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  1. LucasLaughing

    [MOC] Microscale Death Star II Hanger and Trench

    Thank you! That's awesome - thanks a lot! Thank you!
  2. LucasLaughing

    [Ep XVII Freebuild #2] Belly of the Beast

    Thanks Jody! Thank you! I was really happy with how the forced perspective turned out
  3. I built this for the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka forum, but I wanted to share it here as well. I was inspired by the scene from RoTJ where the Emperor's shuttle is approaching the Death Star hangar bay. Full sized pics on my flickr. See below for a discussion of WIP, planning and behind the scenes shots (copied from the SoNE post).
  4. LucasLaughing

    [MOC] Common Kestrel

    Beautiful work! I especially like the eyes and facial pattern, but the whole thing is great!
  5. This takes place immediately following my last freebuild. Incoming assault shuttle, we have you on our scopes, please identify. This is assault shuttle Mynock requesting a docking bay. Transmitting clearance code now. Assault Shuttle Mynock, you do not appear on our list of approved arrivals. We’re going to need to divert you to the Avenger for inspection. Negative. I need you to check that ISB prefix on our clearance code, and then consult your list of ships on top secret missions. Mynock, I don’t have a list of ships on top secr- … ah. Mynock, stand by. In a healthy organization it wouldn’t have worked, but the ISB’s been running unchecked for a long time now. Mynock, switch to heading point seven one five and proceed to docking bay two two eight. Acknowledged. Mynock, out. I've got a bad feeling about this. Very excited to share this build - I'm really happy with how it turned out. Full sized pics on my flickr. See below for an in-depth discussion of WIP, planning and behind the scenes shots.
  6. LucasLaughing

    [Freebuild 2.1] Leaving Endor behind

    Sorry for the late reply - the helicopter blades add a nice texture to those pylons, and I really like the midi-scale shuttle and forced perspective shot!
  7. LucasLaughing

    Re-Creation Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for #5 and #7
  8. LucasLaughing

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Congrats to the rebels for their well deserved victory, and a huge thanks to @MKJoshA! This episode was his idea, and he did a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure it was successful. Thanks also to @goatman461 for helping with the judging despite a very busy real life, and thanks to all of you builders for sticking with us over the past 26 weeks and making this a great episode! Before the episode launched, I built the scenes to illustrate each bonus; I thought I'd post them all here, just for fun: Extra XP Bonuses: Movement and score bonuses: Map and miscellaneous bonuses: Full sized pictures on my flickr if anyone is interested.
  9. LucasLaughing

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Based on the last map update it looked like you were still 4 squares away? I might be reading it wrong, though. @MKJoshA??
  10. LucasLaughing

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    So ... it looks like the rebels took a break and we have one more week? It looks like we didn't post movement instructions this week since it was assumed to be a moot point, but we'd like to use our movement this week to get as close to the shield generator as possible...
  11. LucasLaughing

    [Ep XVII Freebuild #1] Distant Stations (reprise)

    Thank you! I'm really bad at commenting myself, so I never hold it against other people if they miss a build Thanks, and yeah I'm pleased with how well the single tooth worked out. Thanks! The next part should be up in the next week or two (fingers crossed...) Thank you!
  12. LucasLaughing

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 26] Rough Terrain Ahead

    Really well done! The angle you shot this from, and the fact that the tree looks like it's bending under his weight, all add to the precarious feel of the situation.
  13. LucasLaughing

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 26] Pushing Forward

    Nice looking walker! I also really like your tree, and the layered foliage over the fallen log.
  14. LucasLaughing

    [SoNE Episode XVII] [Rebels] [Week 25] In the Pines

    This is really well done! That first shot sets the mood immediately, and I love the flower petals as bloody footprints. Great work!
  15. Note to judges: the ship in the first shot is from a prior build and shouldn't be judged Characters and links to previous story installments: Rumors swirl around troop barracks like flimsi in the aftermath of a bombing. Enemy actions, deployment orders, upgraded kit, downgraded chow. 24 hours ago, a new Death Star was just one rumor out of a thousand. Now, we’re on the way there. The mission, ostensibly, is to pick up an admiral’s kid before the inevitable rebel attack. Nothing’s ever that simple with Grace, though. Or the ISB for that matter. I’m sure there are plans and objectives I haven’t been briefed on. Hell, I’d be surprised if we’re the only team Grace is sending to the station … bet you can get into all kinds of mischief on a station about to be attacked by the entire rebel fleet. Our plan is simple, which is usually a good sign. We dock with the station, head in, locate our boy. Intel suggests he’ll come willingly. If not, we stun him, bag him and muscle our way out using standard ISB bully tactics. If he does come willingly, I’ll switch uniforms with him so that he isn’t identified on the way out. Then we exfil, preferably through the same hanger, but Tyria can make a hole for us if needed. If anything goes wrong … he’ll have my helmet and armor and I’ll have … uncomfortable Navy-Issued pants. Hmm. I switch my comm so that I’m only talking to Maze and Kom’rk. “Why am I the one that has to give up my armor?” “Station security systems are unknown, but we’re assuming at least basic facial scanning. You scan as a Stormtrooper Sergeant assigned to the ISB; lets you get away with pretty much anything.” Right then, I decide to take a risk. “Whereas if they scan one of you, it’ll come back as soldier assigned to the GAR" Kom'rk only hesitates for a second, but we’ve been working together long enough that it stands out. I hope I haven’t miscalculated. When I first asked Grace's droid, 2B, about it a few months ago, he recommended not using the ‘C’ word, unless I was “displeased with the current configuration of my face” “What’s the matter kid, they don’t have twins where you’re from?” “They do, sure. But, uh, my neighbor, Mr Lawquane, was also GAR. Retired, I guess. Unofficially. I was the same age as his kids” “Kids, huh? Kandosii..." “You’re wrong about one thing, though. We wouldn’t scan as soldiers of the GAR – we’d scan as property of the GAR. Clones aren’t people." "Dropping out of hyperspace in thirty seconds." "Alright, kid. Anything else you want to get off your chest?" "One other thing has been bugging me, I guess. Last time I saw him, he seemed a lot older than you two..." "Yeah, we can thank the kaminiise for that one. I'll tell you all about it when we get back to base." "Reverting in three - two - one ... and, we're good. Looks like the rebel fleet hasn't arrived yet. Welcome to Endor." Behind the scenes: