask was beautiful!
  7. Interlude - Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: No wonder Iridonia is rough! The native zabrak has a knack for choosing the hard life, the tough way, the wrong allies. The world has paid the price over and over again. This will be no different. Iridonia will serve as an example... Cdr. Goren: This is Commander Goren. We’ve tracked the Wortan relay to Butchers Alley, in the Meatpacking district. This bantha bowl is about to boil over any second now! Reinforcements are much needed. Please advise. Cdr. Bannon: That relay must stay offline! Do what you have to do Commander! Cdr. Goren: Affirmative, we’ll double back when we’ve blown the thing to hell! Over and out! /// After my Trigalis - fisherman's wharf, I've wanted to do more real life references in the SW universe... I thought a butcher/meatpacking district had some of the same interesting grittyness... Pretty happy with how it turned out... Let me know what you think... A few more detailed shots below...
  8. Interlude - Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: For almost a decade I had been waiting for this! A desire, no! A need! A need I had suppressed since Jakku. Since Endor even. Revenge! Revenge for killing my men! My friends! Now was the time for the Empire to strike back. Take back what was ours, and revenge those who did not live to see the new dawn of the reborn Empire! Somewhere in the depths of the Wortan catacombs of Iridonia… A strategic command center is on maximum alert... General So’lok: So this is it. They’ve chosen Iridona! Let’s hope we chose the right alliance! The general frowns and looks at a comms officer... General So’lok: Initiate full population evacuation and get a message to the New Republic! We may need their help after all! Lt. Ruro: Sir! I do not get any response from Malidris, or any of our planetary relays! Comms are down! General So’lok: A communications disruption could mean only one thing... The general paused, staring at the holographic representation of his homeworld. He snapped out of it, and continued... General So’lok: We’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. Prepare our three fastest ships to clear Iridonia space, and send out distress signals to our allies! Hell! To anyone who’ll come to our aid! Cpt. Sariss: General, we’re on high alert, and we know imperial invasion protocol... The captain is interrupted by a loud thumping noise, and the blast doors sliding open… The Reapers are here... The commander stared into the pitch black void… He couldn't remember if he pushed the Zabrak, or if she jumped... /// The Imperial Triumvirate use the Secret Hyperspace Route, won in Ep. V., This will allow the owner to build 1 entry on any planet in the galaxy regardless of current accessibility. The planet chosen is Iridonia (J7)
  9. Darth Bjorn

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    The Imperial Triumvirate use the Secret Hyperspace Route, won in Ep. V., This will allow the owner to build 1 entry on any planet in the galaxy regardless of current accessibility. The planet chosen is Iridonia (J7)
  10. Darth Bjorn

    Faction: The Imperial Triumvirate (TT)

    The Imperial Triumvirate use the Secret Hyperspace Route, won in Ep. V., This will allow the owner to build 1 entry on any planet in the galaxy regardless of current accessibility. The planet chosen is Iridonia (J7)
  11. *This entry has earned 20 XP (x2 LTC Bonus Applied)* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: Our efforts on Altor 14 was little more than a formality in order to establish control of the sector. We did not expect major resistance from the locals. This made the mission perfect to test out our newly acquired Virgillia-class Bunkerbusters. The reports should be interesting...
  12. *This entry has earned 24 XP (x2 LTC Bonus Applied)* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: For a long time there had been no communication with the Imperial remnant on Svivren. Not until Triumvirate troops entered the streets of Wrils. It was no surprise that the local commander chose to relinquish his command and let his forces absorb into the Imperial Triumvirate. With our successful arrival on Svivrem, I could now focus on my personal mission...
  13. Darth Bjorn

    [G7 - Ilum - FF] VI | Silence

    This is a really nice end to your Illum story. I had my doubts when I learned you were going for Ilum, but you've respected canon, and mane a brilliant story that fits well. I see now that my worries was unwarranted - if anything you've actually tied the Illum of the Clone Wars to Ilum from Jedi: Fallen order. Well done!
  14. Darth Bjorn

    Custom Stickers

    So far yeah! I've been making them for fun, to use in my own mocs. If there's a real interest I might make more and make a small donation option... @20feet I'll see when I get time to do another sheet. Then I'll include these.
  15. Darth Bjorn

    Faction: The Imperial Triumvirate (TT)

    Welcome onboard!