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  1. I'm super late to the comment party, but I really like those heads as Givins!
  2. LucasLaughing

    [S6 - Cadinth - MG] Microscale Regular lines.

    Very nice! I like the non-symmetrical aspect, and that's a clever way to add running lights to the fins. Great work!
  3. Nice use of the ice picks to get those weird spider feet! I think the head should have been at more of an angle so that the eyes looked more separated, but those red parts work well for the fangs/pedipalps.
  4. LucasLaughing

    [S6 - Cadinth - MG] Special transport

    Excellent micro-base, I really like the turrets, and the sort of "floating" landing pad has a very Star Wars feel. I think what @goatman461 meant (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is that the base is the stronger of the two builds, so if you're going to spend the time editing a background it would be better to do the base vs the sthip.
  5. Cool hanger - you have some really nice details here. I especially like the fueling area that pops out of the floor, and recessed area with the upside-down turntables. The build feels a little busy overall, and I think some of the details get lost in the clutter, but in good job in general.
  6. Clever use of the seed part, and that dirt bike body makes a great base for your speeder. That tile floor looks like it took some patience!
  7. I agree - great seed part usage! I also like the inset diamonds in the wall and the minecraft parts for the door - excellent details.
  8. *Your entry has earned 22XP* Seed part: S15 - Molivar Republic Patrol After Action Report #4952 (narrative portion only) We could hear it coming. That was the worst part. Those claws, echoing on the pipes. It sounded like a malastran - they climb up the intake pipes from time to time, but they tend to be docile and slow moving. Whatever was approaching us through the darkened tunnel was moving fast. The malastran, with a sith rider crouched atop it, cut through our patrol like a vibroblade through Aiwha steak. The rider batted blaster bolts right out of the sky, laughing while the malastran impaled Tekk. One swing of his saber sliced open Raana from neck to navel. I'm only here 'cause I got lucky - managed to blast off the antenna the rider was holding on to. The malastran reared upward and threw him but he landed on his feet. His saber cut a glowing figure-8 in the air as he knocked aside our barrage. We couldn't hit him, but we must have provided enough of a distraction that he lost whatever mental hold he had over the malastran. It shook its head once, then cut him clean in half with its front pincers, before turning slowly and shambling back down the tunnel it'd come from. ------------------------------- The malastran creature (seed part used in its legs): Overall build: Thanks for viewing - C & C always welcome! Full sized pics are on my flickr.
  9. I like the flying creature! You've got a lot of clever connections and angles to get the compact body and the seed part is really well integrated. The grey speeder feels too front-heavy to me; I think the fins might have worked better in the back. I do like the dust trail it's kicking up, though. Good work on the yellow/red speeder too ... it's like an upgraded version of Rey's speeder.
  10. Mandal Motors is proud to present the all new DLX-9 Landspeeder series. An award-winning blend of performance and luxury, the DLX-9 is the speeder of choice for successful business beings throughout the galaxy. Tractor fields & Class-2 kinetic plating provide unparalleled occupant safety, while the supercharged repulsorlifts guarantee that you’ll be the fastest speeder in the skylane. With the DLX-9, the sky’s the limit* *vehicle is not capable of atmospheric flight and should not be flown above 10 meters. MandalMotors DLX-9. Because life's too short to go slow. Professional driver in a closed skylane, do not attempt. Always obey all local speed and traffic regulations. Shown with optional features and accessories. Occupant safety system may be ineffective at speeds greater than 100 kph. See dealer for financing options. Background image from Wookieepedia.
  11. This is brilliant - really loving the use of those parts to make the tire track in the ground. Are they floating, or attached to hinges or technic bits? Great, original minifigs too. The only improvement I'd suggest is in regard to the pictures - they seem a little washed out / overexposed. Great build overall, though.
  12. LucasLaughing

    [BSBA] Cat A - Cosmic Corner

    For my entry, I decided to go with a "classic" - 10182 aka Cafe Corner. The original: Benny's Version: The front ramp unfolds into stairs for our intrepid crew: On the back view below, you can see the ramp for the rover (right side of picture): Of course, it is swooshable: Although it's quite heavy... To infinity, and etc! More pics and discussion below. Thanks to @Bob De Quatre for a fantastic contest (and for the extension!) !
  13. LucasLaughing

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    Woo-hoo - thanks Bob!!
  14. LucasLaughing

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    I, for one, wouldn't be upset if there was an extension ... maybe have the contest end on the 28th instead?
  15. LucasLaughing

    [S6 - Jaminere - MG] Asteroid yurt

    This turned out really well - I like the roof and wall details, and the interior looks good. Are those charging ports on the robot's bed? The telescope and antenna don't fit all that well with the hut - I think it's mainly the colors that are making them look off. The antenna seems like it has a lot of random colors thrown in, and I'm not sure the Octan color scheme meshes that well with the Star Wars vibe. Looks good overall, though; nice work!