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  1. Devorath

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    So it's my first time here in a few months. Can anyone sum up the information for me please? Edit: Anyway, I remember a frenzy started on BzPower last year when someone (official) said that 2014 would have something red, something with wheels, and something to do with MINIFIGURES...
  2. Devorath

    Lego Mixels 2014 Set and Media Discussion

    Huw hadn't heard of it, and a Google search found nothing. Who knows?
  3. Lego Mixels were unveiled at SDCC recently. They appear to be based on a Carton Network program called Mixels. Each set will contain a buildable character. Lego Mixels by TheDevorathShow, on Flickr What are your thoughts?
  4. Devorath

    LEGO Minecraft Rumours & Discussion

    I hope that these are released as normal sets, as we do not get Cusoo in New Zealand. Maybe since they changed the name of the first set to Minecraft: The Forest (I think), that might be easier to find also. I love MC and Lego, so it's a dream come true <3.
  5. Devorath

    Hero Factory 2013

    I find it mildly unfair that the black brain should be so exclusive. It's happened to other themes, I guess it's Hero Factory's turn. ^ What do you mean?
  6. Devorath

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    Guys, do we know if the Hobbit is getting a second-wave?
  7. Devorath

    Is Hero Factory still Technic?

    I'm not sure myself, but according to Front, the HF and Bionicle building systems are sub-systems of the Technic system. I'd say yes.
  8. Devorath

    6828 Twin-Winged Spoiler Review

    Completely Agree! I love Classic Space!
  9. Devorath

    MOC: Spider-Man vs. Rhino

    XD Really nice MOC. Is this your first Marvel MOC?
  10. Weird. I have a feeling I won't find one, the biggest toy store near me identifies all the minifigures, so yeah.
  11. Devorath

    Hero Factory 2013

    I only used the 2004 sets as a comparison because this year is HF's fourth year. The Metru sets were by no means the best Bionicle year however. I liked the Vahki.
  12. Devorath

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Does anyone in Australia or New Zealand know if EB Games will stock IPs?
  13. Devorath

    Hero Factory 2013

    Really? I think the lower construction looks nicer.
  14. Devorath

    Hero Factory 2013

    Does Stormer's helmet remind anybody else of Slizers? That cyborg pattern. I actually like all of this wave. Hey, it's nothing compared to Bionicle's 4th year, but for Hero Factory, I like it.
  15. Devorath

    [MOC] Battle Beetle Mk.2

    It's very nice, the ship design is very nice. The splitting function seems reminiscent of the GS ships, maybe you should remove the legs and make the yellow team? A colour scheme of green and red, as well as a bug head shape would make it more recognisable as a Buggoid ship.