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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, it is my first time creating a post in Star Wars forum. I usually create City theme MOC. #75280 is a hot topic recently. So I designed this 501st Legion Attack Dropship. This model is base on the dropship in Hasbro's 2013 Movie Herores Class I vehicle collection. If you want to build it, I have published the full instruction in my latest Youtube video:
  2. Mandalorianknight

    (MOC) 7655 remake

    Some people were talking about how nice it would be for newer sets to be "like the ones in 2007" in the 2020 discussion thread recently, so naturally I took it literally and made a MOC remake of 7655 clone troopers battle pack. I tried to keep the general ideas the same, but I did completely overhaul the builds. (7655 for reference) The main difference I made was changing the non-canon 2-person speeder to a BARC speeder. I tried to make my own spin on the build, but it shares many similarities with some of the official sets released over the years. I mainly based it off the battlefront 2 model. My main goal for the turret was to keep the wheel guard piece, and while the build ends up pretty simple I think it's a nice side build to the BARC. The set ends up at 132 pieces, a bit more than the average battle pack's 110-120. Anyway, I just thought it would be a fun thing to just quickly do. If anyone's interested I can try some of the other earlier battle packs.
  3. Jedi Master

    LEGO Clone Building Event (2002)

    Well hello, today I have some what of a question/general discussion about an item Please please don't merge this topic with anyone else or else I may not get an appropriate response So I recently purchased 34 of the Episode 2 clones from the gunship 7163 and ATTE 4482 back from 2002/2003. Here is a picture: I understand that sometime in May of 2002, Walmart held an event of which kids built as many of these in 1 minute as possible. They were under orders by lego to destroy all items after the event. Here is a look at that: As you can see this came with 150 clones. A few people managed to get away with these. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find one of these? I would pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for something like this. I have seen them on eBay before, but they never had the box. What is someone's thought on this? Again, plz plz plz don't merge this topic and let it stand on its own. I know there may be similar topics, but I hope to get an appropriate response. Thank you.
  4. Do you collect LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigures? Are you a Star Wars army builder? Do you need some Star Wars gifts for the holiday season? ...well, keep reading! After many years of collecting, I have amassed an extraneous collection of Star Wars LEGO builds and minifigures. When I was younger, I had some friends that collected Star Wars sets and minifigures, so I got into it with them and sort of kept it up through college. I really do not have much LEGO time anymore and my LEGO-related interest is in building MOCs mostly in the Castle theme, so this Star Wars collection is for sale. Available are three groups: PREQUELS: Episodes I, II, III (Group Price = $3000, includes builds and minifigures) TRILOGY: Episodes IV, V, VI (Group Price = $2000, includes builds and minifigures) CLONEWARS: Clone Wars (Group Price = $1000, includes builds and minifigures) All currency is in USD or United States Dollars Shipping to continental USA will be free. I would prefer not to ship this order internationally, but I may be willing to consider it at buyer's cost. This image is the first landing image in the album. I have a set list on Rebrickable that covers most of this, though please keep in mind that it is not as good a reference as the pictures. There also may be some items on the Rebrickable list that are not included in the sale, as there are a few sets I plan to keep that are Star Wars related. At the time of this posting, Rebrickable values this collection around $7500 for a very loose reference. The pictures in this Flickr album cover everything offered. They are titled based on the group they fall under. All picture titles starting with "123" are in group PREQUELS All picture titles starting with "456" are in group TRILOGY All picture titles starting with "CW" are in group CLONEWARS Pictures are in a specific order, with an overall group photo of builds or minifigures followed by detail photos where needed. Builds are shown first for each group (no minifigures included in these pictures), and minifigures for each group come after the builds. Many of the instruction booklets will be included, though they are not pictured. If you want to know specifically about the availability and condition of instruction booklets, please ask in a PM. I also have quite a few boxes for these sets, though not nearly all of them. These will be included for their respective sets. Parts and minifigures will be shipped packed in the boxes to save on shipping space. If you want to know about the availability and condition of boxes, again please ask in a PM. The descriptions should be fairly distinct about condition, though I can safely say that these are all in excellent condition or good used condition. All old, marred, nicked, bitten, discolored, etc. parts have been removed (except the cracked slave Leia torso...). Some of the older parts were played with, but most of this entire lot is an adult collection that has been built, disassembled, and stored. Some parts and minifigures are from Bricklink/eBay purchases, but I have verified that all parts are in excellent/good condition. Please note that I took these pictures in May of 2016 with the intent to try to sell then. Life got busy, and I never posted the lot for sale. Since then, The Star Wars collection has been stored in plastic tubs in my basement in the same area as the rest of my LEGO collection. Please send me a PM with any questions/interest. Feel free to make any requests, though I really would rather sell these lots complete rather than parted down. If we work out a sale, I will send a money request through Paypal with the order total. I will NOT accept payment as a gift or money to family to avoid the Paypal fee. To make it simple for the buyer, I will pay the Paypal fee from the amount I receive rather than increasing the total on your end. I am on the Eurobricks' Straight Shooters list through a few small deals and trades, though this is really a leap of trust to verify a sale of this magnitude. If interested, I could make this a superlot for sale through Bricklink, but BL will charge an additional fee for the sale, so the price would be higher. Bonus offers: Total discount of $500 on any 2 Groups (PREQUELS and TRILOGY = $4500, PREQUELS and CLONEWARS = $3500, TRILOGY and CLONEWARS = $2500) Total discount of $1000 on all 3 Groups (PREQUELS and TRILOGY and CLONEWARS = $5000) Extra pieces, incomplete sets, and minifigure parts will be included if buying all 3 Groups (PREQUELS and TRILOGY and CLONEWARS = $5000) If you would like to make offers, reasonable offers may be considered, though I reserve the right to deny any offer for any reason. Please be reasonable and respectful with any offers (well, really with any communication, please). Now, the overall pictures: PREQUEL: TRILOGY: CLONEWARS: Thanks and have a great day, Slegengr
  5. Cylo

    Lego Star Wars Helmets

    For any one of you that has a big republic army or bucketheads, their helmets can easily damage themselves and the head of the clone trooper if left on for a long time. They can become stiff and some times even squeak when turned. And then they will become very loose! I found this situation happen quite commonly with my clone troopers but maybe not stormtroopers so much, and commander gree died because of that. The best way to stop this from happening is to store them with their helmets off as this could happen to any variant of the clone/storm trooper helmet.
  6. Three years ago, I bought a large amount of the exclusively new "Kashyyyk battle pack" sets. Agreed by everyone, the primary reason for these sets were the highly detailed Scout trooper, whilst lurking in the background, remained the non-cannon Kashyyyk clone trooper. Although, the value for the ordinary troop barely suffices over £5, there was a rather stranger peculiar misprint, which was briefly spotted 2 days prior construction. This misprint, annoyingly encouraged me to discard the misprint, however with conversations with Lego, a replacement was offered. Fortunately, I still have this misprinted helmet piece, where the front facing detail is reversed, meaning that the front helmet is plain, olive green, whilst the detailing is behind. Anyone have any clue, on the value behind this misprint? Please find the image attached below. Kind regards,
  7. So I just wanted to list my top 5 favorite clone troopers in my collection currently... Please post yours so I can get your opinions. Thanks for viewing my topic~~~~~~~ NUMBER 5: 442nd Sieze Batallion Trooper (7260) I don't know why, most likely since I grew up with these in my child hood, but I am quite the sucker for classic, older clone troopers. I love this one for that reason, and it's unique color scheme. NUMBER 4: Captain Rex (7675) I love captain Rex for his rare blue color scheme, as the 501st was the only official group to wear blue. It is also kind of cool to hold an iconic piece of clone royalty. NUMBER 3: 327th Star Corps (7655) I love this one for it being yet again original. And as it is one of the oldest kind of clones in my collection. I also used to think this was Obi Wans 212th. However, that was when this came out NUMBER 2: Commander Fox(7681) This clone is totally awesome for perhaps the most elaborate detailing on any clone. It has so much detailing, though I was never a fan of CW figures, I have to include this one for its pure awesome. And as I have a crazy high detailed clone trooper at 2, 1 is the polar opposite NUMBER 1 Clone Trooper (4482, 7163) The oldest clone... This one has by far my favorite kind of helmet and armore, for being the "real" phase 1 clone trooper. This is THE clone trooper, the predecessor and birth giver to everyone's precious clones today. I have a large quantity, and I love these for their originality, and rarity. Thanks with much Lego love, Jedi Master
  8. Fight for the Republic with the AT-TT! Fire the Rockets! Open the hatch... ...carry the weapons... ...and the Troops! Includes 108 Pisces and Four Minifigures ( 3 troopers and one Jedi, all fully armed)!
  9. duboismerci

    [Review] 75085 Hailfire Droid

    Hello everyone! I was browsing the forum for some reviews of the sets I bought during the May the Fourth sale and I noticed many were missing. So I thought I would make a review to fill that gap and contribute to the LSW community. So here is my first review : 75085 Hailfire Droid Name: Hailfire Droid Theme: Star Wars / Episode II Year: 2015 Pieces: 163 Minifigures: 3 Price: USA 19.99$ (Target exclusive), ENG 19.99£, CAN 24.99$, EUR 26.99€ Ressources: Brickset Lego store description The box The front of the box with the new 2015 art: A stormtrooper helmet tagged with a rebel alliance crest. On the back, we can see the play features and images of the lone clone trooper fighting. Inside the box there is 3 numbered bags, the 2 loose printed wheels and the instruction booklet. There is only one instruction booklet with the same image as the box on the cover The back Spare parts The build The build after bag one. The middle piece of the model. The build after bag 2. The inside part of the wheel holders The build after bag 3. The outside part of the wheel holders. The model is now complete. The completed model (back view) The completed model (side view 1) The completed model (side view 2) The completed model (top view) The wheels in straight mode. The model is not stable and will roll back and forth if you surface is not 100% flat. The wheels can be folded down 90 degrees but more than this and the wheels don't touch the ground and the model doesn't roll anymore. The minifigures Now on to the minifigures. We get 3 of them. One clone trooper Lieutenant and 2 Super Battle Droid. The Super Battle Droid. The same as the one release with other episode 2 sets. The 'incomplete' back The clone Lieutenant compared to the polybag version we got in october 2013 Note: The sets comes with only one clone trooper. The one on the left is from the polybag. The one on the right is from this set. As you can see they are both exactly te same except the newer version as leg printing. ( I just noticed the printing on my new lieutenant's helmet is a bit off. Maybe I should call and request a new helmet.) The back is exactly the same Rating --------- These two point are not included in final score.I will still rate them as they are important for some people. Let me explain: Price: Too much dependent on where you live and your Lego budget. Also, Lego is kid oriented even with the big AFOL community. Most Lego sets are gift to childrens so the price will not affect the overall feeling of a kid toward is play set since they don't pay for it and generally they won't know the price. Parts: only affect the overall score for MOCCERS who need pieces for their mocs. This should not affect the rating of people who display their model and/or play with it and don't dismantles them for parts. Price: 5/10 – 163 pieces for 20$ is under the 10 cents per piece ratio. Still if you are interested in the clone Lieutenant, 20$ is the price you would have payed on the aftermarket for one. I feel another clone trooper should have been included at this price. Parts: 6/10 – The printed wheels are exclusive to this set. They are the highlights in term of parts, depending if you like them or not. We also gets some pieces in 2 different shades of brown. But most pieces are small grey and black bricks that don't seem that interesting. We also get a lot of technic pieces. --------- Build 6/10 – Except for the middle section, its a pretty repetitive build. It should take around 15-20 minutes to build this set. It's an easy build. Design 6/10 – I think this all comes down to if you like the printed wheels or not. It does look somewhat like the source material but it should have bigger wheels and more rocket launchers. Also you cannot leave the spring loaded missiles in the launchers because they will damage the spring if you leave them in too long. It won't damage the spring but I don't leave my spring launcher loaded because I don't like having "loaded" shooters on display. Thus it diminishes the value of this set as a display piece. Minifigures: 5/10 – The Clone Lieutenant is a great minifigure and the highlight of this sets. This is a good way of getting the Lieutenant for those who missed the polybag and don't want to pay the ridiculous aftermarket prices. The two droids are a bad selection for this set. We should have gotten 2 brown battle droids instead of 2 SBD. In the worst case t least 1 brown battle droid and 1 SBD. Also a fourth minifig should have been included. Playability: 6/10 – You get 4 spring loaded missiles shooters and wheels to roll around. So this is pretty swooshable. But by itself there is not much to do because you get 2 SBD and only 1 clone trooper. This set is clearly meant to complement other Geonosis sets from the 2013 wave. OVERALL 5.75/10 – Definitively not one of the best set of the winter wave. I would not recommend this set alone but it's decent complement to your Geonosis collection. Also even if the minifigure selection is not the best, this set is worth getting for those who missed the clone Lieutenant polybag. I am pretty sure we won't get a third chance to get a blue phase one clone trooper. Here is a little bonus for those who got through the review Thoughts and critiques welcomes! I tried my best for the lighting while I took the pictures. I tried pretty much all the lamps in my house and this is the best result I got. Are they too dark? Also if there is any grammar mistake burning your eyes, please PM me and I will edit. Thanks for reading! PS: Could a moderator please PM me. I would like to add polls.