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  1. [SoNE Ep XVII][Rebels][Week 19] Watch Your Step

    You've had some great rockwork the last few weeks! Really liking the cracked/jagged ground on this one, as well as the leaning rock on the left side. Nice action shot too.
  2. [SoNE Ep XVII][Rebels][Week 18] The wall

    I agree with Forresto - this is really well done! The walls are just high enough to suggest a large cliff and the curve really brings it together.
  3. Movement: We would like to move toward the bonus on R-22. For our first move, we'll move through two revealed squares to end up on R20. For our second move, I'm not sure if we can get to R22, since R21 is already revealed. If not, we'll end on R21. Pfilbee Jhorn, oh Pfilbee Jhorn, you came, you saw, you failed to warn! If I live through this tour, I’ll find you someday, you’d best watch your back when the drums start to play! -The Ballad of Pfilbee Jhorn, written by an unknown Scout Trooper stationed on Endor, 4 ABY We live off the land as much as possible, but there are some things that can't be gleaned or grown. When the time comes, every week or two, we load up the "bantha" with fruits and greens to trade, and make the trek to Firebase Pfilbee. The troopers there are happy to trade extra fuel and supplies for anything that makes the Imp Standard Rations more palatable. We also exchange news, and revel in the feeling of safety that comes from being surrounded by duracrete walls and fixed E-webs. The visits always seem to end too soon, but we know not to linger. It's unwise to be out in the open after dark. ------------------------------ Overall build: Base Details: The "Bantha" :
  4. MOC 10188 Death Star, 200+ LED's

    Wow, great job, those lights look fantastic! I especially like the turbolaser effects and the prison corridor. I'm curious, how did you get these parts to light up? As for the files being too large, eurobricks isn't meant for photo hosting, so you'll need to upload the photos to an external site (like flickr) and then link to them here. I embedded your video below, so that people don't need to search for it. Welcome to eurobricks!
  5. [SoNE Episode XVII] [Empire] [Week 15] The Tarp Part 1...

    That sounds frustrating - glad you were able to get this posted though! I'm still not sure what you're doing to make all the text into hyperlinks. What system/browser are you using? Here's how I post from flickr - it's an extra step, but it's probably faster in the long run. Click the download icon on the photo you want to use, then select "view all sizes" Click the size that you want to use. Right click the photo, and select "open image in new tab" (at least, that's the option in the Chrome browser). The address of the photo in the new tab should be something like this: Copy that address, and paste it right into the editing box on Eurobricks. It should automatically convert the link into an image. For dialogue pictures, like the stormie head, once you've followed the above instructions once, you can just right click the picture from your post, select copy, and paste it in again. And, pasting the link above into the editor box gives you this:
  6. [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 13] Zabrak Justice

    Nice rock work - the dark red works well with the dark tan and olive green. Cool tree trunk too! I'm not sure about the use of the hair pieces as plants; I think if you'd only used one kind and maybe built it into a stem or leaves, it might have been more believable. But, I still have to give you a for experimenting with new plant techniques
  7. [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 13] Bunker 0225

    I agree with Josh ... wow. This is a fantastic build, from the overall structure (love the ramp sloping down into the bunker) to the little details (like the exploded gray box). Great work all around, and complemented by great photography. Well done...
  8. [SoNE Episode XVII] [Rebels] [Week 13] No Loose Ends

    Great entry! I really like that droid, and your photos are excellent. Lol, it is quite the contrast. It works, though (IMO) ... that's one of the cool things we learned from Rogue 1 (and later, the Rebels TV show), is that the rebellion is made up of disparate groups and they don't always agree on methods, or even objectives. Of course, they're all a threat to the peace and stability of the galaxy and should be shown no mercy...
  9. [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 11] In the Trenches

    @MKJoshA - if it's okay, I'd like to make an addition to our movement. After we move to R22, we'd like to try to go straight down 4 squares to V22, and save our last 3 movement for next week. If we can't go straight down, our preference is down and left.
  10. [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 8] Down by the Lake

    Thanks! Thank you - I was really happy with how this story turned out. I wanted to try something in first-person plural, and I think it lends itself well to an isolated squad of scout troopers. Great video link - I hadn't seen that one! Oh man, I wish I'd thought of using Burke or Apone as one of the squad names - great idea! I rewatched RotJ recently, and the ewoks were more vicious than I remembered (and not just the battle tactics - they fully intended to roast Han, Luke and Chewie alive and then eat them). Although, that might have been based on C3PO's orders...
  11. Nice job with the layered sand / terrain, and I like the brick-built truck on that middle tree. I do think the middle tree could have used some foliage or vines around the trunk, just because the top looks a little sparse compared to the size of the tree. Solid build overall, though.
  12. [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 8] A Light In The Dark

    Wow, great job with this one! You've got a good eye for the "cinematic" shots and I really like the sequence where Luke closes his eyes, and then smiles. The lighting with the torch works well; especially the shot where Cody is illuminated and Alia is walking off into darkness. Was the lighting done digitally, or did you have a seperate light source when you were shooting (or some combination of the two)?
  13. Movement: we would like to move 4 spaces right, through previously uncovered tiles, to I-18. We would then like to move down. If we encounter obstacles, we will take the shortest visible route, with a preference for going to the right if all else appears equal. The Scout Trooper's Tale They mostly come at night. Mostly. Every couple of weeks, the orbits line up so that the sun goes down behind us while the gas giant hangs swollen in the sky above, reflecting enough light that it never gets fully dark. Those are the nights when the drumming starts around dusk. Those are the nights when we pull back from our scouting camps, all the way back to the main firebase. Not at first, mind you. When we first arrived, almost a year ago, we were battle-hardened and brave. The ones who had been here longer warned us, but we were the Empire’s finest and damned if we were going to hide from the natives. That first night, they broke over our perimeter like a three-foot high wave made of fur and teeth, and spears that looked like toys but found the gap between armored plates and slid right in. We killed them by the dozens, and were killed in turn, before we turned them back. They killed Patches and Six, Joker and Racer and Longshot and Cheeks. They bit Blades and she died eight days later, hand swollen and infected, delirious with fever. The next time we heard the drums, we pulled back to the firebase. Our new Lieutenant arrived last week, four months after our old one was killed. He arrived with shining boots and glowing confidence and the sweet heady smell of fresh authority. We warned him. Of course, he didn’t listen. Yesterday evening, when the drums started and we began shuffling into the base, he ordered us back out. We balked, and explained, and came very close to insubordination with our arguments. He offered to spend the night in a scouting camp himself. He was so brave. He asked for volunteers to go with him, but there were none. So, 9 of us got new orders and off we went into the twilight. The ten of us marched out, nine scouts and our brave Lieutenant, marching into the setting sun. Nine of us, we are ashamed to admit, got turned around on the way to the scouting camp and ended up back at the firebase, trickling in, silently, in ones and twos. We found the new Lieutenant this morning, close to where we found the old Lieutenant 4 months ago. This symmetry secretly pleases us, though we will never admit it out loud. They don’t eat feet or faces. We have many theories, but no solid facts. There are teeth marks on the Lieutenant’s bones, but his polished boots are glorious in the bright morning sun.
  14. Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Ah, it turns out I can add folks to the PM. Added!