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Found 98 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 34 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: More was happening on Devaron, than I was led to believe. So naturally that's where my orders took me next. I had dispatched a band of bounty hunters a week earlier, to root out unsanctioned New Republic mercenaries. It seemed the hunt had been successful. Some time later on Devaron, on the outskirts of the city Plaeree… Zan Shysa: Cdr. Bannon! These scum are the only ones we could bring back alive. Djina and I killed another two while engaging the encampment, and another one had to be put down enroute back to the city. Cdr. Bannon: Ah Miss Shysa! You continue to deliver! *Commander Bannon nods to his one of his troopers* Cdr. Bannon: Have the prisoners sent to my ship. I will see to the interrogation personally. DT-F88: Yes Sir! /// This was supposed to be a quick little moc, but I ended up really falling in love with the house... I'm especially fond of the doorway! Below are some more details of the moc...
  2. *Your entry has earned 24 XP* [H16 - Endor - TT] Chapter 1 Horror on Endor [I18 - Virgillia - TT] LTC Wreckage of Rescue [M13 - Devaron - TT] LTC Life Searching the Force Limited Time Challenge : Bright Not a Bright Idea to find the Royal Guards Captain Ewok Slayer 's team was dispatched to investigate a secret Remnant activity on Kalist VI, where they found a red throne room with the Emperor's statue. "Oh, troopers, you have no idea what it means to serve the Emperor ...... and now you want us to join your stupid Faction game, it's treason, then..." The Royal Guards, who remained truly loyal to the Emperor, saw the formation of Triumvirate as an act of betrayal. The negotiations were short.
  3. Darth Bjorn

    [O10 - Gorse - TT] Bright Red Demon

    *Your entry has earned 16 XP* The Bright Red Demon was the name of a podracer. A legend to many Outer Rim circuits before the Clone Wars... A century later... Cpt. Markland and her shadow trooper escort stumbled upon an old podracer in a forgotten imperial warehouse on Gorse... /// Some more shots below...
  4. Darth Bjorn

    [H19 - Skye - TT] Pandemonium Unleashed

    *Your entry has earned 11 XP* Personal message from Grand Prince Serion to select commanders of the Imperial Triumvirate: “The time has come! Commanders, We summon you to witness the maiden voyage and first weapons test of our magnificent vessel, the ISD Pandemonium! We would like you to be our guests at a ceremony that will make this vessel operational. Our target is a remote planet in the Marat system. The indiginous winged pests of Marat V, known as the S’kytri, have violated our treaty. They could expose our plans and must be dealt with. These are your orders: Assemble in orbit above Marat V, witness the majesty of Pandemonium, and await your orders!” Some time after above Marat V Lt. Traum: Sir! We’re orbiting the planet Marat V, and have successfully disrupted all communication offworld. We have an incoming transmission from the capital. Most life forms are concentrated around the capital region. Targeting the capital region now. All commanders have arrived in orbit, and are standing by. Grand Prince Serion: Excellent! Continue with the operation. You may fire when ready. /// Enough with the niceties... Classic Imperial Star Destroyer inspired by Dark Empire: See more detailed shots below:
  5. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Imperial Communique 639184.88e—CLASSIFIED Code: Endless Sun Report No: O10-029 Ambria [LSM-036] to [LSM-663] and [GA-004] High Command Regarding Project: Eclipse & LUXUM As stated in my last report: We found some remarkable crystals near Lake Natth. The Locals call them LUXUM. Powerful crystals, much stronger than we first thought. The results of first experiments look very promising. It seems they are created by immense pressure, lasting for up to hundred years. In accordance with your orders: we've occupied the affected area. Lake Naath and its surrounding land is now under Imperial Jurisdiction. Imperial Code 94364. The "redistribution" of its residents and the establishment of labor camps are in full swing. Camp 1 and 3 to 5 are set up and ready for use. Camp 2 and 6 should be ready by the next rotation. But I have to tell you, Ambria is far more hostile than we first tought. More and more troopers lose their lives to the dangerous fauna. And there is something else. The workers are talking about a strange feeling they get, when they are near Lake Natth. Like if something is watching them. Some evem refuse to continue working. I ordered immediate action against such behavior. I don't know if and how this reduce the efficient of operation. We have already lost precious time. But I assure you, sir, we will be successful. This operation is far too important to fail. Long live the Triumvirate. Rufus Calahan Captain [LSM-036] end of Report No: O10-029 Minifigless: Minigures: Greeting MAC
  6. *Your entry has earned 30 XP* The Calodan Chronicles. Chapter Twenty Three... continued.: So there I was on a rental landing pad above Montellian Serat. My bounty. Oh well, that’s another story for another day… There I was, with a few associates of mine, friends if you will, about to make the deal of a lifetime. A Black Sun merchant, a Pyke ironically, had inquired to inspect the goods, and so there we were. Let me say. If you’ve ever seen a Pyke up close, you can tell when they like what they see. He was practically oozing of excitement. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating but you get what I’m going at… To be continued... The (in)famous Pantoran, Haxon Calodan sweet-talking a potential customer... The Black Sun merchant and his posse... Intrigued, but not convinced... Haxon being extra convincing... /// This Haxon fella is gonna show up again! Guaranteed! From left to right: Black Sun security guard, Pyke Merchant, Old droid due for an oil bath, another Black Sun security guard... And some extra shots below...
  7. *Your entry has earned 24 XP* Excerpt from Bas Manuu’s Journals: Rumor has it that one of the first jedi temples was hidden deep within Devaronian jungles in the Karatokai mountains. Our fellowship had been searching the jungle for weeks, when we finally found the hidden mountain path to the temple. What we found filled us with hope and wonder. A jedi, floating above the Altar of Balance. Maybe he could be the one. Maybe he could be the guide we were promised... /// I've had this idea for a jedi for some time. This proved to be the perfect time to create a build around him... From left to right: Rrui'kar Ko'uli: Male wookie shaman. He left his tribe and family of Kashyyyk to join the fellowship in search of gifted force users that could help the galaxy. Unknown: Female human, Unknown: Male aqualish. The Jedi: A jedi who survived order 66 and has been in hiding ever since. Unknown: Male Devaronian, and the guide on Devaron. Bas Manu: Male unknown, force devotee, and brilliant artificer... A few more behind-the-scenes shots:
  8. *Your entry has earned 26 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: In order to assess if it was worth establishing a mining operation on Devaron, we had made a deal with the Mining Guild division of the Duluur sector. Their task was to extract a core sample from the planet, and analyse it. Miner Oli 'Digs' Fello: HEY! Guys! Could i get a hand with this thing!? It's kriffing heavy! All this work for dank poodoo! Miner Grawf 'heavy' Jaster: Little busy here kid! These roots grow back faster than a Swoke Swoke's tail! Miner Dral'gof 'Dofer': Puni humies... Hrmpff!! Supervisor Kree'sh: Looksssh not good sshsir! Shthe samplesssh ssshow no signsssh of valuable mineralssssh... Foreman Donka Fuul: Karabast! The commander will not be happy about this! /// I had a lot of fun with the Mining Guild in this entry - a shame they're not more active - I'd love to do more with them... From left to right: Random Rodian security officer. Dral'gof 'Dofer': A male Klatoonian. Primarily used as muscle on smaller prospecting missions. Supervisor Kree'sh: A male Trandoshan, and main supervisor of the Devaron prospect site. Foreman Donka Fuul: Male Devaronian, and local foreman of the Duluur division of the Mining Guild. Miner Oli 'Digs' Fello: human male, and youngest member of the crew. This also means Digs is thrown head-first into every dark hole that needs sampling. Miner Grawf Jaster: A male human, also known as heavy - probably since he's an expert in handling heavy machinery...
  9. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* OK, I lied about next MOC has a story. But this isn't really a full MOC. It is more a one-day-speed-MOC. So it doesn't count. (But it of course counts for XP and IP). I think everyone can see, where I got the idea from. The best Star Wars Game since Lego Star Wars: The complete saga: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. A Ship Cutter cuts an old Imperial ship above the planet Kuat, so that its material can be reused for a more peaceful cause. Greetings
  10. *Your entry has earned 21 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: Since I was already in the system, high command tasked me with a covert operation on the planet Gorse. The mission was to infiltrate a New Republic thorilide refinery, and plant a transmitter spike for future operations. This was usually a mission for a small crew like Reaper Squad, but ever since Nadiri, and Rae Sloane’s strike on Gorse, New Republic security has tightened. This meant I was to spearhead a diversion, disguised as a diplomatic mediator between Zeltron suppliers and the refinery boss, while Reaper Squad and a stormtrooper platoon from the 88th infiltrated the installation. Cdr. Bannon: Greetings Dr. Sihlbar. I’m here to deliver a message from Minister Freyi An’zeli. The two New Republic security officers flinched as Cdr. Bannon held out a small holoprojector, and a beautiful (by humanoid standards) flickering figure came to life mid-air… Minister Freyi: Dr.! I will dispense of the pleasantries and get straight to business. For too long have you and your new government exploited the hospitality of Zeltron. We will block all baradium shipments rerouted from the Zel system until you agree to Cdr. Bannon’s terms… The Zeltron paused for a moment... Minister Freyi: Should you choose not to agree, Zeltron will turn to the aid of the Imperial Triumvirate! The Mon Calamari Dr. looked from side to side, blinking a few times before muttering… Dr. Sihlbar: Tshis es non negoseable? Tshe New Rebublic does not answer to imperial threatsh. A transmission crackled through to Cdr. Bannon’s hidden ear-pierce… Lt. Sin Veruna: Commander. I’m in position. Ready to take out the scum on your signal! ' Cdr. Bannon turned his attention to the Mon Calamari... Cdr. Bannon: You can kiss your Baradium supply goodbye. Lt. Delp Wep: Not s-so hasty. A renegotiation of the agreement with Zeltron sh-should take place with the Gorse refinery administration, not with the refineries directly. I suggest you make an appointment with the board. We can escort you to the administration building. Cdr. Bannon: That won’t be necessary! The Commander nodded, and the low muffled sound of two silent sniper bolts - PZZHAM - BZZHAMM - is drowned out by the mechanical hum of the refinery... Some moments before on top of platform nine... Lt. Fell Vreach: Fell here! Had to put a runner down. I have another engineer top-side. He’s quiet for now. Meanwhile on the basin walkway... Maj. Raath Hagar: This is Raath. We’ve unlocked the back entrance. We’ll enter the installation from here and from the sewer drains below. And below in the basin... Srg. Wellen (TK-6382): Quiet! Get into the drain quickly, but keep it down! We have live ones at the basin. /// Man this build took some time, and it was testing me at times. It may seem a bit messy with all the characters, but I wanted to exploit all the possible scenes in the build... Also this build served as a proving ground for some techniques I want to incorporate in future builds... I hope you enjoy it, and as always I'd love to hear your honest feedback! Below you'll find some behind-the-scenes shots:
  11. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* Excerpt from Director Hollon’s log: Before leaving Virgillia 7, I had one last stop to make. My so-called friend, a high ranking member of the VFA leadership, had agreed to meet outside Zeta Compound. This could be very interesting… General Gilror: Director! You are not welcome here! The Empire is dead! In the last 48 hours, we have neutralised three of your recon squads, and I’ve just been informed that a shuttle has crash landed in the southern region! We are mobilizing a full blockade of the planet, and we will eliminate any imperials trying to enter this system. The general pauses and lowers his voice... General Gilror: I will let you go, but I have certain conditions! Captain Kirdef: Sir! That’s against VFA law! Any imperials must stand trial before… The captain is cut off by the general... General Gilror: Don’t lecture me on the law I helped make! Director! We have several of your men in custody awaiting execution. General Gilror: If you agree to these conditions, and leave this system, we will set your men free. Director Hollon: General. You have my word. We will withdraw from this system immediately. Director Hollon takes the data pad, turns around, and walks away… Director Hollon: Prepare my shuttle for departure! DT-F36: Yes Sir! /// A small little build to tie some storylines together... In canon, the Virgillian Free Alignment ( is a strong supporter of the New Republic, so in order to be true to canon, and that Virgillia is able to support the Resistance in the future, the Imperial Triumvirate influence on the system is not military might, but rather deep undercover agents in the VFA... Stay tuned...
  12. *Your entry has earned 22 XP* “This is the sector Sir.” They found their target, or what was left of it. Before the fall, the Empire kept a small garrison of forces on Umbara. Soon after Endor, they were overwhelmed by native forces, destroyed, or captured. Reports surfaced of a single walker that evaded the Umbarans long enough to crash somewhere on the north side of the planet. Access codes stored in it will prove crucial for the occupation of the planet… Just off the side of the road, it laid in the mess of fungi, vines and dirt. The head seemed mostly intact. Its legs were broken, stuck and half buried in the ground. “Coda! Start the extraction procedure!” ”Affirmative.” Thank the maker we are wearing helmets, thought Feroce. Umbara’s air was already difficult to breath, and the use of various bioweapons in the Civil war did not help the matter. The air was thick with strange vapor and the smell of rot. If Neimor was uncomfortable, he did not show it. "Looks like my source payed off" The newly promoted commodore Neimor glanced at the metal beast. "Today is a good day..." __BEHIND THE SCENES__
  13. *Your entry has earned 60 XP* Our missions on Ambria and Dathomir were a bit too exciting for my liking, although they had earned me a promotion and a trust very valuable to me. Our next mission would be to secure the moon of Endor, where that fateful battle, in which we lost so many, was fought. It was about time we had our revenge, and as the NR rangers suspect shady business going on throughout the galaxy, the core is conveniently in denial of our ever-growing presence. We must be patient. Our time will come. The time when we have amassed enough resources to complete our ultimate mission. The final mission… As DT-R65 walks out of the lambda class shuttle, the moist air condenses on his visors, bringing him back to when he first fought here. The objective? Acquire weapons stored since before the first battle of Endor and advise the mobilization of troops to exterminate the local fauna. It seems smugglers and bounty hunter scum had already claimed the weapons cache, and were now selling weapons to both NR and Triumvirate forces. A reminder of the accelerating chaos growing in the galaxy with the New republic regime… Lieutenant Conwick, operating number ISB-098, is in charge of one of the platoons stationed here. As we make our way towards the received coordinates fallen troopers lay scattered, impaled and beaten. Helmets pierced by pikes decorate this savage combat zone. The fauna was more intelligent than anticipated, and was quick to adapt. We do however have one advantage; brute force. Conwick approaches on an AT-RT. Haven’t seen one of those in ages… In front of him stands the presumed weapons dealer, a Duros. A Pyke stands beside him, a bounty hunter by the looks of him, no doubt connected to the syndicate. They wear imperial armor, a mockery of the uniform… Their pit droids drop off the crate filled with high standard mandalorian weapons. They will serve the empire most effectively… Lieutenant Conwick -Moff Kurath, we are honored by your presence. Moff Kurath (DT-R65) -I see your efforts here have yet to be proven… Your platoon has taken some losses. Lieutenant Conwick With all your experience in special operations, we will wipe out the remaining obstacles. Especially with the reinforcements you have dispatched. A squad of heavily equipped shock troopers march to meet the challenge. The beasts native to this moon will be burned, just like the rest of those who oppose us... AT-RT design by Inthert. Swamp speeder design by 8thbrotherbrick. AT-DT is of my own design, inspired by Sean Drews and concept art. There are 5 ewoks hiding in this MOC, can you spot them?
  14. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Friends of droids, clankers and CIS: Please look away! There is it. * PEW PEW * Got it! And there it goes. Excellent shot, Gecko! Let's return to base. Drinks on you. What?! Wait, wait, wait, I didn't agree to it. Not my problem. You shot the droid, you have to pay for it. Those are the rules, we all agreed on. I am not entirely happy, how the MOC turned out. One of those builds, where the idea is better than the finished build. I first tried my luck with half an ARC-170, but I had the same problem as my comrade @Simulterious with his crashed TIE. The only difference he decided to stick with his plans. But I changed fighters: to a good old Vulture Droid. One of the best things to come out Episode I (with its counterpart the Naboo Fighter). I m happy over feedback. (The photo isn't the best, I know. My camera has given up, in the middle of the shot. So, not good) The next MOC(s) will have some more story. Or just a story. I can't really say, that my MOCs are story-driven. So there's that. So don't despair, I have plans. Greetings from the Empire
  15. Simulterious

    [O10 –Gorse - TT] Wreckage recovery

    *Your entry has earned 24 XP* "At least he crashed well." The lieutenant was in a dry mood, and this assignment was not improving it. Kriff, I hate this dusty rock, he thought. Particles of dust were still darting about in the air, creating a haze around the wreck. It was daring to even fly here, and yet the Triumvirate seemed to grow bolder every day on Gorse. They managed to cover up the arrest, at least. If the saboteurs were responsible for this, previous arrests won't matter much to his superiors. "Technician, take out the extinguishers, we don't the wiring frame to take any further damage." "Yes Sir. Might I ask why it crashed?" "Preliminary data suggests that one of the ion accelerators overheated." He looked down to his console, lifting a hand to signal the crane operator. "Five more degrees, than lift by 30." Purple flames shimmered on the left side of the cockpit, colored by the dissolved chemicals of the ion engine. It crashed into red feldspar, all craggly due to erosion. "Alright, just a bit more. Once we lift it, we can extract the pilot. His flight suit computer will tell us the rest of the story." TK-029 looked into the dark transparastell, only to find his own reflection glancing back. "Sir, it appears that the cockpit has retained most of its structural integrity. It's possible that he survived." "Unlikely captain, the force of the impact would have done him in either way. Is the area still clear?" "Yes Sir, no wait. I'm picking up a reading. A single life form." to be continued... __BEHIND THE SCENES__
  16. *Your entry has earned 36 XP* Interlude: Even though the outlaw regime patrolled the entire system, we had managed to land three ground reconnaissance squads. After losing contact with our last squad, it was clear that the Virgillians were alerted to our presence. In a last effort to salvage whatever intel our squads had intercepted, we sent in one of our best ISB officers. Director Hollon and his guard squadron quickly located the downed AT-ST, in the rocky flats near Vladamar’s Ridge. DT-F36: Director, no bodies on site. Director Hollon: Mmh… Casualties on both sides... Check the walkers comms log. I want to know if they took any prisoners... Looks like the outlaws have the same taste in military ordnance, as the rebel scum we fought on Sullust… DT-F36: Patching into the comms log now. *btzzzh-klitczzzzz-dzzeeee* DT-F36: Rerouting logs to your datapad Director. Director Hollon: Good! I'll have a closer look later. Prepare the shuttle! I want to visit an old friend before we leave this rock… /// Damn, wrecks are hard... Let me know what you think...
  17. Simulterious

    [O10 – Gorse - TT] A botched arrest

    *Your entry has earned 7 XP* A botched arrest [2] by Simulterious, on Flickr "Sir please, I'm just a crane operator!" The worker was dressed plainly, you could cross paths with him and forget his face as soon as he went out of view. If he was involved, it was in a minor capacity at best. Still, they needed results, weak as they were. A botched arrest [3] by Simulterious, on Flickr "Sargeant, arrest him" lieutenant Seele barked the order. "You can't do this! Our company is under the protection of the New Republic Judicial forces! Let me go, please!" A botched arrest [1] by Simulterious, on Flickr This was botched, thought Seele. They should have taken him in quietly, now there's at least one witness. He knew too much, and they were already treading on thin ground by operating on Gorse. "Kill the togruta, and make it seem like they fought!" His ensign followed him. He had a weak stomach, and Seele couldn't stand him. Hard times require hard choices, they told him at the academy. Each step brings them that much closer to controlling the world, one way or the other. A small alleyway sat in the shadows. Cloaked in darkness, someone watched the scene unfold...
  18. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Imperial Communique 704421.97f— Code: Reconstruction Report No: U13-229 Daluuj [TK-4173] to Sector Command and High Command Regarding Daluuj Sector 45 I can inform you, Phase 2 can start now. Daluuj is a peaceful planet. No hostility from the inhabitants. The only problem should be the planet´s fauna. The inhabited speak about some giant sea-worms, but we found no thing. Only small furry cat-like animals Alvis Neen commanding Stormtrooper Captain [TK-4173] end of Report No: U13-229 Just a little MOC for testing a new technique for puddles. Greetings
  19. *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Onboard the Imperal Super Star Destroyer, The Resurrector - Conference Room Several Imperial senators and commanders stand around a black conference table. Imperial stormtroopers stand guard around the room. Senator Vancar, a hip slimy-looking Senator, is speaking. Senator Vancar: Until the traitors are dealt with we are vulnerable. The New Republic is getting information from high ranking members of the Imperial Triumvirate. They’re a bigger threat than you realize. Even the Mandalorians see this as their moment to retaliate! The bitter Moff Pantoloc shifts nervously. Moff Pantoloc: Dangerous to your trade agreements, Senator, not to the Imperial Triumvirate! Senator Vancar: The New Republic will continue to close in on our activities until… ' Suddenly all heads turn as Senator Vancar’s speech is cut short and the Supreme Moff Barthol, one of the Triumvirs, enters. He is followed by two Royal Guards. All of the commanders stand and bow before the old, evil-looking moff as he takes his place at the center of the room. The Royal Guards stand behind him. Supreme Moff Barthol: The traitors have been dealt with, and the New Republic will no longer be of any concern to us. From now on our operations will be run decentralized, from each Imperial Remnant in the united Imperial Triumvirate. The New Republic does not have the resources to monitor Imperial activities from the Core to the Outer Rim. Moff Pantoloc: That's impossible! How will we maintain control without a centralized command. Supreme Moff Barthol: Regional commanders now have direct control of Imperial operations in their territory. These commanders will operate independently, with the directive of the Triumvirs, and High Command. Senator Vancar: And what of the traitors? If the Republic has obtained knowledge of our plans, it is possible, however unlikely, that they might introduce additional sanctions against imperial activities. Grand Prince Serion: If your real concern is vacancies in High Command, I assure you they will be filled! Tell me senator; When have sanctions ever stopped us? Supreme Moff Barthol: Enough! This is not a committee! The Supreme Moff flicks a button on the table console, and a holographic chart appears mid-air. Supreme Moff Barthol: With this reorganization we will initiate three new directives that will keep the New Republic incapacitated. We want them to stay vigilant towards carefully chosen activities, in order to draw their gaze away from others. We will focus our efforts and resources on the three directives: Operation Nightwing, Operation Thorn, and Operation Resurrection! These are the supreme directives, and take priority over all other operations. These directives are all working toward restoring the Glory of the Empire! Grand Prince Serion: For security reasons, we will brief each commander of their involvement separately. You will each receive a droid carrying your directive details. Commander Bannon, and Administrator Goren, please stay. The rest of you are dismissed! To be continued… /// I've had this one in the works for some time... I still want to do an Imperial Conference room like the one from ANH, but this one was especially inspired by the concept art below... I really like flags and banners, so this was a perfect setting for displaying a couple... Also the black table I'm really happy about... Check out more photos below:
  20. Simulterious

    [P10 – Umbara - TT] Clone patrol

    *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Exploring Umbara by Simulterious, on Flickr It's not the battle that puts pressure on troops, but the calm. The calm before the storm, nerves ready to snap; the quiet shadows. Umbara is a hellhole like no other, and clones of the 501 battalion would soon learn that... A very quick build I did for the RL 2 hour challenge. The seed part (if you're wondering) was the 1x1 clip piece.
  21. Macropus

    [U13 - Daluuj - TT] The Yularen

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* This is Gozanti Cruiser Yularen. We're in position. Starting Operation: Shutdown. IGV-55 surveillance vessel (Gozanti-class) With the defeat at Endor and Jakku, the Empire learned that they are not untouchable. So a small group of loyalists decided to act, so that something like this never happens again. They went befor the Triumvirs and laid out their plans: The establishment of Safe Worlds. Planets of little significance for the galaxy, but which allow the Empire to regroup and reorganize in the event of a overwhelming defeat. The gozanti cruiser IVG 555 Survallince-class „The Yularen“ was send to the backwater planet of Daluuj. A muddy planet in the Outer Rim. The mission: to lock down the system. Every single transmission, every message, imperial and non-imperial, has to go through the watchful eyes of the ISB. So that the New Republic can still believe that Daluuj is still a planet of no interest But under the surface is more. Much more. ---------- Just a small MOC. I build the Gozanti in one day. There you see how fast of a builder I am. (pretty, pretty fast). I always liked the look of the Gozanti. But I builded the MOC also to test my photoshop skills.
  22. Commander Aufik

    [K18 - Hoth - TT] Pirate snowy base

    *Your entry has earned 5 XP* After flying to the imperial base, Lemrik takes two snowtroopers with him on the mission. Snowtrooper one: ,,Okay, theres a guard with turret on the roof, and a guy with a droid entering the bunker." Lemrik: ,,Im taking the roof, you two run and gun those two guys." Snowtroopers: ,,Copy that!" ,,Twzzzm" ,,Blam" Lemrik: ,,Get it to the speeder and come back" Snowtrooper two: ,,Yes sir" Lemrik: ,,Imperial stuff, our stuff. And is this a, lightsaber?!" ------ Sorry for the bad lighting, and bad photos awerall.
  23. Darth Bjorn

    [O10 - Ambria - TT] Digging Up the Past

    *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: With the ISD Crescendo already stationed in Ambria’s orbit, it made little sense for me to interfere with the Ambria mission. Bravura squad had done a fine job assisting in establishing an imperial outpost on the planet. However, Cpt. Markland had heard rumors of an old imperial installation hidden below the surface of Ambria. Sure enough, hidden in the jagged canyons, a few hundred klicks south of Bravura’s location, Cpt. Markland found an old Imperial mining installation. Her assessment was that the mine holds valuable minerals worth salvaging, and the mine itself could prove valuable if brought back to full operating capacity. In any case, this installation may serve future projects as a base of operation. Lt. Pavall overseeing equipment being offloaded and valuable minerals being removed from the old Imperial Installation. Lt. Pavall: Get a move on, but be careful with the Rhydonium. Worker LS-3444: Be careful, but hurry up! I've heard rumors that these canyons are crawling with monstrous insectoids! Lt. Pavall: Get the Rhydonium inside! We don't want another Jorai Station incident! --- My take on an OC-0GR Imperial Repulsor Sled, inspired by o0ger over on Flickr. /// Working in multiple planes allows for some interesting techniques... Check out some behind the scenes shots below... Let me know what you guys think!
  24. *Your entry has earned 30 XP* “The jedi were the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Oh, how they have fallen… I was alive back then, albeit a very young man, I understood the situation quite well. I knew where I stood. I’ve always known. People say you should be open to new ideas. Well, I was, I saw their point of view, and I said: to hell with it. … I once spoke to the great emperor you know, on multiple occasions. Him and I, we came from the same place, in thought as well. You know, the jedi were almost wiped out in the first battle of geonosis. I wish they had been, would have saved the world all this chaos…” (Death trooper CDR DT-R65 to droid unit IG-828 of the imperial Triumvirate) More pictures on flickr, and timelapse on my YouTube channel
  25. *Your entry has earned 17 XP* Teaser - Exploring Ambria by Simulterious, on Flickr They landed at 12:00 standard hours. Ambria's bright star scorches the cracked soil. Coda never thought much of the worlds they visited, but this one had a strange aura to it. Puffy smoke plumes white as snow rose from the hills and geysers around them. It was a barren world, but one possessing a wild beauty untouched by industry or pollution. Captain Neimor thought it best to split Bravura squad in twain, with the smaller team leading initial reconnaissance . Coda, Dolore and Ferroce were all versed in drop insertions behind enemy lines, but Ambria featured none of those. To add to the bizarre situation, they were paired up with two ex-ISB field agents. Vice and Segen didn't talk much, their reputations precedes them. Their target was a small homestead two clicks north of the drop point. Small huts carved into the hillside, with natural springs to provide water and geothermal energy supply. They inquired with the locals about Pyerce's troop movements, their presence on the planet is a dangerous possibility. The ex-ISB agents reported back their findings, even soil samples. There was no sign of hostiles, just some lone Togruta colonists in the middle of nowhere... Factions: Searching Ambria - A strange land by Simulterious, on Flickr Soon after, the real reason behind their visit was revealed. Soil analysis showed traces of valuable minerals beneath Ambria's cracked surface. With their hand revealed, cpt. Neimor deployed small forces of engineers and escorting combat squads. Their treatment of the locals was less favourable. The site was quickly secured, the locals and their possessions taken away. If cpt. Neimor knew where they were taken, he didn't take much objection to it. They paved the way for a larger expeditionary force, paving the ground and installing comms equipment. A base will surely be built here, the springs alone provide a strategic advantage too great to pass up on. Factions: Searching Ambria - The machinery of war by Simulterious, on Flickr The humm of repulsor engines could be heard from a distance. Captain Gaius Neimor had arrived to personally oversee the launching of the main force. What few settlements remained on Ambria after the war were best avoided, so the Crescendo made the jump as soon as possible. A full mobile armor division was deployed, armored transport flanked by speeder escorts. The small comms tower was working as well as it could be expected, and the smoke plumes occluded the gathering from being viewed from atmosphere. Stormtrooper squads were ready to be sent out; there are many more valuable sites on the planet. It was at this point clear that Pyerce didn't set up a major base here, as they didn't encounter any major resistance. Evidence of their activity still points to an active presence on Ambria. What cards they hold, only time will tell... Factions: Searching Ambria - Imperial sortee by Simulterious, on Flickr __BEHIND THE SCENES__