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  1. There are 72 lego stop motions about Carentan battle on youtube. So I've made the 73 rd one! :) Enjoy!
  2. crazymotion

    Lego WW1 battle of Verdun

    Thanks man! Great feedback! This film was made with 2 months I suppose...
  3. crazymotion

    Lego WW1 battle of Verdun

    Thank you! :)
  4. crazymotion

    Lego WW1 battle of Verdun

    Hello guys! My new action history brickfilm is here! Battle of Verdun - German attack! Learn history and have fun!
  5. crazymotion

    Lego WW1 battle of Verdun

    My new history brickfilm about the longest battle during the Great War
  6. crazymotion

    Lego WW2, Winter war 1939

    My recent history brickfilm about war in Finland in 1939
  7. Hi there! Check the new history brickfilm about the battle of Waterloo!
  8. Hi there! Just finished my Waterloo battle. Check it
  9. crazymotion

    Lego Waterloo battle (return of the Emperor)

    Never been there but planning to visit one day. I live in Barcelona so it's possible. Not far away like Japan
  10. Made a history brickfilm about Waterloo - well, part 1 is the road to Waterloo
  11. Hello everyone! New history brickfilm on my channel - Waterloo, part 1, return of the Emperor In case you like history don't hesitate to support :)
  12. crazymotion

    Lego modern war - real story

    Thanks :)
  13. Hello guys! As you know I do history films and I make not only popular ww1 and ww2 wars but I do other stuff - history of all periods. So my new work is Modern war in the Middle East. Check this story based in true events:
  14. crazymotion

    LEGO WW1 (Great war) history film

    Thank you! :)