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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, really appreciated! :)
  2. These are all extremely well done and thought through. It really could/should be a genuine theme. :)
  3. Mike "Stanceworks" Burroughs 244 GTKCompletely rebuilt Ferrari 308 with extreme attention to detail and a high revving - furious Honda has been a long time coming.I'm well aware that I'm late to the game. But finally, here is my version of Mikes glorius 244 GTK build.As soon as I subsribed to his Youtube channel to follow the build I instantly knew I wanted to recreate whatever was coming into the lego 8-wide speed champions scale and as detailed as possible. The complete story and process behind it with all pictures can be found on my Flickr. Mikes 244GTK by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr Mikes 244GTK-5 by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr Mikes 244GTK-7 by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr Mikes 244GTK-10 by Stephan Jonsson, on Flickr
  4. At last, the 245 is done.
  5. Jonsson

    [MOC] Small Shrimping Boat

    Incredible beautiful! Very well done!
  6. Volvo B230 2.5 liter Evo engine with 531 head and dual Weber 50. Typically used in 240s/940s Grupp-H (Group H) rallying in Sweden. Nothing beats the sound of N/A redblock. :) Also features: Group A rear wing Full leather interior Can also be equipped with a roof rack or roof basket depending on your preferred activity; To go to that blue and yellow furniture store to purchase an upgrade for the house. Or spend some time kayaking in the nearest archipelago. =) A couple of more images on my flickr.
  7. Jonsson

    [MOC] KMP's Vehicle MOCS

    Spot on! The low aggressive stance looks just perfect! You never seem to stop amaze us with your alt.builds. :)
  8. Jonsson

    [MOC] Brickheadz William Wallace and friends.

    First of all, sorry for posting in the wrong section, thank you for moving the thread to the correct part of the forum. Second, thanks a bunch for featuring it on the main page and for the incredibly kind words! :) Thank you! Happy you like the M16, took some time to get the right look and proportions, the minifgure hand are great for detailing, I often use them in my motorcycle and cars build to recreate different mechanical parts. :) Not at the moment, sorry. Maybe if I get the time, I might post an exploded view on my Flickr in the future. Thank you!
  9. That you took your time to comment even though these kind of builds doesn't normally tick your box, that means a bit extra to me. :) Thank you! :)
  10. My all time favorite movie character has found his limbs and has now reincarnated as a Brickhead. =) He teams up with Rambo and D-Fens to forms and odd trio of musketeers (well sort of...)
  11. There is a disc (though small) behind/inside the bevel gear. :) Thank you for your kind words! Details is really what I like most when tinkering with a build. :)
  12. Fantastic looking model! The stance is spot on, love the color choice. The exploded view is awesome! :)
  13. Thanks! :) Thank you for the kind comment! Really happy you like it! The function of the suspension is not that complicated to be honest, but it took some time to figure out the geometry to make the build "Legal" and not stress the parts. :) Unreal... Thanks! Thank you. :) Thank you for the kind comment. The part used for the handlebars (I you mean the red ones) is in fact an old technic bushing:
  14. Long time no see, hope you are all well! BMW R Nine T/1200 GS Hybrid Build. The base(frame) for the build were to be the air/oil-cooled R nineT but with Telelever suspension and increased ground clearance. Combine this with a scrambler look but with street tires for its on unique appearance. Open air-filters and minimal exhaust for maximum annoyance - I mean characteristic sound...=) I think it came out pretty descent in the end. I think I'd like one in full scale. This one, took some time, quite frankly. I began the build before my daughter was born - she recently turned 4. =) The idea for the model formed in the fall of 2018, the main form came to life quite fast but then came to a halt. The main reason for that was, the lack of parts in correct colors to complete the build in a way that would satisfy me. So it sat on a shelf until last week, when I suddenly got the urge to complete it. Big thanks to Jonathan Elliot (je_brickworks) for giving me inspiration back! Be sure to check out his awesome BMW R80 Cafe Racer in gorgeous dk red!