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  1. Cylo

    [MOC] 74-Z Speeder Bike ... another one

    Wow, I really like your take on this. The angles are really nice!
  2. Cylo

    [MOC] The Malevolence

    Very nice! Curves are very difficult to replicate, but I think you did well at this scale. Makes me wanna complete mine.
  3. Just completed mine, here it is along with Onecase's executor. For more pics, I have created an album.
  4. Cylo

    [MOC] 501st Legion BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter

    looks great, still trying to figure out the structure for mine lol
  5. Cylo


    Looks amazing! Never thought it was that big
  6. Believe those have been fixed when I built mine. Don't think I noticed any more errors, instruction was very well made.
  7. Just follow the manual and you'll be fine :)
  8. Cylo

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Vader has some aliexpress custom parts and a lego kama on the lego figure. Boba has aliexpress chestplate and arealight gauntlets, and tarkin is a custom print by TMC
  9. Cylo

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Found some custom parts for Vader and Boba
  10. Cylo

    [MOC] Patrol on Endor

    Great build, landscape looks nice
  11. Cylo

    AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian

    Nice model, cloth detailing on the joints look great.