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  1. Yjpe you've seen first two parts of my epic lego film "Navy Seals vs Zombies" Now it's time for the third part! Well... This is just a trailer... But hope you will like it
  2. crazymotion

    Brutal shootout! Simpsons vs Disney

    Thanks! %)
  3. Hey! Smth is happening in here!
  4. So I continue my series about Iraq war, the story based on NatGeo TV_show "Long road home" This is part 4
  5. well it didn't become popular on my English channel so I stopped that project... I have 10 parts in russian and 11th is coming but don't make anymore with subtitles.
  6. Hello guys! Second part of my apocalypse action is ready! Well... actually it's not yet an apocalypse but we are moving forward to it LOL Waiting for your comments!
  7. crazymotion


    This a pilot 1st part of comedy-action-thriller stop-motion. Navy seals va Zombies!
  8. crazymotion

    Voice acting voulanteers!

    Still looking foe voices! Age 15+ Anyone?
  9. crazymotion

    Voice acting voulanteers!

    Wow! Thanks for reminding! I'm a member of Bricksinmotion since 2012 but haven't been there for 3-4 years! )))) Wrote a message!
  10. crazymotion

    Voice acting voulanteers!

    Hello everyone! I am looking for volunteers for voice acting! My new project requires rather adult voices (above 15 years) with acting talent. I don't know who are Salvador Rios, Richard Tyler from this stop motion - but I need guys like this :)
  11. Hello everyone! Finally I've made second part of my lego ww2 film about Berlin assault in 1945 First part was a year ago... It's time to finish this war!
  12. Second part of the lego war film is ready!
  13. crazymotion

    Lego modern warfare stop motion

    Thanks man, the second part is ready!
  14. Hello everyone! Finally I've finished my Lego Modern Warfare stop motion. Based on TV-show "Long road home"about Iraq war.