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Found 116 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* The Triumvirate was taking the galaxy by storm, going from planet to planet at incredible speed. Since Fighting with my unit on Trigalis, which we had recently taken, we had been transported back to our star destroyer, orbiting Kalist VI, with special orders. We were told that other units would also be arriving there for, what we were told, was a wider expansion. After docking in the main hangar bay, we were quickly escorted to a meeting room just below the bridge, the rest of my group was told to wait outside, which they were not impressed about. I entered to find the other leaders of various squads and units throughout the Triumvirate. A holo table was in the centre of them all, where high command was giving a briefing of what this meeting was all about, and what was about to take place. They told us that as we had been taking so many planets onboard for our cause, that it was time to expand out, far out. Many planets and systems were named, giving the whereabouts of each group and unit, until we got to ours. High command told us, that our unit would be heading into dangerous territories, unexplored by most, because of the dangerous journey that lead them there. Once the meeting was over we all headed back to our ships, and our troops were stood ready awaiting orders. "Move out troopers, " I said, "and Bug, contact the Firestorm, tell them to be prepared for our arrival, we're going to Exegol.
  2. *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Aboard the Super Star Destroyer Resurrector, Hangar 57. "Attention, all hands on deck! Shuttle S-953 is inbound for Hangar 57. Begin clearing the landing strip. Captain Holler, Admiral Neimor wishes to see you before your departure." "This expedition is bound to be perilous, head resercher. I just hope we make it out alive." "At ease Krarr, I'm sure the captain knows what he's doing." "I hope you're right..." The crew from left to right: Gunnery officer Dor Kiplar, Magistrate Doctor Visital Alkor, Xenoanthropologist Samara Yapal, Zero-G trooper G-87 "Jumper", Zero-G trooper commander G-64 "Sharp", comms technician Wes Camley, Captain Maegor Holler, navigator N-95-6 Nera Helsko, engine technician Roid Karapas, Heavy load lifter unit LD-743217 "Stomper", life support technician Harak Hiurut, Magistrate botanist Sibila Westalk.
  3. shockwave_bricks

    [O10-Gorse-TT] Re-group on Gorse

    *Your entry has earned 5 XP*
  4. shockwave_bricks

    [I18-Virgillia 7-TT] Lieutenant Dyre

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Name: CT-7286 DyreHome world: KaminoAge: 15Class: commandoFaction: Galactic EmpireDyre was born on Kamino like his fellow troopers. His first battle was the second battle of Geonosis a brutal first fight. He is a good soldier that will lay his life down for the good of the empire. After order 66 he felt he had been betrayed by his Jedi general making him only loyal to his brothers and the cause. He is now a lieutenant commando hunting enemies of the empire.
  5. shockwave_bricks

    [I18-Virgillia 7-TT] Order 66 over Virgillia 7

    *Your entry has earned 8 XP* For three standard years, Cascade Company had been fighting against the separatists on the plant Kothlis. One side would push forward as the other retaliated with the same force, from freeing up other planets, we could eventually call out to other groups like the 438th battalion for support, out-matching the droids, and winning us the three year battle. Lieutenant Dyre, Captain Nilo and I were on board our republic cruiserThe Collaborator, When we all received a transmission from the chancellor himself. He told us our orders, it meant the Jedi had betrayed us and were now all enemies of the Galactic Republic. Standing only a few meters away was our jedi general Kyde K’ban, we knew what we had to do and we would do it without fail. It was time to execute order 66.
  6. *Your entry has earned 25 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: After a few weeks of putting out fires, I finally found myself back on Kalist VI. Nothing more than your average desert rock, but it felt good to be on imperial soil again. It was time to initiate the next phase of Operation: Nightwing and brief the different expedition commanders on their destinations and mission. Most of these expeditions were simple reconnaissance missions to potential Imperial outpost worlds. A few of these however, had a much deeper significance to the Imperial Triumvirate… I made it back to Triumvirate headquarters just in time to brief exploration crew Aurek 7 on their primary objectives once arriving on their world… I had high expectations for the crew assembled by Cpt. Markland. Not the elite candidates, of course. The crew had to be selected from expendable personnel. However, the metrics of the 14 crew-members all seemed to fit the mission. From left to right: Lt. Insen: Male human, pilot and security. Cpt. Azela: Female mirialan, security officer. Ltjg. Rud: Male human, pilot and security. Avan Kagz: Male lannik, tracker, and his fire falcon. Horrath Veel: Male zabrak, geologist. Cdr. Drand: Male human, sr. commodore, operating base specialist. Dr. Rutha: Female, human, chief scientist. Dr. Llana: Female pantoran-cyborg, combat surgeon. Lt. Browf: Male duro, structural engineer. H3-VY: Heavy duty droid. Sr. Lt. Bornos: Male human, chief architect. CC-4432 Crank: Human male, mercenary (retired clone trooper). CC-7714 Grim: Human male, ranger (retired clone trooper Sgt.). CT-822 Moss: Human male, tracker (retired clone trooper). A few crew-members getting to know each-other before takeoff... Security, pilots and the last cargo arriving in the hangar... Cdr. Bannon provides the last briefing from High Command, before leaving the mission in the hands of the crew... /// This was a real education in imperial aesthetics - some things I'm hoping to develop more in the future (still have my eyes on that big imperial hangar)... Below you'll find a few more detailed shots and reference images...
  7. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Excerpt from Agent Amus’ log: Our Deep Core Security Sector fleet had captured an exploration vessel on the edge of the unknown regions. The vessel was heading for Duro, and the crew seemed to have a military connection to an independent militia cell of the New Republic. If they were returning from the Unknown Regions they might have intel on worlds valuable to the Imperial Triumvirate. Onboard the ISD Lilith hidden deep within the Osssorck Nebulae… *Agent Amus facing a hologram of Supreme Prince Serion* Agent Amus: Our prisoners do not seem to offer any information voluntarily. It seems we will have to try alternative means of motivation. Prince Serion: Carve it out of them if you must. If any of them are suitable for Operation Resurrection, send them to Dante Station. When you’re done, send their ship into the nearest star. Agent Amus: As you wish, my lord. /// /// A creative take on probing a place where people cannot easily go... The mind... Some more detailed shots below...
  8. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* From Left to Right: -Rivius Kosh, ISB's Senior Agent, specialized in espionage, undercover maneuvres. (My sig fig) -Army General Haalan Parik accompanied by two Death Troopers (sniper and infantry) -Navy Colonel Alycia Fen, experienced shuttle pilot from the Triumvirate's Logistics branch. -K-2P4, KX-series enforcer droid, male program, designated to provide tactical field support. -Chief of Security Lieutenant Driis Duren (battle gear) -Army Lieutenant Hersh Tanats -TT-2424, Stormtrooper officer along with TT-5797 and TT-3986 Standard infantry units. -TS-2135, Shocktrooper. Provides additional firepower and battle experience. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hey everyone! Here's my first post in the Factions RPG! Sadly, I can't build a full MOC for those sweet figs due to my massive personal project which I'll be revealing soon! Hope this post matches all the guidelines, I was told even a figbarf post can give you both IP and XP (if done on time, obviously). If not, pardon me! I am still bamboozled by how well structured this RPG is! :D ~Jan
  9. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: My plans of returning to Kalist VI were postponed once more, when we received a distress transmission broadcast on imperial frequencies. Somehow the former Black Sun Vigo, Lord Xarr, had managed to slice into imperial comms. His plea for imperial assistance was not entirely without merit. He had an offer we could not refuse. Aiding the former crime lord, meant a detour to one of the galaxy’s filthiest shadowports. As if the crime-ridden backwater planet wasn’t bad enough, the rendezvous location was the stinky swamp wharf in the slaves district of New Coronet. *The overwhelmingly nauseating smells of fish and flesh for sale made it difficult to concentrate. This was the perfect hiding place for a crime lord who doesn’t want to be found.* Lord Xarr: Commander Bannon. Welcome to Trigalis. Under different circumstances we would be drinking and dining in my estate, but you Imperials have put a stop to my hospitality, and forced me into hiding. Ironic that you have no choice, but to help me out of the mess you’ve caused. Cdr. Bannon: You mistake our interest for urgency. The Imperial Triumvirate has no needs for anything an exiled crime lord has to offer. However, what you are offering has intrigued our intelligence headquarters enough to play along. For now. *Cdr. Bannon pauses, closes his eyes, and refocuses his thoughts* Cdr. Bannon: Admittedly your intel and star chart, is both valuable assets, which is why I have agreed to assist you. On my terms. *The commander looks up and stares at the aging crime lord* Cdr. Bannon: When I leave this rotball I will transmit new coordinates for a safe rendezvous. Send someone you trust. In the meantime you will guarantee that imperial operations on Trigalis will meet no resistance. Lord Xarr: You’re leaving me here?! My safety was part of the deal!!! Cdr. Bannon: We will extract you, when your emissary comes through. *For a few moments, the speechless crime lord gazed into the murky waters. He turned to the commander and nodded. There was nothing else to do...* /// I had a lot of fun with all the little details of this build. I'm really fond of the yellow bird (native to Trigalis), the giant fish in the crane, and the blue glass ball in the net... Let me know what you think! A few additional detailed shots below:
  10. Darth Bjorn

    [H20 - Dosuun - TT] Edge of the Empire

    *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: Before heading back to the core, I had a personal matter to attend to. For some time I wanted to investigate an old lead. A deserted imperial installation and prison compound. Perfect for an operation of my own. However, something didn’t add up. The installation’s import manifest listed prisoners, and regular ordnance, but the cargo pads were filled with kyber crystal containers. More was happening on Dosuun than I had anticipated. For now a full investigation would have to wait. I planned to return to Dosuun when my duties allowed. /// This had been on my to-do list for a loooong time. I look forward to explore this remote backwater planet again. Sometime soon hopefully. Below is another look at the platform:
  11. shockwave_bricks

    [R16-Geonosis-TT] The Battle of Geonosis

    *Your entry has earned 2 XP*
  12. *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Delta sector, 3 clicks off base camp "Captain, have you finished establishing your presence here?" "Yes Sir, we are ready to intercept the smuggling shipment. Our comms array will monitor incoming craft, fighter command will know they're there as soon as we detect them!" "Excellent. Make sure your signal isn't jammed, and keep sharp. Alpha command out!" "Roger that Sir." "Menk, how's that generator coming up?" The captain was jumpy, without the generator they couldn't power the transmitting array. If they fail to notify fighter command of incoming pirates smuggling goods off world, there will be hell to pay... "Just about ready Sir. I think we have a positive readout!" "Copy that. Now, we wait in ambush...
  13. shockwave_bricks


    *Your entry has earned 7 XP* [P17-Trigalis-TT] After the disaster on the New Republic cruiser, I was called to high command to address what had happened. I told them almost everything, but was determined to address that we had still taken down an entire cruiser, along with two support vessels as well, but then I was told about Blade. After setting down the detonators, we had to result to using escape pods as the hangar was on complete lock down due to the trap that we unknowingly walked into. It seemed that Blade’s one had malfunctioned part way causing him to get partially caught in the explosion of the three ships. I was the told that he had been assigned to the Firestorms’ med bay, where he was currently recovering in a bacta tank. I was later dismissed, and went straight there. The external damage had been minimised, but the internal, i was told, may be life changing. I felt guilt, and guilt was a weakness, this is why I worked alone, so i would never have to run into complications like this, but still command insisted on me doing so, there were only one other, that i felt i could successfully work with, but i hadn’t seen him in six standard months. It was said he was to return soon, so then i would be reunited with Jinx.
  14. Simulterious

    [H16 - Endor - TT] An abandoned bunker

    *Your entry has earned 8 XP* The battle of Endor was brutal, imperial stormtroopers were slaughtered by the score, either by rebel forces or the natives. As the Triumvirate strengthens their hold on the planet, more and more abandoned stations are rediscovered, littered with bodies of their fallen brethren...
  15. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Hello there, General Pax. An unexpectied visit, but a welcome one. If we knew you were coming, we would have... Well, that's the idea of an unannounced inspection. But let's go inside. Even if the planet is under imperial occupation, we don´t know whos watching. I don't trust those aliens. Then let's go. We have much to talk about. We are standing here in the montation hall. The factory is fully automatic, but as you can see, we are still using living workforce. We noticed it. And why is this? A good question. For that you have to thank the New Republic and espacily Senator Organa. After the offical end of the war the Senator run her „A Future for the Galaxy“-Campagne. Thanks to this campagne and every cooperation gets a repayment, if they give refuges work. So in other words, the New Republic is paying for our fighters. And you are not afraid that one of your workers will rat you out? No, Lieutenant. The factory and its workers is under strict control and every single republic official in the system is paid handsomely to keep their distance. I can assure you, noone in this or the next sector dears to touche property of Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems and the Labour Union. The Republic is too afraid. They have no authority here. And how many fighters are you producing per rotation? At the moment? Around 1500 TIE/LN fighters. Thats are pretty samll number. Yes it is. But the factory is not running on full capacity. If it would, we can produce 3500 fighters pre rotation. But that would be a number too high, to smuggle the products sensibly without anyone wanting to check the papers. But let's continue the conversation in my office. I still have some fine Alderaanian wine. Gifted by Senator Bail Organa. Why don't we drink a glass, to the empire and to the Organa, who help one way or another to build this facility? Some more pictures and behind the scene: I had the TIE-Fighter lying with me for a long time, but never had the motivation to build the wings. So I decided to repurpose the fighter to use it in a factory-MOC. One MOC from my Always-Want-to-build-list. I had fun building this MOC. But there were also many problems. Especially with the conveyor belt. It's not 100% perfect, because it hangs down. But overall i am very happy how it turned out. As I promised, a MOC with more story. My first try, so I am still figuring out how. Feedback and critique always welcome. Greetings Mac
  16. shockwave_bricks

    [M13-Devaron-TT] Infiltrating the reactor

    *Your entry has earned 6 XP* [M13-Devaron-TT] Infiltrating the Reactor High command had noticed a few New Republic vessels not far from the planet of Devaron, about 130 standard minutes away. Me and a squad of elites, were sent off to scout for any rebellious activity. When we arrived at the location scanners picked up two C-95 transport ships, and a Delta-Class P92000 Capital ship to escort them, we sent this information back to high command but received no response, it seemed that this particular vessel was blocking all communications in the surrounding area. With no response coming from command, we took it upon ourselves to bring down the vessel and all who wished to harm the empire with it.We activated the cloaking device on our ship and advanced toward our enemy. Getting onboard was easy as we used one of the emergency airlocks and navigating through the ships was easy as we had come across ones such like it hundreds of times during the war. It did not take us long to get to the reactor, but when we did, i noticed something was wrong, the ship was quiet, too quiet, we were just adding our last few thermal detonators to the reactor, when alarms started blazing and New republic troops were coming, ray shields were up, we were trapped...
  17. shockwave_bricks

    [K12-Kalist VI-TT] Hunt on Kalist VI

    *Your entry has earned 5 XP* With the emperor dead, most thought that the empire would fall along with him, but no, we still remain stronger than ever, fighting in the shadows until once again, we can make ourselves known to the galaxy, and they will bow. We are not few but many, fighting for what’s right, for the emperor’s dream. I am Glitch and I am part of the Imperial Triumvirate.
  18. Simulterious

    [O10 - Gorse - TT] A grand Promotion

    *Your entry has earned 6 XP* A booming voice came from the Emperor's statue. "Arise now, moff Kalypso Delstee, chief diplomatic advisor of the glorious Imperial Triumvirate!" Gaius Neimor had just received his promotion himself, and as he stood beside his fresh forged superior he couldn't help but wonder if High Command knew what they were doing. His own death trooper was elevated to the status of moff as a recognised war hero, and now this woman has set her claws into another empty seat of High command. He couldn't exactly complain himself, as becoming an admiral will give him command of the 5th fleet. Seems his work on Fondor was paying off, in that respect at least. A slight breeze was upon them, and Kalypso's soft peach colored locks billowed as she spoke. "My friends, today we celebrate! Through diplomacy, we wrestled control of this planet, once a great part of the Empire! I can only hope to serve the late Emperor's whishes, and humbly offer my talents to the Triumvirs." A round of applause followed her words. He had to admit, there was a reason she became their top diplomat. Her voice was resonant and sweet, like the sound of a bell coated in honey. She looked soft and non-threatening, and any furious delegation would only be met with soft smiles and promises of riches and power. Since the decentralization of the Triumvirate had taken place, they found New Republic patrols to be rather scarce, and pliant to bribes and threats. Whatever was going on behind the scenes, it seems to be going well...
  19. *Your entry has earned 34 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: More was happening on Devaron, than I was led to believe. So naturally that's where my orders took me next. I had dispatched a band of bounty hunters a week earlier, to root out unsanctioned New Republic mercenaries. It seemed the hunt had been successful. Some time later on Devaron, on the outskirts of the city Plaeree… Zan Shysa: Cdr. Bannon! These scum are the only ones we could bring back alive. Djina and I killed another two while engaging the encampment, and another one had to be put down enroute back to the city. Cdr. Bannon: Ah Miss Shysa! You continue to deliver! *Commander Bannon nods to his one of his troopers* Cdr. Bannon: Have the prisoners sent to my ship. I will see to the interrogation personally. DT-F88: Yes Sir! /// This was supposed to be a quick little moc, but I ended up really falling in love with the house... I'm especially fond of the doorway! Below are some more details of the moc...
  20. *Your entry has earned 24 XP* [H16 - Endor - TT] Chapter 1 Horror on Endor [I18 - Virgillia - TT] LTC Wreckage of Rescue [M13 - Devaron - TT] LTC Life Searching the Force Limited Time Challenge : Bright Not a Bright Idea to find the Royal Guards Captain Ewok Slayer 's team was dispatched to investigate a secret Remnant activity on Kalist VI, where they found a red throne room with the Emperor's statue. "Oh, troopers, you have no idea what it means to serve the Emperor ...... and now you want us to join your stupid Faction game, it's treason, then..." The Royal Guards, who remained truly loyal to the Emperor, saw the formation of Triumvirate as an act of betrayal. The negotiations were short.
  21. Darth Bjorn

    [O10 - Gorse - TT] Bright Red Demon

    *Your entry has earned 16 XP* The Bright Red Demon was the name of a podracer. A legend to many Outer Rim circuits before the Clone Wars... A century later... Cpt. Markland and her shadow trooper escort stumbled upon an old podracer in a forgotten imperial warehouse on Gorse... /// Some more shots below...
  22. Darth Bjorn

    [H19 - Skye - TT] Pandemonium Unleashed

    *Your entry has earned 11 XP* Personal message from Grand Prince Serion to select commanders of the Imperial Triumvirate: “The time has come! Commanders, We summon you to witness the maiden voyage and first weapons test of our magnificent vessel, the ISD Pandemonium! We would like you to be our guests at a ceremony that will make this vessel operational. Our target is a remote planet in the Marat system. The indiginous winged pests of Marat V, known as the S’kytri, have violated our treaty. They could expose our plans and must be dealt with. These are your orders: Assemble in orbit above Marat V, witness the majesty of Pandemonium, and await your orders!” Some time after above Marat V Lt. Traum: Sir! We’re orbiting the planet Marat V, and have successfully disrupted all communication offworld. We have an incoming transmission from the capital. Most life forms are concentrated around the capital region. Targeting the capital region now. All commanders have arrived in orbit, and are standing by. Grand Prince Serion: Excellent! Continue with the operation. You may fire when ready. /// Enough with the niceties... Classic Imperial Star Destroyer inspired by Dark Empire: See more detailed shots below:
  23. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Imperial Communique 639184.88e—CLASSIFIED Code: Endless Sun Report No: O10-029 Ambria [LSM-036] to [LSM-663] and [GA-004] High Command Regarding Project: Eclipse & LUXUM As stated in my last report: We found some remarkable crystals near Lake Natth. The Locals call them LUXUM. Powerful crystals, much stronger than we first thought. The results of first experiments look very promising. It seems they are created by immense pressure, lasting for up to hundred years. In accordance with your orders: we've occupied the affected area. Lake Naath and its surrounding land is now under Imperial Jurisdiction. Imperial Code 94364. The "redistribution" of its residents and the establishment of labor camps are in full swing. Camp 1 and 3 to 5 are set up and ready for use. Camp 2 and 6 should be ready by the next rotation. But I have to tell you, Ambria is far more hostile than we first tought. More and more troopers lose their lives to the dangerous fauna. And there is something else. The workers are talking about a strange feeling they get, when they are near Lake Natth. Like if something is watching them. Some evem refuse to continue working. I ordered immediate action against such behavior. I don't know if and how this reduce the efficient of operation. We have already lost precious time. But I assure you, sir, we will be successful. This operation is far too important to fail. Long live the Triumvirate. Rufus Calahan Captain [LSM-036] end of Report No: O10-029 Minifigless: Minigures: Greeting MAC
  24. *Your entry has earned 30 XP* The Calodan Chronicles. Chapter Twenty Three... continued.: So there I was on a rental landing pad above Montellian Serat. My bounty. Oh well, that’s another story for another day… There I was, with a few associates of mine, friends if you will, about to make the deal of a lifetime. A Black Sun merchant, a Pyke ironically, had inquired to inspect the goods, and so there we were. Let me say. If you’ve ever seen a Pyke up close, you can tell when they like what they see. He was practically oozing of excitement. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating but you get what I’m going at… To be continued... The (in)famous Pantoran, Haxon Calodan sweet-talking a potential customer... The Black Sun merchant and his posse... Intrigued, but not convinced... Haxon being extra convincing... /// This Haxon fella is gonna show up again! Guaranteed! From left to right: Black Sun security guard, Pyke Merchant, Old droid due for an oil bath, another Black Sun security guard... And some extra shots below...
  25. *Your entry has earned 24 XP* Excerpt from Bas Manuu’s Journals: Rumor has it that one of the first jedi temples was hidden deep within Devaronian jungles in the Karatokai mountains. Our fellowship had been searching the jungle for weeks, when we finally found the hidden mountain path to the temple. What we found filled us with hope and wonder. A jedi, floating above the Altar of Balance. Maybe he could be the one. Maybe he could be the guide we were promised... /// I've had this idea for a jedi for some time. This proved to be the perfect time to create a build around him... From left to right: Rrui'kar Ko'uli: Male wookie shaman. He left his tribe and family of Kashyyyk to join the fellowship in search of gifted force users that could help the galaxy. Unknown: Female human, Unknown: Male aqualish. The Jedi: A jedi who survived order 66 and has been in hiding ever since. Unknown: Male Devaronian, and the guide on Devaron. Bas Manu: Male unknown, force devotee, and brilliant artificer... A few more behind-the-scenes shots: