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  1. -Noel-

    [MOC] Home Sweet Home

    Lovely build! A step up from the modulars.
  2. Thinking about joining Mitgardia for realz now...

  3. -Noel-

    Zunari's Shop

    The overpriced coffee sticker :P Noice XD
  4. Exploring new ways to build

  5. Time to get down to business :D
  6. Your chances of getting a Chima battlepack are literally nil :P jk I really like this build.
  7. It's so cool to see Nexo Knight Mocs! Keep it up :D
  8. -Noel-

    [Moc] Sith War Droid C-Series

    Quite cool! I suggest that you get a Flickr account so you can embed pics directly into the page. Keep up the good work!
  9. Very cool idea and model! I especially like that window!
  10. -Noel-

    Bricklinking the 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon :-)

    Man, that's gonna take quite a while :P Good luck to you!
  11. Very nice! I recognized what it is pretty quickly.
  12. -Noel-

    Incom-FreiTek T-70 X-Wing

    I would love this to be UCS :) The detail is awesome!
  13. -Noel-

    What Modular Should I Buy?

    I would go with the Parisian restaurant. It's the only one of the two I own (putting a damper on my judgement), but the price-per-piece ratio is epic. Also, if you ever build a landscape, the amount of olive green will help a lot (A LOT).