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  1. Hello guys! Finally I added English subs to my ww2 stopmotion "Battle of Berlin" So, last great battle of ww2!
  2. The fall of Berlin (WW2)

    Hello guys! As far as you remember May 1945 was the last month of ww2 in Europe. So I decided to make a lego ww2 stop motion about the battle of Berlin. The stop motion itself is not ready yet but I 've made a trailer.
  3. Hi there! For those who knew LCM brick show
  4. NEED HELP :(

    Still remain a little chance to revive... but little... Got accused in spam. Which I never did...
  5. NEED HELP :(

    Hello everyone! I think some of you might heard of me before, I made Stalingrad lego films, Walking Dead and a lot of other stopmotions. But yesterday I still don't know how but my channel was deleted... So there is no anymore such channel as "LCM brick show". I had about 20 000 subscribers and about 5-6 millions of views :( Now I start from the very beginning starting to reupload videos to my new channel... I really need your shoulders right now... If you were subscribed to LCM brick show please subscribe to my new channel Today I added first video - old one - Mongols attack European castle.
  6. Hi there! My second part of the Lego Arcade Game - inspired by FK Films. Mortal Kombat with the door and in the game ))
  7. Lego Arcade Game NEW

    Hi guys! I was inspired by FK films and decided to make my own Lego Arcade Game video I think it's funny, check it out
  8. Hi there! I've finally did 5th part of my ste-by-step reenaction of The Walking Dead - now we gave Daryl! Looking forward to see your comments!
  9. Walkind Dead show is back!

    Hi there! I've finally made English language part of the Walking Dead lego stop motion! As you know I make it STEP BY STEP as in a real TV show. So this part is the beginning of the 2 nd part 1 season. Check it out... and yes, I know that Rick had too many rounds in his gun ))) P.S. For those who missed 1, 2 and 3 parts - you can find links at the end of this video
  10. Hello! I've made episode 2 of my Lego Minecraft Movie! Check out how Steave survives the night and then fight his worst nightmare in the middle of the day! ))

    Hello everyone! Hope you have a great Friday evening! )) I've a made a first part of my "Minecraft the movie" film... Big adventures begins! Hope you will like it )
  12. Hi guys! Check out second Star Wars joke in Big Bang Theory ))
  13. Hello, how's it going? Just made a very short joke video - big bang theory, Sheldon and Amy talks about Star Wars