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  1. [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat. A] Echo Class Assault Shuttle

    Thanks! There will be a follow-up story, as well as a "prequel" freebuild that I haven't had a chance to post yet, but was supposed to come before the Coruscant episode Thank you! Thanks Cody - it would be great to collaborate sometime! Since we'll be heading into the post-Endor universe soon, I think it'll be easier for players in opposite factions to weave their stories together in different ways. Sorry @MKJoshA - just saw your pressing question this evening. The pipes are actually printed - they came in two Imperial Shuttle sets. I didn't get either set, but was lucky enough to get the pipes in a second-hand mixed lot that I purchased. Thanks - I always appreciate your feedback (not to mention your builds, which always inspire me to up my game and not get lazy!)
  2. [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat A.] The Sparrow

    Much better job on the photos this time around! Having more lighting makes a huge difference, and the photo sizes are a big improvement over your last few entries. The ship is simple, but there are some nice touches like the sideways dark red wings, and the storage area inside the cockpit. The black 4x6 plate at the back looks a little awkward compared to the rounded cockpit - I think tailfin(s) or something else back there might have helped, even just a 2x4 tile down the middle of it to extend the shape of the canopy back farther. Overall, though, this is a big step up - good work!
  3. [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat. A] Royal Guard TIE/In Interceptor v3

    Awesome - this turned out really well. It feels like an upgraded/slightly evolved interceptor, which is cool, and I really like the loading ramp in the back.
  4. I like it - the colors remind me of an 'urban' camo scheme, although it would have been nice to have more blue on the passage leading to the cockpit. Great shaping, though - definitely feels like a Corellian freighter - reminiscent of the Outrider.
  5. [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat. A] LT 995 Transport Cruiser

    Great ship! I really love your attention to detail, like the access ladder to the cockpit and the folding chairs. I'm also impressed that you were able to add so much interior detail, while still achieving all the interesting angles and shaping of the ship. Glad to have you building for the Empire!
  6. [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat A] Eta-2x

    I like the idea of updating a CW era fighter to account for some of its weaknesses, and I think you did a good job keeping the shape recognizable, while still coming up with an original design. The front mandibles feel a bit bulky to me, but it also makes sense since the ship is supposed to be heavily armored. I like the ship, but I think I love that landing pad - really spot-on fitting in all the details, but without having it feel cluttered. And the little touches, like the TIE helmet at the top of the little ladder - awesome work. Don't be afraid to post a few more pictures; you obviously put a lot of thought and work into your story, but I think some readers will just see the wall of text and skip past it. I think if you interspersed more pictures within the text, it breaks it down into more readable chunks. Even if it's just some shots of Brent's office from another angle, and then some shots of the fighter while it's being described, it would help the flow of the entry and make it easier to follow (IMO).
  7. Note to judges: please don’t include these elements as part of my build for judging purposes: Rebel blockade runner - not a MOC, just a picture of 10019 that I found online and cut out Mini TIE interceptors – used in a previous build Approaching target - Careful, she’s moving fast - I can see that, watch your damn sector! Hey quit bickering on this channel, some of us are trying to sleep. Shut up, and brace – making final approach. Ah, another glorious day locked inside a metal tube, trying to hang on while our pilot matches speed with another ship, and then runs ours nose-first into the side of it. Officially, it’s an “Echo Class Assault Shuttle” but “Mynock” fits the ship too well for us to call it anything else. Larger picture on flickr Larger picture on flickr There’s a jolt as we make contact with the blockade runner and engage the magnetic clamps. Good lock, good seal! You boys are lucky – looks like she’s pressurized today. Starting torches. Blockade runner interior: We’ve been at it for two weeks now, first practicing on stationary platforms, then slow moving ships, fast moving ships, ships firing at us, ships trying to evade us. Two weeks. At least we have gravity today – and a pressurized target. Last week, The Mynock pulled away to simulate a battle loss, and poor Arjun got sucked right out the hole. He was fine, of course – our suits have a few minutes of air. Still, it seemed risky for a training exercise. Grace has something big planned, that much is obvious. We've been laying bets on what our final target will be. I've got 50 credits on a MonCal cruiser; Tyria's sure it's a Reb Space Station. I don't really care, as long as we get to hit it soon. We've got a briefing tonight - we're all hoping for new orders. Later... We're ready ma'am - do you have a target for us? Yes, Arjun, I do. Oh, shab ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for viewing! C&C always welcome - additional / larger pics on my flickr. Additional ship pictures: Behind the scenes:
  8. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    All right - just over two weeks left! How's everyone doing? I've finally had some time to sit down and build - here's my WIP: Still a fair amount of body to fill in and detail, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.
  9. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    Hey Danny! We'd be glad to have you join us, and even if you don't have time to build a SHIP (I'm not sure I will either), we'll still need starfighters and smaller vessels.
  10. [SoNE Freebuild] Well of Souls

    Cool structure - I like the grey sculpture on the roof and the way the roof curves. Normally I try to use either curves or slopes, but I think the inverse slopes on your columns work really well with the roof. I do feel like the front of the building doesn't quite fit with the rest of it. I'd almost suggest cutting the front off, and just leaving the rear part with the columns: I'd also add a little elevation to the courtyard - having the DBG and blue 2x2 tiles raised up by a plate or two would add a bit more texture. I like it overall, though! It manages to look sci-fi without losing the feel of an old/classic structure, and your writing and story continue to be great. Careful ... @BEAVeR once thought as you do. No one has heard from him in quite some time ...
  11. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    Correct, the 100 studs refers to total length or width, not surface area.
  12. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    According to the core rules topic, the freebuild count resets after each episode concludes. I'm not sure we've actually been tracking it all that closely, and I realized after looking it up that I've probably been labeling my freebuilds incorrectly... I'd say go ahead and post your planned freebuild(s) and if it looks like you'll have more than 4 for the current episode you can always throw yourself at the mercy of the judges We want to give people a lot of creative freedom when it comes to ship choice/design, so if you can justify it with your story (and it's not too outrageous, like a stolen Millennium Falcon) we'll be fine with it.
  13. [SoNE Freebuild] Inspection

    Here's a very late comment (to go with our late freebuild judging)! I agree with Cody - your writing and story are great; they really give us a feel for what kind of officer Kodan is. I like the low ceilinged corridor - it feels very imperial, but still has enough details to be interesting. I also like the curved bits in the second scene. My only feedback is in the second scene it might have worked better to have the wall details/greebles on the upper floor, since the troops on the ground floor are kind of competing with the detailed wall so it feels a little bit cluttered (IMO). Great scenes overall, though!
  14. [SoNE Freebuild - XV-II] Vode An

    Thanks Jannik! I've been trying to plan my builds with photography in mind, to make it easier to get interior shots. Thank you Cody! I'd intended to go the lazy route, but I kept expanding the ship in order to get the shots that I wanted. I really liked Karen Traviss' Republic Commando series (and am impressed that you recognized it by the Mando'a - you really know your EU ) - were you not a fan of the clone personalities, or how they portrayed the jedi? 2B's arm came in a handful of sets a few years ago, but it doesn't look too expensive on bricklink.
  15. [SoNE Freebuild - XV-II] Vode An

    Vode An: Mando'a - "Brothers All" This build takes place immediately after my last freebuild, Recognition. Grace’s men, gruffly introduced as "Maze" and "Kom'rk," ranks unknown, lead us to a small shuttle in hanger 10. It's just a little run-about by the look of it, but knowing the ISB it’s probably stuffed with all sorts of hidden weaponry and systems. We follow Maze onto the shuttle. Excuse me? I have a name. You'll have to forgive Maze; he suffers from a terminal lack of charm. I’m afraid you’re not cleared to know our destination yet, so you’ll have to ride cargo class for now. What's that noise? It sounds like ... a broken toaster. It's as if you don't realize the fragility of your fleshy body. Anytime you wanna try it, clanks, be my guest. Savages. The droid turns to face us, as Kom'rk disappears into the cockpit. Oh! Where are my manners? Hah, I guess whoever named you was a fan of the galactic bard. A fan of the galactic … ah, you jest. I shall laugh. Ha HAH ha. I'm sensing some kind of dumb nicknames pattern... An understandable mistake, but we arrived by our nicknames in different ways. When I first became self aware, I chose my name to remind me of the mortality of all non-droid beings. Nice... Mister Kirana's nickname, on the other hand, is an acronym. "TB" stands for ... Tank Bait? He attacked it, single handedly, with a light rifle, to draw fire away from my mistress. In my defense, I figured it either worked and I died a hero... I didn’t think I’d have the dumb luck to live through it and have to explain myself afterwards. It’s a strange thing, 2B. I’d never root for the rebels, but... But? But if some tank commander had been just a little bit better at his job, this jackass wouldn’t have made it to Commenor to screw up my life. Best not to think of these things, miss. The chains of causality are long and tangled. Why, when I was a young - Mercifully, the cockpit door opens before 2B can unleash any more philosophy. We're past port security and we'll be jumping shortly. Try not to lean on any boxes with the red warning tags, eh? Aye aye. I had a feeling something like this was coming. I'm not sure if he's testing me, or if I just rub him the wrong way. Then we'd best find somewhere quiet to sort it out. Look, di'kut, you got a death wish? Fine. I don’t need her pissed off at me.