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Found 11 results

  1. ACPin

    Quest For El Dorado

    [pid][/pid]230D At the New World's end, will these Spanish explorers have spent their lives in an ill-advised journey on their quest for El Dorado? The legend of the serpentine idol worshipped by a tribe of natives high in the Andes mountains is now a reality but a peaceful ending nowhere in sight. AC
  2. It’s the end of the world as we know it! Two weeks left to go until the final day... Still time to build then! Being the most Action packed forum on EB, we will not go quietly! Build something that represents the end of the world or belongs at the end of the world. Maybe it’s the world ender: The evil villain finally pushed the button of doom, Atlantis returns with the final pronouncement, a vile mystic foe has got his hands on the ultimate weapon? Maybe you are fighting to prevent it with the brave secret operatives and warriors? Are you perhaps the unlucky explorer (slash!) archaeologist who has discovered the earth’s epitaph? Or are you simply sitting back to watch the show or getting one last redline race in before we’re kaput? So long as it is Action Themed you can enter and a mystery prize will be revealed and awarded after the 21st... If we’re still here! From now (7th December) until 00:00 GMT on the 21st/22nd of December build build build and post a link to the MOC thread here in this very thread. The prize will be awarded to whoever gains the most points from judges. So what are you waiting for?! We only have two weeks left!!
  3. The space villain has outfited his galaxy interceptor at last, and is preparing to take down earth next! Inhabitants are advised to flee wherever they can before it's too late! Another picture on my flickr! Coments are appreciated!
  4. Here my post : the road to the end of the world. with more light The making of : well hope somebody like it :) on the road now the end of time is going...
  5. And for fun a second entry even if i don't know if i could "Ready for the show ???"" Good last night ???
  6. I wanted something with a big Monty Python foot in it. I wanted something with death and destruction. I wanted a terrible visual pun. So, here you go for your consideration.... Yep, the last man on earth has kicked the bucket! We, obviously, won't be around to hear the competition result but any suggestions and criticisms welcome until the end...
  7. Here's my entry to the End of the World contest. Cole is doing a little meditating to get into the right frame of mind to face whatever the end of the world brings. Hope you like it. A couple more photos on flickr. PS. I'm Australian, so the date is what it is. Apologies for any confusion to my friends in the US.
  8. So much nonsense – no, make that complete and utter megablocks (gotta love this word blacklist here^^) – has been said about 21 Dec 2012, or 2012 in general: Maya calendar ending, end of the world, apocalypse, asteroids, Nibiru, ancient predictions, galactic alignment, rise of consciousness, solar system synchronization, dark rifts, photon clouds, increasing resonances, stargates, aliens returning, gods returning, messages from magnetic alien archangels, lots of bad jokes, and on and on and on – and not just for fun, which wouldn't be that bad, but pretending to be real and promoting false fear and false hopes as well as books and seminars... so many good reasons for a long facepalm: 2012 Lego Facepalm by cimddwc, on Flickr Even the crazy scientist and the Aztec guy in the back agree... (That being said, there are a few good jokes, too, and already some nice MOCs showing up for this building drive :) )
  9. During the World End On this World happened every catastrophe, like sunstorms, earthquakes, tornados, and tsunamis. After those disasters a lot of people was dying and the Earth gets other attacks. Aliens and a meteor came from the space and demons came from the hell. Some people survived those but they have to fighting for the surviving.