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  1. Jonsson

    [MOC] Brickhead Vigilante

    That is correct, The inspiration is Michael Douglas as William "D-FENS" Foster. :)
  2. Jonsson

    [MOC] Brickhead Vigilante

    My first take on a Brickheadz character. As always I could not keep myself from adding some features from the original style of Brickheadz to get the appearence I wanted. Some adaptations was needed - Brickheadz purists beware.. ;) Brickhead Vigilante Can anyone name the movie? =)
  3. Jonsson

    [MOC] Predator

    Very, very nice buld! The contrastig colors of the body and armor looks great! Really like the small details, bones, the net etc! A bit sad that you dont have more pictures of the build - not even on flickr.
  4. Jonsson

    [MOC] WWII Veteran

    Fantastic build! The attention to detail, and the emotions expressed in this artwork is immense - especially when you told us the history behind it! :) I really like the accordion. =)
  5. Jonsson

    [Moc] Wasteland Roamer

    Thank you so much for your very kind words guys! Zblj -I'm very happy for your thoughts regading capturing the essence/spirit of the wethered vast surroundings we like to call, - the wasteland!
  6. Jonsson

    [Moc] Wasteland Roamer

    Hi! Thanks so much for your kind comments! Its interesting to read about you relating the build to Mad MAX and Fallout. These Worlds have been my main soure of insprations! I agree that there is also quite some resemblence with Boba Fett this is mosty a coinsidence though. Or it might just be my sub-counsious. =) I have had excactly the same thought regarding the Star Wars figures - especially Rey! Happy to hear that my other mocs are of interest! Also happy to hear that you guys like the overall color combination, and the details!
  7. Jonsson

    [Moc] Wasteland Roamer

    My take on what I might ride hence I would survive the apocalypse.. =) Most of the time I try to create builds that are somewhat stylistically pure in its asthetics. I'm very fussy about the correct colors for all the parts as I dont want the wrong areas fo the bike(usually) to stand out and attract attention from the details I want to highlight. You may have noticed that I took another route this time...=) To be able to make the bike look a bit ragged I've put alot of effort to find parts in; old grey, dark grey and brown and mixing them up with the newer colors. Sand green happens to be one of my favourite colors and I think it goes well with the rest! When I saw the shoulder piece from the new Star Wars figures I immediately new that I would like to us it as a housing for the headlamp. Finding the right technique to get it in place wasn't easy though... The engine is a parallell-twin with turbo and intercooler. Somekind of injectible gas/liquid (what might it be in the post-apocalyptic world?) container is also added for increased performance when needed! (I noticed when editing the pictures that the relief valve is a bit twisted though - bummer!) An extra petrol tank could also come in handy - dont you think? In the lst pictures I've added some other bits and bobs for surviving in the wasteland.. See you on the other side...;) You can find all of the images on my Flickr:
  8. My biggest issue - the rims are black - I really hope that they wont be in the final product. I just hate black rims, they are dull and details disappear completely. If they are going to replicate the RS - do it properly and let the rims stand out like in the real one:
  9. Jonsson

    Algernon Moncrieff

    Incredibly amazing! The pose is perfect, part from the dog I really dig the furniture! :)
  10. Jonsson

    Star Wars Constraction 2015 Discussion

    By mistake a local grocery store left some of the opened cardboard boxes on the floor and I went for it. To my big surprise it passed through the cashier even though they were labeled not to be sold until 4th of september. I got my Cody on the shelf at home - although he is already partly disassembled - I bought him for the orange panels. ;) The day after, they had removed them all....
  11. Jonsson

    Technic Photography

    Here are a couple of my photos. I use natural sunlight while shooting mostly indoors on a bench covered with glass. At the moment my equipment consists of an old Nikon D300 with an 17-50mm 2.8 lens from Tamron.Scrambler07 by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr Frenzy02 by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr moonshine_rocket08 by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr Kawasaki KZ400 Tracker by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr Blue Angel 09 by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr W427 Hard Tail Bobber a.k.a Widowmaker by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr Aphäng05 by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr Fred_unlim02 by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr
  12. Jonsson

    [Moc] Aphäng - mini chopper

    Hi there! Many thanks for your kind comments! :) I think your models look really good! There are some very nice details that want to implement in my own future models! I would be really glad if you would like to share you're LXF-file. I will try to build it but I cannot say exactly when with Christmas time coming up! Really nice work! :)
  13. Thank you for your kind words! Interesting to here your thoughts aswell! Glad you like it and that you feel it as well!
  14. The background story: My younger brother Fredrik - soon to be 28 years is severely handicapped since birth. He suffers from, Cerebral Pares (CP), daily epelepctic seizures, twisted spine(scoliosis), reduced lung fuctionality (in need of oxygen 24/7) and he is also intellectually challenged. When growing up, I've often wondered about what the life for him, but also me would have been like if he'd be healthy. Maybe he would have been a quirky little guy that needed help from his older brother when the shit hit the fan...=) Maybe I've could have teached him to tune his moped, or drive him to his first date.. If Fredriks handicap would have been physical alone and he would have been able to rule a bit more over his existence I'm sure he would have been a pretty wild boy. The energy and will to live within that boy must have been expressed in some way. He would hopfully have appreciated my effort to make him less dependent of others and experience some true freedom. Fred. unlimted is no ordinary wheelchair, with a 140cc 1-cylinder engine at say 18-20 hp it would be quite the challenge. The rear tubular frame is reinforced and lengthen to provide greater staiblity at higher speed and cornering. It would also prevent the driver of the unpleasent feeling of getting stuck on the back if beeing to excessive with the throttle. It would come with and centrifugal clutch and belt drive to minimize the hazzle. An open air filter and very small silencer for better grunt. This my brother is for you. All my creations: ( Can some mod change "motirzed" in topic to "Motorized") =)
  15. Jonsson

    [Moc] Aphäng - mini chopper

    Many thanks, glad you like my special exhausts.. ;)