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  1. I think most of you have already heard about COPPA rules that kill kids content on youtube! But it also threaten lego channels... Lego action filmers: BrickDictator, Starwarstudio 100, JedAnimationStudio, Snooperking, JDBrickProduction, LCM brick show - they fight COPPA agents! Viva la resistance!
  2. Hello guys! I'm planning to make a new lego historical film... Maybe some of you know me at youtube as "LCM Brick Show" channel So... I need shields for my greek army... I'm looking for brickforge items.
  3. crazymotion

    Lego Roman battle film

    Hello guys! Made a history lesson of the first contact of Roman civilization and german tribes (barbarians) Maybe it will help you with school program :) I know that it's not zombie or superheroes but still hope it will be interesting
  4. crazymotion

    Lego Roman history

    Hello everyone! I've made a historical lego film about Roman Republic and first war with barbarians... So in case you like lego and like history - welcome!
  5. crazymotion

    Who loves PUBG?

  6. June 6 2019 is a 75 year Anniversary of Normandy landing (D-Day) Made an epic "Band of Brothers" lego film about this historical event. Full movie - all parts together! Enjoy!
  7. crazymotion

    Band of Brothers!

    Hello huys! If you love "Band of brothers" and Lego then I hope you will like "LEGO Band of Brothers" LOL Welcome to the premiere!
  8. crazymotion

    WW1 part 2

    This is the second part of my Lego WW1 project Sorry, don't know why there is no an icon from youtube :(
  9. crazymotion

    Lego WW1, the Somme battle

    Hello everyone! My new stop motion! The battle of the Somme! (part 1) Hope you will like it!
  10. 2nd part of funny lego apocalypse film!
  11. crazymotion

    Zombie apocalypse

    Full first episode of "Navy seals vs Zombies"
  12. Thank you for your support and likes! As I promised 4th part is here on this Saturday... that is TODAY :)) So we continue adventures of Navy Seals in a secret Zombie hideout!
  13. crazymotion

    Human apocalypse! Lego Horror film!

    Looks like I need to make part 2:))
  14. crazymotion

    Human apocalypse! Lego Horror film!

    Thanks :)
  15. Hello everyone! Part 3 is here! Part 4 will be ready next week! Sit back, relax, enjoy!