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Found 24 results

  1. Hello guys! Recently I've made a Stalker stop motion but it was in russian so finally I added English subs and now everyone can understand what is going on in my Stalker universe! So join the adventures! Part one is here!
  2. Hello everyone! Haven't post anything for a long time but soon I'll be ready to publish my new war lego film aboutNapoleon war with Russian Empire! As for now I have a trailer for you! Check it out!
  3. Hello guys! Finally I added English subs to my ww2 stopmotion "Battle of Berlin" So, last great battle of ww2!
  4. crazymotion

    The fall of Berlin (WW2)

    Hello guys! As far as you remember May 1945 was the last month of ww2 in Europe. So I decided to make a lego ww2 stop motion about the battle of Berlin. The stop motion itself is not ready yet but I 've made a trailer.
  5. Hi guys! You should check this great animation! Have you seen pretty old movie "Evil dead: Army of darkness"? This is a fantastic lego stop motion version of the movie! First part... Just watch it!
  6. Hello guys! I've finally finished my Lego WW2 stop motion! I know that a lot of people tried to make ww2 Normandy D-Day landing but I wanted to make my own... Yes, it's based on "Saving private Ryan" movie but I had to make it for my lego war films collection )) So it's you turn to say if this one is a good D-Day lego stop motion or not :)
  7. The Walking Dead lego stop motion step by step as in the TV show Season 1 episode 1 part 3
  8. Hi there! Let me introduce my short lego stop motion: tribute to Airborne!
  9. Hello guys! I've got a new stopmotion for you! Tough superheroes survival racing championship! Check it out! :) In case you like it don't forget to thumb up!
  10. Hi, fans of The Walking Dead! I've made a second part translation of my Lego stopmotion "The Walking Dead" The film is made step by step as in a real TV-show... So, this is my second part...
  11. I keep up my fun work to recreate a TV-show "The walking dead" - in Lego style... So after I've made in full 1 season 1 episode I started to make 2nd episode... That's what I got in final )
  12. crazymotion

    Vietnam War 2 part!

    Hi there! A year ago I made a Vietnam war lego stopmotion... It got almost 1 million views... Finally today I'm ready to show you the second part! Vietnam war - lego edition...
  13. Hi guys! I've made a short lego film about Mongols invasion into Europe! Check it out!
  14. Hi there, want to show you my Vietnam village I made for future war stop motion
  15. I did the first part a year ago... Now it's time to see the second part... well, now it's only a teaser )
  16. hi there! I've made the 3rd part if the Walking Dead... And was rather surprised to see it got almost 250 000 views for 2 months... I didn't it post here, so wellcome!
  17. Hi! Acer and WoT made a stop motion competition, the results will be in April and now I would like to introduce my work "Tank battle"
  18. Hi guys! I forgot to announce that the lego stop motion "Bricvklympic games - fencing" is ready )) Enjoy!
  19. Hi there! Want to share with you my new project: lego sports! 2015 bricklimpic games! Here is a trailer for the first part: fencing
  20. Hi guys! I'm started a new channel - only in English... And the first short video on my channel is Assassin's Creed fight against borgia guards!
  21. Hi there! I made a brick film about war in Afghanistan... not the one with US but the war with USSR. USSR fought against radical muslims in 1979 - 1989 Funny but at that time US supported Bin Laden and the USSR fought against him... So this is my story... It's a little bit in Russian but I think the plot is clear to understand... Story begins with the real Afghanistan war radio talks of 1986... When during the landing of troops one of the chopers was hit and the pilot yelled his last words: "Good bye, fellows!" ...
  22. crazymotion

    Stalingrad - final battle!

    Hi there! This is my third and the last part about Stalingrad battle...
  23. Hi there! I've made a lego stopmotion music video - Wild west! Check it )
  24. I tried to make a step by step lego version of the "walking dead" TV-show!