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  1. Guy smiley

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Dang, was this at Barnes and Noble?
  2. Hey guys! You may have seen this build on my photostream, or The Brothers Brick, but I thought I would post it here as well so the Eurobricks exclusive crowd would get to see it as well! I want to be more active on other forums besides Flickr this summer too. The nose decals are by Tbone_tbl on Flickr, I found them on MOCpages here: I added the door designs and sized them correctly. I made a YouTube video on my channel that showcases the models and shows how to build them check it out here: Thanks for looking!
  3. Guy smiley

    May 2018: Star Wars Epic Re-creation Contest

    Nice, those prizes are very enticing. Going to try and get an entry done for this!
  4. Guy smiley

    contest Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest

    Anyone else not gotten their prize yet? I am wondering if it is just me.
  5. Built this about a month ago, put it on Lego ideas a few weeks ago, just thought id share it here! :-) If you'd like to see this as a Lego set, here's the voting link: ikoma on Lego Ideas by Guy Smiley :-), on Flickr
  6. Guy smiley

    [Brains] Cat C - Zombie Trasher

    Hey everyone, here's my entry, the Zombie Trasher. During the zombie apocalypse, you take what you can get, this trash truck is durable, big, and can double as a mobile home/base. It's been so long since I've been on Eurobricks, good thing I use the same password for everything... XD Zombie Trasher by Guy Smiley :-), on Flickr "During the zombie apocalypse, not everyone can afford a motor home"
  7. I have spent the past few days trying to find a good way to make instructions from LDD models and I must say, this program is amazing, it works great. Thanks so much for making this!
  8. Guy smiley

    Expanded Universe Contest

    Is there a list anywhere of ships found in the expanded universe? I am having trouble finding them.
  9. Wait I really don't get it, so say I am building for the series 9 category, does this mean I cannot use any series 9 minifigures or accessories in my build?
  10. Guy smiley

    MSFC: Floating Rocks of Algastarr

    A scene showing the exploration of the distant planet Algastarr where rocks giant float in midair. This is also my first post here so hi everyone. :-)