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  1. Thanks a lot. The detonator idea has been floating around for awhile - not my idea originally.. (: I used a leather hole puncher that works very well... Guess a scissor and precision would be my alternative...
  2. Mission Log from Lt. Markland: On a personal note, I never thought I would be working with the Hutts, when I signed up for the Imperial Academy on Carida. Luckily Cdr. Bannon has put me in charge of restocking our arms supply. I’d rather be the one dictating terms to the Hutts, rather than turning a blind eye and fleeing to a more polished part of the Imperial Triumvirate. Some time before on Nanth’ri’s southern hemisphere… Lt. Markland: One Zeta-class cargo shuttle is already loaded. The rest will be loaded onto the Lambda. This should be enough weapons to supply the remainder of the Lannik garrison... Exalted Kabani, the manifest states that payment will be taken care of personally by Cdr. Bannon. What does that mean? Kabani the Hutt: Nobata uta-sha tinka mah kikyuna. Eh eh eh... Lt. Markland: Your lordship, it is my concern if I am to make sure the Imperial Triumvirate continues to use your connections for supplying weapons. Kabani the Hutt: Chuba! Spee ek uta-sha Bannon. Lt. Markland: Mmph… I will do that! A pleasure doing business with you, Lord Kabani… Kabani the Hutt: Jee huujah uba Spasteelya kyotopa Circumtore mah kikyuna… Eh eh eh… Lt. Markland: Thank you my lord. Your hospitality is most gracious. Excerpt from Lt. Markland’s Mission Log: Kabani the Hutt seem to have an extensive network of smugglers and mercenaries on his payroll. I have only managed to identify a few of them from the imperial database. Cpt. Augost, a male twi’lek, and seemingly the less charming part of a gun running smuggler duo. Former entries going decades back suggests he has death sentences in several outer rim systems. The other part of the smuggler duo, Vakál, male human. Vakál’s record lists him as a notorious con man. Wanted for participating in the Scipio Heist, whatever that is. The last individual I’ve been able to ID, is Djina, female zeltron bounty hunter, working as muscle and bodyguard for Kabani. Nothing in the records, but I’ve heard that she is among the most expensive bounty hunters on this side of the Hydian way. Species: Shell Hutt (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Shell_Hutts) /// This one was a lot of fun - ecspecially the Hutt character. I've spend some time on his dialogue to make it as close to real huttese as possible. Even if you don't understand huttese you should be able to get the dialogue from Lt. Marklands answers... The structure itself was also real fun - trying to capture hutt architecture. A snot platform and an awning made from a lego parachute... Lots of details and props... Enjoy and please comment and criticizes... As always - behind the scenes shots below:
  3. Thanks - yeah maybe, but I think it has yellow ears and horns from the forhead... Mmh... I'll try it out..
  4. Diplomacy Mission Report from Grand General, Warlord Ral Hathe: Sometimes diplomacy is best achieved through a show of strength. I have successfully negotiated an alliance with one of the Krish chieftains on Sanza. He will make sure the remaining chieftains fall in line against us staking a hunting game tour across some of our worlds. He has insisted on my participation… This should be fun! Species: Krish (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Krish_(species)/Legends)
  5. The Rishii is known to stick to their own business and rarely mingle with offworlders. To our luck, the Iron Beak, a notorious merchant guild, has agreed to pave the way for an imperial outpost in some of the settlements they control. This should be the beginning of a fruitful relationship... Species: Rishii (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Rishii)
  6. Mission Log from Cdr. Bannon: My first orders after the rendezvous at Nixor was to negotiate an alliance with the Aqualish of Ando. Ever since they joined the separatists during the Clone Wars, the Aqualish has been recovering as a species. We are offering them an alliance that will position their world as the uncontested capital of the sector. With some assistance the Aqualish will make a strong strategic ally of the Imperial Triumvirate, and an excellent workforce… Species: Aqualish (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Aqualish) /// So this was a really interesting and challenging build. The seabed is supposed to match the colors of the planet Ando (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Ando/Legends). The building is an back entrance to one of the Ando cities, standing on metal stilts in the water. Besides the water, everything is SNOT...
  7. After several months of increasing alien immigration to core worlds, several Imperial remnant worlds are introducing the ATA (Alien Travel Authorization). The ATA is a mandatory travel document that allows aliens to travel freely from and to imperial worlds. Immigration Report from Checkpoint B13-84: In accordance with the Imperial ATA, Guineos have been placed on the restricted list. This means that all Guineos are to be detained and escorted back to their homeworld Dohlban. All inquiries regarding Guineo travel authorization must be reported to the Imperial Triumvirate administration on Daalang. Species: Guineo (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Guineo)
  8. Report from Ootmian Pabol patrol vessel, The Huntress: We intercepted an unregistered pirate freighter from Zirulast drifting several parsecs away from the Ootmian Pabol route. To our luck the freighter was disabled and onboard we found the fugitive Temolak Kralblok Darf. The fugitive is being processed and brought to the dungeon ship orbiting Molavar. Species: Temolak (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Temolak)
  9. Immigration Report from Checkpoint D-4472: In accordance with the Imperial ATA, Gigorans have been placed on the restricted list. This means that all Gigorans are to be detained and escorted back to their homeworld Gigor. Species: Gigoran (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Gigoran)
  10. Yeah something like snot. However, personally I'm much more a fan of the overall aesthetic of a build, than creative build techniques. I feel there's a little too much focus on unique and original building techniques in Factions - that's where the XP/IP is. That also means that I sometimes think builders go a little too crazy trying to achieve something unique and crazy- rather than building something aesthetically pleasing.
  11. Nice little scene... I would love to see how the Muun is pieced together under the cape...
  12. Really cool build - I love how the Givin has put Ugnaughts to work! ;) Only point of criticism is that you use the tiles a lot. It makes for a beautiful surface, but it becomes less and less creative than other floor techniques - but it totally works for realism! Good work!
  13. Great story! And the Cragmoloid's armor is a nice touch to make it bulkier... Great job on the Interdictor as well... Remember to include a link to the species in your post: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Cragmoloid And an image:
  14. @MKJoshA and @DrMuttonchops Thanks guys! Yeah, I agree with the horns - and now I'm trying to come up with some other way of doing it haha...