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Found 137 results

  1. *This entry has earned 20 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: The first wave of the invasion of Iridonia had spread like a wildfire from our landing sites. Still, a few critical surface locations remained. Interplanetary space around Iridonia was also under tight lockdown. Ships had either been forced to ground, or obliterated. Only a lucky few had evaded the star destroyers, and escaped the system. The next operation objective was to secure a number of individuals with various importance to the Imperial Triumvirate. One of these was Senator Ay’Pelia. Director Hollon had tracked her to the Genesis Station. A safeport operating as a sovereign state, between Iridonia and the New Republic. Yet another bureaucratic loophole sanctioned by the New Republic. In reality, Genesis Station is a high class shadow port. Onboard Genesis Station... "Ever been to the Casino on Genesis Station?! It's like Canto Bight, but with a view!" - The Master Codebreaker Gamblers, high rollers, and lords shady business, loosing, winning, or calling it even... To the tunes of Moon Angel, and the Genesis Duo... Until... Imperials crashing the party... /// My second attempt at a cantina/casino/bar... Wanted to make the micro space station as well, but I ran out of time... So many stories in this space - I've tried to assemble a persona gallery below. I hope you enjoy!
  2. *This entry has earned 16 XP* Excerpt from Cpt. Grim’s log: I guess the General felt bad for the Tund fallacy. Anyways, I was offered a permanent captain’s plaque. Being tired of working to find work, I accepted. My first official mission sent me to Kowak. Good soldiers follow orders! Cpt. Grim’s log - continued Turned out it wasn’t the locals, or the Zygerrians that resisted our presence. It was the fauna. Luckily, a dozen D-63 Incinerators kept most wildlife out of our camps. /// This build took a little longer than planned... Creating convincing, original vegetation is a challenge! Happy with the result though! Thanks, and credits to @Gubi0222 for the speeder bike design! Below are a few more shots... I hope you enjoy!
  3. *This entry has earned 12 XP* Interlude - Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: For almost a decade I had been waiting for this! A desire, no! A need! A need I had suppressed since Jakku. Since Endor even. Revenge! Revenge for killing my men! My friends! Now was the time for the Empire to strike back. Take back what was ours, and revenge those who did not live to see the new dawn of the reborn Empire! Somewhere in the depths of the Wortan catacombs of Iridonia… A strategic command center is on maximum alert... General So’lok: So this is it. They’ve chosen Iridona! Let’s hope we chose the right alliance! The general frowns and looks at a comms officer... General So’lok: Initiate full population evacuation and get a message to the New Republic! We may need their help after all! Lt. Ruro: Sir! I do not get any response from Malidris, or any of our planetary relays! Comms are down! General So’lok: A communications disruption could mean only one thing... The general paused, staring at the holographic representation of his homeworld. He snapped out of it, and continued... General So’lok: We’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. Prepare our three fastest ships to clear Iridonia space, and send out distress signals to our allies! Hell! To anyone who’ll come to our aid! Cpt. Sariss: General, we’re on high alert, and we know imperial invasion protocol... The captain is interrupted by a loud thumping noise, and the blast doors sliding open… The Reapers are here... The commander stared into the pitch black void… He couldn't remember if he pushed the Zabrak, or if she jumped... /// The Imperial Triumvirate use the Secret Hyperspace Route, won in Ep. V., This will allow the owner to build 1 entry on any planet in the galaxy regardless of current accessibility. The planet chosen is Iridonia (J7)
  4. shockwave_bricks

    Executing Orders [J7-Iridonia-TT]

    *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Once again I had been called into the field for a last minute operation for the Triumvirate, I had my orders to go to Iridonia, a planet covered in rocks sand and acid pools. The planet was an important one to capture as it had access to many useful hyper lanes, leading straight to the hearts of some of our greatest threats, so it was key that we executed the orders without fail. Once landing, I had been dispatched from the main group with a squad of elite death troopers, who were to help me target a specific group of rebels while the rest rounded out other rebels. We arrived at the house, which was surrounded by an acid lake, typical of this part of the planet, where we entered peacefully, the Zabrak I talked claimed he knew nothing but I k ew who he was, Baak Chiser, freedom fighter of Iridonia, as I continued to pursue answers from him about the hideouts located around the planet, the remainder of my squad located those that were there and executed them without question. We had them all where we wanted them except for one, there was a child of Chiser’s who was hidden from us, I tapped into their fins but found nothing, my troopers arrived back to me and reported they had done what they had asked. “I will escort Chiser back the ship personally, he has a child find it!”
  5. *This entry has earned 15 XP* Description - The air was humid and hot - moisture getting in everything. Under our armor. Our equipment. Underneath our skin. It was unbreathable, a layer of heat, fog, and sweat. Jokes aside, the jungle was a rotten place, monkey's shrills stinging our ears, and the ground squelching with every step. Obviously, the squad was here for a reason - to put an end to this nonsense. Pirates, mercenaries, and bandits who were working alongside our men decided they had enough of Imperial regiment and order. Hell broke loose. They claimed that the Imperial way was inflexible and rigid, that it had little room for fun. In other words, those womprats couldn't do anything their way. We couldn't agree more, however, the greater interests of the Empire awaited. The mission was to eliminate the traitors and those who stood in the way. All costs necessary - which of course included trekking through swamps and beaten down paths towards our targets, each miserable step dragging us and our pride down. Closeup Shots -
  6. Bucketheadbricks

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Uprising

    *This entry has earned 15 XP* Description - As the empire slowly advances into Iridonia, they are met by hostile rebel forces as they defend their territory. Will the empire prevail? Or will the rebels reclaim and defend what was theirs? Closeup Shots -
  7. Bucketheadbricks

    [0-18 - Virgillia 7 - TT] Unrest Grows

    *This entry has earned 15 XP* Description - Even with the weakening Galactic Empire, the quest for power continues as warlords hire Imperial troopers to their defense. Even with their immense wealth and social power, the galaxy can be unforgiving at times. In a show of power, the warlords unleash their forces into the streets. The atmosphere is tense. Eyes lock on to each other. Neither side makes the first move. The Rebel forces and civilians are at the brink of retaliation. Their freedom will not be threatened. Although no one is killed, their point has been taken. The warlords are an unstoppable force if backed by Imperial troops. However to add to the chaos, Bounty hunters rush into the scene with the hopes of impressing potential hirers. As you know, bounty hunting is a complicated profession... Closeup Shots -
  8. shockwave_bricks

    Leave no Survivors! [S16-Kowak-TT]

    *This entry has earned 8 XP*
  9. shockwave_bricks

    [Kowak - S16 - TT] Seek and Destroy

    *This entry has earned 7 XP* Since our confrontation onboard the Fire Star, we had been very successful on the planet below, we had taken multiple outposts and recon points, which were all adding up to a better prepared attack on the capital. Although we had taken the majority of the stations, some rebels who'd escaped when we'd attacked had caused some issues. These were not major, as no reinforcements could be called as the Fire Star were jamming coms on the part of the planets surface, but there was the occasional attack to try and retake what was theirs. Although the last time they tried, the rebels were very unlucky. The platform that they attacked had a small military base nearby which were occupied by the special forces of our legion, these troopers signified by there blue arms and specialist armour, were elite soldiers who were to protect me and carry out special missions on whatever we were trying to achieve. When rebels attacked this next outpost, they wouldn't be returning again.
  10. *This entry has earned 6 XP* "The Moff is waiting for you." We entered the bridge onboard the star destroyer The Fire Star, approaching the grand off that would soon give us our objective and our orders. At this point the Fire Star was orbiting Kowak, a planet that had for too long accepted and helped with the attacking of imperial vessels and facilities on Kowak, and throughout the galaxy. It was time to strike back. Moff Delstee had informed me that My legion and I would be sent down to Kowak stealthily to perform and number of tasks vital to the Triumvirates overthrowing of the world. I was told that first we would be dropped off just outside the capital, in the dense forests and jungles, we were then to slowly move in undetected, taking outposts and small military bases located on the way.this meant that it would be less dangerous when we were in the capital itself and that we would be better prepared because of the supplies that we would get from them, and how well they were defended themselves. Once we had done that we were to start entering the city, taking civilian buildings and hostages as we went, once this had been achieved, we would be given our next set of orders. With our tasks assigned, we headed out towards the armoires and docking bays, getting our weapons, feeling our ships. It was time to take over Kowak.
  11. *This entry has earned 25 XP* Interlude - Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: No wonder Iridonia is rough! The native zabrak has a knack for choosing the hard life, the tough way, the wrong allies. The world has paid the price over and over again. This will be no different. Iridonia will serve as an example... Cdr. Goren: This is Commander Goren. We’ve tracked the Wortan relay to Butchers Alley, in the Meatpacking district. This bantha bowl is about to boil over any second now! Reinforcements are much needed. Please advise. Cdr. Bannon: That relay must stay offline! Do what you have to do Commander! Cdr. Goren: Affirmative, we’ll double back when we’ve blown the thing to hell! Over and out! /// After my Trigalis - fisherman's wharf, I've wanted to do more real life references in the SW universe... I thought a butcher/meatpacking district had some of the same interesting grittyness... Pretty happy with how it turned out... Let me know what you think... A few more detailed shots below...
  12. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Exploring Umbara by Simulterious, on Flickr It's not the battle that puts pressure on troops, but the calm. The calm before the storm, nerves ready to snap; the quiet shadows. Umbara is a hellhole like no other, and clones of the 501 battalion would soon learn that... A very quick build I did for the RL 2 hour challenge. The seed part (if you're wondering) was the 1x1 clip piece.
  13. *This entry has earned 20 XP (x2 LTC Bonus Applied)* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: Our efforts on Altor 14 was little more than a formality in order to establish control of the sector. We did not expect major resistance from the locals. This made the mission perfect to test out our newly acquired Virgillia-class Bunkerbusters. The reports should be interesting...
  14. *This entry has earned 8 XP* After running into a few minor complications, we had successfully infiltrated the separatist's main facility, located in the northern hemisphere of the currently battle-heavy planet. This was originally used as a mining facility before the Seps took over it, so they had easy access to areas all over the planet, thanks to the many delivery rails than ran throughout, this we realised is what gave them the advantage over the course of time they were there, although rather than transporting minerals, they were transporting weaponry and battle droids to different locations that provided them will the strategical advantages, such as launching surprise attacks on outposts we had previously conquered. We had just entered the cargo storage when a huge explosion appeared overhead, looking onwards, we saw Nemodian's and battle droids of all variants approaching our position, this was going to be a tough one.
  15. *This entry has earned 7 XP* It was a good day on Daluuj. One of the few days, where it wasn't raining and the sun was looking through the clouds. Stormtroopers patrolled the streets. The Ortolan Beso had made a very special catch. A working R5 unit! Soon he had a customer. A young man who seems only interested in the durability of the motivator. While Beso made his deal of the week, he saw a small furry creature behind his marketstand. But he was more interested in the credits the young man gave him, than in the non-native being, who somehow found his way to this backwater planet. And while a Rodian and a Zabrak stood in line to get their new chain codes, a man in imperial uniform appeared. As a hologram he stood above their head and spoke: Loyal Citizens of Daluuj: You can rest now.Thanks to the bravery of our troops, chaos and corruption has been driven out of this sector. Ever lasting peace has took its place. And with it comes opportunity and prosperity for all. But the war is not over. Not yet. There is still madness at our door. Many planets are under the influence of the so called the New Republic. A government of no legitimacy. A government of corruption and chaos. Born out of the mind of elite oligarchy and opportunists, who only want to enrich themselves. But be assured, they will not succeed. We will not rest until the leaders of the New Republic are brought to justice and their selfish believes is driven out of this galaxy. As citizens of the Triumvirate and the Galactic Empire it is our duty to bring peace, stability and prosperity to ever corner of a united galaxy. Do your part in securing the future of our galaxy! Loyal Citizens of Daluuj: You can rest now.... by Macropus, auf Flickr Nothing much to say. Only that it isn't totally based on the one scene in the second episode of Bad Batch and it was a great opportunity to write a little speech. I happy about any kind of feedback. Greetings Mac
  16. *This entry has earned 24 XP (x2 LTC Bonus Applied)* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: For a long time there had been no communication with the Imperial remnant on Svivren. Not until Triumvirate troops entered the streets of Wrils. It was no surprise that the local commander chose to relinquish his command and let his forces absorb into the Imperial Triumvirate. With our successful arrival on Svivrem, I could now focus on my personal mission...
  17. *Your entry has earned 4 xp* It's been a while since the Battle of Hoth ended. And yet there are still a few rebels living there. The new republic has little interest in this planet, and their neglect will cost them death. Hoth returns to the Triumvirate by right, so we are going to exterminate the last forces that are hiding there. Cpt Jacen Opins - You are the last little one and I have no time to waste with you or with your rebellious friends. To flee is really a sign of cowardice, the new republic is cowardly! Did you really think you could run away to alert the new republic at the risk of your life? They won't know anything, Sergeant, kill him, he's of no use to us. And take its beacon and its access codes, the republic's files can still be valuable in case we need to infiltrate their high command. Enough talk, fire !!!!!
  18. *Your entry has earned 18 XP* Excerpt from Lt. CT-8061’s log: Only a week after the briefing on the state of the Republic, my squad received our first mission. To our surprise, the orders came directly from Lord Vader. We were to investigate the disappearance of a 501st squad, sent to Orto Plutonia in order to track down a Jedi. The cold conditions of Orto would give us a chance to test out our new cold weather gear. I used to be Bogi, and I used to be a Mynock for new gear. Now I’m CT-B061, and good soldiers follow orders… CT-7643: Lieutenant! You probably want to come down and see this. I think we found them... Excerpt from Lt. CT-8061’s log - continued: We found the remains of the missing 501st squad. It looked like the Jedi had ambushed the squad, and blown a water pipe towards the boys. They had been frozen in an instant. The doors seemed to have melted from the inside. We would have to break it open, or find another way inside... /// Note to self - don't use a white background when photographing a snow/ice planet... Below are a few more shots...
  19. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* The Triumvirate must strengthen its positions, Cpt Jacen Opins is sent to Daluuj in order to strengthen the security of the planet. His troops must secure the entire planet by building new bases. In addition, the supply of the bases must be sure, even if the inhabitants are not dangerous, it is still necessary to be wary of the pirates who accost there for their trade. Cpt Jacen Opins - Soldier, deploy! And secure me the surroundings of this facility, we cannot afford to be attacked by vulgar pirates or by big contemptuous critters. Tk -0301 -Yes sir! We will do what we have to do. Cpt Jacen Opins - And shoot if necessary, we will not give in! Also make a census of the population and group together all the species inferior to ours, it will serve as slaves for our next bases. Technician - Sir, these boxes are ready to be transported to the new station. Cpt Jacen Opin - Fine, take them to hangar No8, and give them to Sergeant Tk-593, he will deliver the crates to the new station safely. Technician - Yes captain!
  20. shockwave_bricks

    [P19-Orto Plutonia-TT] A bad encounter

    *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Cold assault, the was the name of our unit, we were deployed to planets with severe conditions all over the galaxy, to combat CIS enemies that seemed to never stop coming. I had been sent off with one of my brothers Strike, to scout ahead on a separatist outpost on Orto plutonia, a seemingly desolate world with little to no life except for various native species such as the Talz. We had been told that the seps had multiple outposts in the north-west sector, where they were getting shipments like Ion cannons and proton torpedos, we were told it was essential to keep these from getting off world where it could fuel the CIS movement elsewhere. We had arrived on the foot of the outpost, to find a few battle droids guarding the entrance, Strike looked at me and said , “ time to do what we do best,” and with that we advanced towards our enemy.
  21. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* The Triumvirate was taking the galaxy by storm, going from planet to planet at incredible speed. Since Fighting with my unit on Trigalis, which we had recently taken, we had been transported back to our star destroyer, orbiting Kalist VI, with special orders. We were told that other units would also be arriving there for, what we were told, was a wider expansion. After docking in the main hangar bay, we were quickly escorted to a meeting room just below the bridge, the rest of my group was told to wait outside, which they were not impressed about. I entered to find the other leaders of various squads and units throughout the Triumvirate. A holo table was in the centre of them all, where high command was giving a briefing of what this meeting was all about, and what was about to take place. They told us that as we had been taking so many planets onboard for our cause, that it was time to expand out, far out. Many planets and systems were named, giving the whereabouts of each group and unit, until we got to ours. High command told us, that our unit would be heading into dangerous territories, unexplored by most, because of the dangerous journey that lead them there. Once the meeting was over we all headed back to our ships, and our troops were stood ready awaiting orders. "Move out troopers, " I said, "and Bug, contact the Firestorm, tell them to be prepared for our arrival, we're going to Exegol.
  22. *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Aboard the Super Star Destroyer Resurrector, Hangar 57. "Attention, all hands on deck! Shuttle S-953 is inbound for Hangar 57. Begin clearing the landing strip. Captain Holler, Admiral Neimor wishes to see you before your departure." "This expedition is bound to be perilous, head resercher. I just hope we make it out alive." "At ease Krarr, I'm sure the captain knows what he's doing." "I hope you're right..." The crew from left to right: Gunnery officer Dor Kiplar, Magistrate Doctor Visital Alkor, Xenoanthropologist Samara Yapal, Zero-G trooper G-87 "Jumper", Zero-G trooper commander G-64 "Sharp", comms technician Wes Camley, Captain Maegor Holler, navigator N-95-6 Nera Helsko, engine technician Roid Karapas, Heavy load lifter unit LD-743217 "Stomper", life support technician Harak Hiurut, Magistrate botanist Sibila Westalk.
  23. shockwave_bricks

    [O10-Gorse-TT] Re-group on Gorse

    *Your entry has earned 5 XP*