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Found 7 results

  1. Mylenium

    Trash Container Detail

    Here's a little something that perhaps might come in handy for decorating your cities and buildings: It's probably old hat to a lot of users and simple enough so that more experienced users can whip it up in a few minutes, but having mostly built Technic for quite a time I'm just warming up to the more traditional LEGO stuff, so please bear with me. ;-) If you have thoughts and comments, just let me know. Thanks! Mylenium
  2. Guy smiley

    [Brains] Cat C - Zombie Trasher

    Hey everyone, here's my entry, the Zombie Trasher. During the zombie apocalypse, you take what you can get, this trash truck is durable, big, and can double as a mobile home/base. It's been so long since I've been on Eurobricks, good thing I use the same password for everything... XD Zombie Trasher by Guy Smiley :-), on Flickr "During the zombie apocalypse, not everyone can afford a motor home"
  3. Here we go, another refuse truck. Features: drive steering 2 cylinder motor opening doors tilting cab opening hopper bin lift compaction cycle extraction plate Video is . Much more at
  4. Microdragons

    (MOC) Toa Nuva Groosi

    Deep in the tunnels of Mata Nui is Gro Wahi, the domain of the 8th Toa, Toa Nuvi Groosi, Toa of Trash. He wears the Kinko, the mask of finding. He does not show up in the comics because he is to putrid to be near. DSC_3050 by microdrake, on Flickr Static pose DSC_3048 by microdrake, on Flickr Action pose
  5. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 70805 Trash Chomper

    Trash truck, or trash CHOMPER? You'll have to answer that one if you get… Set Title: Trash Chomper Set #: 70805 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 389 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 30 Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This was probably the best-looking zany flying machine from the packaging. The mouth gave it a very fun, distinctive look that had more character than the flying machines in the other 2-in-1s. Plus, the "normal" model is something we already get in City, so not all that interesting to me. So is the flying machine actually the model to want in this set? Well, let's see… BOX The Trash Chomper actually looks great on the box. That's something funky I'd want to buy. The back shows more of the truck mode, this time from the back, and highlights the things that move. Yay for things that actually move on models! Like all the minifigures in this line, these need names! Gordon Zola is a nice funny play on gorgonzola, and somehow the names they gave to the garbage men seem very appropriate to me. They look like a Dan and a Grant. CONTENTS I'm vegetarian, so I guess I'm a sucker for vegetable color schemes. When I opened up the box I thought 'Mmmmm carrots!' Although the green to orange ratio isn't quite right to make carrots. Like all of these 2-in-1 sets, there are three booklets: micromanager, flying machine, and alternate model. Here's a step where you add gears just for decoration. There's something about adding gears that don't do anything that always disappoints me, and it happens in a few of these sets. Plenty of stickers, but I think you'd expect that for a garbage truck anyway. MINIFIGURES These aren't exactly the most exciting minifigures ever, but they are very well done. The garbage men have excellent get-ups that I can see being useful for a variety of things. Dan's head isn't new, but it's a newer one and I like it. He's got the new cap with a hole for attachments. Only Gordon's head is new, and not too exciting to me either. The garbage men have some nice dirty printing on their backs as well. Included are some accessories you'd expect for trash collectors, like a broom, shovel, trash cans, and of course trash! Gordon seems to have run out of his kitchen with a frying pan. SET - MICROMANAGER This time we've got another micromanager that's supposed to fly. Again not quite as cute as have stubbly legs, but trans-red dishes are always great, so I won't complain. Turn it around back and you'll see it's got some folding mechanism! And flick-fires… Ta-da! Wings pop out with the weapons arsenal. I like the use of that piece in the middle, but there's a little green visible that looks weird. It looks appropriately menacing from the front. SET - TRASH CHOMPER The flying mode uses all the pieces besides two plates. The trash chomper looks pretty silly and fun from the front, what with the big mouth. Vehicles with mouths are always whimsical. It looks scary too. I wouldn't want to mess with those teeth. But there's something about this model that feels a little off, and I think it's how tall and stubbly it is. It doesn't really seem like a flying machine at all - it's way too bulky for that. The mouth is nice, but the rest of it is really just a brick. The garbage cans are some sort of engines in the back, and Dan actually has a chair so he hopefully won't fly backwards when he takes off. So I'm not sure what to think. I love the mouth and trash-chomping idea, but the model as a whole feels to stubby. Speaking of the mouth, the chomping function works well and is great fun to play with. SET - GARBAGE TRUCK The truck uses everything up besides for a couple of technic parts. I may not care much for garbage trucks, but this is a very nice one. The color scheme is lovely, and the SNOT detailing on the side looks excellent. There's room for just one figure in the cab, and for some reason LEGO put the steering wheel high up in this one. That kind of makes sense for a big vehicle like this, which would have a big wheel. (My sticker-applying skills were clearly wearing out when I put on that license plate.) The side profile is nice indeed. The truck is pleasantly long, and feels well-proportioned all around. The back has its quite large cover, that can open up to reveal the place for the trash. Good stickers for detail back here. A little knob lets you control the back, which doesn't just go up and down but kind of slides up and then slides back down due to how the technic construction inside is made. But it actually doesn't go up all that high. I'm not sure how minifigures would really even be able to unload trash cans into there, but oh well. The gears are perhaps supposed to represent trash grinders. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION What I thought was going to be the best flying machine let me down some, though the mouth is still great. I guess as the flying machines go, the Ice Cream Machine wins out. However, this is a very nice trash truck. I'm not personally excited by trash trucks, since LEGO City has seen its fair share of those, but this one is still great. If you like good trash trucks, I'd think about picking this up. Parts-wise, green is a always a good color, and this set has plenty of it. Not too many new parts, but lots of nice green. The minifigures are basic, but useful nonetheless. The garbage-men torsos are pretty non-specific, making them useful for a lot of things. And their legs are great. That completes the 2-in-1s. Up next… everything else in some order!
  6. It is easy to find something on Ord Mantell. As long as you’re looking for something that hasn’t been destroyed yet. The facility we’re headed to is surrounded by junk, and seems to be mostly built with junk. But still, it has something… different. It seems like the one place on this planet where something constructive is happening. Approaching a free space that seems supposed to be a landing platform, that thought becomes contradictive. This constructivism seems to come forth from destruction. Yes, the equipment seems to be made from old parts, nothing fancy here. And the facility seems to be made to recycle the pieces of junk that have replaced the planet’s vegetation. That explains why this facility is a concurrent to that… cancer on Fondor. There, they squeeze the planet out, not caring about the consequences. Here, they relieve the planet. For once, industry makes me happy. But the ominous absence of employers, the lack of movement and the complete silence remind me of the reason why we’re here. We’re here to find this constructivism probably destroyed… As the cloud of dust settles from our landing, probably the only living human in the environment approaches. A lone, shadowy figure. “We’re here to investigate the murder of your employer” There’s no escaping the truth. “Investigate? No one ever comes here to investigate! This is Ord Mantell. Half of us don’t even know what the word ‘police’ even means. But alright, I don’t want to mess with you. I hope you Imperials will punish the Rebels for what they did. The crime scene is this way. I’m the janitor by the way” Since the facility has no hover platforms, we walk. On the left, giant chaotic heaps of junk. On the right, neatly stacks of cubic blocks of metal. We ascend a riding maintenance platform to have a better view of the heart of this part of the facility. [soNE Ep. VI] 3 - Just another horror by Bert.VR, on Flickr “The trash compactor here is where it happened. The Rebels must have used this very platform to drop their victims in it. A technician once told me there’s a scanner in the machine that measures composition of whatever is in it. That’s to keep the metal pure, and it should prevent people getting caught in the machine as well. But those murderers were prepared, and as far as I can tell, they overwrote the system. Their victims died a horrible dead…” Atrocious. The bounty hunter could just have shot the boss. Maybe he thought that wouldn’t deliver his message clearly enough. No, he disposed of his victim as if the human was nothing more than a piece of junk. And in an act of perverse symbolism, he used this machine that gives new life to the junk to take the life of something as beautiful as a human. A human that once had conceived this great facility, that had tried to give a new life to this planet, hope to the people. And now he’s just another victim… No, it can’t be true… “And why? The boss was a good man. And his family … they didn’t even deserve a worthy dead.” Words fail me. Thoughts fail me. Goatm does the talking. He doesn’t seem to be affected at all. “How do you know it were the Rebels?” “They left a datapad behind, probably the one they used to overwrite the system. I haven’t had a closer look, but it is just too obvious. We don’t need an investigation. And who else would do this? Aren’t those terrorists the only ones who should commit such atrocities? Aren’t they the only beasts that are cruel enough? No one dares to come to work anymore, this might be a sign. I don’t know why, but it seems they want this facility closed. Maybe to prevent people having the means to defend themselves. But only they would be cruel enough to take away the hope of all the workers. I’m the only one left, just looking around to see if something could be of further use…” “Still, you can have no objection for my colleague taking a closer look here. I would like to have a word with you in the meantime.” I descend the platform, still baffled. The two are heading somewhere else with the platform. I can’t get over it. Some moments ago, I despised the bounty hunter, but I thought he wasn’t the only one to blame. There were still the people who gave him the task. If they hadn’t given it, he wouldn’t have done it. But now… murdering the family of the target could never have been the assignment. He did it for no reason, purely for the pleasure that gave him. The murdered boss was a businessman. He knew there were risks to what he did. He could have taken precautions. But his family… they had never taken the risk. Yet the bounty hunter took them, and killed them in the most atrocious way for absolutely no reason. This is no war. This is no job. This is plain murder. Of the most atrocious kind. But this bounty hunter, this plain murderer, he got away with it. Nobody suspects him. They suspect the Rebels. He even gets handsomely paid for this. This can’t go on. But nobody does something. Nobody even seems to care. Nobody knows… This is war. With all these battles going on, all these casualties, all this misery, such a murder is just ‘normal’. People die every day. They die by the hundred. Why care about these unimportant victims? It isn’t even important to find out why they died, not even who killed them. There is no police anyway. These things just happen every day. We should accept this. What has war done to the people? It has made a murderer of many a soldier. And it has made everyone indifferent. Nobody cares anymore. Nobody cares that there are more people dying than living these days. Whether it is in the war or not. From time to time, if someone gets killed they know, people wake up and think this can’t go on. But only to fall asleep again. It’s the war that killed them, and what can we do about the war? This just happens. Killing has become the new normal. How can this go on? How can people keep adoring murderers like Boba Fett? How can we want to thank him for his good work? How can I participate in this madness? I have to wake up, and stay awake. Before I can even start to think how to end this, how to wake up the world, I have to wake up myself. How? I have no idea, but this murdering ‘hero’ is not getting a thank you card from me. But I will find him. Datapad, show me the way to the land of the living. [soNE Ep. VI] 3 - I'm going to find him by Bert.VR, on Flickr _______________ The story continues in goatman461's build, right here. _______________ Thanks for reading another one of my heavy stories. I hope you like it as well as the build, and i do hope it makes you think. Let me know! I wanted to do something else for Ord Mantell. Because it would fit my story, and because making wreckage and pile it is just impossible in LDD. I hope this unexpected take can still please you. I tried to keep everything plausible to build, but with the complicated mechanics, it is often hard to keep track of the stability. And I know those pieces that make up the pillars of the platform have a certain flexibility. Maybe they're rigid enough to keep it up. If not, this would be the equivalent of fishing rope here, and I hope that's okay. Hopefully, this doesn't offend anyone. Finally, if some parts look a bit strange to you, that's due to artefacts in the render. Olive green renders horribly, more like sand green, so I had to adjust everything, and this might have some strange implications. Also, there were some polygons astray, and I had to edit them out. Hope it isn't to offensive for the eye... Thanks again, and if anyone want to have a look around the model, here is the LDD file.
  7. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Backyard TV store

    A backyard TV store, perhaps from the 80s/90s and not in use anymore. There is a building (that used to be a music store) in my hometown that gave me the inspiration to this model.