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  1. LucasLaughing

    Factions - General Discussion

    The skills will be used for some of the challenges - having a certain skill might unlock different story options. They won't be tied to regular bonuses the way they were in AG, though. Yes - signups are open! We're glad to have you! Thanks - we're all really excited to finally launch! I'll have to check with @MKJoshA to figure out where the character data goes. In the meantime, please send a PM to the faction leader to ask for approval. @all - if you're interested in a particular faction, send a PM to that faction leader to let them know. It's okay if you don't have your character build done yet (or your character totally thought out, for that matter) - it'll just help us know how many people we'll be starting with.
  2. LucasLaughing

    Faction: The Mining Guild

    Faction: The Mining Guild Faction Leader: LucasLaughing Headquarters: Lianna (S6) Planets: Eriadu, Christophsis, Dorvalla, Lianna, Savareen, Xagobah, Nelvaan Systems: M18, Q16 Colors: Yellow & black or gray with yellow highlights Pictured: Gas mining operations From starship engines to personal datapads, from the duracrete walls of our homes to the minerals in our daily nutrition supplements, nearly every facet of our lives is, in some way, dependent on mining. At the Mining Guild, we help partner worlds extract resources that would be otherwise inaccessible to them, providing those worlds with jobs, materials and security. We’re currently hiring for all positions, including: Miners A far cry from the day laborers of old, today’s miners are highly skilled workers: part technician, part explorer, and central to everything that we do. *your uniform and equipment may vary depending on the environment and resource being mined. Heavy equipment operators From digging machines to ore crawlers, much of the heavy lifting in our day to day operations depends on our equipment operators and drivers. Pilots Our freighter pilots are responsible for transporting raw and refined materials, while our combat pilots protect our assets and facilities. Our scouts seek out new planets, asteroids and hyperspace routes. Mechanics and technicians Mechanics and technicians are a vital part of the Guild, making sure that our operations are safe, effective and efficient. Security personnel *currently contracted through Outer Rim Security Solutions Security forces protect our employees and investments from hostile action. Previous military or law enforcement experience is required. Faction recruits: We’ll be looking to build on a wide variety of planets, with a focus on exploration, landscapes, machines and industry. Examples / inspiration (some pics are from prior Andromeda’s Gates builds): Landscapes – especially caves/underground areas, asteroids and “extreme” (lava, etc) environments. Machines –huge mining machines, intricate ore processors and everything in-between. Must love greebles Industry – refinery operations, ore processing plants, and all the cool, pipe-filled buildings that come with it. There probably won’t be a huge emphasis on combat, but we’ll definitely need security forces to protect against pirates, criminals and rival factions. The most extreme environments, the mightiest machines, the richest rewards… The Mining Guild. Join today!
  3. LucasLaughing

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Sweet - I won a manatee! Thanks CopMike!!
  4. LucasLaughing

    Factions - General Discussion

    The game will take place in the "Aftermath" era, shortly after the Battle of Jakku
  5. LucasLaughing

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Woohoo - thanks for the extended deadline! Here's my ideal Santa, bringing me a giant chocolate letter:
  6. LucasLaughing

    Factions - General Discussion

    It's just a binary - you either have the skill or you don't. Thanks for the good questions!
  7. LucasLaughing

    New Flickr limits

    Yeah, I'm in exactly the same boat. I've got all my AG builds, plus 5 years of SoNE builds - it's going to take forever to update the links if I decide to go that route
  8. LucasLaughing

    New Flickr limits

    Damn - that sucks. Been a member since 2008, have nearly 4000 photos. Now I need to decide if it's better to pay $50 each year (and maybe going up each year), or if it's better to reupload 5 years worth of MOC photos to a different site and edit all the eurobricks topics to point to the new host.
  9. LucasLaughing

    [BH - Rodian] Kind Regards

    Cool scene. I like the utility building on the right, and although the skull heads threw me for a second, I looked up when Givins look like and the skulls are pretty good.
  10. LucasLaughing

    [BH - Gungan] The Cure

    I generally like the left half of the Coruscant build - especially the transparent blocks under the walkway that give it a more elevated feel, and the block of blue is nice. It could use some more pipes / texture - I feel like Coruscant tends to feel pretty crowded. I'm not really buying the pink side as Coruscant - I think if the pink had been paired with a darker color, like dark grey, it might have worked better?
  11. Freebuild #1: Distant Stations Freebuild #2: Belly of the Beast It was all going so well. We’d traversed a maze of hallways and turbolifts, following instructions from Tyria who remained on the ship. The admiral’s kid was in his room, his bunkmate left without a fuss once we mentioned ISB business, and he was going to come with us willingly. His exact words were “I didn’t sign on to blow up planets.” And yet, here we are. His bunkmate should have been a red flag. At least one of them should have been on duty, but we got overconfident and let it slip. We were halfway through trading outfits when we heard from Maze in the hallway. Trouble coming. What kind? Officer class. Looks like a captain. Alone so far. So, the bunkmate was a snitch. At least the captain's come alone, no doubt wanting to take credit for “catching” the kid. Even now, at the end, they’re playing politics. See what you can do I’m sorry ma’am, you can’t come in. ISB business. Step aside, or I’ll put you out an airlock. Yes ma’am, right away. Lieutenant Jepson Captain Corso I should have known I’d find you fleeing like a coward. You are all under arrest, for aiding and abetting a deserter. And as for you – What are you staring at? She was on our side- No. She was wearing the same uniform as us. That’s not the same thing. I thought you’d have learned that by now. What’s going on in there?! Stand by, we’re fine. Kirana, head out there, make sure they’re ready for company. Hey boys, I hate to rush you but the Rebel fleet just jumped into system so faster is better. Fierfek. Arjun, help the kid get the rest of that armor on or we’re leaving him here. Get ready, we’re gonna have company. It doesn't take long for Jepson's bunkmate to show up. Where’s Captain Corso? What do I look like, a staffing droid? Sir, until we figure out exactly what’s going on here, I’m going to need your men to lay down their weapons. Alright, alright, take it easy. Jepson ran off, and the captain came looking for him. They both went that way. Troopers, weapons on the ground. Now. What the kriff is - Felth is down! More troopers inbound! Hit the blast door controls! What the hell happened?! I'm seeing a massive security alert in your sector- We've had a problem...
  12. LucasLaughing

    [SoNE] A day long remembered...

    Nice work, you've got a lot of great builds here. Your minifig posing is really well done; I especially like the picture where Beltar is diving into the trench with the rebels behind him, and the sequence where the troops are watching the incoming fighters, but the poses are excellent throughout and I can tell you put a lot of time / thought into the scenes. I also really like the scene where Alyin is crawling out of the crashed ejection seat. The little details like her gloves on the ground, the broken branches and the parachutes really sell the story. I liked the microscale scenes, but it was also hard to tell what they were supposed to be portraying (besides the trees). Something more recognizable, either microfigs / vehicles or a more obvious landmark or structure would have helped I think. Also, I like the TIE interior a lot, but the skeleton didn't fit that well. It might have been better to just have the pilot engulfed in flames. Overall, though, this is an impressive end to Beltar's 1.0 story and I'm excited to see what you come up with for SoNE 2.0!
  13. You do a great job invoking an oppressive, worn down atmosphere. I also like the trench style buildings and the footbridge between them.
  14. LucasLaughing

    [BH - Iakaru] End up in the mud

    I'm going to need to revisit this when I'm home, because your creations are way too detailed and thought out for a phone screen to do them justice. You have a great eye for color; I especially like the greens inside the bar, and the messy texture of the awning is great against the smoother surface of the building.
  15. LucasLaughing

    [BH - Rodian] Around the planet on his speeder

    Another amazing build - a lot of lovely details here! Really like the stylized dust behind the speeders, and the smoke in the last scene. Your images do a great job telling the story and have a very cinematic quality. Awesome work!