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  1. Adding a Banner Image to Profile Page

    I can't seem to find any member with banner on their profile though.
  2. [MOC] Tanker Rover

    Thanks! Speed Champions wheel and tire (Design ID 18976 & 18977) and then put 1x1 round plate (Design ID 4073) and 14mm tire (Design ID 59895) over it. Thank you! Huge thanks to Mecabricks.com for the advanced Blender add-on!
  3. [MOC] Tanker Rover

    FebRovery is on again! Now I came up with a Tanker Rover. FebRovery Tanker - Front by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr FebRovery Tanker - Rear by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More information in my blog!
  4. Yes. that's the Developer Mode feature. Take a look at this:
  5. Very nice blender animation! Great job on creating this!
  6. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    That is a "bb791pb01: Baseplate, Road 19 x 32 with Legoland Billund Imagination Contest Pattern (French/Dutch/German/English)".
  7. 40276: Walrus - Theme: Promotional - Subtheme: Monthly Mini Model Build Year: 2018; January LXF File <LDD 4.3.11 Brick Version 2670> No Error!
  8. Hi I'm new

    Hello, Diego! Welcome to Eurobricks!
  9. Hi everyone!

    Hi, David! Welcome to EB!
  10. How many sets do you own?

    Brickset says I have 20 sets (mostly Technic) and 8 minifigs also Rebrickable says I have 6,863 parts.
  11. Hello from Canada

    Hello, Shawn! Welcome to Eurobricks! See you around!
  12. [TC13] tyrell Tyrell

    It's a 6-wheeled formula car.
  13. Spoiler Alert!

    Why what? That's a car spoiler, and I put a custom Star Wars decoration to it. So that's a Star Wars spoiler. Here's the original meme:
  14. Getting ready for 2018!

    Yes, 2018 is just in front of us! That's how I create this creation, the opened door represent we’re going to 2018 and the bright light in front of it means a bright future which I hope we all have it! Getting Ready for 2018! 🎆 by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Happy New Year all!
  15. Spoiler Alert!

    Not a real movie spoiler, just a meme! Spoiler alert! ⚠ by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr