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Found 6 results

  1. Norton74

    [MOC] Floating Dystopia

    In search of land, promised or not Floating Dystopia is a floating barge doomed to wander the oceans of Hyperuranium in search of the promised land. It all started on February 22, 2222 when a tremendous nuclear war wiped out human civilization in less than a week. The earth thrown off its axis, its crust rocked by massive movements, and the five continents were torn completely apart and sunk deep below the sea. Only a small portion of sub-Saharan Africa was saved and the few remaining human beings were forced to leave their lands, devastated and burned, to seek a safe haven where they can live in peace and prosperity. But this land is far away and in the meantime they are forced to live a dystopian life made of deprivation and scarcity. The characters are: Kebra (advisor and childhood friend of Prince Nagast), Nagast (the prince of the sub-Saharan tribe of the Rastarians) and Hailé (the military leader of the Rastarian tribe and the bodyguard of Prince Nagast). Will they find their promised land? Enjoy!
  2. TJayDesign

    MOC: Zombie — Apocalypse.

    Hello All, Check out my new work about Zombie Apocalypse. MOC: Zombie — Apocalypse. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr MOC: Zombie — Apocalypse. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr General view (zombie on a chain — hello, Walking Dead): MOC: Zombie — Apocalypse. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr Back view: Scene without construction: Simple room interior: Survived man: Man have a rest: Hatch from the room: Weapon warehouse: Landscape without decoration: Construction is completely modular: All characters (and cute radio): Thanks for watching!
  3. Hello All, So, lets see my one more moc about post-apocalyptic world and zombie, zombie zombie, heh. Check it out! MOC: Zombie — The first encounter. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr «Arghhh, I feel fear»: MOC: Zombie — The first encounter. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr Front view: MOC: Zombie — The first encounter. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr Back: MOC: Zombie — The first encounter. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr Other views: And all characters: I hope u enjoy it!
  4. Characters based on the new upcoming sci-fi FPS RPG MMO made by Bungie. Here we have an entire fire team consisting of a Warlock mage, Titan brute and a Hunter assassin. Weapons are modified Brickarms weapons, Helmets are modified TLG parts and the pauldrons are made by Brickforge. The decals are designed and printed by me, while I've used paper decals for 4 years, these right here are produced with my newly imported vinyl sticker sheets. They have a glossy finish, more vibrant colors, durable, water resistant and makes me able to make sharper decals. I am very much satisfied with the result. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out my flickr for higher resolution pictures!
  5. Well, I still checked in on EuroBricks only with a different name, although later (when it is available profile) I change my nickname on the DSCustoms.This is my first topic here on EuroBricks. I'm not going to write a new tex because of my bad English, and just copy what I have written on Flickr. Post-Apoc mercenary by DSCustoms, on Flickr This is my first difficult custom. I've been doing it for about a week and painted about 3-4 hours. I created it under the influence of Fallout and InSomnia, and I was happy with the result. Mod to minifigures were made of epoxy glue and painted from Tamiya paints. Enjoy! (P.S. Sorry for my bad English)
  6. It's The End Of The World, Not The End Of The Universe by .Bricko, on Flickr On planet Earth, one survivalist colony waits to be evacuated. When the end finally came on Earth we where ready. Planet 77 had been found, reconed, manned, and finally lived on. Over the years we had been preparing for the end. We hope and pray the USS Dauntless with arrive in time to save Colony ZX-31. They are desperately trying to ration the water to make it last. It should, because of the fact its traveling at 10 warp... My last minute, (only 4 hours left folks), entry to Simon's micro SciFi contest. I had wanted to enter it earlier but my first try was horrendous. I built this like ten days ago, but it wasn't until I found the right angle for all the buildings and got some help from 4estFeller, Gabe, and Sam that I was able to get it all done. I noted a couple of things incase you are confused at the piece usage. Enjoy and God Bless! -The giant mushroom is actually a watchtower. -The chain is big strands of barb wire. -The lid over the lake is an Evaporation cover.